• Nightfang Spire
  • Time Frame:    Unknown Time
  • Genre:    Fantasy (d20)
  • Progress Level: D&D = Dungeons and Dragons 
  • Life:    Vampires and more undead
  • Setting:    unknown fantasy world 
  • Plot:    An adventure company on a mission for a lord Gelbin 
  • Goals:    
    • Search for the vampire Gulthias
    • Who knows what else???? 
  • Characters:    3 Magic Users, 1 Rogue, 2 Clerics, 1 Ranger, and 2 Fighters


    Character Players

    Ulfgar the bowmen played by Jean Claude Meldor of Kuhl is a half-elf Sorcerer/Wizard  played by Mike
    Magnarus a human Cleric played by Mark Gelb Flinderhop a human Wizard played by Ryan
    Horken - Meldor's NPC cohort Nick a human wizard played by Keith


    Char (Shar) a female human Sorceress/Alienist played by Mandy.
    Saranus a gnome Bard played by Manny.
    Lysander of Blackmoor is a human Fighter played by any new players.

    Presently not with the group.

    Holg (Deceased)  a half-Orc Ranger played by Andrew
    Lydia is a beautiful human Cleric played by Mandy (Deceased)  Ashrem (Deceased)  is a human Rogue played by Manny 

Now available in Audio form

Hero Backgrounds

Name: Lysander

Lysander comes from a great family. His father, Alexandre, was a great and respected military leader. As a child, Lysander started learning the ways of the sword. Then ill fortune fell upon the family. Alexandre was defeated by the three headed monster, Ovakiel, who then destroyed their city, Mornec. Alexandre was not killed, though. Lysander's family has a wrongly deserved reputation in his home town, as they blame them for the destruction of their city. Ever since Alexandre was defeated, the name of Aristides has been a word of scorn. Alexandre later died of shame. Lysander, his young brother Leander and his mother, Dijana, left Mornec as refuges and went to Blackmoor. Lysander took up a life on the streets, and was forced into the militia after being arrested one too many times. After he was released, he vowed to make a name for himself as an adventurer. He set off on the road, not knowing where it was going to take him.

Home Community
Lysander grew up in a large town which served as regional and provincial centers its size ranges from 2,001 to 5,000 inhabitants.

Lysander feels at home in mostly flat and often cultivated by nearby settlements. Lysander grew up with cold winters, but warm summers.

Lysander learned basic wilderness survival skills. Lysander has military training, from which commoners typically become infantry or archers, and those with higher social status become staff officers or squires. Lysander spent time on the street which taught him minor thievery and con games.

Sometimes Lysander's family had to beg for food and shelter. They own no property and income barely covers basic needs. The male members control Lysander's family. Lysander's family trains actively in matters martial and is prepared for combat with a few days of last-minute preparation. Lysander's family has neutral ethics or no consistent family ethical direction. Whether Lysander's family is unfairly painted as cheats or has a better reputation than they deserve, it's clear the community has the wrong idea. Lysander's family has no specific political stance. Lysander's family has no commitment or an inconsistent family religious direction. In
general, Lysander's family is upstanding, but one or more members of family are known to be disreputable. Lysander's family are like most laborers and servants. Lysander's father, Alexandre, was a great military leader who was eventually defeated.

Lysander's father eventually died of shame after his defeat.  Lysander aided in the defense of the community against raiders or a marauding monster. As a result of some calamity, Lysander was forced to become a displaced person.

Lysander has 1 younger brother, Leander. Lysander remembers his grandparents, but they have passed away. Lysander has 2 living relatives. Lysander is a loner by choice or circumstance. Lysander's Father instructed him in basic skills. Lysander's family has earned the enmity of the whole of his home town where his family name is anathema.

Name: Ashrem

Home Community
Ashrem grew up in a large city which had more than 25,000 residents.

Whether it’s a tangled jungle or sparser pines, trees are the dominant feature of the landscape, that makes Ashrem feel at home. Ashrem grew up with cold winters, but warm summers.

Ashrem was curious about government and how officials wielded power. In his youth Ashrem was exposed to an unusual skill ... the secret art of assassination. Ashrem spent time on the street which taught him minor thievery and con games.  He desired to become an assassin.

Ashrem lost both parents and other significant family members to an assassin. Ashrem broke the law and got caught and suffered many years of punishment, from this Ashrem learned how to dodge the consequences and survive. As a result of his ways, Ashrem was forced to become a displaced person.

For some reason, Ashrem's family’s economic status was difficult to measure. Perhaps Ashrem lived a solitary life on the streets with frequent retreats to the surrounding wood. Ashrem's was family is lead by an outsider; to whom the family has sworn support. Ashrem's family has no ability to defend themselves considering they are all dead. Ashrem's family took actions detrimental to the community. Regardless of Ashrem's family’s actual ethics, public opinion is so ingrained about his family that it’s essentially unchangeable. Public opinion is accurate, his family deserved its fate.  Ashrem's family hid this commitment from the public. Ashrem's family has no specific political stance.. Ashrem's family has inconsistent family religious direction. Ashrem's family is treated in general with contempt, but occasionally a family member has demonstrated positive qualities and earned respect. Members of Ashrem's family may be guilty of crimes, or wrongly convicted of them. Either way, other members of the community treat Ashrem poorly as a result. Ashrem's family’s ancestors of note are unknown or forgotten. Information about them could be revealed in a future adventure, however.

Ashrem's parents are deceased. Ashrem may learn more about them in a future adventure, of course. Ashrem is an only child Ashrem does not remember his grandparents, since they were executed as well. Ashrem does not believe that he has other relatives out there. Ashrem is a loner by circumstance. Ashrem has angered or otherwise alienated an instructor of note. A person of an opposed alignment has a philosophical beef with Ashrem, Meldor of Kuhl, although Ashrem has never harmed the sorcerer.  Ashrem's believes his ways of dealing with enemies unsettles Meldor.   Ashrem has often stolen things for Meldor that Meldor could not get the courage to acquire for himself.  Ashrem has entrusted Lysander with knowledge of a secret ritual and he feels close to Lysander because Lysander and he were both inflicted with Lycanthropy of the were-rat kind..

Meldor doesn't trust Ashrem, but it is only based on sneaking suspicions that Ashrem killed Horken's grandmother.  Horken is totally oblivious to this fact and only Lysander knows the truth.

Ashrem has a strange affinity for collecting body parts of those enemies he has found formidable.  He has a collection of mounted pieces in his room.  Visit Ashrem' Room  No one has yet to ask Ashrem why he decapitates his enemies, but it is believed that he is searching for the beasts who murdered his family. Ashrem has collected many heads of defeated foes.  

Ashrem also likes to collect exotic poisons, this only enhances his abilities as an assassin.

Ashrem has an affinity for platinum, and eagerly gives away all gold and silver, especially silver, he finds.  Ashrem was never one amass wealth since he figured he can always gather, in the loosest sense, what he needs.

Name: Lydia

Pseudo Background

Home Community
Up to 500 halflings live in these semi permanent villages called Shire is where Lydia grew up.

Whether it’s a tangled jungle or sparser pines, trees are the dominant feature of the landscape, that makes Lydia feel at home. Lydia grew up with cold winters, but warm summers.

Lydia learned basic wilderness survival skills. Lydia has advanced studies in a formal church setting. Includes training as an acolyte or special functionary for religious practice. Lydia learned to illustrate, sculpt, dance, or create art in other ways.

War or some other disaster ruined Lydia's community. Lydia broke the law and got caught and suffered some form of punishment, or Lydia learned how to dodge the consequences and survive.

Lydia was raised as part of a religious order. While Lydia's “family” didn’t have much direct income, it had access to resources through its church. The members with the most talent (usually ability in the family business) control Lydia's family. Lydia's family maintains a low level of readiness including a few weapons and an occasional discussion of how to defend against raiders or low-level monsters. Lydia's family holds to the letter of contracts and agreements. Lydia's family is a part of the system but is open to suggestions for change. As above, but Lydia's family hides this commitment from the public. Members of Lydia's family may be guilty of crimes, or wrongly convicted of them. Either way, other members of the community treat Lydia poorly as a result. Lydia's family produced a cleric of some repute.

One of Lydia's parents has a long term illness or infirmity. Lydia has 1d4 older siblings. Lydia's father’s parents are deceased. Lydia's significant friend is dead or missing. The person who taught Lydia the most isn’t actually in Lydia's area of expertise. A fellow apprentice or student of the arcane arts develops an intense dislike for Lydia. Perhaps you were the instructor’s favorite….

Meldor of Kuhl's Background

 Meldor grew up in a quiet, farming hamlet of humans in a relatively civilized, peaceful region of the Great Plains called Kuhl, not too far from Greyhawk.  His family, all humans, had been farmers for generations.  From watching his father and older brothers manage the farm, and his mother and older sisters manage the house, Meldor learned the importance of careful planning, hard work, and simple determination in the face of adversity.

