• Time Frame:    Unknown Time
  • Genre:    Fantasy 
  • Progress Level: D&D = Dungeons and Dragons
  • Life:    Druids, Half-Elves, Goblins, Orcs, Ogres and the Undead
  • Setting:    HÄSSEN a flat fantasy world 
  • Plot:    
  • Goal:    
  • Characters:    1 Barbarian, 1 Sorcerer, 1 Rogue, and 1 Bard

    Nazgoul the Barbarian human is played by Darren

    Reist Swiftway is a Rogue human played by Paul

    Kylar is a Bard half-elf played by Manuel

    DrFell is a Sorcerer human played by Mike (DM)

    Ice is a late coming Barbarian played by Ed

  • NPC

    Slythyme is a NPC Rogue gnome.

The adventure continues where the band of heroes meets Kylar the Bard.  Very little is documented about the heroes until Kylar starts telling his tales and singing his songs.

Kylar tells a story about the Green Chapel which is filled with some clues to its whereabouts.

Kylar the Bard bargains with the heroes to help them find the legendary Green Chapel.  Kylar is told of the deal with some Lord, that the heroes must collect ears from all those they defeat in combat.

Deep in the forest the band explore.  The group encounters a handful of sleeping goblins and quickly cut them to shreds.  Kylar buries the 3 elves that were hanging from the trees around the goblin camp.  The Sorcerer casts a sleep spell and puts most of the goblins to sleep as the Nazgoul the barbarian takes out the fiendish goblin dog.

The group meets up with a tribe of Elves who help give the heroes directions through the  forest.

The group soon encounter a battle between some 8 Orcs and 4 Druids.  The Druids need help, and the group start shooting crossbow bolts from behind the trees at the nearby OrcsAfter the Druids capture the 4 remaining Orcs, the Druids praise the forest for its assistance.  Nazgoul who has a thing for Druids and Orcs, definitely no a good thing,  approaches and almost immediately slays the lead Druid.  The Druids fall quickly and the group feeds the last Druid to the Orcs.  Then the heroes kill the helpless Orcs.  DrFell the sorcerer is definitely a cannibal and he eats the remaining Druid.  Kylar reminds the group to keep the ears.  The Druids had 4 healing potions on them, and the group takes them.

After some traveling, the group sees an Ogre guarding a bridge across the stream.  Kylar uses his talents to persuade the Ogre to leave his post, but fails until he decides to shoot a crossbow bolt at the Ogre.  The Ogre is enraged and quickly charges into the forest where the heroes await.  Slythyme the rogue gnome and Reist the rogue shoot crossbow bolts at the Ogre.  Nazgoul attacks the Ogre without mercy and the Ogre soon falls victim to the heroes' attacks.

Not long after the bridge, the group finds the Green Chapel.  Having found the correct path to the Chapel, the group returns to tell their Lord of their deeds.

Adventure #2

The Lord asks the group to perform the 2nd part of the quest which is to find the key and passage entrance that should lead up the mountains to Gnoll Craig.

The group quickly make it back to the Green Chapel. The group then decides to try to figure out how to find the key.  The entrance to the passage is found quite easily by clues left about the Mirror of the Sun, and once the group sees a small pond in front of the Chapel, they know they have found the entrance.  Nazgoul swims underwater to find the entrance, but it requires a key.  

The group ventures to the front door of the Chapel to find the key.  The door is open, and as soon as Nazgoul steps in, the group is attacked by Zombies.  Most of the heroes stand back and take crossbow shots while Nazgoul gets ripped apart.  Nazgoul lives, but requires medical attention and a healing potion.

The group starts exploring the chapel, and encounter 4 ghouls and a ghast.  Nazgoul and Kylar vomit furiously as the rest of the heroes battle the ghast.  After a few minutes, the ghouls are dead once more.

After some more searching the group stumbles upon a library and find some interesting books.

Not to much later, they encounter a Shadow. The shadow can hardly be hit until Nazgoul comes up with the brilliant idea to smash it over the head with DrFell's magic shield.   Due to Nazgoul's quick thinking the Shadow poses no threat.  

The group finds  a chest that Slythyme must open, but she is almost injured by a needle trap.

After waiting the night locked in a room, the group ventures on exploring the Chapel.  The group encounters a Wight and Kylar is temporarily drained of energy.  Nazgoul and Reist kill the Wight.

