GURPS Fall 2003
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GURPS campaign

Follow Kylar the Annoying's misadventures through his own song lyrics.


Character Name Player Name Race and Class 
(Brief description)
Kylar the Annoying Manuel Dennis Charming Bard who loves to sing
Hazrael Lazarus Dark quiet dual sword wielding killer
Savuri Autumn Beautiful platinum-blond blind girl with psionic powers
Fawks Gene Eccentric and depressed
Raymond Jason Bomb maker
Mandrake Jeric Tree friend who speaks with plants
Eyraina Margaret Mysterious hooded woman
Shoran Chris Holy man
Marcus Josh Pyro-guy
  Joe GM
 "Blueberry" Fawks Chris Dressed in blue with a large shield

From left to right:  Shoran, Savuri, Raina, Kylar, Raymond, Fawks, Mandrake, Marcus,  Hazrael, and Giant Woman.

The following will contain logs or story song of sorts from the campaign notes of Kylar:

Kylar sets off to explore the world to find new material for new songs. Kylar ventures to a trading post just north of his homeland and encounters some people who stand out from the common folk of the trading post.  Kylar immediately breaks into song when he meets Fawks and the mysterious hooded woman, Raina.  Fawks appears depressed so Kylar tries to cheer him up, but apparently just annoys him.  Fawks and his party are looking for their possessions which were stolen recently by a band of bandits.  Kylar asks around and meets a beautiful blind girl.  After realizing the blind girl doesn't know much, nor does she speak well, he returns to Fawks and sings about the beautiful girl.  Fawks and Raina approach the girl to find out some info.  Kylar wanders around and returns with information about bandits to the east.  Fawks sneaks off to find his buddy Raymond.  Ray is apparently digging through trash to find something.  Fawks encourages Ray to leave the trading post and meet in the woods. 

Kylar convinces Savuri, the blind girl, to follow him into the woods with Raina.  Reluctantly Raina returns to the post to acquire some furs for their travels through the cold mountain pass in the east.  Kylar is happy to receive the goods, and gives some to Savuri.  While Raina returns to town, Fawks and Ray slip away deeper east into the forest.  The hooded woman isn't too happy about this, and decides to take Kylar and Savuri along for a walk while attempting to track Fawks and Ray.   

The hooded woman easily discovers Ray, but it is Kylar who sings a special song to aid him in finding Fawks.  Fawks is accidentally stepped on by Kylar and Fawks pulls Kylar to the ground.  Fawks was fast asleep.  Ray and Fawks are annoyed further and wander further into the woods, attempting to get away from the charming bard.  Kylar is mystified as to why these guys continue to run away.

Kylar and the two women catch up and find Fawks and Ray standing over a dead body hours later.   Kylar asks Fawks how he has killed this man, but Fawks denies it.  Ray lets out that Fawks has been known to fly on occasion, and Kylar is most impressed.  Savuri inspects the body and determines that he hasn't been dead for too many days.    The trackers determine that there are five sets of tracks leading from the body, but none towards.  The group spends quite some time waiting around, then Fawks and Ray follow some of the tracks and determine that they all go off in almost straight directions away from the scene.  During the time Fawks and Ray explore one set of trails, Savuri gets a sick feeling that evil lurks about, so Kylar and Raina leave the area with Savuri heading in the directions Fawks and Ray left.  On the way, they meet the two trackers on their return trip. 

Savuri is quite disturbed and tells the group quite a little verbally.  The group is perplexed, but Kylar sings a song to help him get a feel for what Savuri has felt.  A hideous dark cold evil feeling is all Kylar comes up with, and he isn't too happy about it.  Ray is sceptical, so Savuri touches his hand, Ray doesn't get the sick feeling that Fawks does when Savuri tries to show him.  Fawks is frightened so much that he passed out.  Raina also gets the feeling of cold evil.  Finally, Savuri tries to impress upon Ray by sending him a feeling of his worse fear, Ray is bitter and tells Savuri never to touch him again.

