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D20 Insane Campaign Plot

Thus begins our newest D20 campaign.  This campaign will have the following elements, and a special format.  The format will be that each player will submit two scenes for use in an overall crazy multi-universe.  Each player will take turns being GM for an adventure.  We will use D20 Core rules and then some...

If you are interested in participating. Please get in touch with us.

  • Role Playing Game: D20 Modern + D20 Future + D&D 3.5
  • Time Frame:    Far-Future - Pan-Galactic - Multi-Dimensional - Time Travel - Megaverse - Planescape
  • Genre:    D20 (Anything Goes
  • Progress Level: No Limit
  • Life:    We Are Not Alone! Dragons, Beholders, Aliens, Mutants, Cybernetics, Androids, Robots, Nanobots and more.
  • Setting:    D20 (Anything Goes) Chaos Scenes
  • Goal:    Yet to be determined
  • Plot Points:  
    • Pan Galactic Illuminati
    • Space James Bond
    • Time Agents
    • Time Lords
    • Order Lords
    • Xaositects - the Chaosmen
    • Sodkillers
    • Revolutionary League
    • The Free League
    • The Fraternity of Order
    • The Doomguard
    • The Athar
    • Harmonium
    • Mercykillers
  • Technology: 
    • Faster Than Light
    • Time Portals
    • High Space
    • Alien Artifacts
    • Hard Light Holograms
    • Reality Wrinkles
    • Powered Armor
    • Nanotechnology
  • Powers:  
    • Mutation
    • Psionic
    • Divine Faith
    • Magic
    • Super Powers
    • the Force
    • Nanotechnology
  • New Terms:
    • "Masers and Magic"
    • "Cursed Tech"
    • Bio-Wizard Tech
Right now I am leaning to a massive campaign that will take into account both the Tuesday night group and the Thursday night group.  I figure we can use the following source materials, additional materials can be added of course:
Fantasy:  D&D Fantasy settings, Greyhawk, Eberron, EverQuest, Arcana Unearthed, Kalamar, Midnight, Forgotten Realms, Faerun, Warhammer, Sovereign Stone, Dark Sun World, Conan, Dragonlance, LotR
Modern: D20 Modern... Spycraft, Blood and Guts, Deadlands, D20 Horror, Call of Cthulhu,
Futuristic:  D20 Future .... Gamma World, Farscape, Judge Dredd, Traveller, Fading Suns, Dragonstar, D20 Mech, Blood and Space, Redline, Star Wars, Spelljammer, Red Dwarf, Darwin's World, Factory & Arsenal
Super Heroic:  Silverage, Mutants and Masterminds, Paragon, and Deeds Not Words
We have to come up with some consistent terminology for firearms and allowed feats as well....
Problem areas for Firearms would be Rapid Fire, Double Tap, Autofire, Suppressive Fire, Multiple Guns, Burst fire... all of these terms differ in the different systems.  The different systems are by no means balanced and therefore players should take that into account when creating worlds and such.


  • The characters will become knowledgeable about "Time Holes".  These rifts in time and space will lead the characters to certain destinations in Space-Time that will be critical to certain turning points in the multi-verse where what the characters will come to do is yet to be determined
  • Minor objectives will be determined at each juncture of the quest through the Mega-verse

Frequently Asked Questions about D20 Insane

Characters and NPCs we would like to see

Dagotte Zyel - Returns as the Riathenor guide Gelb Flinderhop 3000 - Gelb finds himself in a Soul Mech Harold the Hardlight Hologram Hardware Store
Ulfgar the Bow Initiate Zoltan the Forsaker Ashrem the Assassin
Gordon the NightWalker Mashmallow Man The church of Ugul
Gelder the Sly Order Lords Kronos the Time Master
Dagotte Ky Riathenor instructor Meldor of the Reality Wrinkle Tagin swordsmen
Wang of the Mobile Prismatic Sphere Kylar, the Annoying bard Darr Son of Baddon
Nick of Nightfang Spire Roondar the invincible gnome sorcerer Pheruzius
Ghaleon the master of the shroud Thornseld the half-orc barbarian  

Submitted Characters Character Gallery

Domino, played by Michael Talena, played by Michael
Kylar, the Annoying, played by Manny Dagotte Zyel, played by Manny
Marumokro, played by Matt Roondar, played by Matt
Dungal, played by Manny Ashrem, played by Manny
Robo-Gelb 3000, played by Ryan Adolph Nougat, played by Ryan
Darr, Son of Baddon, played by Gamble Dan Hibiki, played by Gamble
Kurt, played by Chris Mord,  played by Chris (deceased)
Girg, played by David Ignas Mayerik, played by David
Negrodamus, played by Ian Gregmon, played by Ian
Timlaine, played by Mark Ghaleon, played by Mark
Charlotte, played by Mandy Tea Leaf, played by Mandy
Thornseld, played by Obi Zack, played by Jeremy


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