The party continue to go up to the next floor and find themselves in a room with two giant zombies.  The group pulls an extraordinary flanking maneuver and kill both giant zombies quickly.

At two sealed doors, the heroes wait and converse with an Undead Green Knight who is charged with guarding the key.  The group enters the room and attempt to negotiate with the knight, but fail and therefore must fight.  At first, the heroes let Nazgoul attempt to fight alone, but it is soon evident that Nazgoul will be defeated without outside assistance.  Reist makes an attempt to backstab the Knight with great success and soon after many crossbow bolts falls helpless to Nazgoul's mercy.  "By the way, he has none."  

The heroes take the key and return to the Lord.  They don't tell him they where the passage is, just that they found it.

Adventure #3

The group is tasked with by Lord Hall the Drunken to find the secret passage leading from the Green Chapel to Gnoll Craig. The hidden passage to Gnoll Craig leads to the discovery of Zaha'Dum which leads to the rumor of an artifact which will destroy the world.

The group is met by an emissary of the Cypress, a half-elf messenger who asks the group not to loot the temple, and to rightfully restore it to its owners, the worshippers of Cypress.  After some bargaining, the group takes 20,000 gold pieces and agrees.  The group escorts many followers of Cypress through the forest to the Green Chapel.

Once at the Chapel, Nazgoul jumps in the pool to unlock the passage.  The group ties a rope around Nazgoul as he attempts to unlock the lock and drain the pool.  With little problem, Nazgoul succeeds.  Kylar and Nazgoul shimmy down the pool side to a passage leading east deep under the pool.  When Reist attempts to climb down, and invisible force breaks his rope and he falls to the passage.  The others climb down cautiously to join them.  After a good walk east, a large spiral dwarven staircase is found.  The group begins a long and boring ascent into the side of the mountains near the Green Chapel.

On the way up, the group encounter an Attercop and a few large spiders.  DrFell puts some of the spiders to sleep.  The Attercap manages to put a web around Slythyme, but the others soon kill the remaining spiders and Nazgoul kills the Attercop.  Kylar frees Slythyme from the web.

After nearly a 1 mile  climb up a winding staircase, the group comes to a large cavern of limestone.  The group immediately encounters a Cloaker but flee the area immediately.

Kylar, Reist and DrFell are attacked by Dark Mantles and nearly strangled if it weren't for Nazgoul and Reist to save them.  The Dark Mantles fall from the ceiling and cast darkness upon the group.  The group has to fight these sinister beasts.  Reist and Nazgoul defeat most of them.

Along the way, the group befriends a group of deep gnomes, "Svernublign", clan of the Gray Rock.  The clan tells the group about an ongoing battle with some grey dwarves the Drugar.

The group is told of a legend about 3 pieces to an artifact which the dwarves are trying to assemble in some mythical city which supposedly dwells within the mountain.

The group is also told about a sinkhole which the gnomes have been fighting around that leads back to their world.  The gnomes are currently at a standoff with the Drugar.  The group decides to help the gnomes defeat the dwarves located at the sinkhole.  The group aid 20 gnomes against an attack of 20 dwarves.  The gnomes and the group successfully defeat all of the dwarves with ease.  DrFell puts many dwarves to sleep as they attack.  Nazgoul jumps over a 3ft wall with difficulty and cleaves many dwarves.  The gnomes are motivated by Kylar's songs and stories and this aids the group's moral.

The group takes some "Seeing Eye" gnomes to assist Nazgoul and the group find more invisible dwarves in the nearby tunnels.

Soon the group finds more Drugars, 15 dwarves and 2 Dwarf leaders.  After refusing to run, the group stands strong and fights.  With only 5 gnomes to aid them, the group successfully defeats the dwarves.  With Kylar's inspirational songs, and Nazgouls beserker rage the dwarves are taken out.  Nazgoul himself cleaves the two leader dwarves.

Many useful treasures and a map of the area is found.  Unfortunately it won't do the group much good.

The group wander back to the sinkhole, and decide to investigate a small area to the west.  The group finds a dying gnome that has been attacked by 3 Gricks.  The group goes to kill the gricks, but find 7 more gricks miraculously appear.  4 attack Kylar immediately, and slash and bite him dead within seconds.

