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D20 Insane Campaign
D20 Modern Horror Autumn 2004
D&D FR Summer 2004
D&D Autumn 2004
Arcana Unearthed Summer 2004
D20 Futuristic Winter 2004
GURPS Winter 2004
D20 EQ Summer 2003
GURPS Fall 2003
D20 Futuristic Spring 2003
D&D Summer 2003
Bunnies and Burrows d20
Gamma World D20 Alpha Spring 2004
Gamma World D20 Beta Spring 2004

This is where you can find a list of our current and past campaigns

List of campaigns....

Gamma World D20 Beta Winter 2005 Gamma World D20 Alpha Winter 2005
Massive D&D One-shot Autumn 2004  
D20 Horror Autumn 2004 30th Anniversary D&D Basic adventure Autumn 2004
Of Sound Mind
D&D Autumn 2004

A new group of characters discovering more mysteries?

Coming Soon EQ Summer 2005

Continuing adventures of EverQuest

AU Summer 2004
Diamond Throne
Banana Throne

A new group of characters just starting on a continent near the Diamond Throne.


D&D Summer 2004
Forgotten Realms
Racking Relegation

A new group of characters just starting out encounter surprises while fighting the darkness.


D&D MidSummer 2004
Return to Hassan  The group is paid to explore under cemetery tombs and catacombs.
D&D Summer 2004
Iron Fortress

The group ventures to a stronghold once again, this time on another Plane of Existence, Acheron. (7/7)
Gamma World D20 Alpha Spring 2004 The group ventures towards the City of Oamus to deliver some goods. Gamma World D20 Beta Spring 2004 The group tracks some crazy killers to a city in ruins.
D20 Futuristic Winter 2004: 
Crucible of Defense IV
The group explores the City of the Gods. (4/4)
Bunnies & Burrows Winter 2004 Two eager bunnies attempt the same mission.
GURPS campaign
GURPS Winter 2004

The group is a bunch of religious zealots trying to enforce the ways of the CHURCH.
GURPS campaign
GURPS Fall 2003
The group is a bunch of religious heretics trying to right the wrongs of the CHURCH.
EverQuest Summer 2003 Befallen
The group ventures to an old stronghold of the Knights of Truth which has fallen to undead forces.
D&D Spring 2003 
Deep Horizon

The group ventures to a the dwarven stronghold once again to find the cause of the tremors. (6/7)
D20 Futuristic Spring 2003: 
Crucible of Defense III 
The group nears the City of the Gods.  First they must escape the Tower. (3/4)
D&D Winter 2003 Heart of Nightfang Spire
The group ventures to a tower of utter evil. (5/7)
DragonStar D20 Sci-Fi Summer 2002:  
Crucible of Defense II

Futuristic campaign set at edge of the DragonStar  galaxy. The group visits the planet Thonia. (2/4)
DragonStar D20 Sci-Fi  Spring 2002: 
Crucible of Defense
Futuristic campaign set at the crossroads of the DragonStar and Fading Suns galaxies (1/4)
D&D Winter 2002: Standing Stones
The group ventures to a small town to find fellow adventurers lost.  (4/7)
D&D Fall 2002: Keith's Realm 
Link to Campaign
D&D Fall 2001: Glitterhaim
The group once again ventures forth into the unknown world of a dwarven stronghold.(2/7)
D&D Fall 2001: Speaker in Dreams
The group ventures to a city to find healing to enter a city under terror. (3/7)
DragonStar Fall 2001: Escape from Elysium
The members of a covert resistance are transporting a valuable package. 
D&D Summer 2001: Sunless Citadel  
The group is adventuring into a goblin den to find a magic apple, some lost children, and a dragon. (1/7)
Alternity Winter-Summer 2001:  
Insane Campaign

Join us on our trans-dimensional, alternate reality adventure to add just a bit of chaos to the multi-verse
D&D Winter 2001:  Hassan - Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  An adventure on a flat world where good and evil are forever in conflict with the tides of power controlled by specific moons.
Alternity  Fall 2000:  Settle in the Gamma World.  Based on the campaign the Land of Settle.  The goal is to find the Knights of Genetic Purity and stop them from producing nuclear devices.  Alternity Summer 2000:  Settle in the Gamma World.  Based on the campaign the Land of Settle.  This will be the setting of many adventures to come for the remainder of the year 2000.  Bring a package to Redman.  Stop the Mutant Invasion from the south.
Alternity Winter 2000:    Scavenger Hunt.  A select group is chosen to appear in a galactic scavenger hunt to find exotic items and aliens. Alternity/Gamma World 1998 - 1999:   Find the Power to Get Off this Forsaken Planet (based on Gamma World rules to aid the characters in the transition to Alternity rules)  our party finds themselves stranded after a star ship crash.   The goal was to find a power supply large enough to assist them in regaining space travel.

Alternity 1999:    City of Conflict.  A bounty hunter group finds themselves caught in a world of justice vs. crime.   Where computers want to become more than machines on the desk.


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