2001 Log
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Insane Campaign Adventure Log

  • Foreword:

    • The characters will be come knowledgeable about Time Holes.  These Time Holes will lead the characters to certain destinations in Space-Time that will be critical to certain turning points in the multi-verse where Order triumphed over Chaos.  This is where the characters will come in.  To reverse things...
    • The groups main quest is quite simple - Increase Chaos in the Mega-Verse
    • Minor objectives will be determined at each juncture of the quest through the Mega-verse


  • Adventures : (rotating through the Mega-verse)

Tagin, Selene, Magma and Draken

So it begins...

A lone Riathenor appears to Magma a Magic Using wizard of sorts.  The Riathenor commands Magma to follow him.  The Riathenor unzips the fabric of space/time and steps through with Magma following.  Magma is then asked to remove all armor and weapons and wait in a atrium for the Riathenor's return.

The Riathenor visits Harold the Hard-Light  Hologram as he sits on the edge of a dock.  Harold is instructed to follow the Riathenor and does so.  Harold follows similar instructions like those given Magma.

The Riathenor stops the 3.5m tall Marshmallow Man outside of a local bar and insists that he follow him through the rip in space/time.  Similar instructions once again.

The Riathenor visits a cave of a fierce Monster Were-Dragon.  The Were-Dragon resists the Riathenor and breaths fire at him.  The Riathenor defends himself with a fire shield.  The Riathenor asks again nicely, but Draken just swipes his tail at the Riathenor.  The Riathenor tells Draken that he will be right back and exists through a mystic portal.  Moments later, the Riathenor returns with a contingent of 13 additional Riathenor.    The Riathenor asks the Were-Dragon to follow, and he complies this time.  Draken the Were-Dragon heeds the same instructions as Magma.

The Riathenor stops Mandred the Mechalus outside a tavern and asks him to follow him.  Mandred does and follows the same instructions as Magma.

After waiting a few moments in the garden, the Riathenor asks the group to follow him to another place to wait.  He instructs the group to go upstairs and wait in a bar.  Once the group goes upstairs, a female escorts the group to the bar and tells them to drink up.

The group notice the bar is filled with many odd creatures, aliens and denizens.  Including: a sorceress, a monk, a ninja, a knight,  a cowboy, a policeman, a spaceman, some insect-like aliens, a Riathenor, an Egyptian priestess, a few soldiers, a wookie, a few androids,  the Norse god Loki, an amazon princess, and quite a few others.

Magma tries to hit on the sorceress, but fails due to Marshmallow Man's empathetic blast of drunkenness.    The rest of the group just drinks a bit and a Riathenor comes to join them.  He introduces himself as Dagotte Zyel (pronounced D-got Zi-L).  He tells them where their quarters are, and that they have a meeting in the morning.  Zyel informs the group that they are aboard a pan-dimensional vessel created by the Riathenor.  The dimensional gate is the only way on or off the vessel.

Marshmallow Man wakes Zyel up multiple times during the night, and Zyel threatens his life shortly after.  

The next morning, the group meets in a great theatre where Dagotte Ky, the Riathenor who collected them talks about a quest of sorts.  He explains that they have been chosen because of their past deeds that indicate a highly chaotic disposition.  He explains the Multiple Universe Tangent theory and explains that the group will be accompanied by Dagotte Zyel.  He explains the ability to traverse the multi-verse using time holes or dimensional portals. Their mission is simply to increase the level of chaos in the multi-verse by disrupting certain key areas of the Multi-verse which will cause ripples within the Tangents.  He briefly explains the following key areas that the group should visit.

  • Steal from some wizards an artifact of order. (BS)
  • Help rescue a champion of chaos before his captives destroy him. (ML)
  • Use a weapon of planetary destruction against its creators. (JS)
  • Free some vial monsters that are being researched. (ML)
  • Stop the sales and production of bio-wizard weapons by releasing their energy source. (MD)
  • Assassinate a mighty king before he can return to his homeland and restore order. (MA)
  • Eliminate an order of Jedi Instructors before they teach their students their ways. (JS)
  • Incite a galactic empire to war with its allies by disrupting elections.  (MD)
  • Open the "gates of hell" on a distant planet which is trying to do the same on another planet. (MH)
  • Find the "Orb of Increasing Multi-verse Entropy" in order to increase chaos upon the mega-verse. (MH)
  • Destroy the Ordered City of Repose. (DM)
  • A few other missions may become evident later.