 Unfortunately for Meldor, he was a very weak child, and not physically capable of most farming tasks.  He could no more guide a plough or fell a tree than fly to the moon.  On the other hand, he had striking good looks and remarkable talent for talking his way out of trouble or getting what he wanted.  So, with some misgivings, his parents apprenticed him to Gehru, the local village bard.  Under Gehru's tutelage, Meldor learned more about the world outside his village, honed his speaking and acting skills, and even developed a mild flair for the dramatic, but he never could sing or play an instrument any better than average.

 It was just beginning to appear that Meldor was not much good for anything, other than perhaps village jester, when his parents finally confirmed to him what he had been beginning to suspect for some time – he was not really their son.  They had found him as a baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes, on their doorstep one morning, with only a simple note accompanying him: "May the Creator protect this child."

 Plunged into an identity crisis, Meldor hid in some nearby woods to sort things out, and there had an epiphany: the note did not refer to Pelor, as his human parents had assumed, but to Corellon Larethian, and Meldor's unusual looks were actually the result of having a measure of elven blood in his veins.  But he was even more surprised when the intensity of his emotions over these sudden discoveries, catalyzed by a chance accident, triggered his most astounding discovery – he could perform magic!

 Deciding he should no longer stay in Kuhl, Meldor bade his family and Gehru goodbye and headed for Greyhawk, with no particular goals other than to develop his new-found magic talents and make a name for himself.  Fortunately for Meldor, he soon met up with Lord Gelban, who saw to it that Meldor began to be trained properly as a sorcerer.

 Home Community:  Actually a half-elf but thought to be human, Meldor grew up in a quiet, farming hamlet of humans in a relatively civilized, peaceful region of the Great Plains called Kuhl, not too far from Greyhawk.

 Climate:  The Great Plains have mild weather and a temperate climate.

 Education:  As a child, Meldor learned about farming and household economics.  During times when he was too weak to help with the heavy manual labor, his mother taught him to read and write.  Later he was apprenticed to Gehru, the local village bard, from whom he learned public speaking, basic acting, a little about the world, and very little music.  After Lord Gelban took Meldor under his wing, Meldor began to learn some basic spellcasting.  Nevertheless, at the start of his adventuring career, Meldor knew very little about magic and almost nothing about the various monsters that inhabit the world.

 Events:  Meldor's early childhood was entirely noneventful, unless you count watching fireworks at the annual Kuhl Fair.  As a youth, Meldor struggled to fit in with the guys, without much success, although the girls usually seemed to like him.  The pivotal event in his life, of course, was his sudden, triple discovery that his parents were not really his parents, that he is part-elven, and that he has innate magic powers.

 Family:  Meldor's parents own a small house and farm.  Through careful planning, hard work, and determination, they grow enough food and produce enough simple craftworks on the farm to support themselves.  His family has farmed in Kuhl for generations, and are considered solid, dependable, if unexciting, folk.  They have no military or combat training, but most of the men and some of the women can wield a mean pitchfork in a pinch.  His family members are generally fair, good, and trustworthy, although there are exceptions now and then, and the family reputation in Kuhl reflects this track record.  His family has worshipped Pelor for as long as any of them can remember, and is apolitical.  His family is something of a "meritocracy" – respect goes to those who get the job done most efficiently and well.  His family's ancestors have been largely forgotten.

 Relationships:  Meldor's parents are both alive and healthy, tending their farm in Kuhl.  Meldor does not know who his biological parents are or anything about them, other than that one or both of them has some elven blood, and they apparently were faithful to Corellon Larethian.  Meldor has three older brothers and two older sisters; he does not know whether he has any biological siblings.  Meldor's grandparents have all died, but he has a fair number of cousins and other kin in the Kuhl area.  Due to his charm and generally good nature, Meldor has always made friends easily, but has usually not been particularly close to any of them.  His closest friends are generally the members of the party with whom he has traveled the longest, the obvious exception being Ashrem, whom Meldor finds disturbing.  Meldor does not know of any living enemies.  Meldor was instructed by Gehru, the local village bard, and later by agents of Lord Gelban.

 Miscellaneous:  Meldor started his adventuring career with a "chaotic good" alignment and a desire to worship Corellon Larethian, largely due to his reaction to his discovery of his elven blood and magic powers.  Over time, however, he has switched to "lawful good" and reverted back frequently to honoring Pelor, influenced both by his upbringing and by his association with Lydia and Magnarus.  He has also been troubled by his own drift away from goodness toward neutrality, seemingly under the pressure of the moral dilemmas so often posed by the exigencies of adventuring.

 Meldor has a definite penchant for planning and analysis, traits that were highly respected and encouraged by his family, and brings these talents to bear in his use of magic.  Thus Meldor carries a wide-assortment of scrolls for every occasion, almost always maintains his concentration, and takes true pleasure in casting a well-placed, carefully-sculpted, four-cube fireball.  He tries hard to use the right spell at the right time, and one of his favorite sayings is the single word, "Control."  He often uses the wrong spell, however, because his knowledge of monsters is based almost solely on his own experience.

 Due to his good looks, preference for finesse rather than sheer power, and perhaps some lingering influence of Gehru, Meldor enjoys using his diplomatic skills, specializes in enchantment spells, and has even developed his own style of casting magic missiles with unnecessary flair and uttering suggestion spells in rhyming couplets.  Meldor looks on Gelb's larger-than-life, dramatic antics with a mixture of admiration, amusement, and friendly rivalry.

 Meldor's leadership abilities have developed with the experience he has gained through successful adventuring, and he currently has four followers – one adept and three experts.  Meldor sorely misses his cohort, Horken, not only because of their mutual friendship but also because of Horken's extraordinary defensive capabilities in combat.  Meldor has never adopted a familiar.

Name: Ulfgar

Ulfgar comes from a long line of adventurers. He was trained as a fighter from when he was young. As he got older, though, his family shifted into politics. Not interested in politics, Ulfgar decided to become an adventurer. A good basic fighter, Ulfgar got involved in a quest to raid the lair of the local monster, Karthadoc. In the course of his first adventure, Ulfgar's party is all killed off except for him and his friend, Marthek, whom Ulfgar saved from terrible peril. But, Ulfgar stole Karthadoc's Flaming Mighty Longbow and blinded Karthadoc's left eye with it. Karthadoc vowed revenge, but couldn't catch Ulfgar. Ulfgar's family urged him to leave the city, and he did so, happy to go on new adventures. On his travels, he learned as much as he could about archery using his new Flaming Bow. After another adventure, he came across a small monastery. This was no ordinary monastery, though, for it was not filled with monks. Instead it was filled with masters of the "Order of the Bow". Here he started training and became an Order of the Bow Initiate. Filled with his new skills and knowledge, he set off adventuring again, and ended up in Brindinford...

Home Community
Ulfgar lived in a city of up to 12,000 residents, small cities are big enough to be the capitals of smaller nations.

Ulfgar feels at home in high altitude and rugged lands where vegetation is sparse above the tree line, but forests and meadows predominate lower down. Ulfgar welcomes the cold all year long, although where he comes from seasons are still discernible. The length of day and night changes greatly from season to season. 

Ulfgar learned basic wilderness survival skills. Ulfgar has military training, from which commoners typically become infantry or archers, and those with higher social status become staff officers or squires. Ulfgar learned basic local or national history.

Ulfgar contracted a lingering sickness or developed a congenital defect. Ulfgar participated in a minor adventure such as building a homestead or working on a caravan on a new route. A significant monster, Karthadoc, threatens Ulfgar's home community and is eventually either destroyed or driven off. 

Ulfgar's family owns a moderate dwelling. The family's income slightly exceeds its needs. The male members control Ulfgar's family. Combat is a regular part of the lives of Ulfgar's family.  Most adult members are veterans of some combat, and martial weapons and training are commonplace. Ulfgar's family has neutral ethics or no consistent family ethical direction. Ulfgar's family's ethical reputation matches their private ethics. Ulfgar's family is now a part of the political system and supports it. Ulfgar's family is also a member of a religious order. Ulfgar's family is known as stalwart companions. Ulfgar's family is closely tied to a group that's generally well regarded by the community, like a local church or helpful monastery. Ulfgar's Father holds a high position in the
current political system.

Both of Ulfgar's parents are alive and healthy. Ulfgar has 2 younger siblings. Both of his grandfathers are living. Ulfgar has 10 living relatives. Ulfgar doesn't make friends easily, but Ulfgar is a good friend to those he has. Ulfgar has a few close friends. A top-notch instructor taught Ulfgar more advanced military, religious, or arcane techniques. One local monster, Karthadoc, has chosen to direct his hatred toward Ulfgar, because of some minor adventure Ulfgar completed.

