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  • Name:   Of Sound Mind
  • Setting:  The area surrounding a copper mining community
  • Time Frame:    Fantasy
  • Genre:    Fantasy (d20)
  • Progress Level: D&D = Dungeons and Dragons 
  • Life:    All common races and monsters
  • Plot:    A small country town needs help finding the cause of missing children
  • Goals:    
    • Find children
    • Find the source of bad dreams
    • Possibly slay a dragon
  • Characters:   
Rallic is a Psion played by David Morgus is a human barbarian played by Ian
Mandy DM  
Nayar is a half-orc ranger played by Manny Cero is a human druid character played by Mark with a pet Monkey
Murphius a human cleric played by Mike Angus Holystones is a dwarf paladin played by Ryan


Rallic Traysome's Background

Born the seventh son of a minor noble house, Rallic Traysome did not have much to look forward to in life. His family's already strained expenses simply could not afford to provide him with the luxuries that his elder brothers enjoyed. Luckily, this suited Rallic's temperament, as he was not one to seek out unneeded luxury.

A strict, stern child, Rallic was rarely seen to laugh, or even smile. As he grew older he found an interest in the martial arts, which he combined with his latent psychic abilities. Still, even in battle, he only allowed himself the smallest of smiles.

His parents frown upon his chosen occupation as a sell sword, feeling it cheapens the family name as well as endangers their son. However, they realize they can ill afford to support Rallic and thus Rallic's job remains only a small point of contention between them.
Nayar's background

Nayar's family lives among the under-dark denizens and subterranean human society.

Nayar grew up in a subterranean community far beneath the surface world. Nayar grew up with cold winters, but warm summers.

Nayar traveled or moved enough to learn that the world is a big place with many different people and places. Nayar studied nothing because he had to work hard to feed himself from an early age.

Nayar experienced an injury which appears to be rope burns all across his body.  Attacks from organized outsider raiders menace Nayar's home community over a substantial period of time.

Nayar was raised as part of a ranger order. While Nayar's “family” didn’t have much direct income, it had access to resources through the order which provided the resources. Nayar's family is lead by an liege lord, Zaneu Rustek to whom the family has sworn support. Nayar's family has no ability to defend themselves. Nayar's family has neutral ethics. Nayar's family’s ethical reputation matches their private ethics. Nayar's family has no specific political stance. Nayar's family is known as stalwart companions. Members of Nayar's family may be guilty of crimes. Either way, other members of the community treat Nayar poorly as a result.

Nayar has loving foster parents. Nayar has 4 younger siblings. At least one grandparent is living, his grandfather on his mother's side. Nayar knows dozens of relatives of various generations. A favorite instructor of note has requested an oath from Nayar, to protect his people from outsiders. Nayar edged Agalvi out in an affair of the heart with Tirga, and Agalvi holds a grudge.

Nayar is weak minded and often loudly curt but strong and stalwart.  He demonstrates a knack for slaying orcs his favored enemy. 

Murphius' background

Murphius was born on a farm just outside a small town in the midst of the plains, during a meteor shower. He is the youngest of 7 children (3 brothers, 3 sisters, and 2 living parents). Three of his grandparents are still alive as well (his maternal grandfather died from over-eating). He has a huge extended family.

His family, mostly farmers, is undistinguished in almost every way. They are essentially neutral in religion, honoring many gods without any strong commitment, and apathetic and uninformed about politics. They are generally unsuccessful at farming, and unready to defend their farms. Fortunately, the temperate weather, fertile plains, and benevolent government of the kingdom in which they live supports and protects them despite their mediocrity.

Murphius is a jovial, friendly, trusting fellow, and makes friends easily, but is somewhat dumb and clumsy. His mother, the matriarch of the family, recognizing that Murphius was not too bright, drilled into him some basic rules to live by, as well as lots of platitudes and proverbs. She also taught him some simple healing magic, at which he seemed oddly adept. The key, basic rules Murphius' mom ingrained into him were:

1) Heal your friends.

2) Do not start a fight.

3) Do not kill.

4) Do not give advice.

Murphius did his best to follow his mother's instructions, but he was still considered a liability by the family. When a second meteor shower occurred on Murphius' 18th birthday, his father said it was a sign that Murphius should dedicate himself to Fahrlanghan and encouraged Murphius to travel the world. His father also taught Murphius how to wrap and tie a heavy cloth around the head of a mace, so that he could defend himself without killing.
Murphius obeyed.

