Our campaign for the year 2000 is as follows.  

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  • Time Frame:    Far Future
  • Genre:    Space Opera 
  • Progress Level: Energy Age    PL9
  • Life:    We Are Not Alone!  Aliens, mutants, cybernetics, androids, robots and more.
  • Setting:    Pan Galactic
  • Plot:    The group will be recruited for a Galaxy Wide Game Show.  The Game Show revolves around competing groups who search the Galaxy's many inhabited worlds for artifacts.  The "Scavenger Hunt" has few rules, some to be revealed by special referees.  The goal is to earn ratings for the Galactic Network.  There will be competitive teams and some teams will be forced to work together to achieve the Networks goal.  Each team will be composed of 10 participants.
  • Goal:    Money through Ratings.    Fame is secondary.
  • Characters:    4 Combat Specs, and 1 Tech Op
    Pluto - human mutant, ace marksman

    (Played by Johnny)

    Vashti - weren

    (Played by Paula)

    Joe Killer - human

    (Played by Bill)

    Caliban - mechalus

    (Played by Miguel)

  • NPC:   
    • Vike - a drunken mercenary of sorts 
    • Rokan - a telekineticist
    • ? - medic
    • ? - shuttle pilot
    • Ron Yip - Scavenger Team  Liaison officer

Campaign timeline of sorts..

  • The group has been designated "Scavenger Hunt Team 85" or SHT85
  • SHT85 has picked sponsors to help support the "Scavenger Hunt"
    • Joe Killer - Galactic Sporting Equipment
    • Caliban Cornelios - Multi Comm Interstellar
    • Vashti - Barely Universal Drinks
    • Pluto - Galactic Motors Corp
    • ? and Vike - Dangerous Rare Universal Gems from Space
  • SHT85 has selected "Joe Killer" to led pending the appearance of Robert's character

Quest SHT85.01

  • SHT85 decided to hunt for a Dark Plasma Rifle as the first search
  • SHT85 liaison also realized that the aliens that would possibly have a Dark Plasma Rifle would also have a Kroath Sphere.
  • SHT85 shuttle down to an uncharted planet
  • SHT85 encounters a single Kroath 
  • SHT85 tries to negotiate a deal with the Kroath sentry specifically asking for a Kroath Sphere
  • The sentry sends SHT85 further up the road to a Kroath outpost
  • The outpost guard tells SHT85 to turn around and go away
  • Pluto gets trigger happy and fires on the guard
  • The fun begins...



Quest SHT85.01b

  • SHT85 survives the Kroath encounter only to discover that the Kroath self-destruct with a deadly acid
  • SHT85 recover a Dark Plasma Rifle
  • SHT85 do film some Kroath spheres to earn ratings before they shoot them down 

Quest SHT85.02

  • SHT85 go in search of the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
  • SHT85 search some bars on remote planets
  • SHT85 go to a bar far underground on a barren world
  • SHT85 find a drink popularly called "Spin, Crash and Die" 
  • Vike is offered a SCD and drinks till he drops
  • Pluto then proceeds to give Vike the rest and buys him another
  • Vike dies from the toxicity of the SCD
  • Caliban proceeds to fake out the Scavenger show by making a mixture of household chemicals to pass off as the PGGB but the plan fails
  • Caliban also tries to destroy the only way down to the remote bar

Quest SHT85.03

  • SHT85 go down to a frozen planet to find a Gormelite
  • After a bit of snowball fights SHT85 find a Gormelite and try to kill it
  • The Gormelite escapes but SHT85 is visited by another who tries to explain that they are peaceful
  • SHT85 films the Gormelite and returns to the ship




Quest SHT85.03b

  • SHT85 hears that the frozen planet is also inhabited by Disruptors
  • SHT85 go down to the planet, search for the Gormelite settlement to ask about the Disruptors
  • The Shuttle calls for help and SHT85 respond
  • SHT85 goes on an attack and gets damaged in a snow-mobile accident
  • After a good battle, SHT85 is victorious over the Disruptors