Name: Horken
Born in the Dwarven province of Mrid, Horken proved to be an exceptional youth. Enlisting in the Guard at Mrid's Gate, Horken soon became well known for countless heroics performed during a period of intense activity from the Karak Guun.
During this time, Horken met Caithana, a barmaid at a tavern he frequented. One year later they were married, and at Caithana's request, Horken retired from the Mrid's Gate Guard early, as a Captain.
Horken and Caithana lived happily for three years until a particularly fearsome attack by the Karak Guun managed to breach the Gate (a feat the Karak Guun have managed only a handful of times in all of recorded history)
Horken's house was burned to the ground in the fighting, and while Horken survived, Caithana perished. Horken slew the orcs responsible for her death, but in his despair found little left to keep him in Mrid. Distraught at his beloved wife's death, Horken left Mrid, declaring himself an outcast, unable to ever return except with the express permission of the King.
Horken traveled for some time, before eventually settling down again in Brindinford with his aunt Shoomma, likewise a Dwarven outcast. Shoomma was also, however, a master smith, renowned throughout the Great Plains. Horken buried his sorrow at his wife's death by learning the art of the forge, proving himself an apt pupil under Shoomma's teaching.
When Shoomma died under mysterious circumstances during an attempted coup within the city, Horken again found himself alone in the world. Vowing to avenge his aunt, Horken decided to join the adventuring party which had prevented the attempted coup and driven out the fiends behind it.
Name: Gelb Flinderhop

Gelb Flinderhop was born the only son of a merchant. Mr. Flinderhop had high hopes for his son. The family wasn't wealthy by any standard, but they had more coin than some noble houses, and Mr. Flinderhop wanted his son to rise high. The military, civil service, it didn't matter
much to Mr. Flinderhop. His wish was that his son would somehow, through word or deeds, get a foot in the door of land and title. Mr. Flinderhop, sadly, would probably never get his wish.
When Gelb was about 13, he accidentally set the house on fire. The details aren't important, but suffice it to say that, as a result of the incident, Gelb was discovered to have some latent talent for magic. Mr. Flinderhop was overjoyed by the news, and arranged for Gelb to attend an
exclusive wizard's academy.

Sadly, Gelb did not flourish in the structured environment of the academy. Indeed, he earned a reputation for laziness, and had a penchant for practical jokes. Gelb was more concerned with entertaining his classmates than practicing his spells. He managed to learn the basics in his one and a half years at the academy, but, much to his father's dismay, he did not distinguish himself for anything other than tomfoolery. When he and his best friend, Jert Angelhort, somehow
managed to inadvertently summon a dire rat into the headmaster's study (they were trying to steal a flask of the headmaster's brandy; it's a long story) Gelb decided it was best that he head out on his own. Gelb left the academy. He got a job working in a tavern, and continued to learn bits and pieces of magic lore from passing wizards. Indeed, it's surprising how much you can learn from drunken mage, and Gelb learned quite a lot. It was also during this time that Gelb
learned to sing and play the lute, and to tell tall tales, and party with the best of them. He would put on shows combining magic tricks with music. He got many compliments on his magic, but much fewer on his singing...

Eventually, Gelb honed his wizardly skills enough that he was able to take odd jobs here and there. He became an "adventurer" of sorts. Gelb, as he'll eagerly tell you, has seen many things and done many quests. Half of his boasts and stories might even be true. And this leads us to the present:

Gelb Flinderhop. A true renaissance man. A singer, a poet, and a wizard. (and a carouser, and a dandy, and occasional exaggerator).

Name: Magnarus

Pseudo Background

Home Community
Magnarus lived in the smallest community that supports a number of craftspeople. The population ranges from 401 to 900.

Magnarus' home included swamps, moors, and other low, wet areas. Magnarus grew up with cold winters, but warm summers.

Magnarus learned basic wilderness survival skills. Magnarus learned an unusual trade such as bookkeeping or the law. Magnarus studied comparative cultures of other races, or other nationalities.

Magnarus was born under a strange moon, a comet in the sky, or some other phenomenon. Magnarus participated in a minor adventure such as building a homestead or working on a caravan on a new route. Magnarus' home community has a crisis which could included structural problems like earthquake, climate shifts, famine, or repeated waves of plague.

Magnarus was raised as part of a arcane order. While Magnarus' “family” didn’t have much direct income, it had access to resources through the magic of wizards and sorcerers likely provides the resources. One branch of Magnarus' family follows one leadership structure, and one or more others follow a different structure. Most of Magnarus' family members are versed in basics of using clubs, spears and knives in self-defense and defense of the family home. Magnarus' family is known for involvement in the community and acting to help others. Magnarus' family is a part of the system but is open to suggestions for change. Magnarus' family has a historical conflict with followers of a particular deity (player decides which) assumed to be disreputable. Individuals are treated without regard to Magnarus' family name. Magnarus' family is closely tied to a group that’s generally well regarded by the community, like a local church or helpful monastery. Magnarus' family’s ancestors of note are unknown or forgotten. Information about them could be revealed in a future adventure, however.

Both of Magnarus' parents are deceased, and the player chooses how the parents passed away. Magnarus has 3 older siblings and 1 younger siblings. Magnarus remember his grandparents, but they have passed away. Magnarus has 7 living relatives. Magnarus' significant friend is dead or missing. A favorite instructor of note has requested an oath or service from Magnarus (describe the oath or service). Magnarus has no known enemies, yet.

Name: Holg

Pseudo Background

Home Community
Holg comes from a town large enough to appear on most maps which has a population somewhere near 2,000.

Holg grew up in a subterranean community far beneath the surface world.

Holg learned how to read and write. Holg has apprenticed with a political or bureaucratic functionary. Holg read poetry and prose extensively, and Holg has some skill in composition.

Holg saw a horrible crime or violent event. Holg served his faith in a minor capacity perhaps including a minor vow or oath. An armed conflict engulfs Holg's community. This can be a traditional war, a revolution, or an invasion by a monstrous host.

Sometimes Holg's family had to beg for food and shelter. They own no property and income barely covers basic needs. Holg's family is lead by an outsider; liege lord or other person to whom the family has sworn support. Most of Holg's family members are versed in basics of using clubs, spears and knives in self-defense and defense of the family home. Holg's family has neutral ethics or no consistent family ethical direction. Family policy has changed for better or worse, but Holg's family’s reputation has not yet been affected. Interesting question: How did the policy change, and why? Holg's family supports the current political structure and rulers. Holg's family is deeply committed to a patron deity (you choose which one). Holg's family is known to produce upstanding individuals but has an occasional bad apple. Holg's family are like most laborers and servants.

Holg's parents are lost or unknown. Holg may learn more about them in a future adventure, of course. Holg has 1d4 older siblings. Holg's father’s parents are deceased. Holg has no living relatives beyond the ones already mentioned. A favorite instructor of note has requested an oath or service from Holg (describe the oath or service). A fellow apprentice or student of the arcane arts develops an intense dislike for Holg. Perhaps he was the instructor’s favorite….

Name: Nick Delozier 

Pseudo Background

Home Community
Nick Delozier's grew up in an encampment. Most elven camps are at least semi-nomadic and support between 10 and 50 elves.

Highlands, cliff dwellings, and any other rugged terrain makes Nick Delozier feel at home. Nick Delozier grew up with cold winters, but warm summers.

Nick Delozier was curious about money or government. Nick Delozier helped plant, weed, and harvest a crop. Nick Delozier studied political philosophy.

Nick Delozier saw a horrible crime or violent event. A significant monster or villain threatens Nick Delozier's home community and is eventually either destroyed or driven off.

After fleeing some calamity or war, Nick Delozier's family owns nothing and has no regular income. The members with the most talent (usually ability in the family business) control Nick Delozier's family. Nick Delozier's family relies on outside protection such as guards or mercenaries. Nick Delozier's family holds to the letter of contracts and agreements. Whether Nick Delozier's family is unfairly painted as cheats or has a better reputation than they deserve, it’s clear the community has the wrong idea. Nick Delozier's family supports the current political structure and rulers. As above, but Nick Delozier's family hides this commitment from the public. Individuals are treated without regard to Nick Delozier's family name. Nick Delozier and family are settlers or refugees in the community.

Nick Delozier's parents are lost or unknown. Nick Delozier may learn more about them in a future adventure, of course. Nick Delozier is an only child Player choose which of Nick Delozier's one grandparent is living. Nick Delozier has other relatives out there somewhere, but doesn’t know who or how many. Nick Delozier has several friends who are companions or associates but who aren’t intimately close. Nick Delozier wronged someone (either actually or only in that person’s imagination) in a social or business context.


Name: Saranus

A peace loving gnome who does nothing but sings.

Name: Char

The daughter of Rilatin the Infernalist and one of his human-concubines, Char was singled out at an early age for the exceptional inborn magical abilities that she possessed.

Taken into Rilatin's tutorage, Char rapidly began to master the magical arts, especially that of the school of Evocation, which her master favored. Her childhood years were spent in continuous study under Rilatin. In his keep she remained, never being permitted to leave.