Reist dies soon after Kylar.  Nazgoul gets quite hurt, but Slythyme manages to give him a potion of healing.  20 gnomes come to the party's rescue, but after 20 crossbow shots, only two hit a grick.  Nazgoul almost dies shortly after.  A travelling barbarian Ice joins the party who he hears screaming in battle.  Nazgoul dies.  Slythyme pours another potion down Nazgoul's throat and revives him.  Slythyme does the same for Reist to stabalize his bleeding.  Nazgoul dies again.  Ice tries to fight the remaining Gricks, but falls just short of dying soon after.  Slythyme and DrFell finish off the remaining Gricks.

So ends our humble adventure.  The only player characters who consistently showed up to play were defeated for their treachery.  Now the NPCs must carry on.

Adventure #4

    Nazgoul is played by Darren
    Ice is played by Troy
    Kylar is played by Manuel
    DrFell is an NPC played by Mike
    Reist is played by Paul
    Slythyme is the NPC played by Darren

So, the Snuglefugnugens finally defeat the remaining Gricks.  The only one who really died is Nazgoul who will be resurrected by the Sbirfneblin priests.   The priests heal and bandage up Reist, Kylar, and Ice.  After many days of rest, the party decides to continue the adventure.

The party accepts Ice as one of the group, sent by the god Gruler.  Supposedly, by his own word, Ice is the son of Gruler.  Nazgoul trusts Ice and bows to his awesomeness.  Kylar is a bit skeptical and remains to see how good this Ice really is. 

The group decides to venture up the stairwell since the first level seems to bring little treasure just pain.  As our heroes venture towards the stairs, the "seeing eye" gnomes spot some invisible dwarves.  The party also notices two ugly Trolls descending the stairs towards them.  Reists starts throwing alchemy fire at the trolls.  Nazgoul attacks and kills two dwarves.  Ice misses the dwarves and trolls twice before deciding to participate.  Kylar scares half the dwarves away with a Scare spell.  DrFell puts the rest of the dwarves to sleep.  Slythyme flanks a troll but gets caught.    Reist burns each troll successfully.  Ice cleaves one troll with his great sword.   DrFell finally casts a ray of ice at the last troll to kill him.    Kylar sings of their victory and composes a story.

Kylar heals multiple wounds to both Slythyme, Ice, and Nazgoul.  Ice is still ungrateful and starts complaining about the disorganization of the party.  Kylar points in a song that it was Ice's fault since he missed on his first two swings with his great sword.  Kylar also points out that Reist burned the trolls which caused more damage than all the crossbow bolts and sword slashes.  Since the alchemy fire prevented the trolls from regenerating wounds.  Kylar remains unamused at Ice's power and threats.

One dwarf was left alive and given a chance to tell the heroes about the next level and the stairwell.  He told the party very little, so the group gave him a chance to fight to the death with Ice.  If he could best Ice, then he could get away free.    Ice through down his weapon and started fighting the dwarf and took two hits with an  axe to his chest.  Ice then grapple with the dwarf until the dwarf was dead.

The heroes go up the stairs after a day of rest.  Nothing eventful happens on the stairs.  On the second level, Reist spies some a dwarf or two working in a tunnel.  Reist sneaks up on the dwarf and hits him with a back stab.  Ice runs up moments later and slashes through both worker dwarves like they were butter.

Kylar is still not impressed and this annoys Ice even more.  More threats are thrown his way.

Further down the caverns, the group comes to a great door with dwarven script that says, "Speak Friend and Enter."  Reist reads the script any Nazgoul tells him to say "Friend" in dwarven.  Reist does and the door opens.  10 dwarves sit armed with bows ready to shoot.  Reist awkwardly convinces them that we are allies.  Kylar sends the "seeing eye" gnomes away and tells them to return to the 1st level.

A leader dwarf enters to negotiate.  After much diplomacy and stupidity, the dwarves are convinced that Reist leads two great barbarians, Nazgoul and Ice, and they just defeated 4 warriors who gave the grey dwarves hell on the lower level.  The dwarves welcome the group in and offer them drinks.  The dwarves lay down their weapons, and before anyone knows what happens, DrFell casts bull strength on Ice.  Ice and Nazgoul immediately go beserk.  Slythyme backstabs the dwarf leader just before Ice carves up the leader and a dwarf standing nearby.    Reist and Nazgoul attack the remaining dwarves as Kylar sings a story of courage to boost moral.  The tricked dwarves die quickly.  