Fawks and Ray decide to return to the body then follow the easterly trail as far as it goes.  The group follows along and finally comes upon a person who approaches Fawks hidden from behind a tree.  The guy speaks to Fawks in a whisper and then disappears into the trees.  Fawks tells the group that they should leave the area immediately and that another dead body was found a few days further east along the path.  The group heads back to the spot of the original body where they join up with three other members of their party.  Mandrake and Sharon are happy to meet new people, but the dark man is definitely silent. 

Kylar sings a little song as they venture on the path of another trail leading North East.  The group repeats their pattern following all the trails until they simply terminate with no further evidence.  Mandrake speaks with the trees surrounding each location and the trees tell him about a man who entered the woods then suddenly disappeared. 

After many days of backtracking across the five trails, the dark man and Sharon head off the trail for a few seconds.  The party hears Sharon scream out in pain.  Savuri runs directly towards the blood curdling scream and finds Sharon almost dead on the ground.  Kylar and Fawks show up moments later to see Savuri passed out obviously trying to save Sharon.  Fawks works fast to provide first aid, but Mandrake is the one with an ingenious idea. 

Mandrake uses some sort of druidic power to convert Sharon into a strawberry plant.  Once in plant form, Mandrake heals him with a bit of care.  Sharon is then changed back to his human form a bit healthier.  Kylar composes a short song honoring Mandrakes ingenuity.  The hooded woman searches around but finds no sign of the dark foul demon with the two swords.

The group rests for the evening, keeping an eye out for the dark demon who they thought was a friend.  Kylar wonders if the dark man could have killed the bandits in the time he was away from the party.

Hazrael still couldn't be found anywhere.  Savuri started her own investigation into finding Hazrael.  Eyraina cuts the head off the bandit corpse and gives it to Mandrake.  Mandrake performs a ceremony to communicate with some nearby trees.

Mandrake spoke with the trees to find that Hazrael indeed struck Shoran down, but Shoran had no memory of the event.    Mandrake also got a clear description of some Necro symbols on the winged lord who apparently had killed the bandits. 

Later after deciding to return to the trading post, and soon after Shoran was turned back to human form from his strawberry self.  Savuri climbed a tree where she found Hazrael hiding.  She returned to the group, telling them that Hazrael got confused when he struck down Shoran.  Everyone bought the story except the druid Mandrake, who was a bit suspicious.  Hazrael could somehow hear the group through Savuri's ears.

After much debate, Mandrake was sure his master could decipher the script the tree told him about.

The group headed to town now a firm party of eight once again.    In town, Kylar convinced a boatman to take the party down the river to Mandrake's settlement.  Two boring weeks passed traveling far south on the slow boat.

"The world around you includes those around you." - Shoran (Chris)

Mandrake's master informs the Mandrake who later informs the group that the symbols stand for Body, Life, and Other Worldly.  Hazrael starts replying apparently Shoran attempted to heal Hazrael from deafness.

"Rocks know just as much as Mandrake's teacher.", but this doesn't discourage the group from barging in on Mandrake's master.  Kylar and Shoran leave as soon as they see dead body parts strewn around the master's quarters.   

Hazrael also leaves the hut, but Raymond and Raina stay to see some amazing things.

Kylar finds out that Shoran wants to destroy the church because they destroyed his peaceful monastary.  Mandrake doesn't want to venture further with the group and intends to stay with his instructor for a time.  Mandrake has no interest in getting killed by demons from other worlds, especially over a few possessions.

Kylar and the group head due south hoping to get to a settlement there.  On the way, the group is stopped by a warrior type.  Kylar tries his charms to get free passage through the woods, but is struck down when he takes an arrow to the side which was meant for Hazrael.  Shoran runs away as the rest of the party duck for cover.  Kylar slumps to the ground in pain and attempts to sing a song, but the song hurts Fawks too.  Fawks attempts to fly away, but is brought down by a volley of axes.  Ray hides in some brush, but is chopped to bits by arrow and axe.  Savuri runs up a tree, but is shot down and she is hit and starts falling to the   ground.  Hazrael attempts to catch her, but she teleports to another area and still hits the ground.  A woodsman chops her in the throat.  Hazrael is brought down by a mighty man with an axe.  Raina attempts to jump out of a tree but is sliced down upon landing near some woodsman.  The woodsman approach Kylar but he pleas for mercy and surrenders.  The woodsman drag the slain party and force Kylar and Shoran to march to some specified boundary where the party is left for dead.  Shoran starts healing the group as best he can, so Kylar sings a song to help improve Shoran's wisdom.  Shoran revives the party and explains his tactic of fleeing.

