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  • Title: Gamma Alpha
  • Time Frame:    Post Apocalyptic Future 
  • Genre:    Post Apocalyptic Future 

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  • Progress Level: Post Apocalyptic Stuff - Find Artifacts of the Ancients
  • Life:    Mutantions, Mutagens, BioTechnology, Cybernetics, Androids, Robots, Psionics, FX, Monsters, Cryptic Alliances
  • Setting:Gamma World
    • Years after the world ends in a radioactive wasteland of a planet called Earth..Erth..Urt...Hurt?
  • Plot:    Cleaning out the Crazies
  • Goal:    Defeat a base of Crazies
  • Tone:  Not often mentioned, but the original Gamma World had a wacky and wahoo feel, we will try to preserve this whenever possible. :)
  • Rules:   
    The Gamma World campaign setting uses the d20 Modern™ rules. It’s an excellent fit, given the flexibility of d20M character classes and rules. We established new occupations and classes so that characters can be the next generation of epic heroes: warriors, scholars, explorers, leaders and adventurers of all kinds. It was easy to add new special talents for the setting, along with all kinds of new technology. We also include new rules for dealing with communities, to make leadership more comprehensible and more interesting. And we expanded the Gamma World tradition of rules for investigating unknown technology into a system that covers social phenomena like the behavior and taboos of strangers.
    Requires the use of the d20 Modern Role Playing Game or the Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook v.3.5 published by Wizards of the Coast. The Gamma World campaign setting is an officially licensed Wizards of the Coast property.
  • Characters:
    • Stock Human
    • Pure-Strain Human
    • Mutant
      • Engineered Animals
      • Engineered Humans
      • New-Men
      • True Mutants
    • Synthetic
      • Androids
      • Robots
      • Toys
  • Game Master:
    • Manny
  • Players:
    • Obi a mutant healer
    • Gamble a mutant panda bear
    • Matt a newman criminal?
    • Chris a gardening robot
    • Clinton a pure strain human soldier
    • Ryan a synthetic criminal NPC

Campaign Character Gallery

Bones a mutant human healer played by Obi  
Pandanoia a moreau panda bear gambler played by Gamble  
GRA55 a modified gardening robot played by Chris  
Skid a nanotech wizard played by Matt  
Waban Nascha a mutant Snow Owl  
Styx a blue synthetic criminal android played by Ryan  
Troy a tech PSH played by Curtis  
Kim "Rails" a pure strain human soldier played by Clinton  
Sam a fast newman with light fur  (deceased)
played by Matt

Background:  The group starting off in the city of Oamus.  Styx wants to return to Iabo fountain.

Adventure 1:  Not a Good Start

While in Oamus Bones is stricken dumb by a mutagen he comes into contact with.  Styx tries his best to find a cure, but the city of Oamus lacks proper medical facilities.  Owing his friend a debt, Styx decides to help Bones get to Kegejja to find the mutant filcher called Banc that saved DC Steven from a bad arm.  Styx decides to find a truck and driver to make the trip much shorter.  Styx and Bones need money, so they enter a place where they can possibly get more money, a casino.

In the casino, Styx joins a game with a mutant Panda and Bones joins a game with Sam the furry newman.  Styx and Bones quickly lose a ton of money and Styx decides to ask the Panda to help them purchase a vehicle.  After Styx tells the Panda about a secret cache of weapons and technology near Ouf Manor, Bone's home, he agrees to purchase the truck.  Unfortunately, they need a driver, and Sam overhears and say he can drive for a cut.  Styx isn't worried because he intends on getting out near Iabo fountain. 

Pandanoid wins a medium sized apparently broken gardening robot and they go purchase a new power cell for it.    The gardening robot is pleased to be reactivated.  GRA55 fixes any damage he finds on the truck and it runs almost like new.  The group buys a small truck and Pandanoid and GRA55 hop in the back.

The group picks up a package that needs to be delivered to a town northwest of Oamus and heads out to Kegejia.  Sam decides to take the north road. 

