• Time Frame:    Unknown Time
  • Genre:    Fantasy (d20)
  • Progress Level: D&D = Dungeons and Dragons 
  • Life:    Half-Orcs, Kobolds, Goblins, Halflings, Dragons and the Undead
  • Setting:    unknown fantasy world 
  • Plot:    An adventure company on a mission for a lord 
  • Goals:    
    • Rescue some young adults who have ventured into a cavern 
    • Find a dragon stolen by Goblins
  • Characters:    2 Barbarians, 1 Sorcerer, 1 Rogue, 1 Cleric, and 1 Fighter
    • Lysander of Blackmoor is a human Fighter played by Jean Claude
    • Lydia is a beautiful human Cleric played by Mandy
    • Jozan is a (deceased) Rogue halfling played by Manuel
    • Meldor of Kuhl is a Sorcerer half-elf played by Mike
    • Tazz the (deceased) hideously ugly Barbarian half-orc is played by Johnny
    • Alarris is a (deceased) dwarf Psionisist played by Andy
    • Zatt another (deceased) Barbarian half-orc is played by Bill
    • Meepo is a (deceased) kobold  played by Miguel 
  • NPC
    • Erky is a (deceased) Gnome Fighter/Sorcerer


Sunless Citadel

Adventure #1

The group is told some story about a magic apple and must venture to a town to find out why the annual apple hasn't been delivered to a wealthy Lord.

 The group goes into the town and must leave the two half-orcs outside while the wise sorcerer Meldor interviews the merchant who usually sends the Lord the magic apple. Tazz is difficult as usual in wanting to go into the town.  Zatt does everything he can to keep Tazz busy.  Tazz is so ugly, even Orcs would stone him.  Meldor approaches a bartender in an Inn to ask for information as to the whereabouts of Kerowyn the merchant.  Meldor the sorcerer and Lydia the cleric finds out that the apple was never delivered and is also told that the merchants son Talgan and daughter Sharwyn have disappeared into the caverns where the apple comes from.   The inn keepers children were accompanied by Calkis an Elf and Sir Bradford. 

The group sets off with some rations to the campsite where the children last camped near the goblin den.  As it gets dark, the halfling suggests that the group explores a ravine nearby.  Zatt and Jozan start descending a knotted rope and Zatt slips and falls.  Lysander the fighter also tries to climb down the rope and falls nearly knocking Jozan off the rope, but Jozan successfully dodges.

The wounded Zatt and the wounded Lysander the fighter encounter some giant rats.  Tazz quickly descends the ropes to get involved in the battle.  Jovan also gets some strikes in.  After a few seconds, three giant rats are dead.

The group decides to venture down a small stairwell.  The cleric and sorcerer reluctantly follow.   The group finds a room and before anyone can do anything, Lysander the fighter falls into a pit while trying to open a door.  A giant rat attacks, but the group manages to rescue the fighter before he is wounded further.  The cleric Lydia heals what wounds she can on the Lysander.  After some searching Jozan finds 80 silver and gives them to Tazz.  Jozan disables the trap so the group may not fall into it again.

Zatt opens a hidden closet door and three skeletons run out.  Tazz kills a skeleton as Lydia turns the remaining two.  Jozan discovers some Draconic writing behind a dead goblin.  Lydia luckily can read Draconic and reads the writings, "Ashardalon."

The group find a small room with a barrel of sorts.  Jozan pulls the cork while standing on Tazz's back.  A water mempit appears and Jozan jumps down.  The Mempit spits acid at Meldor, Lydia and Zatt.  Tazz quickly kills the water thing.  Jozan scrapes up 5 sapphire and gives them to Tazz.

In the next room, Jozan uncovers a weeping Kobold Meepo.  Meepo claims to be a dragon keeper, but has lost his dragon.  Jozan steals some jade statues off a nearby alter and slips them to Tazz.  The group follows Meepo to the Kobold queen.  After some discussion, the group agrees to find the dragon.

The group wanders in the direction that the goblins who supposedly stole the dragon fled.  Meldor finds a dragon head fountain and fills a flask with its red liquid contents.  The group finds a magically sealed door and Lydia dispels the seal.  The room contains 5 standing sarcophagus and an alter in the rear.  Jozan is definitely against entering the room.  The sorcerer uses his Mage hand to grab a potion from the alter.  This triggers the 5 sarcophagus to open and out rush 5 skeletons.  Lydia is waiting and turns the skeletons while Lysander shuts the door.  

The group runs down the hall hearing the scratching of bone on the door.

Adventure #2

The group enters a room that opens up and the group hears a Dwarf calling out through a door.  Alarris the Psionisist Dwarf approaches the group and chooses to join them in their quest.