The group wanders around the vessel and are warned not to go into off limit areas.  The group almost complies until Marshmallow Man convinces Draken to try to rip down a door to what appears to be a vault.  A young woman asks the group to contemplate how they would get such treasure off of the vessel.

The group also discovers a cargo hold and investigate it until they are asked to leave the area by a Riathenor.

The group goes to a jousting arena.  They watch a large beast-man eliminate another alien creature shortly after a joust.  Magma challenges the general audience looking for anyone to join in a duel but not to the death.  No takers accept his challenge.

The group is then released to make any last minute preparations before departing.  The group decides to eat and look around the amazing pan-dimensional vessel.  After some exploring the group is told to leave a few areas.  The group prepares to depart by purchasing a few last minute weapons.

The group returns to the garden and then suit up and get armed for the adventure to begin.  Dagotte Zyel warns the group that his mystic portal is only good for single passengers and should not be relied on as a mean of escape.  Zyel knows that only he and one other can escape via the portal.

The group then jumped into the dimensional portal.

Adventure #1

The group appeared in the aft engine room of some sort of space vehicle.  The group immediately had to react to the weightlessness of zero gravity.  Zyel immediately started flying, Draken moved awkwardly trying to resist turning into a dragon, Harold the Hard-Light-Hologram just projected a hovering person,  Magma had zero-g training, and Mandred used his gravity control device to help him maintain his balance.  Marshmallow Man  just bounced around the room.

The heroes looked around the room to find nothing of interest except some engines.  They also realized that the ship was on a collision course with a star.  They realized it would be just a few hours before impact; they had to react fast.  While the group was looking around the engine room, Marshmallow Man decides to open the only door available in the room.  Marshmallow Man is immediately hit by two mini-photon torpedoes.  Marshmallow Man flies backwards in the lack of gravity.  The group realize that the next room contains four 
silver spheres and two just shot Marshmallow Man.  The silver spheres are about .25m round and contain an array of holes from which they launch mini-photon torpedoes.  Harold reacts quickly and uses telekinesis to smash two of the spheres together.  Zyel casts a fireball spell and burns the two as they hit together.  Magma casts an illusion of a giant monster to hopefully distract the silver spheres, unfortunately, his illusion is composed of light, and makes no sound.  The spheres don't appear to perceive the illusion as a threat.   Draken fires his super-nova cannon at a silver sphere and hits it doing massive damage.  Marshmallow Man gets back up and takes two shots with his heavy maser pistols.   Zyel also shoots with his mass pistol and his heavy maser pistol.  Harold and Draken take some shots too.  Zyel and Marshmallow Man finish off the remaining silver spheres with a few more shots and then proceed to mash the disabled floating husks.  Mandred and Harold "Home Depot" the Hard-Light Hologram investigate the remaining silver spheres to see if they can do anything with them.   Marshmallow Man takes the liberty to crush those too.  

The group investigate this new room, but find nothing of significance but a door on the far wall.  Before Marshmallow Man can cause more damage, the group decides to have a plan.  While the group is discussing strategy and testosterone levels flair, Mandred  summons a least demon.  A small imp like demon appears almost instantly and is quite agitated.    Mandred does nothing to control the demon, so Zyel grabs it and tosses it into the next chamber. Zyel closes the door most of the way behind the demon so they can still hear what goes on in the other room.  Shots are heard and so Zyel opens the door to let the demon run back to them.  The demon runs frantically back to the engine room.  Mandred calms the demon after offering it more blood, and finally gets that there are a few large metal beings in the room and they just started firing some sort of light that hurt at it.  Mandred tells the rest of the group about the contents of the room.

The first 30 seconds of battle...

