• Time Frame:    Far Future
  • Genre:    Sci-Fantasy - DragonStar (d20)
  • Progress Level: DragonStar
  • Life:    Orcs, Humans, Elves, and Half-Elves, and Dragons
  • Setting:    aboard the starship Elysium 
  • Plot:    Members of a covert resistance cell charged with transporting a valuable package to a hidden base.
  • Goals:    
    • Deliver a electronically and arcane locked titanium case to Kadimin.
  • Characters:    3 Fighters, 1 Wizard, 1 Rogue
    Zbignew Loston is a half-elf Fighter played by Jean Claude
    Salassa Maya is a elf Cleric played by Mandy
    Kael Loston the human Fighter is played by David
  • NPC
    Lt. Ridgewell the human ship security officer
    Tarden Fane is a wizard human played by David


Escape from Elysium

Adventure Background

The group finds themselves relaxing on the interstellar ship Elysium.   The group has been sitting in a room guarding a long titanium box for almost two days.  The group is in charge of transporting a long titanium box.

The group hears a loud thud and the ship seems to come to a stop.  The group checks around the outside and sees many people wandering around.  The group waits around and finally a security officer, Lt. Ridgewell appears at their door.  She warns the group that the ship is being overrun.  As she says that, some shot from down the hall are seen blazing past her back.  Ridgewell tells the group to head for the escape pods near the rear of the ship.  Salassa pushes Ridgewell into the hall saying something about do your job.  Right as Ridgewell turns, she is blasted and falls to the ground.  Salassa throws a blanket from the room to try to grab Lt. Ridgewell's laser pistol.  Salassa is successful, and the guys close the door after she gets the pistol.  

The group recalls that their ranged weapons are in storage at the front of the ship in the ships passenger services security section.  The guys hear banging at their door, so the group slips into the adjoining room.  After a few moments, knocking is heard at the connecting door.  Zbignew thrusts open the door and surprises the ugly orc mercenary.  Zbignew slashes the orc with his diamond sword.  Kael also helps kill the orc.  Kael gets shot at from the hallway that can barely see the orc in the connecting doorway.  Salassa steps out into the hall and fires at the orc standing in the doorway.  After a few minutes 2 more orcs lay dead.  Kael and Zbignew each grab an orc's blaster rifle.  Salassa takes one too.

The group grabs their package and heads to the front of the ship.  The group is surrounded by many passengers running and screaming.  The group can't break the door to the security stronghold.  The group peers down each hallway to see quite a few orcs busting in doors and killing people down just about every hall.  The group decides to take the least filled hallway with seven orcs.   After a few shots and a few hits to everyone except Salassa, the group manages to make it to the end of the long 250' corridor.

At the end, they encounter a few more orcs and then decide to run through the ships retail area.  They are surrounded by a band of 8 orcs and gradually kill off most of them.  Zbignew is down for the count, he is just about dead from a few orc blaster rifle shots.  Salassa dodges with the "Can't flank me" attitude.  She is stabbed in the gut and her symbiote is killed.  Tarden even manges to successfully cast a web around one.  After a few negotiations about surrendering, the group makes it to the Maintenance bay area.  Unfortunately, there are dozens of orcs running around frantically corralling the passengers.

An orc tells the group that they are looking for a special package.  They assume the group is carrying it.  Unfortunately, the box is sealed electronically and magically.  The orcs negotiate to let the party live if they turn over the contents of the box.  After a long while, Salassa opens the electronic lock and a nearby sorcerer removes the magic lock.  Kael immediately grabs the gyro-jet rocket launcher and attempts to fire it.  He drops it, and it goes off.  It seems to home in on the biggest meanest orc and rips right through him.  The rocket continues to fly around the room causing the orcs to run in panic.

With this break, the group drags Zbignew into a nearby escape pod.  The group launches after a few rounds and orc aggravation.  Kael points an unloaded launcher and the orcs run in fear.  Salassa finally manages to enter the correct launch sequence and the pod ejects from the ship.

The pods speeds along and the group is later rescued by a passing ship.  The group brings the weapon to its destination.

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