The group moves further down a long corridor and are ambushed by six giant rats.  Lysander breaks his long sword.  Meldor is bitten just before he can cast a spell.  Jozan breaks his short sword.  Alarris and Meldor use their powers to attack some rats.  Lydia kills a rat.  Tazz kills 2 rats,  Jozan kills a rat, Zatt kills a rat, and Lysander finally kills a rat.

The group finds multiple prison cells which contain scattered gold and silver pieces.  

The group then ventures into a larger chamber and finds a Draconic fountain.  Lydia quickly reads aloud the word written in Draconic and realizes it says "Death."  Gas pours out of the Dragon mouth and surrounds some members of the group.

Lysander and Tazz enter the next room and are surprised by more giant rats.  After much hacking and slaying Tazz kills 2 rats and Lysander cleaves the rat who Meepo screams out is Guthash the mother of all rats. Zatt steps in to help kill a rat also.  Jozan searches through some remains and finds some treasure which he gladly gives to Tazz and Lydia.  He also finds the remains of Calkis the elf.  Lysander begins to get sick from his rat bite wound.  Lydia and Meldor try to heal Lysander and the others before they rest for the night.  

The group wanders around some corridors and find a hall with many caltrops and a small wall near the far end.  Jozan notices a goblin head behind the wall and warns the party.  The barbarians in the group decide to rush the wall after Meldor casts a sleep spell in the general direction of the wall.  Lysander tries to fire his crossbow but forgot to load it.  One goblin is put to sleep and Tazz and Zatt quickly slice him and a friend open.  One goblin hit Zatt with a javelin, but Zatt quickly kills the goblin.   Jozan explores a bit further around the maze of corridors and is hit by a javelin when peaking around a corner.

Tazz and Zatt go into a beserker rage and bum rush the goblins behind a far wall. Jozan hides on the back of Tazz as Tazz rushes the small wall and leaps over it.  Zatt fails to jump over the wall and is hit multiple times by goblin javelins.  Tazz and Jozan each take out an enemy goblin.  Lysander runs towards the wall and slips and falls prone before the wall.  Tazz and Zatt kill the remaining two goblins.

After a bit of searching the group finds 3 kobolds and a gnome imprisoned in a locked room.  Jozan picks the lock to the room and the cage that the gnome was held prisoner in.  Jozan gives the kobolds some javelins and sends them on their way back to the kobold lairs.  The gnome is happy to see the group and introduces himself as Erky.  Erky decides to stay with the group to help them in their quest.

Adventure #3

The next morning Zatt feels bad from the Filth disease, and so does Tazz and Meldor.  Lysander feels better after shaking off the disease.  We enter a store room with jerky and elf pudding.  Jozan unlocks the door.  Meepo runs in and is attacked by Calcryx the white dragon.  Meldor puts Jozan and Lysander to sleep.  Tazz tries to subdue the dragon.  Zatt smacks the ice out of Calcryx with his scythe.   Zatt and Lysander tie the dragon up really good.

Zatt kills 2 goblins as Meldor puts 2 asleep.  The goblins were sneaking up behind the group.  Erky strikes one goblin.  Tazz kills a goblin.  Alaris electrocutes a goblin.  Jozan  loots the goblin bodies.  Zatt kills another goblin as the group runs back to the kobolds to return the wounded Meepo and the white dragon Calcryx.  

The group returns to the Kobold queen and they try to negotiate for some artifacts.  Jozan kills Meepo during the negotiations to avoid paying the Kobolds to take him back.  The group buys some artifacts and gets a few for returning the dragon.  The kobolds put the group up for a night so they may rest.

During the night, Jozan picks Tazz's pocket and gets 5 sapphire's and gives them to Lydia.

The next morning, Zatt and Meldor are still sick from the Filth disease.  Tazz feels much better.

The group wanders the dungeon and find a well locked door.  After a while, Jozan manages to unlock it.  Jozan also finds a trap and tries to disable it.  While trying to disable the pit trap, he falls in.  

The group opens a door to find many hobgoblins and a dozen goblins in a large room.  Jozan throws a flask of acid at a hobgoblin and starts to run.  Everyone starts to run in different directions.  

Jozan leads Tazz and Erky around some passages and ends up right back in the same hallway.  

Alaris and Lydia run back the long way from which they came.  Meldor follows, but is attacked by some goblins and a hobgoblin as he retreats.  

Zatt and Lysander stay and try to hold the door shut from which the hobgoblins are trying to enter the hall.  Lysander and Zatt finally have to fight the hobgoblins and goblins as they retreat through another route back to the kobold lair.

Meldor puts up a great fight and finally puts the goblins and hobgoblin to sleep.  Meldor also attempts to kill them while they sleep.

Zatt kills a chasing goblin and Lysander turns and attacks many as they follow.

