This campaign was set on a world with no external influences, no androids, no robots, no aliens.   The Pure Strain Human world had no need of Star Travel, mobile computers .

The characters were a band of bounty hunters who worked with both law enforcement and organized crime.  

Beth, played by Bill

? played by Miguel

? played by Johnny

? played by Paula

? played by Andy

? played by Nicole

Eventually, the favorite target of the group were cyborgs.  This lead the group to uncover a master plan of an AI to become mobile by graying the line between cyborg and android entity.

Remember when...

Beth borrowed a van full of plastic explosives from the bomb squad of the police department, only to drive through the main entrance of the same police department the next day to kill a few hundred police with their own explosives.

Miguel's character attempted to throw grenades off of a roof top and he dropped one and chose to leap off the roof and press his teleporting talisman before hitting the ground.








Johnny and Paula's characters stealing a car and wrecking it while trying to get away from the gangsters who they were stealing it from.













Nicole's character entering a gangster head quarters using Stealth and a Stealth cloak to get the lay out of the place. Only to be discovered by a waking gangster and vaporizing him with her Mass pistol.

Bill's character trying to toss a grenade through an open door, only to hit the door jam as the group watched the grenade bounce back towards them.

If you can remember any other events, like the Cyborg bar scenes and the Gangsters at the Spaghetti Barn, please write a bit about it so that we may post it on this website.

Andy's character recalls:   We were bounty hunters working for ourselves. We decided to work for a big boss and help wipe out cops.  The big boss had a computer that tracked where each police officer was. We were able to kill cops and return to the big boss for cash.  Eventually we decided to work for the cops in tracking down whoever was killing the cops. We talked the cops into giving us a van full of dynamite to drive into the big boss's office and take him out.   Bill, however, ran the van into the police station and blew up the van and a majority of the police station. Bill teleported out prior to explosion.  We also tried to kill the big boss at his house, but winded up killing his body-double, while the big boss escaped.


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