Char's potential, however, was more than even Rilatin had dreamed. Enticed by her beauty and budding power he soon sought to claim her as his consort.

It was not long, however, before being consort to her father and mentor began to have a detrimental effect on Chars psyche. She began to spend long hours in the keeps extensive libraries, studying ancient volumes which even Rilatin feared to read. Unknowingly surpassing Rilatin in knowledge and power, Char soon became obsessed with one particular tome that contained formulae suggesting the existence of creatures beyond the boundaries of the multi-verse itself. As her studies intensified her power began to grow exponentially, and with each bit of knowledge gained another bit of her sanity was lost.

A few years into their curious relationship Rilatin began to grow intensely jealous and fearful of his young lovers ever growing power. Unwilling to allow himself to be surpassed as the penultimate Sorcerer in Theralu' acli, he decided to eliminate his lover and daughter while he could still overpower her. Knowing she would like be warded against magical assault, Rilatin chose instead to utilize the deadly Cunoxiuos Poison, distilled from the spores of Vapon mushrooms.

Cunoxious Poison is exceptionally rare, its actual existance in fact doubted by some. In small doses Cunoxious simply produces hallucinations of a maddening and terrifying nature for a short period of time. But a large enough dose can easily drive an imbiber into a catatonic state, tormented by horrifying visions for the rest of their days.

Placing the poison in Chars evening drink he sat back and waited expectantly for the scene to unfold. With relish he imagined her fevered screams as her hallucinations overcame her. However, when she ingested the poison, something peculiar occurred. As the hallucinations came to her, she was not frightened but instead considered them curiously. She found herself captivated by them, as fantastic images began to dance in her head and whisper dark secrets in her ear. Pushing down the cacophony, she began to look curiously at the only man she has ever known in her life. Without hesitation she struck down her father, master, and lover, the Drow Sorcerer Rilatin the Infernalist.

Freeing his slaves and leaving his keep to burn, Char left Theralu' acli, never to return again.


What follows is what I would like to think of as a Story Hour in fast forward. I am going to give a rundown of where the party has been, who the party consists of, and why they went there. Despite the general brevity I will try to keep, this is probably over a year worth of game time, so expect this to be lengthy. If you aren't really interested, skip to the last paragraph where I will set the party up for next session.
(cue the begining of The Sunless Citadel)
Lord Gelban of Greyhawk had a problem. Far to the East, across Lake Trill and along the Old Road, laid the small hamlet of Oakhurst.
Every year a local tribe of Goblins offered a special, magical apple to the people of Oakhurst for sale, and they likewise sold it to Lord Gelban.
One year, however, they failed to produce the apple for the towns people, who assembled a small band of their young folk and sent them into the goblin's lair to discover the reason for their absence. When they failed to return, Lord Gelban decided to take a hand himself.
One way or another he had recently obtained the services of six special youths. These youths were:
Tazz - a Half-Orc from the Western plains. Insane, with strong pyromanical tendencies. Useful for his impressive strength, but controllable only in combination with ...
Zatt - Tazz's brother. Another Half-Orc barbarian from the Western plains. Evil, with a wide mean streak, but one of the few capable of making Tazz see reason.
Jozan - a small dexterous Halfling. Possessing of a murderous rage against many of the Humanoid races, Jozan has the makings of a cold hearted killer.
Lydia - a kind and benevolent cleric of Pelor. Especially of note because of her aptitude with healing magics.
Lysander - a Human warrior of great renown. Skilled with sword and shield.
Meldor - a Half-Elf sorcerer with great promise. Tough, and lucky to boot.
Traveling to Oakhurst, the group penetrated deep within the goblin's stronghold. Along the way, they met up with and befriended:
Meepo - outcast Kobold. Kicked from his tribe for uselessness (which is pretty bad coming from a tribe of Kobolds)
Erky - a Gnome warrior-cleric who had been captured by the Goblins.
Brevers - a Dwarf possessing strange powers of the mind. He had been traveling with Erky when they had both been captured, but had managed to break free using his abilities.
Deep in the Goblin's stronghold the party discovered that the apples came from a large unholy tree planted deep within their home. Slaying the druid who had taken control of the tree and burning it to the ground, the group returned to Lord Gelban much depleted.
Tazz had been smashed by some kind of flaming, burrowing worm.
Erky had been killed by a similar beast.
Brevers was struck down by a Bugbear in the employ of the tree's druid.
Zatt was struck low by the unholy tree's druid, whose animal companion finished him off.
Jozan bled to death from wounds accumulated during the fight in the grove. Despite Meldor's best efforts, Jozan's wounds were too great to staunch.
(this is where the first module, The Sunless Citadel ends.)
(here begins The Forge of Fury)
Feeling remorse at sending so many to their deaths, Gelban asks the party to partake what he thinks will be an easy job. One of the maps the party had found in the Citadel is apparently directions towards the Glitterhame, a legendary lost Dwarven stronghold. Supposedly, the stronghold was the home of Durgeddin, one of the legendary master smiths.
Gelban simply wanted the party to venture to the abandoned Glitterhame and collect anything there that bore Durgeddin's mark. In addition, he had hired a young scout to help the party out.
Ashrem - growing up on the streets, Ashrem aspired to be an assassin. Already possessing a killer instinct, it won't take him long.
In the abandoned Glitterhame, the group finds it very much NOT abandoned. At one point, a Ghost of madness and death laid its hands upon Lydia's brow. In the act, it drove her partly insane, lessening her ability to sleep and limiting her connection with her God.
In addition, inside laired a young Dragon which the party barely prevailed against.
While in the Glitterhame, the party learned that the unholy tree had been the remains of an ancient Vampire than had been foolishly killed with a green stake that had eventually grown into the tree they had burned down.
In the process of destroying the tree, the party had freed the Vampire, Gulthias, and in his climb back to power he planned on turning the party to his side and enlisting his aid.
Fighting off the Vampiric lackey Gulthias had sent for them, the group left the Forge of Fury weary but laden with many of Durgeddin's artifacts.
(here ends The Forge of Fury)
(here begins The Speaker in Dreams)
Lord Gelban, feeling responsible for Lydia's condition, pulls some strings within the Church of Pelor and arranges to have her healed in the nearby city of Brindinford.
Arriving there, the group finds the city infested with beasts of various kinds. After slaying a pack of Wererats and Grimlocks and breaking up a small cabal of evil spell casters the group found themselves the heroes of the town.
That's when things REALLY got bad. A Mind Flayer had taken control of the Baron of the city, and had ordered the city gates locked shut. Fiendish clerics had taken control of the Temple of Pelor and desecrated a large part of it, in addition to opening a portal allowing a limited amount of Devils into the world.
In the battle with the Mind Flayer, an enslaved Medusa turned Lysander into stone. The group's chances against the heavily entrenched demonic forces looked dismal until Ulfgar arrived.
Ulfgar - a mysterious traveling archer, Ulfgar had planned on freeing the Baron from the Mind Flayer's control himself but was a bit too late. He readily agreed to lend his bow against the Fiends infesting the City, however.
Raiding the Temple, the party moved slowly through out the entire complex, room by room banishing the Devils back to their home plane. Once they had finally cleared the Temple, Lydia managed to close the remaining portal to Hell through her conviction and re-sanctified the church in Pelor's name.
The head of the church of Pelor in Brindinford happily restored Lydia's mind, as well as turning Lysander back to his natural form.
Ashrem, having received a communiqué from the Assassin's Guild earlier, enlisted Lysander's aid in slaying an elderly Dwarf who someone had desired dead.
Later on, as the party was greeted to a grand celebration as the saviors of the town, Horken, the nephew of the elderly Dwarf Ashrem had killed, asked Meldor to allow him to accompany the group.
Horken - when his aunt died, Horken found little left to keep himself in Brindinford. Having previously served several years within the Dwarven Army, Horken was already an accomplished warrior. Impressed with the heroism of Meldor of Kuhl, Horken asked to accompany him on his journeys. (Horken is Meldor's Cohort.)
(here ends The Speaker in Dreams)
(here begins The Standing Stone)
Apparently while the group had been locked within the city of Brindinford with the various monsters and beasts that had invaded the city, Lord Gelban had found another job for them.
Another team that he employed had disappeared to the South of where they were, near the small town of Ossington.
Quickly traveling South, the group soon discovered the town of Ossington being terrorized by a ghostly horseman and homicidal Elves. It wasn't long before the group realized not all was what it seemed, however.
Discovering that the kindly sage and his helpers were in fact an evil wizard and his Demonic helpers, the party engaged in mass combat against them in the village.
Finally finishing off the rest of them, the party had barely managed to rest when an urgent sending from Lord Gelban flashed through their minds.
"Gulthias has risen to the North! Return to Greyhawk immediately for more information! This is of vital importance!"