Kylar is most disappointed in the turn of events and composes some alternative story as to why his party had to leave the southlands. 

Kylar and the group headed north to the little outpost.  The group bypassed picking up Mandrake since he is apparently learning new skills from his mentor.  The group continued north, returning to the place they were delivered to this continent.  The group saw two boats tied to a larger vessel, an ocean worthy vessel.  The group saw no sign of sailors anywhere.  Fawks snuck off and suddenly one of the boats started rowing itself to shore.  We were happy to see Fawks had performed some sort of magic once more.  Fawks then asked who wanted to row back to the ship, Kylar and Ray volunteered while Fawks would steer.  Hazrael got frustrated with Shoran, and decided to swim to the ship.  The group tried to persuade Shoran to join them in their trip back to the main continent, but no amount of persuasion succeeded.  On the trip to the ship, Ray passed out from exhaustion, and Kylar had to stop to rest, but Raine and Savuri picked up and got the boat to the ship. Raine apparently didn't like being in the boat and she wasn't too pleased with the ship either. 

On the boat, Hazrael spent some time investigating to find only one locked door on the ship.  He attempted to smash it in with a few axes he found on board.  Meanwhile, Savuri, Fawks, and Raine climbed on board and headed to the noisy area where Hazrael quickly worked.  Kylar remained in the boat with Ray attempting to bring him back from his passed out state. 

A cloud of smoke spread around the deck as Fawks removed the obstructing door and some furniture behind it.  Raine got set on fire somehow and Savuri disappeared.  The group was being attacked.  Hazrael quickly found a person hiding in the room.  Hazrael through the man to the deck.  The man quickly began lighting fires and filling the area with smoke. 

After a brief battle, it turned out that the man was Marcus a friend to many in the group.  Kylar was happy to see Ray regain consciousness, climbed to the deck and was immediately clubbed by Marcus.   Kylar sung to Shoran, who was waiting by the shore, for some medical assistance.  Shoran complied and came to the ship to heal the group.  Shoran also helped Hazrael acquire some barrels of clean water for the long trip.  In the meantime, the genius Ray started learning everything he could about ocean navigation and soon learned the abilities of the ship.  Shoran then said his goodbyes as the crew embarked for the main continent. 

The trip was long and boring almost 4 months at sea when they finally found land.  They attempted to stop in a small inlet, but decided to find a port.  During docking, Captain Ray crashed the ship into the dock and the harbor master was quite upset.  Hazrael negotiated a deal to give the harbor master the boat in exchange for repairs. 

The group parted for the day.  Kylar and Savuri begged for money for food and shelter.  Hazrael went weapons shopping.  Fawks, Raine, and Marcus went their separate ways.  Ray went searching for things to scrounge up.  Later that night, the group met back at a hostel, Fawks seemed a bit agitated by Marcus.

What will tomorrow bring?

Apparently Fawks and his followers got caught by the thieves guild doing something inappropriate.  It turned out that Raine and Marcus followed Fawks into a restricted area.  Fawks and the group are now tasked with collecting a special book from a well guarded house.

That morning, Mandrake knocked at the hotel room door and Kylar let him in.  Capt. Ray disappeared soon after that, scrounging no doubt.

Kylar was asked by Fawks to go find a job serving in the vicinity of the house

Hazrael and Fawks both did some recon work around the house.

Fawks acquired some servants clothing for Kylar and so Kylar actually went next door to the house and got hired as a servant.  The rest of the group plotted and planned on ways to enter the house.

One night Kylar snuck out and asked the group to contact him in the mornings when he went with the cook to collect food for the day.  The group told Kylar about their plans, but the plans seemed disjointed and contradictory.

