D20 Modern Horror Autumn 2004
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  • Name:   ?
  • Setting:  modern day city
  • Time Frame:    modern day
  • Genre:    D20 Modern Horror
  • Progress Level: Modern Day with Magic?
  • Life:    monsters that go bump in the night
  • Plot:   AEGIS operatives are pitted against monsters that go bump in the night 
  • Goals:    
  • Characters:   
You know, its true what they say. About how you don't know what you have until you miss it. I never really thought about what it would be like to be unable to go to the movies anymore. But when you've seen real ghosts, when you've seen real aliens, when you've seen real magic, when you've seen real monsters, there isn't much the movies can offer you anymore. The movie makers don't realize they're making movies about real life, and movie goers don't realize they're watching things that most likely could happen. And that's good. Its our job to keep it that way.
- Field Operative Vallen Trahlohm

Its nearly an everyday occurrence now that some nut job in the country reports being abducted by aliens. These claims have become so common that they are simply shrugged off by the public at large. Likewise, reports of magic and monsters, ghosts and psychic phenomena are relegated to the pages of the tabloid, while more serious and real journalism is left for the big shots. Or at least that's what the public is supposed to think.
Ya see, aliens are real. So is psychic phenomena, ghosts, magic, and monsters. Lucky for us, they don't stand a chance.
We're AEGIS, and we're the guys and gals whose job it is to keep the public from learning that the truth is out there. We're at war here, and we can't tire, we can't falter, or at any moment the human race may be overrun. We're the only line of defense humanity has, both from within and from without. I plan to make sure we're worthy of that position.
-Retired General Ivan Roussev

The Seepage surrounds us and pervades us at all times, almost like a psychic ooze which we extrude. Humanity's untapped psychic abilities, bled off into the world around us, filled with all of the anger and hate of our kind. When the Seepage pools in a place, what the uninitiated call "magic" becomes possible. So does the existence of otherwise impossible creatures.
The Seepage is seemingly unintelligent, but filled with malevolence. Those who dabble in the shaping of the Seepage best guard themselves from its influence. More than one erstwhile researcher has fallen prey to its grasp.
-Part of the Book, a large encrypted tome found in Brooklyn

Hopefully, some idea of what my game will be like is conveyed up above. All of the characters will be members of AEGIS, a secret organization tied to no government. AEGIS has its fingers in several fields around the world, but principally they concentrate on psychic phenomena, and the Seepage.


Adventure Log

Adventure 1:



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