After a long rainy ride, the group rides through a radioactive storm cloud.  This makes Pandanoid smarter as he evolved a 2nd brain in his torso.  Sam isn't too happy after feeling a bit sluggish.

After many hours of driving, the group hits a patch of snowy weather, where the group is confronted by a maniac hover transport that barely misses them in a game of chicken.  Sam decides to stop short of another radiation storm and the hover transport stops about 50 feet behind them.   They are asked to surrender, but the group hops out of the truck just before the hover transport fires as it.  The truck is damaged quite severely.  The group fails to recognize the markings on the hover transport and 6 men hop out to engage the group.  Pandanoid tosses two grenades at the transport.  Two men fall aside after walking through the tear gas.

Styx, Sam and Pandanoid ready to fight.  GRA55 remains in the back of the truck.  Bones hides under the dashboard.

--Sam's View

This all started out in a casino in Oamus. Me and the panda were there, griftin’ through life as usual. He was out gamblin’ makin his cash the legal way. Me, on the other hand… I’m a fleecer. So I was movin round the tables, takin what I could, when suddenly everyone starts leavin. (I had lost most of my money in the games by the way. The Panda’s the gambler.) Soon these two guys, a retard and a blue skin, were talking to the Panda. Somethin bout lots of energy and weapons. This sounded good, but unfortunately we needed a vehicle. So they make a deal, Pandanoia pays for the most, while the retard pays for the rest. We went out in search of a vehicle, but first had to find a battery for this thing the Panda won. Some sorta robot roach. After we got this thing on, we found out that it was semi intelligent. Strange, ain’t it? It kept talkin and junk. Anyways, after we found our vehicle, which we got a good deal on apparently, the roach went over and fixed it up. Made it run like new, it did. Apparently this thing had some use after all.

For whatever reason, we decided to get some cargo to bring with us. A little extra cash couldn’t hurt I suppose. We all piled into the truck after that, and me being the only one able to drive… I drove. We came to the gate, and some guards bothered us. Askin us questions and proddin around our truck. Askin what was in our box, like it was any of their business. And like we even know. Damned merchants wouldn’t tell us, or let us open the thing. Finally we got them to leave us alone, so we left.

In this part of our merry little trip not much happened. Just lots of driving. So I’ll take this time to introduce our group. We’ve got me, Schweigsam, Pandanoia, the Panda obviously, Styx, the blueskin, Bones, the moron, GR something or other, the giant roach. So there we are. A motley assortment of idiots bound for death and destruction.

So later on we come to a storm, inside the mountain pass. It was radioactive. I could tell. So I hit the brakes and everyone starts yellin. Getting all angry. So eventually I just drive through, against my better judgement. And we mutate. We get all freaky and screwed up. I could barely move after that and the Panda got a second brain in his nether regions. Yea, going through the rain was a great idea. So we keep driving along when suddenly it starts getting colder and darker. I turn on all the lights, since having the driver die in the middle of a roadtrip is about as good of an idea as driving through a radioactive rainstorm.

Soon we hear this cricket. And Bones gets all freaked out. Lashing around and yellin. He starts tryin to get out of the car so eventually I stop, let him out, and try to start drivin again. Me and Styx get into a spat about leaving this fool behind, so eventually I look for the cricket. After some failed attempts the Panda grabs it. He then shoves it down his gullet. Couth, ain’t he? So we call Bones back and get movin again.

As we’re goin along this armored thing starts goin towards us, yelling bout us stopping or some crap. So of course I dodge around him, being the great driver I am, and come to a stop some ways down the road. There was another radioactive rain cloud. And theres no chance I’m goin into that again. So this thing comes up behind us, still yellin. So we get out of the car, and start fightin. The Panda chucks some grenades out, and Bones just hides under the dash. Me and Styx start blastin away at em.


Adventure 2:  Snow Storm

Pandanoid and Styx shot up a few of the armored KoGP and Sam blasted away at the 3rd one.  The 4th KoGP seemed to be different and actually tuned on his fellow members.  After short work, the 3 well armored warriors fell and 1 fled to the back of the smoked out hover vehicle.