Heart of Nightfang Spire

Adventure 1

Traveling hard for several days, the party has finally managed to reach the outer walls of Greyhawk as our story continues...
Upon reaching Greyhawk Lord Gelban gave introduced the group to a few new adventureres.  Lysander took his share and left the party.  He told us he would meet us back here on our return.
The group spent 3 weeks traveling on horseback to Dry Lake. 2 days later we were camping out under the Nightfang Spire. 
As the group entered Greyhawk, Lydia received a message calling her instead to the Temple of Pelor.

There she was introduced to the Sacred Exorcist Magnus and was gifted with Pelor's Interposing Hand, a powerful magical shield of her faith.

The rest of the party continued to Lord Gelban where he introduced them all to Nick, Hulg, and Gelb a few additional adventurers whose services Gelban had retained.

Lysander decided to leave the group and go back to his turnip farm.

The rest of the group spent a few days shopping furiously before setting out.

At the gate, the group was ambushed by four assassains. The assassains wielded poisoned blades, and managed to do some moderate damage before the party eliminated them.

Hulg left one alive and proceeded to interrogate him, unfortunetly all the assassain could tell him was that he had been hired to kill the party.

Riding for several weeks the party approached the mostly abandoned town of Drylake. Almost everyone had either disappeared or had left town. Nonetheless, the inn was still open and the party spent a night before moving on to Nightfang Spire, Gulthias's home.

Two days later, the party reached Nightfang Spire.

Scouting forward, Ashrem was lulled to sleep by the music of a patch of Blightvines. As Holg and Ulfgar attempted to help Ashrem out, they fell asleep as well.

The party argued about exactly what to do for nearly an hour before Gelb, getting frustrated, tossed a Lightning Bolt at the vines.

Blowing the vines all to hell, Ashrem, Ulfgar, and Hulg were saved.

Investigating the room the vines were in, as well as the base of the tower, the party soon realized there was no way into the tower itself from the bottom floor.

Perhaps the top is open some suggested. But the way to get there seemed unclear. It started to rain.

People suggested climbing up, or Spider Climbing up, or Levitating up, or using Dimension Door up. No plan seemed that great.

Finally Ashrem volunteered to climb up. Climbing up, a bolt of lightning nearly struck him, but he managed to dodge at the last second.

Reaching the top, he noticed that indeed, the tower was open from the room.

But lairing in the roof itself was a Mooncalf, which attacked Ashrem viciously.  Ashrem activated his tattoo of fire breath and burned the Mooncalf. Letting go, Ashrem plummeted towards the ground, stopping himself at the last second with a Levitate tattoo.

Rushing out the party engaged the Mooncalf in combat, but as a flying creature, the Mooncalf was out of range of most of the group's abilities. Further, because of its impressive magical capabilities, the Mooncalf was resistant to several of the spells the party's spell casters threw at it.

Gelb cast an ice storm at the beast.  Meldor tried to confuse it.

Ulfgar planted several arrows into it, causing it to grab Ulfgar with its large tentacles and begin squeezing the life out of him.

Ulfgar nearly dead, was twice cured by the Cleric Magnarus.

Finally, as the beast choked the life from Ulfgar, Ashrem planted several crossbow bolts into the creatures eyes, felling it.

Now the party, seriously depleted in resources, looks forward to entering the spire.

Adventure 2

After Holg and Ashrem explored the top of the tower (and dispatched the three Wights up there) the party rested.  Ashrem levitated just above the Wight's reach and started shooting crossbow bolts while Holg cleaved through the Wights.  Afterwards Ashrem and Holg started tossing the coins over the top of the spire to the party below.  

Holg and Ashrem returned to the base camp for the evening. 

A Vampire Spawn attacked during the night, charming Ashrem and ordering him to kill Ulfgar.  Ashrem spent a few moments studying his victim and then attempted to paralyze Ulfgar.  Ashrem believed the Vampire to be Lysander.  Ashrem almost succeeded in killing Ulfgar, but Ulfgar was too tough.  Meldor suggested to Ashrem to feign death while Holg tied him up.  Ashrem layed quiet and motionless for almost 9 hours. 
The next day scaling the tower through the trading of Slippers of Spider Climb, the party dropped down to the 1st floor (although its really the top floor) of the tower.  Ashrem choose to take his time and climb without the spider climb slippers.  Gelb went around back and opened a Dimension Door to the roof and presto he was there waiting for the first party member that used the slippers of spider climb.
Moving through, the party was assaulted by Shadows and Vampire Spawn countless times, although Lydia managed to Turn them to dust each time they came at the group.  Horken, Ulfgar and Lydia were all touched by Shadows and their strength was sapped.
The party managed to find a young sage from the nearby town of Drylake who was nearly dead from blood loss. After healing her, she revealed some basic information on Gulthias.

Ashrem found a secret passage that was warded by a magical trap. Gelb tried but failed to dispell it, but Meldor easily defeated the trap.  Inside was a box of alchemist's fire.  Meanwhile, Ashrem and Magnarus opened another chest in the dragon vault.  Magnarus pocketed 2 gems and Ashrem asked Holg to carry the remaining coins.

Now, the group is preparing to head down to the second floor, although Lydia is fast running out of Turn attempts for the day.

Adventure 3

After destroying 3 Wights that attacked during the night, the group paused momentarily to remove the necromantic seepage that lay in the far eastern room.

Moving down the stairs, Ashrem noticed a symbol carved into the floor which Lydia and Meldor quickly recognized as a representation of the Gulthias Tree. After Gelb detected it as magical, Meldor and Gelb attempted to dispel the magic. After failing several dispels, the party simply moved over it cautiously.

Exploring the southern half of the second floor of Nightfang Spire (counting from top to bottom) the party found an altar dedicated to the god of a long dead dragon cult. Lydia and Magnarus quickly smashed the altar to dust. Ashrem located a trapdoor which led down into darkness.

In the south western corner of the second floor, the group located a large tapestry depicting a dragon they only assumed was Ashardalon, as well as what Magnarus thought might be the City of Brass.

Moving into the center of the second floor, the group entered into a room full of sarcophagi. As Lydia began to detect undead, several Specters and a Mummy burst from the sarcophagi and attacked.

The specters were turned by Lydia after they had inflicted a few negative levels, fleeing through the walls. The mummy proved more dangerous.

Attacking Holg with a wickedly curved kama, he quickly sliced several bloody lines into Holg, severely wounding him (dropping Holg to 3)

Meldor cast Invisibility on Holg as Lydia entered the fight. With the specters gone, everyone else began to turn to the mummy, so with a grin (if mummyies could, in fact, grin) it stepped back and vanished.

Searching through the sarcophagi, the group found a little treasure, and a couple of traps. And then the specters attacked again. This time Ulfgar managed to finish one off with some of his enchanted arrows, before Lydia turned the remaining two and they again fled the tower.

Moving north, the group found a hallway with four doors. Walking forward, Horken suddenly found the ground beneath him dropping away. Sliding down a passageway lined with razorblades, Horken suddenly found himself being ejected out of the tower 150 feet above the ground. Falling, he managed to spread himself out and avoid serious injury from the fall (only 40 points of damage)

Drinking a potion of spider climb Horken dutifully began climbing back up the tower to rejoin everyone else.  What a dedicated follower.

Inside the tower, the party was in combat with the specters who had returned yet again. Magnarus used a greater turning to eliminate one specter while Ulfgar used more enchanted arrows to take down another.

Moving through the remaining rooms in the second floor, the party found another altar dedicated to the gods of the ancient dragon cult, this one with the symbol of Gulthias carved on top.

Another room contained a stairway down to the third floor (from top to bottom) and the fourth was empty.

The third door was hideously carved with fanged mouths, tentacles, and eyes and above it was written "Oggunon Sathaar lies interred here. Only fools pass this threshold."

Naturally the party went in. After Ashrem picked a trapped lock.

Inside was a metal valve capping a large metal pipe, 5 foot in diameter. After Meldor used a Mage Hand to open the valve, he invisibly spider climbed into the pipe in order to get the stuff Horken saw at the bottom.

Suddenly a large Gibbering Mouther materialized in front of Meldor, and attacked. Only by the grace of his invisibility was Meldor able to avoid some of the creatures blows. It looked bad until Lydia turned the beast and sent it scurrying down to the bottom of its pipe.

Peppering it with arrows, holy water, alchemist fire, and pretty much anything else the party could manage to toss down there, the party finally caused it to turn to mist. It was a Vampiric Gibbering Mouther. Realizing it had no heart to drive a stake through, that there was no way to get sunlight into its pipe, and that no one had sufficient magic left to destroy iit, the party attempted to destroy the creature using running water.

After Lydia poured two gallons of magically created water onto the beast, the party dropped several containers of holy water down the hole. That seemed to do the trick and the mist dissipated.

Holg contracted Mummy Rot, but was healed by Magnarus.

