Gamma World

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  • Title: Gamma Beta
  • Time Frame:    Post Apocalyptic Future 
  • Genre:    Post Apocalyptic Future 

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  • Progress Level: Post Apocalyptic Stuff - Find Artifacts of the Ancients
  • Life:    Mutantions, Mutagens, BioTechnology, Cybernetics, Androids, Robots, Psionics, FX, Monsters, Cryptic Alliances
  • Setting:Gamma World
    • Years after the world ends in a radioactive wasteland of a planet called Earth..Erth..Urt...Hurt?
  • Plot:    Cleaning out the Crazies
  • Goal:    Defeat a base of Crazies
  • Tone:  Not often mentioned, but the original Gamma World had a wacky and wahoo feel, we will try to preserve this whenever possible. :)
  • Rules:   
    The Gamma World campaign setting uses the d20 Modern™ rules. It’s an excellent fit, given the flexibility of d20M character classes and rules. We established new occupations and classes so that characters can be the next generation of epic heroes: warriors, scholars, explorers, leaders and adventurers of all kinds. It was easy to add new special talents for the setting, along with all kinds of new technology. We also include new rules for dealing with communities, to make leadership more comprehensible and more interesting. And we expanded the Gamma World tradition of rules for investigating unknown technology into a system that covers social phenomena like the behavior and taboos of strangers.
    Requires the use of the d20 Modern Role Playing Game or the Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook v.3.5 published by Wizards of the Coast. The Gamma World campaign setting is an officially licensed Wizards of the Coast property.
  • Characters:
    • Stock Human
    • Pure-Strain Human
    • Mutant
      • Engineered Animals
      • Engineered Humans
      • New-Men
      • True Mutants
    • Synthetic
      • Androids
      • Robots
      • Toys
  • Game Master:
    • Manny
  • Players:
    • Ryan a Pure Strain Human engineer
    • Mike a true mutant laborer
    • David a true mutant hunter
    • Mandy a engineered bunny artist
    • Mark a ?
    • Ian a ?

Campaign Character Gallery

Harvey a True Mutant, Laborer
played by Mike
Zody an engineered animal bunny , Artist
played by Mandy
Seamus a Pure-Strain human, Engineer
played by Ryan
Weasly a moreau weasle played by Ian.  
Fippy a moreau dog played by Mark  
Moo Shu a moreau bull played by David  
Selma an engineered human, Engineer
NPC (deceased) played by Randee
Tal (deceased) a True Mutant, Hunter
played by David
Subterfuge (deceased) some robot played by Mark  
Jack & Bob (deceased) a two-headed mutant moreau owl played by David  
Abesh (deceased)a moreau bear played by Ian  

Background:  The group is attempting to attack a crazy's stronghold to gain weapons for profit.

Adventure 1:  Attacking the Crazies

Well, the group headed around a corner and tried frantically to get into a side building door.  Tal on the other side attempted to continue to fight just after Harv had used his quantum action to save them both.  The rest of the group made it into the door as Tal died from multiple gunshot and laser wounds.  Harv just managed to make it as Selma and Seamus barred the door behind them. 

The group fought 3 crazies in a hallway.  Selma died when a grenade toasted the area.

The group wandered around, fought two Stygilors and the Stygilors vanished before their eyes.  The group found a closet with a two-headed mutant owl named Jack and Bob, a Bear moreau named Abesh, and an synthetic lifeform.  All 3 were locked in the small room.

The group freed the moreau and droid and fought some more crazy guards as they looted the rooms. 

Adventure 2:  Rescuing Moreau

The group freed a few more moreau that were shackled to a wall and were told by one named Leo that there were more Moreau captives nearby.  The group armed their new moreau friends  and went to free two dozen or so more moreau.  The moreau wanted to get out and most fled the complex.  6 moreau stayed to help the group attack the crazies' compound while the mass of crazies headed for the exit door, to escape before more crazies showed up for a montlhy meet.

A short firefight allowed the group to get more weapons as they defeated some guards in a break area.

After hearing a humming noise while searching a utility closet, the group entered the next room.  Six gun slinging crazies and a winged crazy opened fire.  The moreaus helped, but were quickly gunned down.  After a few minutes only Zody, Seamus, and Harv were left standing in a pool of blood and bodies.  The group looted the bodies and kept one guy alive who Seamus had zapped with his weird fusion rifle and the man's arms just shriveled away.  The man didn't know much, but appeared to be guarding the door to another small room.

Adventure 3:  Escaping the Crazies

The group escaped the parking lot of Crazies and fled the city of Ridal.  The group headed north after overhearing that the Crazies were about to gather forces and attack a large city up north.  The group drove through the mountains and found a strange force bridge and easily figured out how to cross a river.

Further into he mountains, the group encountered a well armed droid that shot at most of the group, but the group scared it away after it took multiple shots from them.

Further still through the mountain passes, the group saw an advanced vehicle heading towards them at high speed.  The group figured it was a hostile vessel, but stopped anyway.

Adventure 4:  Defeat of the Gen-Knights

The group hopped out of their vehicle and the battle began.  Not much to say, but the Gen-Knights fell quickly.  Urstox was the only casualty.  Seamus shot a bundle of grenades at the group of Gen-Knights.  Zody and Weasly shot from behind the truck.  Moo Shu charged and ripped through most of the Gen-Knights while Fippy spent his time healing Moo Shu.

