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House Rules
Gaming to Your Eyes Bleed
Gaming to Your Eyes Bleed
Gaming to Your Eyes Bleed
Gaming to Your Eyes Bleed

This is where we will post essential news and website changes.

Meeting Date/Time Changes and Cancellations

Next Meeting will be next Tuesday at 6:00pm, after that Wednesday 6:30pm

Campaign Meeting Changes

Continuing the D&D campaign this summer with David.  We want to try to move the game night to Thursday night at 6:30pm.

We picked up D20 Gamma World  and started a post-apocalyptic futuristic sci-fi campaign this year, 2004.

Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

  • 11/2004    Continuing Gamma World Beta campaign
  • 7/2004    Racking Relegation D&D campaign
  • 5/2004    Continuing D&D campaign
  • 3/2004    Dueling Gamma World campaigns started
  • 2/2004    The long Dragonstar campaign is finally complete
  • 2/2004    Started a 2nd RPG group Gamma Alpha
  • 7/2003    "Gaming to Your Eyes Bleed" event
  • 2/2003    New Member page with stats
  • 1/2003    New Meeting Day Tuesday
  • 12/2002  The Two Towers Night at Mike's
  • 11/2002  RPGA Test Campaign Weekend 11/9
  • 9/2002    Adding new campaign and link pages
  • 8/2002    Applied a new theme with many visual glitches
  • 7/2002    Added dynamic GMH Links page
  • 2/2002    DragonStar campain
  • 10/2001  Added the continuing D&D campaign with the new web theme.
  • 9/2001    Added DragonStar campaign details - wrap up of d20 D&D Campaign
  • 8/2001    Added a d20 section and our d20 D&D Campaign
  • 7/2001    Added a short story section and additional RPG links
  • 6/2001    Insane Campaign continues...Beware the Moderator
  • 4/2001    House Rules published below
  • 4/2001    New players join the group... Greg, David and possibly Jeremy
  • 3/2001    New players join the group mini-Miguel
  • 2/2001      Added pictures of past characters and "Insane Campaign"
  • 1/2001      Added Letters to the Editor
  • 1/2001      Added links to the latest campaigns including D&D
  • 10/2000    Added a links section and enhanced some of the campaign pages
  • 08/2000    Added new campaign details and goofy character pictures
  • 07/07/00    Fixed problems with lost product download sites
  • 03/23/00    Check the Rule adjustments above for Armor 
  • 03/21/00    Check out the new mail list under services  this way everyone can keep in contact with everyone else
  • 03/21/00    Check out the new ask me section under services
  • 02/09/00    Check out the new campaign pages and rule adjustments
  • 02/03/00    Check out this page for Campaign and Meeting updates.
  • 10/01/99    Just take a look at the Gamma Tools section...  

Meeting Changes

Currently there is no meeting changes to describe.