GRA55 jumped out of the truck and proceeded to mess with the hover vehicle from underneath it.  GRA55 tapped in and electronically told the vehicle to ride away at full speed in reverse.

One KoGP blew the rear tire off the truck before Pandanoid could push it into the hover craft.

The KoGP turned out to be Kim "Rails" a purist who grew weary of the KoGP teachings.  He took this opportunity to turn his weapon on his friends and did so.  He was left stranded as the vehicle launched away at high speed.

The group was left stranded after GRA55 failed to repair the truck, he actually broke it worse when he cut off the rear axle.

The group headed West as designed, but the purist was reluctant after watching Pandanoid eat a fallen comrade's head and he watched Sam slice off another's feet.

After looting the bodies, they group walked for 5 hours before they realized that Pandanoid had forgotten the box in the truck.

They complained but turned back for the truck.  Sam ran back most of the way and saw in the distance 2 people dancing below a radioactive snow cloud.  He took a shot at them and they ran off into the mountains.

Bones also encountered dancing people, ran up to greet them and became irradiated.  He mutated again and became a bit blind.

Styx, GRA55, Pandanoid and Rails also saw a few people dancing and Rails ran towards them.  Luckily no one mutated further.  The people ran away when they spotted Rails distinctive armor.

Sam got to the box first and broke it open.  He found some strange electrical equipment and the box apparently was part of it.  He had no clue about its use so left it alone, disappointed that it was valuable to him.

After the group reached the truck, GRA55 examined the box and told the group it was some sort of portable medical device, but that was all he could figure about it.

The group returned to walking and along the path found a few bags of rusted domars.  Sam was the only one interested and took both bags.

Along the way just hours from Kegejia the group a snow-owl swooped in and screamed at Pandanoid.  Sam opened fire and didn't cease.  The snow owl landed and spoke, but Sam kept firing.  One of Sam's guns jammed and the snow owl attempted to pull the other from him telekinetically.  Sam resisted, but soon shot his own hand with his off gun.  The owl was able to pull Sam's last gun from him and it floated slowly towards the owl in the air.  GRA55 proceeded to take and repair Sam's broken gun, but installed a remotely controlled mechanical kill switch in it before repairing it.  The Owl landed on Pandanoid and proceeded to talk to the group who had all but killed Sam in an effort to stop him from shooting the owl.  Sam was hit multiple times with Bones' energy mace and Rails attempted to hit Sam with a paralysis rod, but could never score a good hit.

After a while, the group decided to keep the owl and let him travel with them.  The owl pointed out some more domars to make Sam happy.  The owl was fast, could talk, and apparently had many mutations.  The owl did call Rails a mutant killer multiple times.  Styx was just happy to get on the way, they had been delayed long enough by having to go on foot.  No one asked the owl's name but he would have told them Waban Nascha.

Adventure 3:  Bones Brain

Besides a few badger moreaus, the group encountered nothing of interest before reaching Kegejia.  In Kegejia, the group spotted a man taking wind and distance measurements covertly by a side building, Pandanoia talked with him briefly but didn't follow up on anything with the guy, who claimed to be working.  

The group then spotted a slave train, where a slave was being beaten, but again ignored the situation and headed to the nearest tavern to find Banc. While in the tavern, Styx asked a kind PSH to help then search for Banc.  Troy decided to help the group find the mutation filcher named Banc.  After meeting an assortment of interesting characters, someone found information that Banc would be near the hospital. 

The group wandered to the hospital, since Styx and Bones had been their about a month earlier, they knew about where it was.  At the hospital, they were told Banc resided in a nearby hotel.  The group tracked Banc down and Banc agreed to take Bones' mental deficiency and Pandanoia's hunch and weapon weariness from them.  The process would take 3 hours for Bones and 5 hours for Pandanoia. 

The night before, GRA55 got a small job to repair some objects at a local gadget shop.  GRA55 also got some needed chip repairs that were bothering him.