Adventure 4

The adventure continued during the night the group went to nap in the Oggunon's chamber.  The group was fast asleep when 3 spectres entered from 3 different walls.  The group was quickly awakened by an alert Ulfgar and immediately started attacking the spectres.  Meldor obliterated one with a lightning bolt and the others were turned by Magnarus or Lydia.  When the spectres returned, the group layed into them, and Holg was able to slay the remaining two pests.  Some members of the group were touched, but the clerics managed to make things better for those who failed to withstand the trauma themselves.

The next day the group returned to the stairwell and descended yet again. 

The group investigated a few rooms and found some Girallon.  The group quickly eliminated two, then a group of six appeared suddenly behind the magic users and clerics.  The sage was quickly torn apart and Nick was ripped limb from limb as well.  Meldor managed to confuse many of the Girallon and they actually killed each other.  Ashrem killed a weakened one that Gelb lightning bolted.  Holg and Lydia killed the other.  Holg had to return to get some major healing from Magnarus.  Ulfgar fired many arrows to slay the last Girallon.  Ashrem removed the head of one wearing a skull mask.

The group searched through many doors and rooms and found little else.  Ashrem did manage to almost fall in a trap, but was saved by Gelb who had cast Cat's grace on Ashrem only hours earlier.

Ashrem was attacked by a Morg or something with a long tongue.  Lydia and the group dispatched it.  Ashrem collected a few jars of embalming fluid.

Eventually the group found another set of stairs and descended once more.  The group found another batch of Girallon and Meldor confused them.  After a few minutes the group opened the door once more to find a pack of wights.  Some members of the party attacked immediately, others waited for Lydia to do her stuff.  Lydia dispersed the undead with ease.

The group wandered a little further to hear some guy, Rhunad talking from a cell.  He warned about a guy named stictches right as "Stitches" appeared behind Horken, Gelb and Lydia.   Stitches was a flesh golem with a few flesh golem and Girallon companions.  The group went  to battle once more.  A few fireballs, lightning bolts, and fire walls later, the group was still starring into the face of stitches and another flesh golem.  Stitches' companion slammed Horken into Gelb.  Holg stepped up and sliced, Ulfgar fired arrows, Ashrem fired bolts, finally the creature dropped.  At last they attacked stitches and killed his ugly mug.  Ashrem sliced his head off for later. 

The group did not release Rhunad since he didn't provide much info about Gulthias, but he claimed to know the Cuckoo.

The group found a place to spend the night, although it was filled with dead body parts.

Adventure 5

In the middle of the night, Holg heard the sound of something moving about the room. Rousing everyone from sleep, the party quickly realized it was an invisible attacker.  Ashrem was drained.

Utilizing some Dust of Appearance, Meldor forced the Wight in the room to take visual form. Once it realized it could be seen, however, the Wight ran from the room and seemingly disappeared.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully.

In the morning Magnarus woke from a dream sent to him by Pelor, telling him to raise Nick. Believing the dream to be a true message from his God, Magnarus did so, although he found himself again harassed by Rhunad as he passed by.

Bringing Nick back to life, the party was now faced with deciding on what to do with Rhunad. Meldor attempted to Dispel the magic on Rhunad's door, but only succeeded in setting off some kind of Lightning Trap.

Inside the party saw a Vrock somehow kept within a magical circle inscribed upon the ground. After a small bit of negotiating with the Demon, and a LOT of arguing within the party, Lydia took it upon herself to free the creature. Thanking her, the Vrock filled the party in on much of the past and present happenings within Nightfang Spire.

However, after it had refused to submit to a Detect Evil, and Magnarus Detected Evil anyway, the Vrock vanished with these words for Magnarus.

"You are marked, and the Abyss awaits."

With nothing left on the 4th floor, the party moved on to the 5th. There they fount countless urns filled with cremated remains, some broken but most intact.

After a brief combat with some Zombies who seemed to be cleaning up the general refuse, as well as a Girallon and a Mohrg who seemed to be helping them.

The party opened the doors to a huge room dominated by a giant pillar of fire.  Suspecting nothing, Ashrem entered the room only to be caught unaware by the Elder Fire Elemental as it proceeded to burn him to crisp. The party leaped into battle with the creature, taking grievous wounds from its powerful blows.  A lucky shot by the creature engulfed Lydia in fire, and she too fell, leaving Meldor as the only original member of Lord Gelban's Adventurers.

A final Lightning Bolt from Gelb finished the Elemental but it was too late for Lydia and Ashrem. Magnarus refused to Raise them, despite impassioned pleas from Meldor.

After a brief bit of mourning (and some looting) the party moved on and found two ladders leading down into darkness.

Adventure 6

After climbing down the left ladder, the party quickly determined that the surrounding area is empty.

Moving on to a door to the west, the group enters into a room with several Girallons. Quickly dispatching them, Ulfgar detects faint singing coming from within a hole in the western wall.  Ulfgar fires an arrow that goes right over a small gnome.

Strolling into the room come Char, a Half-Drow Sorcerer, and Sarnarus, a Gnome Bard. Both groups, being highly paranoid, instantly mistrust one another.  Ulfgar is fascinated by the gnome, and the gnome suggests that Ulfgar point his arrows at his fellow sorcerers, in other words means Meldor.

Meldor lightning bolts the gnome and Ulfgar who was slightly in the way.

A fight breaks out, with Holg pinning Sarnarus to the ground while Horken stands above him, mace ready.

Then more Girallons burst through the door on the southern wall.

The party quickly enters combat, both sides realizing they share a common enemy. Combat spells fly as more and more Girallons come at the group.

Pushing the Girallons back, the party moves down the southern hallway, discovering more Girallons yet.

Another fierce battle breaks out, this time with Girallons seeming to stream in from everywhere.

Holg and Horken distinctly hear one Girallon giving orders in the back, commanding more Girallons to the front.

Meldor would cast confusion while the rest of the sorcerers would cast fireballs and lightning bolts and a few ice storms.

Horken fought side by side with Holg and Saranus.

But in the gigantic struggle, the party finally manages to push the Girallons back, slaying their leader.

Finding only two female Girallons left, the party slays them as well, in addition to seven of the child Girallons they were guarding. The other 24 children flee into the other portions of Nightfang Spire.

Looking at what the Girallons had found through their cleaning, the party finds themselves the new owners of several minor magical items, as well as a significant amount of gold and gems.

Meldor says,: "Char, those were some very impressive spells you cast. And your gnome companion fought most bravely and well. It appears my lightning bolt was cast improvidently. Please accept my apologies. Should you and the gnome wish to join forces with us, I for one would welcome it."

Char: "My companion and I alone do not stand much of a chance against Gulthias. His magic is much more powerful than our own. I believe that in allying our forces we stand a much better chance at defeating him. *she casually flips her hair over her shoulder* If the rest of your party sees fit. We will join you on your quest."

Saranus sings a short note to Meldor: Mr Meldor...

Please forgive that I sing,
but this the method my message I bring
I would not ask your word be muting,
I apologize for my befuddling.

I sing to inspire and fascinate,
next time I to you will demonstrate
You will feel better I state,
Your thanks you will articulate.

Saranus composes a short lyrical song about the day...

Saw a bright light in the dark
Barely missed by an arrow with spark

Grappled by a mighty half-orc
Shot by a lighting bolt with fork

Slammed by a mindless dwarf
Misunderstanding abounds of course

Girallon, Girallons, everywhere
This party's mages burn their hair

Down the hall we run...
Holg the mighty's slashings begun

Brave, brave Horken fighting at my back
Trying my best to inspire this pack

Yippee, more fire spells churn
Causing more Girallon to burn

At the end of the day
Many Girallon we slay

Gelb: "Great tune, Saranus! Do you know 'The Pig ate my Carrots'?
No? How about 'There's a hole in my pantaloons'? There's this great
duet that we could sing..."

Adventure 7

After exploring a small remainder of the Girallon's lair and finding a piece of the Key which looked like a wing, the party retreated to a small room and rested for the night.

The next morning Nick sat down and began to examine several of the magical items the party had found, Identifying many of them.

8 hours later, the group exited from their small hide away and examined the rest of the Girallon lair. Besides what had obviously been a fatal trap for several Girallons, the lair had been completely looted.

Moving past the lair, following the route the Girallon Children had taken, the party came upon a large altar to Ashardalon. Written on it was a riddle in Draconic.

Rushing forward, Char read the riddle to herself, before saying, "That's easy. Nothing!" Suddenly a bone-yellow ray shot from the altar and struck her.  Even as Char was being blasted, however, Holg was wondering, "Nothing what?" As he muttered the riddle's answer, a bone-yellow beam struck him as well.  Char managed to resist the beam's desire for her death, but Holg proved less lucky and slumped to the ground, dead.

Re-appropriating Holg's equipment, the group resolutely pushed on.

The next room contained an unopened sarcophagus, and lacking anyone with decent trap skills, the party simply opened it.  And was rewarded with a shower of falling bricks from the ceiling, striking Gelban and Horken, barely missing Saranus..