The heroes cautiously open the door and prepare to attack.  Zyel turns himself invisible and flies to the top of the door so he can escape any shooting that may ensue.  Marshmallow Man  takes a hit to the chest immediately.  Harold, Mandred, and Draken charge into the room right through the illusion that Magma cast moments earlier. Four shiny metallic Ref-bots are surprised by the illusion and charging heroes.   Magma tries to cast some sort of fire spell and catches himself on fire in a ball of zero-g flames.   Zyel flies invisibly over the four Ref-bots that inhabit the room.   Draken changes into dragon-form and attacks a Ref-bot, and Mandred attacks another.  While Harold attacks a third Ref-bot.  Mandred is hit by a direct shot from one of the robots.    Draken claws and swings his tail at the Ref-bot doing amazing damage.  Marshmallow Man doesn't notice that the Ref-bots and the room are extremely shiny and shoots into the room with his two heavy maser pistols.   The maser pistol shots hit the Ref-bot, but deflect and start to bounce all around the room.  Zyel and Harold take hits from the deflected masers, lucky for Harold and Zyel that they both wear ablative harnesses.  Magma puts out his fire and casts an entwine spell as one of the Ref-bots.  Mandred  mashes a Ref-bot with his Gravmace.  Draken breathes fire at one of the Ref-bots and almost toasts it then completes a power-strike with his powerful tail.   Harold shoots his projectile weapon to avoid bouncing masers around the room.
Zyel makes it across the room and immediately opens the door and tries to slip undetected by the two silver spheres inside. The silver spheres immediately fire into the reflective room.  Zyel then flies into the new room and gives one of the silver spheres a push into the room with the Ref-bots and closes the door.  Of course the heroes only perceive the door opening, the silver sphere entering the room, and the door closing since Zyel is invisible.  Mandred takes another hit with his Gravmace, but is also hit by a shot from the Ref-bots that bounces around the room.  The new silver sphere fires into the room and hits Draken and MandredMarshmallow Man sees the new silver sphere and targets it and hits accurately with his maser pistols.  Draken and Magma run out of the room back towards Marshmallow Man. Mandred barely dodges death and is hurt badly and falls to the ground as he tries to retreat to the previous room.  Harold chooses to remain in the room and fight the 3 remaining Ref-bots.  Marshmallow Man urges Harold and Mandred to retreat.

Adventure #1 part 2

Through a dimensional portal comes Scorpion he is sent from the Riathenor to help the group.  As Scorpion approaches, Harold and  Mandred barely make it back to the rear door.   Harold immediately replaces his battery on his ablative harness, as the group heals Mandred.   

Zyel is in the forward room and attacks the "silver sphere" with his double-blade weapon.  After a few strikes, the silver sphere is defeated.

Marshmallow Man sees that the room is cleared except for the Ref-bots so he tosses two grenades into the room.    By the time Marshmallow Man throws the 2nd grenade, the 3rd Ref-bot is at the doorway.  The Ref-bot shoots Marshmallow Man point blank but does little damage.  The Ref-Bot also forces the door open.

Zyel enters the room from the front and attacks one of the entangled Ref-Bots with his claw, then turns to the remaining active Ref-Bot and shoots his Plasma weapon till he destroys this Ref-Bot.

Mandred uses his GravMace on the Ref-bot that shot Marshmallow Man and the rest of the group easily defeat this Ref-Bot.  The group quickly moves into the next room and then Magma blows the door to the next room.  Zyel fails to generate a kinetic shield and falls in the doorway then Magma and Mandred fall over him in the doorway.  Luckily, the next room was empty, and it contained some medical packs.  The group quickly devoured these packs.

Magma places explosives on the next door and the group charges in to surprise two Ref-Bots.  Magma, Mandred, and  Zyel attack the one on the left.   Marshmallow Man, Draken, Scorpion, and Harold attack the one on the right.  Draken damages the Ref-Bot severely and  Scorpion destroys it with a 15mm sabot shot.  The left Ref-Bot quickly shoots back multiple volleys at Magma and ZyelFinally, Zyel gets a shot and hurts the Ref-Bot, but Draken and Marshmallow Man finishes him off.

The group move into the next room to find "Gelder the Sly" tied to the ships controls.   Zyel cuts him loose and Gelder immediately turns the ship away from the sun.  Gelder tells the group that he is a rebel leader and asks why they have come to rescue him.  The group doesn't tell him much, but mention bringing chaos to the mega-verse.  Gelder is grateful and tells the group about a powerful term for chaos.    He says, "Repeat the word 'Ni', while hopping on one leg, with one arm extended and this will stun Order Lords."  The group thanks Gelder and jumps through the time door that conveniently appears on the bridge of the ship.

Adventure #2

As they exit the dimensional portal the heroes find themselves in a forest on the edge of a great castle.  The castle has seven towers and is surrounded by a moat.  Magma tells the group that he has heard of a castle of the "Trans-Dimensional Wizards of the Galik Galaxy." By the markings and flags, Magma believes this to be the same castle.  Magma tells the group about a legendary magical orb that channels the magic of the seven wizards who use their power to provide Order to the Galaxy.