Kylar hadn't heard anything in a few days, so he used his mind control song to take possession of one of the merchant's children, crawled next door and knocked on the door.  Nothing seemed to happen.  Shortly after, Kylar was awakened by screams from the baby's mother.    Kylar quickly went to collect the kid from the house next door.  Kylar was rewarded handsomely with a gold coin.

Kylar struck up a special bond with the young maid of the merchant house while he was waiting to be contacted by the group. 

Hazrael told Kylar of a plan to dress as guards, break into the house.  Kylar was to be disguised as a gold vest wearing member of the church, just in case anyone came along.

Kylar was happy to go along with the plan, but apparently some of the others weren't so eager. 

Kylar went back to the house to await further instructions.

Kylar is met at the market by Hazrael, Eraine, Mandrake, and Marcus.  Hazrael gives Kylar a sack with a gold robe which is a highly regarded outfit for members of the church.  The other 4 dress in what appears to be city watchmen chainmail.    After donning the robe, Kylar and the group proceed to the house. Kylar is told to stand out front and guard.  Kylar stands just inside the gate and attempts to look important.  Hazrael, Mandrake, Eraine and Marcus attempt multiple ways of getting in.  Eraine is the only one to succeed after Mandrake casts some sort of wood passing spell on her, she disappears into the house.

The group decides to try again later, so Kylar returns to his job.  Kylar gives Hazrael his robe back.  Kylar keeps an eye out for the front gate of the house, casually looking out when he gets a chance.

Kylar sees a city guard approach the house alone, but he loses him as the guard goes around the house.  Kylar doesn't recognize the guard.

During the evening, Kylar sees Fawks and Savuri approach the front gate.  Kylar yells out the 2nd story window that he will be right down.  Fawks doesn't look too happy, but Kylar goes into his garden and looks over the fence.    When Kylar gets down to the garden, he sees Fawks talking to a guy wearing all blue with a large shield.  Kylar notices that it has gotten extremely cold out and there is a white snow leopard who the blue guy is talking to.    Kylar goes to listen closer, then he decides to go over and meet this guy himself and find out from Fawks what the plan is.   Kylar promptly introduces himself to the blue guy and the guy says that his name is Fawks also.  Kylar creatively calls this new Fawks, blueberry Fawks so he doesn't get confused when referring to them.

Kylar waits by the gate as the three approach the servants entrance.  After some time, Kylar sneaks around to see what's going on.  Kylar is amazed once again by Fawks since he apparently opened the door.  Hazrael and Marcus appear out of nowhere and dash in past Fawks and Blueberry Fawks.  Kylar calls out for them to wait, but they don't listen.  Fawks is aggrevated, but the group follow in moments later. 

Once in Savuri closes the door, and the hall is very dark.  Kylar sings a song to improve his vision, and he hears the rest walking up ahead.  Savuri pulls out a stone which gives off light.    Blueberry Fawks tries to walk past Savuri but in his rush he falls over mainly because of his bulky shield.  Kylar steps passed him and attempts to sing a song to find life forms that may be nearby.  Kylar sees that the house is laid out similarly to that where he works, and tells the others of its layout.  Kylar sees a guard passed out on the floor, the lone city guard must have been he.  The group quickly identifies the guard as Mandrake, somehow he too entered the house alone. 

Hazrael warns that the room somehow shocks those who enter it.

Hazrael pulls Mandrakes limp body from a large room and into the kitchen where most of the group stands.  Savuri wanders around the kitchen.  Marcus investigates the servants quarters.

Kylar asks Blueberry Fawks about his cat, but Blueberry denies it is his.  Blueberry is chewing some strange resin and Kylar asks for some.  Blueberry calls it some sort of gum.  Moments later, Blueberry starts walking up a wall in the large room.  Kylar inquires if the gum allows Blueberry to do this, Blueberry assures him it does not.  Blueberry takes a glowing rock from Savuri, apparently she has a few.

Raine's body slides across the floor in the large room and almost makes it to the kitchen archway, so Fawks throws a grapple to catch her foot and drag her back into the kitchen as well.  Kylar helps Fawks pull Eraine's body.