Looting the sarcophagus, the party moved into another room where the plundered yet another sarcophagus, and then another room yet with a sarcophagus.  This room's sarcophagus was coated with a fine sheen of Black Lotus Extract, and as Horken and Saranus pulled the lid open, they quickly felt their bodies begin to wither.

Luckily, Holg had possessed a Potion of Neutralize Poison, and Magnarus had memorized the spell of the same name. Rushing over to cure them both, Magnarus then used two Restorations to cure the horrible damage the Extract had caused.

Moving into the next room, the group encountered a small pack of Girallon, as well as the bodies of all the child Girallons. Quickly wading into combat, the Girallons didn't have a chance against the combined spell might of the group.

It was then the first Magic Missiles started hitting.

Two Ethereal Night Hags had been waiting in the room, and they began to launch Magic Missiles at everyone in the party.

Invisible and immune to most anything the party could do, the Night Hags attacked with impunity for several rounds. Finally, Meldor cast See Invisibility, and gave Char a scroll of the same spell.  With this Meldor realized the Hags were on the Ethereal plane and called out to the group.

Saranus cast Blink, and began striking at the Night Hags as he oscillated between the Ethereal and Material Planes. Char cast Minor Globe of Invulnerability, allowing bestowing Magic Missile immunity to a large number of party members.

While the party attempted to deal Night Hags, 2 Mohrgs and 3 Girallons, attracted by the noise, burst into the room and joined the combat.

Blasted by area spells, the Material creatures didn't last long, although they nearly brought Horken down before they dropped.  Ulfgar slew the two that could pose a threat to Horken.

Finally, bringing down the Night Hags as well as the extra Girallons and Mohrgs the party quickly searched through the room before backing up and resting again.  Saranus had to chase a Night Hag into another room, and he neatly timed his blinking as he stepped through a closed door.   He barely made it to the Night Hag and slew it.  Meldor had caused the most damage to the Night Hags with his hail of Magic Missiles.

The next day Nick and Gelb Identified the rest of the items of the group, as well as formally divided up the remainder of Holg's stuff.

So then there were 8.

Meldor says to Gelb and Nick, "I'm all out of See Invisibility scrolls now. One or both of you might want to memorize a See Invisibility spell or two. You might also consider memorizing a spell like Flaming Sphere that would let you 'mark' the spot where an invisible creature is so the rest of us know where to shoot."

Horken says to the group, "With Holg gone, I propose a change in our tactics. When we open a door, I'll block the doorway against the enemy. The rest of you can fire over my head and clear the room of anything unfriendly without having to worry about getting attacked in melee. We wouldn't enter the room until it appears clear. What do you think?"

Adventure 8

After a quick bout of Identifies, the party decided to bypass the door Saranus had Blinked through the day before in order to continue through the right hand door, the way the Mohrgs had come from.

Moving down the corridor, the party entered into a room that was obviously the sight of a large battle, seemingly between Girallons. Someone had conveniently piled a large pile of platinum and gems into a chest in the corner of the room, and although suspicious, the party soon was overcome with greed and pocketed all of the loot.

Moving past the Girallon corpses, the party came into a large room, with four door leading out of it, as well as three small mini-rooms inside of it.

Checking the center mini-room, the party found it clean, and in fact, completely dustless. Paranoia being as rampant in the party as it is, instead of entering they decided to throw a copper into the room. When the copper vanished upon striking the ground, the room was dubbed a Teleportation Chamber and the door was closed.

The other two min-rooms proved less exciting, only containing a sarcophagus. Magnarus and Horken opened both of them, took the scant silvers and gems found within, and made sure the bones inside would stay just bones.

Checking the more Western of the two Southern doors, the party found a larger sarcophagus filled with the bones of several people. Again looting the few silvers and gems that had been left to them, Horken stirred the bones to make sure they stayed bones, and the party went back to the original room.

Moving to the other Southern door, the party opened it to find a large pedestal, carved into the shape of a Dragon. But most alarming to the party was the metallic piece of Dragon Key clutched in its mouth.

Rushing into the room to grab it, Sanarus was only moderately surprised when the pedestal came alive, and attacked him.

However, despite its larger than normal size, the Gargoyle was still, after all, a Gargoyle, and proved fairly ineffective, other than a solid hit on Magnarus.

Crumbling into rocky shards, the party shifted through its remains and grabbed the Tail of the Key.

Going back into the center room, and going through the North door, the party wandered down a winding passage until they eventually found a door.

Opening it, the party was suddenly confronted by several Mohrgs, lazing about a number of corpses. Acting quick, Gelb launched a Fireball into the room.

To his surprise, his Fireball seemed to possess even greater strength than it should have had, and the entire room exploded into a Hellish Inferno.

When the smoke cleared only a ring and a chest were left in the room, and Horken, who had been close to the door, had suffered horrible burns.  

Healing Horken up, the party entered the room, looted the ring and the contents of the chest (although despite its fine engraving, regrettably had to leave the chest behind)

Moving through a hole in the Western side of the room, the group soon found themselves overlooking a chasm. Horken and Char could barely make out a platform in the center, on which sat another pedestal, this one also seeming clutching something in its mouth.

The fact that this was a Dragon Pedestal with another piece of Key was not for a moment doubted.

Summoning three Pseudo-natural Celestial Eagles, Char sent them winging towards the pedestal, hoping they could pry the Key away from it and escape without being eaten. She didn't count on the pedestal's trap killing one of the birds, or for the five Specters who patrolled the room to absorb the life energy of the other two.

Informed of the Specters presence, Magnarus launched a Turning into the darkness, and grinned as two of the Specters fled into the darkness.

Feeling brave, Char used her magic to grow wings, and took flight towards the pedestal.

She had apparently forgotten that three Specters were un-Turned, and was beset by them. Rapidly draining away her life force, Char found herself greatly weakened, and deprived of much of her magic.

Utilizing the Heartstone stolen from one of the Night Hag's body, she transported herself to the Ethereal plane, and quickly fled back to the party.

Meanwhile, the group was launching everything they had at the Specters, blasting them again and again with spells and arrow. Sanarus began to sing a holy hymn that seemed to empower Magnarus's abilities. Soon the three Specters were dispersed.

Char's energy was Restored by Magnarus, and feeling brave (or maybe stupid) Char prepared to fly to the ledge again.

Flying over, she forgot about the fate of her first summoned Eagle, and eagerly reached out for the Key. And then she realized the pedestal was still trapped. Electricity coursed through her, causing her to jerk her hand back and leave the key where it was.

Cursing she headed back to the party, and related what had happened.

So finally, the party decided to give Sanarus Meldor's Slippers of Spider Climb, so that he could climb up above the pedestal and use a Shatter spell to destroy it. Char would fly next to it and grab the key as the pedestal was destroyed.

They didn't count on the two Specters returning.

Sanarus held off on his plan and instead created a Magic Circle Against Evil, protecting him from the Specter's attacks, while the rest of the party launched even more spells and ranged attacks at the flying monsters.

Shattering the pedestal, Sanarus began to move back to the party, while Char darted down, grabbed the key, and shifted across the Ethereal Veil using her Hearstone. She failed to notice the subtle cracks beginning to run across its surface.

Singing a moving song, Sanarus Fascinated the one remaining Specter, rendering it immobile just long enough for Gelb to Cone of Cold it into oblivion.

Congratulating themselves on acquiring the key, the party moved back into the Mohrgs room, and then into the winding passage way, deciding to get the two doors they had left behind.

Moving back into the large room with four exits, the group went through the Western door.

Inside was another large sarcophagus. Following standard procedures, the party looted the sarcophagus and stirred the bones about. Then they went through the Southern door in the room.

Inside this room they found a large fountain, with the words "Break the bonds of time, until Ashardalon returns"

As Char spoke the words, yellow liquid began to fill the fountain, and Char scooped up as much as she could, putting it into a vial.

(For those new to the group, or forgetful of things long ago, the Sunless Citadel was full of fountains very much like this one)

Deciding to leave the potion alone for now, the group walked further back, into the room they had encountered the Night Hags in.

Going through the door Sanarus had Blinked through, the party found themselves within an empty hall that ended at another double door. Opening these, the party viewed a small room with a far wall that curved inward. On the far wall was a large keyhole. The group didn't have long to wonder about where they were, however, before they were attacked.

Something invisible struck at Horken, attempting, but failing, to snap his neck and draining away some of his life force in the process. Similar attacks occurred throughout the group, however where most of the attacks were followed by the appearance of a Vampire Spawn, the creature attacking Horken remained unseen.

Chaos erupted among the group. Horken was made invisible, as was Gelb. Several Fireballs and other area-affects were launched in the vain attempt to hit monsters the party couldn't see. You'd think the Night Hags would have taught them a lesson.

Magnarus managed to Turn two of the Vampire Spawn, even as they drained away some of his soul. Sanarus fired a crossbow bolt at the remaining one, and struck it directly through the heart! Howling, the beast crumbled to the ground, quickly decaying away to a skeleton.