Lydia and Alarris retreat the long way back to the kobold lair.

After Lysander kills many of the pursuing goblins, he convinces the group to again chase the goblins back to their lair.  Lysander leads the charge.

Meldor drops a caltrop which cripples a chasing goblin.  Meldor then kills the goblin.  Meldor swings his sling and almost kills himself from hitting himself in the head.  Meldor finally kills the hobgoblin with a coup de grace.  Erky sees that Meldor is severely wounded, and heals him immediately.  Meldor and Erky drop 2 more goblins shortly after.

Lysander breaks his new sword and is attacked by a hobgoblin.   Lysander finally slays the hobgoblin, and then takes his long sword.

The group runs up behind Lysander and find the room quite empty save the dead hobgoblin.

Adventure #4

The party feels stronger after a bit of rest after the fight with the goblins.  Meldor wants to take a nap, but the group wants to open a door from which slight breathing can be heard.

Lysander opens the door full of hobgoblins and goblins.  Lysander notices a strange blue goblin next to the throne.

Zatt kill a hobgoblin and goblin.  Tazz kills a goblin.  Lysander kills 2 hobgoblins.  Jozan sneak attacks a goblin then tries to avoid Tazz and another hobgoblin as he runs towards the blue goblin to kill him.  

Tazz is charmed by the blue goblin and told to kill Jozan.  Lydia kills a goblin and then proceeds to smash the goblin kings skull in with her club.  Meldor and Zatt kill the cleric goblin and a twig blight.  Jozan kills the blue goblin just before Tazz swings his axe at the rogue.

Jozan successfully opens a trapped chest and gives out the treasure to his friends.

The group fortify the room and take a rest for the night.  Jozan sleeps in the chest.  The group decides not to climb down the whole with the vines in the center of the room.

The group follows some caverns and wanders for almost a day before returning to the hole with the vines.

Jozan and Tazz quickly climb down the vines and Lysander follows.  Zatt tries to follow also, but falls 80 feet and is badly wounded.  While the clerics and Meldor descend, Jozan and Tazz fight off two skeletons and some more twig blights.  Lysander kills the two twig blights.  Lydia gets down just in time to bash in a skeleton.  

After a few moments, the clerics try to heal Zatt.  Jozan hears a noise, warns the group, then hides.  A bugbear appears with two attack rat pets.    Lysander slays both rats in moments and then turns his attention to the bugbear.  Lysander and Tazz attack the bugbear while Jozan sneaks up behind him.  After a bit, Jozan leaps behind the bugbear and strikes him dead.

The group now must exit this dung heap pit.

Adventure #5

Lysander took the bugbear's morning star.  It appeared to be magical.  The group rummaged through the Bugbear lair.  Jozan enters a room and trips over some junk and makes a loud noise.  It wakes six goblins who rush out to fight.  The party makes quick work of the 6 goblins and 2 more appear moments later to meet their fate as well.  Tazz finds a dire rat strapped to a table.  Jozan graciously slays it.

The group wanders around and finds a large ornate room with a dragon statue or altar of iron.  Alarris is restless and pushes the statue over.  The statue doesn't break but makes a loud noise as it hits the ground.  A few minutes later, a giant worm, a Thoq-qua crashes through a wall and slams Zatt to the ground.  Zatt is instantly squashed and burned.  The group reacts slowly from the surprise and the horror of seeing Zatt get squashed so easily.  The Thoq-Qua turns and smashes into Erky next.  Lysander and Tazz jump on the thoq-qua hacking and slashing.  The Thoq-qua dies quickly.  Realizing that the group can't save the burning gnome, Erky, Jozan fires a crossbow bolt to ease Erky's pain.  The group is disgusted and tired, and venture back to a safer room to hold up for the night.

The group is awaken early in the morning to hear skeletons scratching at the barred door.  Apparently a band of skeletons has the only exit quite guarded.  Lysander and Tazz jump out of the room fighting as Lydia attempts to turn the skeletons.  Nine of the twelve skeletons start running as Lysander and Tazz break them apart.  Meldor disrupts some of the skeletons with his disrupt undead spell.  Lysander chases the skeletons and breaks the trailing skeletons apart as he gradually breaks them down to a handful of bones.   The skeletons continue to run in fear of Lydia. 

The group chase the skeletons through a secret tunnel and as Lysander eliminates all but two skeletons, 2 bugbears attack the group.  Meldor puts the two bugbears to sleep.  Lysander and Jozan slay the bugbears as they slumber.

Right after the group slays the two bugbears, 4 goblins and the 2 skeletons reenter the hall.   Lydia disrupts the 2 skeletons, and Meldor puts the 4 goblins to sleep.  Tazz and Lysander and Jozan kill the sleeping goblins quickly.