Draken is hungry so chooses to eat some nearby deer in the forest.  Some of the group also eat the deer.

After a short meal, Draken flies recon over the castle looking for a way in. Draken notices a strange force field covering the roof of the castle.   Marshmallow Man tosses two grenades at the castle, but one misses and the other mysteriously floats away from the castle and explodes harmlessly.  After some deliberation, Marshmallow Man decides to just swim across the moat and knock on the large drawbridge door.  A kind gentleman opens the door and invites the group in with little fuss.  He doesn't appear to be amazed by the group containing two mechalus, a were-dragon, riathenor, and a white pasty giant human.  

The group is invited to see pictures of the 7 wizards.  The group asks for a place to wait.  Harold asks for a way to recharge his batteries in his ablative harness.  An apprentice magic user is summoned, name not understood, and he attempts to provide electrical power for Harold.   His first attempt shorts Harold but his next attempt starts to charge the batteries.

The heroes ask for a place to rest and they are brought to a large waiting area to await a wizards return.

Adventure #2 part 2

After some talking with the servant and an upper level wizard, the heroes decide to start investigating the castle. Marshmallow Man wants to break some things, so Zyel suggests they start at the #1 tower. The group enter the tower and donít see an easy way up to a high up ledge. Zyel flies up and ties a rope for the rest of the group to climb. Magma and Mandred climed just fine, but when Marshmallow Man tries to climb with the rest of the group following behind, problems occur. With Marshmallow Manís massive weight, he falls and causes Draken and Harold to fall also. Each of them take a severe fall. Zyel laughs and tells them to try again.

The group finally gets to the ledge, Marshmallow Man grows impatient and busts down the door. It explodes and Marshmallow Man is wounded badly and the group takes damage too.

The group searches around the wizardís room and Draken finds a safe hidden behind a picture on a wall. Harold tries his hand at cracking the safe and picking the lock but breaks the safe. Marshmallow Man tries to jury-rig the safe so it might be able to work again. Harold amazingly cracks the safe open to reveal the treasure inside. The safe contained a brass key and a magic wand, and 19,000 gold pieces. The group clean out the safe and Harold gets the brass key and the wand of Super Intellect.

The group finds a ladder to an upper chamber and a wizards workshop. In the workshop they find some computers and begin to fiddle with them. Marshmallow Man learns that one of the computers is hooked to a chamber and it has two main programs. Zyel runs the radiation program while Marshmallow Man stands in the chamber. Marshmallow Man gains a few useful mutations. Magma also gets in the chamber but receives a few mutation drawbacks. Zyel then attempted to run the raise intelligence routines on himself, but failed miserably multiple times then got frustrated and threw the whole computer out the tower window.

Marshmallow Man threw a grenade out the window also, but like the PC, it just bounced off the defense shield.

The heroes moved on to the 4th tower. Marshmallow Man opened the door with telekinesis this time. Magma found a religious artifact on the workbench and Draken found a figurine of sorts. Harold took another brass key. Mandred takes a wizard bible for use later. Marshmallow Man takes a wand of seeing of some sort.

The group enters the 3rd tower and Marshmallow Man rushes up some stairs to find that after the 25th stair, the remaining are illusions. He avoids stumbling to the ground and uses his wand of seeing to look for illusions. He notices a hidden secret door in the floor. The group decides to investigate the passage under the secret door. The passage leads to a central chamber and the group sees a 6 other passages supposedly leading to the other towers. There is a ladder up to the 1st tower as well in the center of the chamber. The chamber also has some sort of computer control panel.

The group works on the computer to reveal a hidden chamber below with a ladder leading down. The group descends to find a chamber with four doors in the compass directions and 8 Wizards, one wizard standing in front of each door and one wizard in each corner of the room. The group confronts the wizards and asks them many questions. The wizards donít appear amused and ask the group to leave. Zyel teleports to the upper chamber. Just before the rest of the group starts to ascend the ladder, Marshmallow Man says he will camp out in the room. The wizards teleport Marshmallow Man upstairs to the sleeping quarters. Magma then attacks a wizard. After a few moments, the wizards swap Marshmallow Man and Magma. Marshmallow Man continues the fight started by Magma. Zyel tries to put a magic net on Marshmallow Man but fails. Then Zyel decides to join in the fight assisting Marshmallow Man. The wizards can't seem to even hit Marshmallow Man.  The rest of the group decides to help and shoot and attack the wizards. Zyel realizes that some of the Wizards are illusions after trying to slice through one. He immediately tells the others. Draken defeats one of the wizards.  Two of the wizards cast and fail causing themselves to be caught on fire. Zyel runs through a wall of flame and wounds another wizard severely. Zyel notices that the last wizard went invisible and so attacks him and kills him.  The group defeated the wizards after they realized that there was actually only 4 wizards in the room.  Every time they defeated one, a second would disappear.