Rest SHT85.04

  • The group is tired except for Pluto and Vashti, the Weren
  • Pluto wanders around the other Scavenger Hunt Team rooms and gets into fights
  • Pluto single-handedly nearly wipes out members of SHT96
  • Pluto and Vashti erase a few members of SHT10
  • Pluto and Vashti get into a bar fight where Pluto is put under house arrest until further review
  • Pluto is put in a cell with a crazed guy from another Team
  • Pluto has to fight for his life and calls for Vashti help
  • Vashti comes to the brig for Pluto's rescue
  • Pluto and Vashti go finish off the remains of SHT10

Quest SHT85.05

  • SHT85  find a desert planet where rumors exist that a Draken force are training
  • Since SHT85 need to find a Draken riding Lizard, this is as good a place as any
  • After finding a few Draken SHT85 negotiate to buy a Riding Lizard from a troop of Draken
  • SHT85 put the Riding Lizard in a cage and it escapes soon after
  • The fun begins as the group try to chase down a 4m 1.5 ton lizard through the desert
  • Pluto decides it would be best to just shoot it till it drops.
  • Vashti decides to go for a ride
  • The SHT85 members finally subdue the Lizard but can't move it
  • The Lizard recovers and runs again.
  • Pluto finally wastes the Lizard



  • A small group of 4 Draken see the fight and are offended by SHT85 killing the Riding Lizard
  • The Draken fight  but are easily overcome, the Draken do however damage the groups dune buggy
  • While trying to repair the dune buggy, SHT85 see a larger group of Draken on the horizon
  • After attempting to flee, SHT85 decide to stand and fight
  • SHT85 take on 15 Draken and barely survive after killing or wounding 12 Draken
  • Vashti, Pluto, and Caliban are wounded severely and barely rescued by Joe Killer and the medic in a daring rescue attempt
  • The other Draken flee after a long battle


Quest SHT85.06

  • Joe and Caliban of SHT85 decided to go back to looking for the legendary Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster
  • SHT85 found an alien similar to the legendary Zafod Beeblebrox or whatever and he allowed SHT85 to use his database
  • SHT85 discovered nothing on Zafod, but that he had a son who ran a cargo vessel in a nearby system
  • After visiting Zafod's son, they asked him of his father's whereabouts, he did not know
  • SHT85 found a reference to the legendary planet of Magrathia, and so proceeded there
  • Once on Magrathia, SHT85 wandered around until they met some Pan-Dimensional Beings whose impression on this universe was that of white mice
  • The PDB remembered Zafod, and gave SHT85 the drink they so pursued
  • After some research and some leads that took them all over the place SHT85 found an 8oz PGGB
  • SHT81 came to get their share since Caliban made a deal with them on a prior mission
  • After all was said and done, two members of SHT85 accomplished a scavenge without firing a shot

Quest SHT85.07

  • Joe and Caliban of SHT85 go down to the a planet that has reported sightings of Treefolk
  • SHT85 wander west of the predominant mountain ridge to find a small town
  • While at the town SHT85 find out that the Treefolk mainly inhabit the forest to the east of the mountain ridge
  • Joe and Caliban venture into the mountains but can't seem to track the Treefolk
  • Caliban uses his ultra-sonic translator to translate some voice of an assumed Treefolk
  • The Treefolk remains absolutely still to avoid contact with the humans, but does speak to SHT85
  • Caliban then decides to start a fire to get the Treefolk moving, but it only aids to aggravate the Treefolk
  • After retreating a bit, Caliban and Joe start another fire and Caliban starts tossing burning branches into the wood
  • Joe notices a branch suddenly get extinguished, so Caliban moves to video the Treefolk there
  • Caliban sees nothing, but soon gets swatted by some nearby branches
  • After attacking a few Trees without actually identifying which are Treefolk and which are trees, Caliban gets shot with a laser weapon
  • After a brief battle of shooting at trees, Caliban and Joe decide to leave with the little video they have managed to capture


Quest SHT85.08

  • SHT85 go down to a planet that last reported sighting a Dimensional Horror
  • SHT85 land and make for some mountains
  • SHT85 detect some spear grass and Joe Killer burns it before anything eventful happens
  • SHT85 enter a cavern and venture to a sheer cliff
  • After some difficulty climbing, SHT85 reach a ledge that leads to some metal doors
  • SHT85 are able to pry the doors open to find themselves in a space ship
  • The ship is embedded in the side of the mountain buried under tons of rock
  • SHT85 wander the ship attempting to power it up
  • While wandering the ship, two other Scavenger Hunt Teams encounter a Dimensional Horror and are quickly dispatched
  • After some searching SHT85 finally find a way to power up the ship
  • After reviewing the ships logs, SHT85 find out the ship encountered a Dimensional Horror which caused the ship to crash years ago
  • The ships computer tells SHT85 that a pocket universe was detected at the northern pole of the planet 
  • Caliban decides to blast the ship out of the mountain side
  • After a few tries, Caliban manages to work the space ship free of the mountain
  • SHT85 fly the ship to the location of the pocket universe