Harv made a brave attack running behind the group of Gen-Knights vehicle and used his acid to burrow through the back hatch.  The vehicle barely escaped as the group of techs bull rushed Harv out of their vessel. 

Moo Shu charged and killed one of the stranded Gen-Knights who just surrendered.

Adventure 5:  Peaceful Times

The group headed north, and Weasly fell ill.  The group continued through a mutagen field while heading up a mountain pass.  Seamus used his Zombie maker on Zody since she didn't want to mutate her precious bunny body.  After a few mutations, the group reached a quite, clean, deserted community with a large 4 story building at the center of town. 

In the center stood an Indian robot statue, which Fippy quickly dismantled with his vibro axe.    After dozens of attempts to get into the building through the front door, Zody and Moo Shu broke in while the rest stood by and watched.

Harv walked around the perimeter and noticed that every room appeared to be empty.  Fippy walked around as well, but found a mutagen in the area and thus mutated.

Zody and Moo Shu walked around the complex busting down some doors and opening some doors with Zody's nano-lock pick set.  Zody and Moo Shu found the AI brain and managed to talk their way into letting them see an observation room on the fourth floor.  After they got there, the entire building started to rise out of the ground.  This startled the group outside, but allowed Moo Shu and Zody to see far into the distance a city to the north.  About 100 stories high, the Bull and Bunny could see the surrounding lands.

After a few minutes, Zody and Moo Shu exited the tower and thanked the tower for his assistance.

The group next headed down the mountain after spending a night in one of the smaller buildings near the tower.  The tower showed no interest in the Crazies.

The group headed to the Bilar Waste where they avoided some sort of killer robot in the street.  The group headed to a nearby building, met a mutant hummingbird and were directed to a higher story to speak with someone. 

On the top floor, 10th of the old destroyed 18 story building, the group found Rasp a friendly Pure Strain Human who had the infinity marking on his forehead.  Rasp was quite friendly and told the group about the Brotherhood of Thought.  He also told them about some of the surrounding geography.  Rasp was concerned about the Entropic Brotherhood's approach, but found it hard to believe the Friends of Entropy were getting organized.

Adventure 6:  The Road to Kegejia

The group found Rasp to be telling the truth after they were visited by a mutant beast moreau and a winged humanoid mutant.   The group heard about a probe robot flying around the building nearby, so they hunted it down and shot it just after it snapped their photo.

The group proceeded in the truck straight north to a small grove.  Then they headed east to an agricultural town.  At the town, they bought a hover bus.  The plan was to head to Kegejia.

Adventure 7:  Investigating Kegejia

The group arrived in Kegejia to find it quite a haven for mutant kind.  On the way, they picked up a few bags of domars, oddly enough some of the domars were rusted in each bag. 

At the clinic, Weasly was cured of some disease he had acquired before reaching the tower on the mountain.

The group gathered information while in the town to find a mutant filcher.  Banc's name was not too common, but they found him none the less.  Harv agreed to lie with Banc for 28 hours straight to have 5 defective mutations removed.  Weasly went next for 10 hours to remove one defective mutation.  Harv lost plenty of ability points in the process, but was overall satisfied he no longer had defective mutations.

Fippy and Seamus explored town and learned of an assassination that took place.  Unclear about the whole incident, a mutant, a panda bear moreau and a blue mutant seemed somehow involved.  The blue mutant was some what of an outlaw having stolen many prostitutes from the small town.  It was also rumored that the blue mutant and his gang slaughtered a town wizard and one town watch member.  The panda and blue mutant were no longer in town.

The group warned the town about some crazies heading north from Patale ruins, the town hall didn't seem to worried, but they took the news into consideration.

The group rested in preparations for heading to Oamus the next day.

Adventure 8:  Warning Oamus

The group decided to head towards Oamus first thing in the morning.  They decided to take the southern road to Oamus. 

As they came through a mountain pass, two green eggs descended towards them from the northern most mountain.  The group stopped the bus, and the eggs landed about 50 ft in front and one 50 ft behind the bus.  Strange green armored humanoids approached from each egg.  At first Harv offered the alien a drink, but Fippy wasn't so nice and his mood eyes gave him away.

The Kroath took the drink from Harv but didn't drink it.  Everyone had abandoned the hover bus but Harv and Fippy.  Most of the group took cover behind some low lying rocks.

Fippy kept his gun aimed at the alien.  The alien spoke gibberish to Fippy and snatched his rail gun from Fippy.  Fippy just reached back for his backup and fired.  Harv didn't know what to do so prepared to fire.  The friendlier alien fired so Harv did as well. 

The group traded volleys of shots with these dark energy wielding entities and finally Zody took one down.  Before Harv and Moo Shu could take the other down two more aliens appeared next to their eggs and fired at the group.  The friendly alien returned his drink to Harv and ran forward towards his egg.  The others hopped into their eggs and in moments the eggs disappeared into the heights of the mountains.

The party continued to Oamus and notified the authorities about the Crazies.  Then took a much needed rest.


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