Kylar and Ice are still at each others throats with threats of violence towards Kylar becoming more verbal.  Kylar keeps telling his tale.  Kylar explains to the barbarian god-child Ice that he will not sing of Ice's greatness until he truely proves himself in battle much like he saw Nazgoul defeat the Green Knight in one on one combat.

After much arguing over which direction to go, Reist finally convinces Nazgoul to go south.  Nazgoul is pissed, and runs through the door.  Unknown to him, it was protected by a seal and it explodes on his breaking the seal.  The hall they enter has a balcony, and they quickly search the area.  Reist finds a secret door which leads to a tunnel that goes north west.  The group send Slythyme to scout ahead, and she spies a dwarf at the end of a long hall.

Ice and Nazgoul begin to charge down the hall toward the dwarf, but Reist and Slythyme  run faster than them and get to the dwarf first.  Reist and Slythyme defeat this dwarf, only to notice 21 other dwarves preparing to fire arrows at Nazgoul and Ice.   Kylar and DrFell stay just behind the 2 barbarians and cast spells of scare and sleep.  Most of the dwarves that don't flee just fall asleep.  It doesn't take long for Nazgoul and Ice to defeat the remaining dwarves.  Reist took some damage and required the use of many healing potions.

After searching many rooms, the party decides to hold up in a room at the end of the hall and rest the night. 

Adventure #4

    Nazgoul is played by Darren
    Reist Swiftway is played by Eddie
    Kylar is played by Manuel
    DrFell is played by Jens
    Ice is played by Troy
    Slythyme is a played by Lauren

After a much needed rest the group went on to the hall of 6 doors.  The group carefully opens all doors and looks down each bottle shaped hall.  Finally the group chooses a passage.  Right after exiting the passage into a much larger hall, Kylar falls into a pit.  The party rescues Kylar and cross the hall to a doorway.  This doorway leads to another hall north.  

The group enters the hallway and Ice and Nazgoul each take an arrow to the chest.  7 Drugar fire arrows from down the hall.  Ice and Nazgoul spring into action and kill a few. Slythyme shoots one and DrFell puts 2 to sleep.  Ice cleaves the leader with efficiency.

The group then chooses to open some large double doors which lead to an elaborately decorated chamber with nothing more than a single statue in it.  At the base of the statue lie a few dead Drugar.  The statue starts speaking to the group and after scanning for the groups alignment, heals the group.  The statue is a combination of spirits from the many Dwarven cleric from the lost city.

The group wanders back to the hall and enter a room across from the double doors.  14 dwarves await to ambush the group.  Kylar scares 8 away almost instantly and begins his singing and storytelling.  DrFell puts one to sleep, Ice kills 3, and Nazgoul takes out 2 more.  The sleeping dwarf is interrogated and tied to a bed.  The group leaves him to die, and ventures down the passage that the 8 dwarves fled.

The group enters a series of dwarf bedrooms looking for the Drugar.  The group doesn't find the Drugar so they head up the main passage leading north.  Ice and Nazgoul are almost crushed by a falling ceiling.  They then proceed to enter an oddly shaped room and investigate.  They find a small panel in the floor, but the group is attacked from behind before they can do anything about the panel.  12 Drugar appear from behind the screens that block two passages north and west.  The group fights the dwarves.  DrFell puts 3 to sleep, Nazgoul kills 6, Ice kills 1, and Reist sneak attacks and kills 1.  Reist tumbles through all the dwarves to get to the cleric.  Reist attempts to  sneak attack but is badly damaged by the Drugar cleric's axe. Slythyme climbs up the passage wall and drops down on the Drugar cleric that casts spells.  Slythyme sneak attacks the cleric, but is scared away by a spell shortly after.  Kylar goes to attack the cleric, but is injured also.  Nazgoul comes to the rescue and takes out the Cleric.  The group also forgets to review what is under the panel after the fight.

The group returns to the magic statue for additional healing.  