While Bones was going through his process with Banc, the rest of the group explored the town.  GRA55 and Troy headed to the gadget shop to find and purchase a broken hover board.  Troy ended up purchasing the board.

During this time, Pandanoia and Sam saw a noble riding through the streets and Sam ran off.  Pandanoia tried to get in a club, but the bouncer didn't want any trouble and suggested that Pandanoia move to another tavern.  Just then, Sam made it to the location where the group spotted the suspicious character checking the air and distance measurements.  Seconds later, he saw the assassin on a 2 story roof,  fire a shot at the noble.  The noble's head exploded.  In a sick way, Sam applauded the assassin, and the assassin turned his weapon on Sam.  Sam was caught by surprise and fell to the ground as a plasma shot rang through his head. 

Pandanoia noticed the noble dead in the street and the fuss and commotion that ensued, but didn't immediately notice his friend Sam on the road down the street.  Moments before Sam died, Pandaoia found Sam.  Sam died in Pandanoia's arms.  Pandanoia brought Sam's body to the morgue in the hospital clinic.

Pandanoia was distraught and returned to the hotel to tell Styx that Sam was dead.  Styx, Rails figured it was perhaps Sam who shot the noble and perhaps a body guard of the noble shot Sam.  Pandanoia refused to believe it.

Later after Pandanoia's visit with Banc, the group was healed up and ready to go to continue their adventure.

Adventure 4:  The new Wizard on the Block

The group sat at breakfast when a self proclaimed mage appeared before them.  He offered them wealth and treasure if they would eliminate a new wizard in town.  The new wizard turned out to be Skid.  The group asks for some simple and some complex items and the mage is easily able to provide some of the items they request.  GRA55 starts hovering with the aid of some nano-bots (no one notices)  and Rails' armor changes to a black powered armor instead of the obvious mutant killer version he is wearing. 

The group visits the tavern where this new mage supposedly is staying and notice him performing parlor tricks to impress the ladies.  The group doesn't outright attack him, and moments later a mutant dinosaur runs amuck in the town.  The group is side tracked into defeating the monster.  Pandanoia is severely wounded, but Bones saves him too with a transfusion.  Styx gets bit at but the monster fails to hit him.  Rails and Troy stand back firing at the beast from a distance.  GRA55 pretty much stays away from things.  Skid who has now decided to help the group fires a plasma burst from his nano-bot supply and hurts the beast.  After a hail of bullets, lasers and grenades, Bones kills the beast by hitting him with a neurotoxin grenade followed by a fragmentation grenade. 

The group returns to the hotel with Skid in tow pretending to be dead.  The mage appears, gives Pandanoia a pair of mono-blade gloves fit for a bear and he gives Bones a neat Laser Rifle.  He then asks for the new wizards body, but the group protests, the mage tries to escape with the body, but Skid wakes up and Pandanoid fire at him.  The mage goes down quite quickly even with nano-shields.  Bones scores a critical hit killing the nano-mage.  Skid thanks the group and takes collateral nanites from the now dead mage.

Adventure 5:  Styx Identified

After the group cleaned up the mess with the nano-tech wizard, they were heading back to their hotel. The town guard noticed the blue mutant and recalled that he was wanted for crimes against the community.

Styx wasn't about to surrender and the 4 mutants seemed hostile. So, after many shots and flaming breath from the mutants, the mutant town watch ran away after one of their comrades fell. The group worked together, but Rails died from multiple bursts of flame spit from the mouths of two new men mutants.

Styx was knocked unconscious and when Troy went to give him first aid, he realized that Styx was a synthetic afterall. GRA55 proceeded to repair him on the spot, but they soon took Styx and Rails to the hotel to work.

GRA55 repaired Styx with parts from Rails armor and Skid's truck. GRA55 also fashioned piecemeal armor for Pandanoia and Bones from armor and metal found.

The group realized that they should leave Kegejia soon.  That evening Waban returns.

Adventure 6:  Fipon Manor

The group decided to leave Kegejia since Styx and now the rest of them were probably wanted men.    The group commissioned some work and bought a moving truck to haul some crates of domars to a place just beyond Fipon Manor.