Draken and Zyel eat their victims as Harold retches at the site. Okay, so it was holographic puke.

Harold attempts to pick the east door and opens it to find a magic explosive device waiting for him. He gets knocked back. The group looks in to see 16 statues, stone Golems, with large Grav-Maces. Zyel casts dispel magic barrier at every door as Harold lock picks and Marshmallow Man telekinetically opens the doors. Each of the four rooms appears to be identical with the 16 statues and a far door. The group uses telekinesis to open two of the far doors and they can barely see some sort of computer equipment from the central chamber.

The group figures that the statues will come to life once they enter the room, so Zyel teleports into the far rooms to see what the contents of each of the two rooms they successfully opened. It appears to be a chamber that may house the "Orb of Unity." Zyel also notices that each of the equipment consoles need a key.

So, now the group needs to gather the remaining keysÖ.

Adventure #3 

While waiting to continue on their quest for the remaining keys, the group finds another megaverse portal.  A Riathenor, Dagotte Pogar, steps through and suggests the group joins him on a different quest.  This quest is to eliminate some type of Order computer found deep in the mysterious "caves of wonder".

The group appears in the caves and starts their search for the computer.  

Harold finds a chest with some gold in it.

The group notices some guy walking around with a maser cannon.  The group tries to talk to him, but they soon begin firing at him because he is a member of some group defending order.  The guy is fried by Zyel.

Marshmallow Man finds a fake wall in the caves and busts through it.  On the other side of the wall, 5 bartenders await the group and attack.  Scorpion and Pogar get shot.  Zyel erases on guy almost instantly.  Zyel and Pogar shoot wound two other guys.  Scorpion takes care of another.   Magma casts fiery bolts at the last one.

Draken tries to revive one of the wounded guys as Pogar and Zyel eat two of the wounded men. Draken doesn't get any information out of the revived guy.

The group detects a patch of burning trees and Harold is burned when he opens a chest and a large flame comes out.   Marshmallow Man finds a portal to another location in the cave, so the entire group follows through.

The group encounters five bartenders.  Draken burns one to a crips.  Zyel shoots Harold in the back of the head.  The group finally eliminates the remaining bartenders.

The group wanders further into the cave and finds a large crate with a suit of Titan Assault Armor in it.  Since Scorpion doesn't have any armor the group elects to give it to him.

The group then finds a medical lab and packs many first-aid and trama packs.

The group then encountered a bunch of humans preparing to attack them....

Adventure #2 part 3

The heroes wander away from the humans through the cave and  find another portal.  The group jumps through to find themselves back in the "castle of the seven wizards."  

The group begins a systematic search for the remaining keys of the seven.  Marshmallow Man fights a gargoyle that turns out to be an illusion.  Methodically, the group finds the keys and returns to the underground chambers.  Draken shoots open the two remaining doors that are guarded by golemsDraken then suggests that the group teleport using a wand they found through to the west room.  The two Riathenor, Zyel and Pogar, teleport through, and the rest of the group waits for Magma to teleport them using the wand of teleportation.  After expending almost all the charges the group is in the room.  The group lays the keys out in the pattern of the towers and Marshmallow Man figures out how to open the silo.  As it turns out, Draken suggested the correct room, and the true "Orb of Unity" is revealed.  As Magma grabs the orb, a portal opens near the group and they all jump through.

Adventure #4

The group appear on a path towards an old run down town that appears to be medieval Europe.  The group approach the town and are met by some Templar Knights  who tell the group they have been expected.  Mysteriously, no powered weapons work, Scorpions powered armor ceases to function, and Harold becomes fully human once again.  The group listens and finds out that the Knights are awaiting heroes to help them stop "King Richard the Lion Hearted" from returning to Europe.  The group meets Jauques de Maule and he shows Magma around the monastery.  The group finds out that they are in the Swiss Alps and can ambush King Richard at a pass not far away.  While waiting for spring, the group studies up on hand to hand and ranged weapons of the time and increases their skills.  Jacques convinces Magma to let the Templar knights keep the "Orb of Unity" for safe keeping.

