D20 EverQuest Campaign Setting

  • Befallen
  • Time Frame:    Norrath Age of Wonder
  • Genre:    Fantasy (d20)
  • Progress Level: EQ = EverQuest 
  • Life:   
  • Setting:    Norrath
  • Plot:    
  • Goals:    
  • Game Master: Mark
  • Characters:    1 Cleric, 1 Beastlord

Character Backgrounds

Name: Shateiel, High Elf Cleric
played by Manny

Home Community: Felwithe Elven City
Temperature: Warm (tropical and subtropical)
Childhood Education: Multicultural
Trade Education: Healing
Formal Education: Astronomy
Childhood Events: Astronomical Event
Youth Events: Healing
Pivotal Events: Religious Awakening
Family Economics: Religious Order
Family Power Structure: Oligarchy
Family Defense: Magical
Family Ethics: Good
Family Public Ethics: Beyond Reproach
Family Political View: Supportive
Family Religion: Historical
Family Reputation: Outstanding
Family Social Standing: Positive Religious
Family Ancestry: Prophecy
Parents: Parents Lost 
Siblings: Youngest
Grandparents: One Grandparent on Each Side
Extended Family: Many Living Relatives
Friends: Some
Instructor: Other Race
Enemies: Diabolic Enemy

Home Community
Shateiel grew up in the Elven city of Felwithe in Norrath. His community is proud to trace its lineage back to the original Koada'Dal. Felwithe is the capital city of elven government in Norrath. Shateiel enjoyed living in North Felwithe.

Shateiel lives where conditions are warm year-round.

Shateiel traveled or moved enough to learn that the world is a big place with many different people and places. His tolerance for all races is quite extraordinary for a High Elf.  Shateiel studied the movement of the stars as they influence the patterns of nature; specifically patterns that Tunare herself would reveal.  Shateiel learned the skills of a healer. Shateiel studied the movement of the stars. 

Shateiel was born under a comet in the sky. Shateiel cared for a recovering family member or hero. Shateiel's home community is faced with faith when a new prophecy is announced.

Shateiel was raised as part of a religious order. While Shateiel's ďfamilyĒ didnít have much direct income, it had access to resources through its order. The richest members control Shateiel's family. Shateiel's family relies on divine protection. Shateiel's family is known for involvement in the community and acting to help others regardless of race. Regardless of Shateiel's familyís actual ethics, public opinion is so ingrained about his family that itís essentially unchangeable. Shateiel's family supports the current political structure and rulers. Shateiel's family has worshiped a patron deity Tunare for years. Shateiel's family is known to produce upstanding individuals but has an occasional bad apple. Shateiel's family is closely tied to a group thatís generally well regarded by the community, like a local order of Tunare. Shateiel's ancestor, Lanenya,  was the focus of some great omen.

Shateiel's parents were lost on a pilgrimage. Shateiel may learn more about them in a future adventure, of course. Shateiel has three older siblings, Sadriel, Sachriel, and Shamiel. Shateiel's one grandparent is living. Shateiel has 192 living relatives. Shateiel has several friends who are companions or associates but who arenít intimately close.   Shateiel has friends among almost every race and sees all races as being a part of nature.  Only those that turn against nature or natural living shall be dealt with accordingly.

Shateiel's favorite instructor of note is of a different race human, Burk who has taught Shateiel many things utmost to respect all life and races. A powerful outsider identifies Shateiel as a current or future threat.

Shateiel is an easy going elf who often feels disconnected from the hustle and activity of most of his compatriots.  Shateiel knows that life is long since his grandfather, Kaldywen is over 550 years young and this instills the belief in Shateiel "that long life is worth living."  Shateiel's other grandmother is also living at an age close to three hundred.  Shateiel tries to be careful but sometimes enjoys smashing the unnatural.  Shateiel is not above letting evil living beings live because he believes all natural beings have a right to long healthy lives and people change.  Shateiel is especially strong willed and his physical strength is amazing for a high elf as well.  Shateiel makes for an attractive being among other races.  Shateiel lacks in athleticism but makes up for it in wit.  Shateiel is often seen as a bit distant, but many races call him friend. 

Name: Dai, Vah-shir Beastlord 

Home Community: Human-Dominated Area
Terrain: Nomadic People
Temperature: Cold (arctic or subarctic)
Childhood Education: Business/Politics
Trade Education: Monastery/Knightly Order
Formal Education: Agriculture
Youth Events: Arcane
Pivotal Events: Under Siege
Family Economics: Monastic Order
Family Power Structure: Domination
Family Defense: Mixed
Family Public Ethics: Undeserved
Family Political View: Enfranchised
Family Religion: Neutral/Uninterested
Family Social Standing: Negative Religious, Arcane, Monastic or Military Affiliation
Family Ancestory: None
Parents: One Ill
Siblings: Youngest
Grandparents: Great-Grandparent alive
Extended Family: Few Living Relatives
Instructor: Angry
Enemies: Villain

Home Community
For some reason, Dai's home is among Vah Shir.

Dai doesnít have a specific home terrain because he migrated through more than one. Dai welcomes the cold all year long, although where he comes from seasons are still discernible. The length of day and night changes greatly from season to season.

Dai was curious about money. Dai has been accepted for training by an order of beast masters. Dai learned farming and animal husbandry techniques.

Dai displayed an innate talent for arcane spellcasting and an affinity for magic. Others took notice. Attacks from organized raiders menace Dai's home community over a substantial period of time.

An order of beast lords have taken Dai's family in. They live a spartan existence, and so does Dai's family. A violent or dangerous family member rules Dai's family through fear. Dai's family has no consistent pattern of preparedness. Some members are very prepared for combat, but others are unprepared or unwilling to fight. Whether Dai's family is unfairly painted as cheats or has a better reputation than they deserve, itís clear the community has the wrong idea. Dai's family is a part of the system and supports it. Dai's family has no commitment. Dai's family is closely tied to a group thatís generally despised and distrusted by the home community. Perhaps Dai's family is affiliated with the the mysterious wizards in the tower on the hill. Dai's family has no ancestors of note.

One of Dai's parents has a long term illness. Dai has 6 older siblings. At least one, maybe more great-grandparent is living. Make a note of how many and who they are. Select again to check on your grandparents. Dai has 10 living relatives. Dai has angered an instructor of note. One or more local villains have chosen to direct their hatred toward Dai, perhaps because of some minor adventure Dai completed.

played by Mandy


EverQuest Log

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