The group had an uneventful journey besides driving through a mutagen on a bridge.  They dropped Styx off just north of Iabo Fountain.  A few hours later they made it to Fipon Manor.

At Fipon manor, Pandanoid delivered his medical equipment crate.  The guy was happy and told GRA55 that it actually reversed mutations. GRA55 and Troy figured it out and used it on Troy and Skid since they were recently exposed to mutagens.

The group was happy to see Skid and Troy better, and Pandanoid hopped in the next day as well.  Pandanoid was not happy when he was finished, cause he no longer had his dual brain and he still had 1 defective mutation.

The group then proceeded to drop off the domars to a place west of Fipon Manor.  GRA55 and Troy stayed behind.

Bones, Skid, and Pandanoid dropped the domars off, waited outside until night fall, then proceeded to break into Erlind's place.  Erlind's place appeared empty, but Bones soon spotted a hidden hatch leading down into a cellar.  Pandanoid busted the hatch.

Adventure 7:  Erlind's Friends

Meanwhile, back in Fipon Manor GRA55 started building himself a robot unit to call his own.  He had all the parts he needed, now he just had to assemble his new friend.  GRA55 worked feverishly through the night.

The 3 intruders searched the basement and Pandanoid found some loose rubble near a back wall.  After a few larger stones were removed, the group passed easily to a large passage way where they found a few rooms.  One room was down some stairs into what appeared to have acid about waste deep.  The contents of the room appeared to be large refrigeration units of some kind.  Another room led to a pool of acid with small streams that ran through the nearby walls.  Pandanoid dropped a few domars in the acid to confirm his guess.  The group then found a stairway leading up from a side hallway.  The stairway led to another house but this house was occupied.  Four purists opened fire on the peaking Pandanoid.  He quickly closed the hatch.

The men screamed for backup and soon a man descended the ladder from Erlind's house.  Skid had placed some detcord around the ladder and blew the guy apart.  The guy survived, but soon the group shot him to death.  Another man was still up in Erlind's house.

Further investigation of the underground complex woke a chemical golem in the acidic room.  Pandanoid fired repeatedly at the chemical golem, but it still proceeded forward.  Bones and Skid fled for the stairs and broke through.  Bones flew up into the house invisibly, but was still met with a hail of bullets.  Skid followed in shortly after and was shot at as well.  Pandanoid fled to the room and started slashing humans with his mono-bladed claws.  The purists fled the building as quickly as they could.  Pandanoid and Bones chased after them and took most of them out. 

One escaped Pandanoid's grasps and fled towards their moving truck, where his friend was waiting in heavy armor.  Two more men appeared and opened fire.  Skid hit the dirt and Bones remained invisible.  Bones attempted to hit the driver but failed.  Pandanoid and Skid fired at the driver as their ride back to Fipon Manor disappeared down the road.

Adventure 8:  Return to Fipon

As the guys walked around the neighborhood, Bones spotted a car down the road a ways.  Pandanoid knocked on the door to the house to find an old man.  Skid and Bones checked out the car.  Pandanoid asked to buy or borrow the car from an old man, but the man said he could drive the 3 to Fipon in the morning.  Pandanoid went to take a nap, but was soon awakened by Skid who told Pandanoid he found a car.  It was the old man's car he just hot-wired it.

So Pandanoid hopped in the trunk, Bones put on his Rad suit and Skid drove them through the night back to Fipon Manor.  A pretty uneventful night driving led them to Fipon Manor where they got a hotel room.  Skid protected the stolen car with some det. cord.  The group found GRA55 and decided to leave Fipon.  The next morning Skid decided to untangle his det. cord, but he triggered his own explosives that he had armed so well.  Most of the car was vaporized and Skid barely escaped with his life.

So, the characters find themselves waiting around in Fipon Manor... while GRA55 works in the appliance shop.

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The main source book we will use will be found at.... Secondary source materials will be tossed in for flavor.