The group then ventures west to find a doorway leading south.  Nazgoul and Ice enter the room and both barbarians falls in a pit.  After removing the two from the pit, they venture further down the hall to find four pair of stone statues on sides of large arches.  Behind the arches appear to be a bunch of dwarf tablets and books.  The group notices names on the base of the statue, but can't figure out a pattern.  Eventually Slythyme gets bored and walks through the arches.  The 2 dwarf statues animate and swing at Slythyme.  Slythyme gets clear and returns to sneak attack a statue facing Nazgoul.  Nazgoul hits a statue and so does Ice.  Reist tumbles past the statues turns and sneak attacks and smashes one of the statues.  Nazgoul makes rocks out of the 2nd statue.  The group scans some of the books about the history of this ancient city.  Kylar notices that a name is listed inside the column where the dwarf statues were standing.  The name matches one on the base.

The group ventures further down the hall and sees another room with two statue guards and behind them a great statue in a pool of golden liquid.  Kylar suggests that the group should all go through speaking a name on the statue base to increase the odds of finding the right name.   Riest and Slythyme each tumble through the arch and say a name and Slythyme says the right name.  The rest of the group enters the chamber.  Slythyme wades across to the statue and climbs up to look at two large fire opals that the statue has for eyes.  Reist jumps across the pool and climbs the statue also and pries both fire opals out desecrating the statue.  Reist then feels himself slowly turning to stone from stealing the gems.  

The group heads back to another arch and try to cross.  They fail this time and the statue animates.  Reist sneak attacks the 2nd statue and Kylar slashes and kills the 1st.    The library contains books for warriors.  The barbarians are quite interested.

Now the group begins a quest to cure Reist.  The group goes to the first statue that is pretty irate about the group desecrating the fire opal eyed statue and defeating the library guardians.  Kylar reminds the group that a Drugar has been tied up in a nearby room, and maybe he can lead the party to a cleric.  The group gets the other Drugar, feeds him, and ties him up so he can lead the way to the stairs to the next level.

The group is confronted by many traps which the Drugar conveniently  forgets about.  Reist gradually cuts the Drugar up as he gets aggravated with these mistakes.  Reist is nearly smashed by a floor panel trap that comes up and smashes victims to the ceiling, and kills the dwarf for his underhandedness.  The group enter a door which leads to a landing and they venture up the stairs.

The group comes to a door that they hear Drugar plotting behind getting ready to attack the party.  Reist disguises himself as an injured Drugar and enters the room pleading for help.  Two Drugar come to his aid and assist him down a corridor towards a cleric.  Once in the hall, Reist tumbles past the 2 Drugar and attacks from behind.  Then he tumbles past the other and does the same.  He continues doing this until the 2 Drugar are dead.

The remaining members notice that the room is fortified with many arrows set atop a defensive wall waiting for the group.  Kylar comes up with a plan.  The plan is for him to use his spell Magic Mirror, to then enter the room and start fascinating the Drugar.     Kylar enters the room with 5 mirror images of himself.  He quickly fascinates the whole group of 18 or so Drugar.  Once the Drugar are fascinated, the party is able to quickly slip by and run down the passage that Reist went in to.  Kylar joins the group and Nazgoul jams the door.  The 18 Drugar are very angry after realizing what has happen and so try to cut the party off at another intersection in the hall.  The heroes waits in ambush for the Drugar.

Twenty-seven Drugar head towards the party.  Ice and Nazgoul take out those that enter a small room as Slythyme and Reist attack from the side.  DrFell casts a sphere of fire down the hall and starts toasting most of the Drugar.  Kylar shoots crossbow bolts into the hall of oncoming Drugar.  The Mirror Images also confuse the Drugar as they enter the room and try to attack the images instead of the party members.  After a few minutes, remaining Drugar surrender.

Reist takes this moment to ask the 12 Drugar to see the nearest high cleric. 

Adventure #5

    Nazgoul is played by Darren
    Reist Swiftway is played by Troy
    Kylar is played by Manuel
    Ice is played by Murphy
    DrFell is played NPC played by the Mike
    Slythyme is the NPC played by Darren

After interrogating the 12 Drugar, Ice kills one of the females in a  vile and evil way.  Ice and Nazgoul kill the 9 more out of rage.  Ice takes some healing potions since he was badly damaged.   Two Drugar are kept alive as  trap detectors for walking with the party.

The group follows Ice as he busts down a door and encounters more Drugar.  DrFell puts 4 to sleep and Kylar puts 2 to sleep.  Nazgoul kills 2, Reist tumbles and kills 1.  The heroes quickly kill the remaining Drugar stone workers.  The group investigate a small tunnel to find silos full of raw mined mythrel.   