Quest SHT85.08b

This encounter has been erased due to implications that the Dimensional Horror isn't quite as evil as we would like you to believe.







Quest SHT85.08c

  • Joe and Caliban of SHT85 finally figure out how to travel back and fourth with the Dimensional Horror.
  • Caliban now captains the ship they found.

Quest SHT85.09a

  • SHT85  searches for the Dream Net
  • SHT85 go to a remote planet in the Lim Ni Punit system.
  • Pluto and Joe venture into a deep elevator shaft to find a large installation.  They go into a large room which mysteriously transports them to an ancient world.
  • Joe and Pluto are disappointed to find that weapons have changed to 1800s pistols and cowboy gear.
  • The world seems to deal with mining gold and avoiding bandits.
  • Soon Pluto and Joe get into a fire fight with a bandit.
  • Pluto and Joe get injured and are picked up by some tribesman who bring them to a camp.  The shaman there heals them.

Quest SHT85.09b

  • After waiting some time, Caliban goes down the shaft to find his team.
  • Caliban enters the room and is transported near his team mates.
  • SHT85 stage a trap to catch a bandit.
  • Pluto is attacked by multiple grenades as Joe tries to talk to the bandit.
  • Joe finds out that the team may be in a Dream Net.
  • SHT85 encounters another bandit on a road towards a mysterious tower.
  • After some combat the bandit opens a portal in space/time and the team jumps through before the bandit can.
  • SHT85 appears on a beach wearing nothing but Bermuda shorts.
  • SHT85 head toward a large tower on the beach.
  • SHT85 explores the tower and summons a demon.
  • The demons turn out to be Riathenor !
  • After many new worlds, the group jumps back to a Riathenor ship which sends SHT85 back to the world from which they came.

Quest SHT85.10

  • SHT85 has landed on a planet that has been overrun by Darclons
  • Currently the Darclons only show up every few months
  • SHT85 decides to wait in the hopes of defeating the Darclons and freeing the people of the planet
  • Caliban waits in the ship to transport the people off the planet if things go bad
  • Vashti is waiting to backup Pluto and Joe Killer
  • Pluto and Joe Killer are waiting to meet the Darclons when they arrive

Quest SHT85.10b

  • The Darclons arrive and Pluto and Joe meet them at the edge of the bridge into the city
  • Pluto and Joe engage in a brief fire fight
  • Joe gets on the bridge and Pluto remains on the land.  The two shoot one Darclon to unconsciousness, and then go to one on one combat with the remaining two
  • The Darclon Pluto is fighting takes out a Gravity grenade.  Before the Darclon can do anything Pluto takes a called shot to arm the grenade.
  • Pluto is successful in arming the grenade, but moments later shoots the Darclon down
  • The Darclon falls down and the grenade rolls back toward the bridge.  
  • Pluto realizes this and starts running away from the bridge
  • Joe Killer takes a leap over the railing of the bridge into the water.  
  • The other Darclon continues to fire at Joe Killer
  • The grenade goes off.  (Gravity grenades distort gravity in a localized region, in this case about 20m)  The two wounded Darclons, the attacking Darclon, the bridge, some water, and Joe Killer get flung vertically into the sky.
  • Pluto watches the Darclons and bridge pieces get thrown about 350m into the air, and his friend Joe goes about 450m
  • Joe watches as the three Darclons go "Splat" on the land and remaining bridge pieces
  • Joe tries to maneuver himself over the water
  • Pluto watches as Joe hits the water with a great "SPLAT!"
  • Pluto sees a hover vehicle coming with 4 Darclons and runs to calls Vashti for help
  • Vashti and Pluto attack the Darclons and kill 3 quickly 
  • The driver gets away with the hover vehicle.

Quest SHT85.10c

  • Where are all the Darclons?