Marcus creates a little dog from fire and it walks around the rooms with him.  Marcus sends his pup into the room and it goes.  Marcus sees a chandelier and changes his dog into a rope to light the candles in it. 

Mandrake comes too and hits the floor with his wooden staff, no effect can be seen, so he transforms himself into a stick figure of sorts, a statue of wood.  Mandrake attempts to walk into the room and immediately falls to the ground in pain.  Kylar tosses him the grapple and rope, since Fawks is busy preparing a spell or concentrating on something.  Fawks starts walking on the opposite wall that Blueberry Fawks did.  Right behind Fawks, Savuri starts levitating inches above the group and floats right past the group in the archway. 

Marcus lights most of the candles and his fire rope turns into a small fire elephant as it returns to him.

Hazrael finds a blanket and tries to convince the group that we could walk along it.  Kylar doesn't buy it since both Hazrael and Eraine were wearing boots and they felt the shock.  Kylar attempts to wake Eraine, she is a bit surprised by this when she finally gains consciousness. 

How will the rest of the group get across this large room?

Kylar whispers using ventriloquism to tell Priator "Blueberry Fawks" to get off the wall.  Priator shakes it off.

Fawks, blueberry Fawks, and Savuri get across to the foyer and find a stairway leading to the second floor and a large room near the front door.  The cat was hanging on to Fawks' cloak and he pulled it off.  The three go up the stairs to find another trapped room which challenges the group by making them feel much heavier than they are when they touch it.  Fawks gets stuck to the floor, but soon gets back to the stairs.  Savuri floats across this new trapped room and disappears down a hallway on the upper floor.  Priator and Fawks open the front door and the remainder of the party come to the front door. 

Savuri returns to report a room full of dead bodies surrounding a pedestal with a book on it.  The pedestal appears to be bathed in a glowing light.  Savuri also detected some invisible beings within the room, and she sensed that they weren't too happy.

Crazy burn boy gets the idea to burn through the floor so returns to the kitchen to burn a hole in the floor under where he believes the pedestal would be.  The group immediately starts smelling some burning wood and goes to the foyer to watch as Marcus lights the ceiling in the trapped room on fire.

Blueberry Fawks performs some experiments on the trapped floor with a coach roach.  The coach roach is immediately squashed. 

Hazrael gets some tapestries down and lays them across the floor.  Hazrael tries to walk, appears to be making it, then gets slammed to the floor.

Fawks rescues Hazrael but severely hurts himself in the process, Kylar and Eraine try to get them off the heavy floor.  Savuri tends to Fawks wounds, but passes out.

After Fawks recovers, Savuri goes downstairs to rest, Eraine joins her.  Mandrake and Kylar go downstairs with Hazrael and Priator. Fawks wakes and walks on the wall to go to the room Savuri described. 

Marcus shapes his fire and burns his way through the floor, just as Fawks opens the door.  A wind rushes by Fawks.  Fawks falls over in pain.  Marcus falls over and screams in pain.  Mandrake and Kylar bolt for the door and are hit from behind by some invisible entity.

Eraine returns to where Marcus was and uses her grappling hook to grab the pedestal and pull it down.  The book comes tumbling to the ground.  She drags Marcus to safety.

Blueberry Fawks and Eraine drag everyone else outside to safety.  Savuri heals everyone, but fears she cannot save Mandrake.  Hazrael remains unconscious and Kylar recommends that the group drags him to the house next door where he can stay in his servants quarters. 

Fawks realizes that the book is a fake.  Savuri returns to Kylar's room to heal Hazrael. 

Captain Ray and Marcus visit Kylar to get Mandrakes dead body to cremate it.   Mandrake is dragged out of the city to be burned.  Marcus freaks out when he realizes he has left the city and runs back screaming.  Captain Ray is left holding Mandrake wondering why Marcus has run off.

Eraine and Savuri return to the house, pull down the pedestal and break it open.  Eraine is stung by some poisonous spears, but still recovers the book hidden inside the pedestal. 

Eraine has Priator memorize the book before they bring it to Fawks' guild.  The group is free to leave the city.