Angus Holystones' Background

Angus' father was a cleric of Moradin, and his mother was a warrior. Or, at least, that's what Angus was told. He never knew his parents. Supposedly, they had been killed while defending the Mountain Kingdom against a Drow raid. Angus was raised as a servant of the Church of Moradin. The old priest, Father Podgorny, was the closest thing to a parent that he ever had. It was on Angus' 25th birthday that the old man pulled Angus aside and said, "Boy, I got boots in my haircut! Pancakes, ahoy!". The old priest was a little senile.

The incident served as a sobering reminder of his dim prospects as an orphan and a ward of the Church. He decided to volunteer for the most rigorous, yet prestigious, order of the Church. He wanted to become a Paladin of Moradin, a front-line soldier battling the evil creatures of the world. He would seek revenge for his parents. The training was grueling, but he managed to excel and impress the elders of both the Church and the Army.

At the end of his training, as required by tradition, Angus set forth on his personal quest to battle evil forces abroad. He would not be allowed to return to the kingdom until Moradin gave him the sign the he was ready to return and be anointed as a Knight of Moradin, or cast him down as a one who failed to live up to the Dwarven ideals of justice, courage, and humility.

Morgus' Background

Awaiting back story.

Cero's Background

As usual no back story. - he has a monkey companion


Adventure Log

Adventure 1

The characters were hired to transport a bell.  Went to buy the new bell for Murphuis' church for Fahrlanghan in Northcrest.  Ended up in some small mining community that mined copper.  Heard rumors of a dragon named CopperDeath.  The townsfolk were having bad dreams.  The characters had the dreams too the first night they stayed in the town.

The characters find that the townsfolk have bad dreams and some children and a scouting party are missing.  A man who befriended the party is found dead.

The party goes to investigate this man's death.  Cero is attacked by two wild horses.  The party kills the horses.

The party finds an old wise woman, but basically gets nothing out of her.


Adventure 2

The group headed south to the river then found some tracks which led to the mountain.  At the mountain the group decided to head to the old mine.

The group then went down a long shaft to the mine.  The group encountered some troglodyte zombies and finally a living trog who ran from us.

The group found a sacrificial chamber to Copper Death.  The group then unburied a large copper golem, then fled the mine after it nearly killed the party.


Adventure 3

The group searched the temple to find a secret passage behind the statue of copperdeath.  After venturing through this passage, Murphius, Cero and Nayar were charmed by a beautiful Danashee.  The barbarian Morgus and Paladin Angus attempted to kill her, but the 3 charmed ones barely saved her.  She asked them to get copperdeath to release her.  The 3 agreed, and up a long winding path they went.  Everyone reached the top of the waterfall with ease and on the way they spotted many spiderwebs.

The group found a copper dragon head on the side of a wall and a copper set of chess pieces.  Cero was attacked by a chess piece but survived.  The group found a stash of copper in a secret room.  The group also found a hall of statues.

Adventure 4

With no rest, the group wandered further into the dragon lair to find a neat illusion of a wall at the top of a ramp.  After touching the wall, the illusion faded and the group spotted a group of goblins about to hurt a child.  With little regard for their safety, most of the group jumped down a 20 foot drop off, barely waiting for Nayar to tie the rope. 

After a quick battle, many goblins lay dead on the ground and the group was helping retrieve the children.

A large crystal was found inside the remains of what appeared to be copperdeath.  Farsan told Nayar it was evil, so he tossed it off the side of the mountain.  Farsan had tried to smash it, so Nayar figured a drop off the cliff should break it, but it didn't.  After a while, the group returned to the chess piece hall and Nayar threw chess pieces down the waterfall to kill some spiders.  Nayar accomplished the death of many spiders and his beloved Danashee. 

The group could not figure out how to get past the giant statue though, so turned around to head back to the goblin lair.  After a few days, Murphius decided to create a hot air balloon out of the remains of the dragon.  He fell 30 foot to a ledge, a quick rescue attempt by Morgus saved Murphuis.  Morgus spotted a pitonned rope leading down the side of the cliff.  Nayar went down to find it almost made it to the base of the mountain.  With some effort, the group returned to the town after finding the crystal which hadn't broke.

The town turned on the group, so the group began to flee.  After a moment, Nayar recalled the story of the bell tower killing a man, so asked the group if the bell could perhaps break the crystal. 

After a game of racing through town and breaking into the bell tower, Nayar, Angus, Morgus, and Farsan placed the crystal, rang the bell, and destroyed the crystal.  The townsfolk were happy and the group were pronounced heroes. 

After a celebration, we returned to our town to deliver a new bell for the church.


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