The group searches a few rooms and another giant worm crashes through the floor and tosses Jozan to the ground.  Jozan barely survives.  Tazz turns and critically kills the thoq-qua.  Lydia heals the desperately wounded group.

Lysander confronts two more bugbears and his morning star breaks.  Lysander is almost ripped apart.  Meldor again casts his magic sleep spell which allows Lysander and Jozan to finish off the sleeping bugbears.

The group rests once more in a small room that is easily fortified.  Lydia mends Lysanders broken morning star.  The group ventures further and finds another bugbear sitting atop a dead thoq-qua.  Lysander wastes no time and slays it.

The group find another room with a statue of a dragon and an odd red circle on the floor.  The group suddenly notices a shadowy figure approaching Lydia.  She turns it and it runs and hides in a corner.  Lysander's weapon and Jozan's throwing star pass right through the shadow.  Alarris and Meldor repeatedly attack the shadow with electric current and disrupt undead.  Meldor finally eliminates the threat.  In the meantime Jozan finds 2 flasks and some gold behind the statue.

Contrary to popular opinion, Lydia gets the bright idea to read the inscription aloud, something about "fire will set you free?"  The dragon statue then expels some fire right at Lydia.  The fire engulfs Lydia.....

Adventure #6

Lydia is engulfed, but the flames do not burn her.  She comes out of the flames looking more beautiful than ever.  Her charisma was increased about 15%.  

The group finds a door that leads to a stairwell.  The group cautiously sends a few members down the stairs and after a bit, the whole party joins them.  The group enters a hall to find two doors leading to quite possibly the same room.  After Jozan picks one of the doors lock, the group barges in.  Jozan, Tazz and Lydia find nothing but a work area with a desk.  Lysander, Alarris, and Meldor encounter a room with 4 goblins.  Meldor immediately puts the goblins to sleep and Lysander and Jozan do the rest.

While searching the office room, Meldor finds a magic book, and gives it to Lydia.  She opens it....

Almost the entire group takes damage from a giant ball of fire that leaps from the book and engulfs the room.  After Lydia heals most of the group, the group rests for the evening.

The next day, the group decides to venture into the caverns that were on the far wall of the goblin area.  After a while, the group sees some tall walls surrounding a large evil looking tree.  The group sees Belkor and a few others around the tree.  Jozan works his way around some of the walls to get a sneak shot in on Belok.  After Meldor tries to come to an agreement with Belok, Belok throws a wand that entangles most of the party.  Sir Bradford seems to be charmed and runs towards Lydia and Alarris.  Jozan sees an opportunity and shoots a crossbow bolt at Sir Bradford, it wounds him, and gets his attention.  Sir Bradford moves to attack Jozan.  Meldor casts a sleep spell, but is countered by Shurwin, the girl with Belok.  Tazz manages to break free from the tangling vines, but Lydia casts tangling vines around Belok just before Tazz can approach him.     Alarris tries to charm but fails.  Belok throws a fire bolt at Tazz, but Tazz dodges.  Meldor and Lysander find themselves surrounded by Twig Blights.  Jozan, Alarris, and Lydia have to fight off twig blights too.  Meldor puts Shurwin asleep.  

Tazz attacks Belok but misses, and finally kills the sleeping Shurwin.  Tazz wounds Belok just before, Tazz and Belok are put to sleep by Meldor.  Jozan is severly wounded by Sir Bradford.  Lysander drops his weapon.  Meldor reads a spider climb scroll to get up the wall to try to heal Jozan.

Alarris kills three twig blights as Lysander also kills three.  Meldor makes his way to Jozan and tries to administer first aid, but is quite unsuccessful. Jozan dies moments later from the wounds inflicted by Sir Bradford.  Just before Jozan died, Meldor poured a potion of green liquid down Jozan's throat.

Belok's familiar tree frog hops over to him and wakes him up.  As Belok advances towards Lysander, the tree frog kills the sleeping Tazz.

Meldor sees Alarris get killed by Sir Bradford, but is too late.  Meldor casts a ray of frost and kills Sir Bradford.  Lysander is almost killed by Belok, but Lydia heals Lysander just in time.   Meldor climbs back up the wall to get above Belok.  Lysander swings and kills Belok.  The last twig blight breaks its own neck.  The tree frog tries to hop  away, but Lysander splats the frog.

Lysander, Meldor, and Lydia quickly collect everything valuable in the area.  Lysander now has to carry all the treasure that Tazz was carrying.  Jozan's body sprouts many beautiful flowers from the fertilizer that Meldor poured down his throat.  Lysander finds the golden apple in Belok's things.

The three remaining heroes venture back to town dragging the bodies of their fallen buddies with them.