After some arguing, the group finally decide to stick to the task at hand to cure Reist, but it appears to Kylar that Reist really just wants to do what Ice wishes, and Ice really doesn't care that Reist is slowly turning to stone from the curse.  Nazgoul and Ice have a moment and finally, the group heads to where they believe is a temple.

Slythyme notices 6 doors to the west and 7 to the east, and ventures into the temple to try to see what is in a door to the east.  She immediately falls into a trap in the floor.  The group starts to attempt to rescue her, when Reist tumbles into the room to try to get to a large statue on the far end.  As soon as Reist reaches the middle of the room, all doors fling open and ghouls come charging out.  Ice runs to the middle of the room to assist Reist, but Reist tumbles and jumps up on the 20ft statue.  Ice is immediately surrounded by ghouls.  Eight ghouls attack Ice, but luckily, only one ghoul makes contact.  Ice kills 2 ghouls as Reist sneak attacks one from the rear.  Nazgoul helps by killing 2 additional ghouls.  Kylar retrieves Slythyme from the pit.  DrFell throws his javelin into the fray.  Kylar and Slythyme try to remain near the entrance of the room and shoot crossbow bolts.  Ice kills 2 more ghouls as Nazgoul does the same.    Slythyme backstabs a ghoul to death.  DrFell kills the last with a javelin to the back.  Ice is still furious and thus trashes the dwarven statue. The group finds nothing of value in the temple.

Ice and Kylar argue over which way to go, since Ice says something about going Port and West which appear to be opposite directions since they were heading south.  Kylar can't seem to make that clear to Ice.  After some explaining, the group decides to go East and follow Ice.

Ice is quite angry and uses one of the captured Drugar as a battering ram, "Battering Drugar", to open a stone door.  Behind a beautiful tapestry come two vile disgusting ghasts.  Nazgoul is attacked, but kills one of the ghasts.  The group soon finds that the room is filled with thirteen other ghasts.  Kylar casts a protection from Evil spell on Nazgoul.  DrFell casts his flaming sphere which burns many of the ghasts.  This allows Nazgoul to make quick chops with his axe and defeat 12 ghasts.  Ice and Slythyme each kill one ghast.  Ice weakened the ghasts that Nazgoul killed.  The heroes lock themselves in this chamber and rest for the night to regain their strength.  Ice boldly refuses medical attention from Kylar crying about wanting a cleric.  Finally Ice allows Kylar to assist in his healing process.  Kylar heals those he can.

The party finally backtracks West  and comes to a hall where a large Drugar Cleric comes from an east door.  The cleric says, "I am Zeron" and demands to know who the heroes are.  Ice goes bezerk and grapples with Zeron.  The heroes realize that Zeron is accompanied by seven grimlocks.  As Ice grapples with Zeron, the party takes out the seven grimlock.  

Ice tries to make a deal with Zeron.  An arena match is proposed and after much deliberation, the group decide to accept the challenge.  The group follows Zeron after binding and gagging him to an arena.  In the arena there are four Drugar riding Gricks as their mounts.  Nazgoul hates gricks after a dying during a previous encounter.  Zeron explains that Nazgoul and Ice will fight two of these warriors the next day.

Ice decides not to wait for the arena to be filled with Drugar and runs down to the arena to start attacking the Drugar knights.  Kylar casts a protection from Evil on Nazgoul as he starts running down to fight the Drugar with Ice.  Reist also runs down to help Ice.  Ice is immediately surrounded by the four mounted Drugar.  Kylar starts playing his lute to inspire courage, and casts a Scare spell.  Two Drugar immediately flee the area.  Ice is attacked, but manages to cleave his way through a grick and up to its rider.  The Drugar falls over and is soon killed by DrFell with a fire sphere.  Nazgoul is hurt badly by the other grick and Drugar rider.  Kylar runs out to the arena to heal Nazgoul.  DrFell kills the remaining Drugar that was fighting Ice with a flaming sphere.  Ice fights off the 2nd Drugar and Grick.  Kylar heals Ice and Nazgoul.  Now they must make a run for it.

Adventure #6

The adventure has come to a Hiatus!

Kylar feels the void calling his name as he twists and contorts to no longer be.


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