• Time Frame:    Unknown Time
  • Genre:    D20 Fantasy 
  • Progress Level: D&D = Dungeons and Dragons
  • Life:    Half-orcs and the Undead
  • Setting:    HÄSSEN a flat fantasy world, City of Night Marsh
  • Plot:    the party has been tasked to clean out some cemetery plots
  • Goal:    Clear out the evil lurking in the cemetary
  • Characters:    2 Fighters, 1 Ranger, 1 Cleric, 1 Sorcerer, 1 Rogue, and 1 Bard

    Kylar, the annoying, is a Bard half-elf played by Manuel

    Gorzul Thorazine is a cleric human played by Darren

    Bechamel Slymore is a Rogue elf played by Darren

    Valdur Gwar is a human fighter played by Joel

    Ice Barbarian is a human played by Murphy

  • NPC

    Regdar is an NPC Ranger human

    Rage is a Sorcerer human played by Mike H.

Adventure #1  The return to Hassan!

Kylar feels the void spewing him forth, his mind hurts as his body twists together to form a half-elf.  Kylar vaguely recalls seeing a crossbow being stolen from him and used against him by some silent assassin raised from the dead.  Kylar feels taller now, with no intention of singing for a while, his neck still sore with the feeling of a crossbow bolt lodged in his throat. 

Memories flood towards Kylar as he recalls this puzzling world he is now a simply a single puzzle piece of.....Hassan.  Perhaps a Champion of CHAOS needs his story chronicled.  He casually adjusts his mind to calculate that over 200 years have past since he has stepped foot on this world.

So, making for a tavern like any good bard would, Kylar meets Dune.  Dune works for the city magistrate and is a surly half-orc, spoonik.    Kylar is introduced to a party of guys who have just returned from a successful mission in some nearby cemeteries.  Kylar isn't impressed, but vaguely recognizes the one called Ice.  Who does the man look like from Kylar's past and the name seems even more familiar.  Kylar vaguely recalls a man called Ice, perhaps from this very world, coincidence?

The group proceeds to the tombs and a strange mark of Orcus is emblazed on the door, but Ice opens it anyway.  Ice shrugs off the chill of pain.  Bechemel the rogue attempts to pick the lock and unlocks it ever so easily, we hardly hear the click.

Once in the room, we see a statue of Orcus, we spot an unholy altar, and we notice a vile pit full of bugs and insect life.  As we approach, the insects start pouring out of the pit in tremendous numbers towards the group.  Kylar quickly attempts to put some to sleep with a special song, and Rage does the same.  Valdur attempts to stomp on some as Bechemel uses alchemist's fire to burn the sleeping bugs to oblivion.

As we approach two wooden bridges, six grimlocks run out of a side door to the north and an weird bug follows them flying towards us.  Ice moves quickly to approach the edge of the pit, but the bug chants something, and Ice freezes in his tracks, apparently under some paralysis of sorts.  I quickly pull out a scroll of lightning and shock this abyssal bug.  Bechemel and Gorzul  run up to cause interference for the still unmoving Ice.  Bechemel fights three grimlocks as Gorzul does the same.  Valdur also runs to protect Ice.  Regdar hits the bug with an arrow.

Regdar fires his bow and kills a grimlock.  The bug causes Gorzul to flee and soon after Valdur heads directly for Kylar and Regdar with 2 grimlocks following him.  Regdar trips one and immediately slashes him to pieces with his dual swords.

Kylar finally takes out the bug with a fine crossbow shot.  Ice remains imobolized. 

Bechemel holds his position with three grimlocks surrounding him, but he is undaunted.  Finally, Ice comes to his senses and slices completely through two grimlocks.  Seconds later the third remaining grimlock falls to Ice's blade.

A grimlock attacks me, but Regdar brings him down as well.

Gorzul and Bechemel search the altar and statue, Bechemel finds a combination on the statue that reveals a pit of treasure below it.  Kylar and Regdar ready weapons at the two doors.  Ice is aggravated and gathers torches to attempt to burn a marble statue of Orcus.

Bechemel steals the gem eyes of the statue before Ice lights the torches.

Ice takes the ring that Bechemel finds and uses its power to smash the head of Orcus.

We head south by Ice's request and Bechemel finds a secret passage.  Ice busts through it and we find a torture chamber.  Bechemel collects some goodies.  Regdar and Kylar keep an eye down a dark hallway.

We soon find a prison chamber, which Bechemel unlocks.  We find two half-orc color guards, a gnome, Snorkle the knowing, and a halfling, Sorto.  We decide that it is best to leave this place with those we have rescued.

As soon as we get out of the crypt, Sorto runs away.  Bechemel chases him down, and Sorto starts blabbing about being a wanted criminal.  Ice slays him without a further thought.  Azik and Tolf look on in horror.  Snorkle tells us that he has mapped the cemetary sewers and knows things of value.  We agree to take him to the tavern where we can discuss things.

We look for Dune in the tavern as we talk to Snorkle and get our maps in line.  Snorkle tells us of a stairwell leading down.

We negotiate with an drugged out elf for some scrolls and then Ice and Gorzul return to their temple of Gruller to find out about a magic book or something.  After an argument with the Gruller priest, Gorzul and Ice leave.

After much deliberation about the lord of undead and the lord of vermin.  The group decides to return down to the cemetery crypts.

We break into another tomb and find a scroll that says something like.. "When the rod reforms, the moon shall fall, and the day will die."

The group descends into a cavernous room after finding the stairway leading down based on the gnomes map.

In the caverns, the group is ambushed by 8 grimlocks.  Regdar is badly hurt, but still slays 2.  Ice slays 2, Rage freezes one, Gorzul, Bechemel and Valdur each kill another.

Meanwhile, Bechemel steals Ice's ring and tests it out.  Ice gets mad and goes to the back of the group to sulk.  Bechemel finds a wand and some treasure in the caverns. 

Soon after, we find some more caverns with spider webs all around.  Many spiders come out and one large mother spider follows.  Kylar uses a scoll of lightning bolt to zap 3 spiders, Valdur takes out two spiders.  Gorzul and Bechemel kill more spiders, Bechemel falls victim to the mother spider's bite and falls unconscious.  Ice shortly after slays the big spider and cleaves through to a baby spider. 

Adventure #2  Crypts of Chaos



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