Casting Nethergaze, Nick's eyes suddenly turned to a solid, dark purple color, and small wisps of smoke began to rise from the Undead who met his gaze (a guy with solid purple eyes and a pink mow hawk ... wicked!)

With the Vampire Spawn taken care of, more and more pressure began to be applied to the invisible opponent, several arrows and spells being thrown in his general direction.

And then suddenly it had cast a spell and moved, somehow getting past everyone to strike at Nick standing in the back. Its offensive didn't last long, however, before Char burned it to a crisp using Aganazzer's Scorcher.

It was the same Wight that had attacked the party while they rested so long ago, and had fled from Meldor's Dust of Appearance.

The party had just begun to relax when the last Vampire Spawn, Turned by Magnarus earlier, came screaming back into the room.

But Gelb was ready. Taking Belkas in hand, he lunged at the creature and ran it through. Belkas pulsed a deep purple as the Spawn dissolved into mist.

"Yeelch! What crap is this you feed me? You definitely tasted better" Belkas muttered as it took in what it could from the desecrated corpse.

Moving back to rest, the party started to settle in for the night.

Adventure 9

Waking in the morning, the party stops for some quick Identifies performed by Nick before deciding to backtrack to the hallway they had passed up so many night ago. The party's lack of abilities allowing the crossing of the huge chasm could have effected this decision.

Moving back, the party soon finds themselves in a section of the catacombs that they had never been in. As Mohrgs began to jump out from the walls, the party found them easy to deal with, and quickly dispatched them, except for Magnarus, who was paralyzed by one of the Mohrg's tongues.

During the combat, however, a loud thudding, as if of extremely heavy footsteps, could be heard approaching the party. As the last Mohrg fell, the large Tombstone Golem stomped into view. Slowly moving forward, it easily ignored the repeated spells of the party, until Meldor remembered some scrolls he had on his personage.

Greasing and Webbing the Golem repeatedly, Meldor managed to slow it enough for the Greater Magic Weapon crossbow bolts and arrows of the party to chip away at the Golem's facade. Finally taking enough damage to fell it, the Golem collapsed to the group dead..

Exiting the Golem's chambers, the group moved into another hallway filled with sarcophagi chambers. Opening and looting each one as they went, Ulfgar and Horken exposed themselves to Burth Othur Fumes not once, but twice. Ulfgar, in fact, nearly succumbed to the Fumes but Magnarus's healing magic saved him in the end.

Horken almost fell in a pit trap, but nimbly avoided it. The last sarcophagi chamber held, instead of sarcophagi, a pedestal with the last piece of the key. Saranus shattered the pedestal and then Meldor used his Mage Hand to retrieve the key. The party managed to avoid the trap lying in wait within the room.

Moving down the hallway, the group came again to one of the rooms that provided access to the Core. Possessing the fully assembled key, the party considered entering and attacking Gulthias.

Deciding instead to rest, they were about to turn back when a familiar Mummy appeared and attacked. Horken quickly went on the defensive, using the techniques he had learned as a Defender to protect him and those behind him.

The spell casters of the group meanwhile blasted at the Mummy, until a Turning from Magnarus blasted him to ashes.

Moving off to rest, the party returned to the access chamber the next day, and entered Gulthias's lair.

Moving into his rooms, the party was at first confused by their seeming emptiness, until Gulthias who was using Invisibility suddenly attacked from above.

The party, unprepared, quickly began to scatter. It wasn't until Gelb managed to Halt Gulthias that the party calmed down enough to remember their plan.

Launching a Sonic Orb at Gulthias, Char managed to wound him considerably while Meldor began stripping away his defenses using Dispel Magic.

Ulfgar, Saranus, and Horken landed a few arrows into Gulthias, once Saranus returned from the Ethereal plane at least.

Nick fired several plus-sized Magic Missles, doing a good bit of damage.

Finally losing his magical capacity for flight, Gulthias plummeted to the floor where he died, and summarily turned to mist. Rising up to the Heart, he was damaged by Magnarus's Sunbeams, but not destroyed.

Focusing Holy Energy onto the Heart, Magnarus dispelled its evil flames, allowing it to be wounded by the arrows and spells of the party.

Weakened beyond relief by the group's combined efforts, the Heart plummeted to the floor where it burst apart into a disgusting mass of mummified flesh.

Picking through the remains, the party realized that they had triumphed over Nightfang Spire.

Meldor says to the group, "Hey, what do you say we clean up this place and claim it for our own? It's got plenty of room for all us; it's easy to defend; and it even has a nice library! And I believe I could find some loyal people to attend to it while we are off adventuring."

Gelb replies, "Not really my type of place, but I'd be willing to visit from time to time. Right now I need to get back Greyhawk. My clothes are just covered with Girallon blood stains, and that just won't do for a
fashion plate like me. Besides, I'm long overdue for treating the ladies of Greyhawk to my latest magical-musical performance extravaganza, 'It's Gelb Time! starring Gelb Flinderhop, written and
produced by Gelb Flinderhop' ..."

Saranus says, "I think this Nick mentioned that he would like living here."

Adventure 10 - Conclusion

Searching through Nighfang Spire, the party turned up more random pieces of gold, as well as a large magical Tome.

While everyone else looted, Magnarus used the herbs and oils he had brought with him to Hallow much of the Spire. He was unable to penetrate the Core itself, but the rest of the Spire soon found itself protected from evil by the shining light of Pelor.

Finishing the search, and the blessing, the group exited from the tower, tons of loot in tow. Apparently the preternatural cold the party had noticed entering the Spire had finally turned to snow, and walking out, the group sensed a hard time traveling.

Until everyone remembered they could use magic. Utilizing his Helm, Ulfgar Teleports back to his home in Greyhawk, taking Char with him.

Gelb likewise Teleported back to the inn he had worked at, taking up his old singing position, and putting on two performances that set the City alight with praise of his abilities.

The rest of the group was left standing in the snow, several hundred pounds of treasure between them.

Remembering Lord Gelban's admonishment about losing his horses again, the remaining party members walked back to the horses, where Nick utilized his new Mass Fly spell to gift the horses with the ability to fly. After a little friskiness, the remaining group took off, and flew to Greyhawk.

Finally arriving, the group got together and briefly discussing treasure, visited Lord Gelban.

Congratulating everyone on their victory, Gelban gave each member of the party 5000 gold, as well as a promise to Resurrect Lydia and Ashrem. Holg, who had expressed his wish not to be Raised upon death, was left from the deal.

Further, Lord Gelban revealed the recent pregnancy of his wife, and invited the group to a Grand Ball in honor of the event.

After being fitted, bathed, and groomed, the group arrived at the ball, hob knobbing and drinking with the social elite of Greyhawk. Congratulated on all sides by their victory over Gulthias, both Saranus and Gelb were asked to play for the audience.

Unfortunetly, Gelb had already imbibed heavily, and half-way through his song, began feeling rather sick. And then getting rather sick. All over the stage.

And unfortunately, because of her recent sensitive stomach, Lord Gelban's wife likewise became rather sick. All over Lord Gelban. Everyone was scandalized. Except for most of the party, who all found it rather funny.

The next day Lord Gelban began helping the party sell their disparate loot. He was glad to do so (less glad to do it for Gelb) but soon nearly everything was sold and accounted for.

Except for a golden crown Horken had found.

Directing Horken to a merchant dealing in such expensive jewelry. Following behind, the party filed into the shop, approaching the man behind the counter.

Holding out the crown, Horken asked for a price.

He was surprised when the man instead dropped to his knees, and proclaimed that he could never buy the crown from his King. Shocked, Horken began to question the man, and soon learned the crown belonged to the Lost Kingdom of Nuenthor.

One of the few legends that remained to the scattered people of Nuenthor was of the return of their King. He who found the crown was destined to be their King, and to rebuild Nuenthor from its once noble ashes.

Suffice to say, Horken was floored.

Putting the crown away for now, the party flew to Brindinford, where Lord Gelban had arranged for the Ressurections of Lydia and Ashrem.

Taking their remains, the High Cleric brought both of them back, radiant pillars of light building their bodies from nothing.

While in Brindinford, Meldor stopped at the Reality Wrinkle. Not announcing his identity, he allowed his employee Therkahn "Amber" Darkeyes to slowly draw a noose around his own neck.

Saranus finally ended his game, and Meldor gave the store a thorough inspection.

Finding all in order, he authorized Darkeyes to draw more heavily on the funds than he previously had been allowed to.

Now the party had come to a dilemma. Meldor had received a letter begging for aid from Blasingdell, the small town situation nearby the Glitterhame.

Apparently, Dwarves had re-inhabited the Glitterhame, and restarted their forges. But recently earthquakes had begun shaking the region where earthquakes had never shook the region before.

Having saved them before, the people of Blasingdell again asked Meldor to come and save them.

But now the party also had Horken's recent ascent to royalty.

Which path to take ... which adventure to follow ...