The  group is told that the monastery is under attack and they go out into a courtyard to help 7 Templar knights fight off 3 sorcerers and 6 knights.  Mandred and Magma take up positions to shoot crossbows while the rest run out into the courtyard to fight.   Zyel and Pogar try to teleport near the sorcerers but fail.  One Templar knight fall dead moments after the heroes arrive.  Harold hits one of the knights with his T-bar.  

Adventure #4 part 2

Amazingly Harold finds that his pistol works.  He then shoots at a sorcerer.  The sorcerer fires a fiery bolt at HaroldMagma throws a fiery bolt at the same wizard.  Pogar kills one of the knights, and Draken kills another with his long sword.  Zyel jumps up on the fountain and slays a wizard, he immediately takes a bite of his brain.  More knights Templar enter the monastery courtyard.  This distracts the remaining knights.  Marshmallow Man kills another knight.  The wizards start opening a portal in the sky.  Pogar leaps up and kills the 2nd wizard as the wizards try to open a portal and escape.  The 3rd wizard teleports away.  The 3rd wizard is believed to be the legendary Merlin.

The remaining knights huddle up to defend themselves and Zyel casts a magic net over them.  Magma interrogates the knights, but only finds information about King Richard returning through some pass.  He also finds out that King Richard wields the legendary Excalibur.  He also finds out that Merlin is probably trying to meet with King Richard to escape this world.  Magma knows now that he is descendent of King Arthur himself.  After much irritation, the Riathernor Pogar barbecues the 4 captive knights with his "Circle of Flame."  Pogar and Zyel eat the roasted humans.

The group immediately sets off for the mountain pass.  On the way, they see a Roc and venture to follow it since it is carrying the orb.   They see the Roc take a power dive for the mountains.  Harold takes a shot but misses.  Magma realizes he has given the orb to an imposter probably Merlin. Pogar flies ahead up the mountain pass to scout out the coming band of 12 knights.  He mentions a band of 12 pilgrims too.

The group sets out to meet the group of knights and they choose to walk on the north side of a river that splits the valley pass.  The group takes translux and the Riathenor hide.  The Riathenor are spotted by a group of pilgrims on the other side of the river.  The pilgrims shoot an flaming arrow to warn the knights of danger.  The pilgrims retreat to join with the knights.  

The group tries to sneak attack, but the knights are too sly and notice the footprints in the snow.  Zyel threatens the knights and teleports ahead to their new path.  Zyel then flies towards the knights and ignites a "Circle of Flame" around himself.  He burns through the knights and the knights disappear.  The knights were just an illusion.    Zyel is enraged and flies around the mountain pass looking for foot prints and tries to burn the area.  Again Zyel is thwarted by an illusion.   Finally Zyel finds that the knights have taken an alternate route through a mountain cave.  Zyel reports this to the others.  Pogar tries to fly back to the monastery to ask for information about the cave, but he can't fly.  Zyel flies instead and asks a monk for information.  The monk gladly tells Zyel and so the information is conveyed back to the group.

Marshmallow Man seals the cave entrance as the rest of the group make their way around to the cave exit.  After a thwarted ambush attempt, the group finally gets the knights out in the open for their attack.

Harold and Mandred shoot at a few knights as they exit the cave.  The rest of the group attack either invisible or using translux. Mandred sends his imp to stay near the knight who is obviously King Richard.  King Richard notices the imp and immediately dispatches the imp with Excalibur.  The imp vanished in a ball of fire as Excalibur slices through him.

The knights form a protective ring around King Richard, so the group now attacks.  The group notices 11 knights and 11 archers surrounding King Richard.  Four special guards are closest to King Richard, so the group immediately attack the knights forming the outer ring.

The group perform the test to see if any of the knights are Order Lords.  No knights appear to be Order Lords.

Zyel teleports into the circle near the famed archer Robin Hood and a moment later slices him down with his retractable dual-blade and his crescent blade.  Draken changes quickly and takes out a knight.  Marshmallow Man bashes in another knights head.  Magma, Harold, and Mandred  all start shooting and casting fiery bolts from a safe distance from the knights.  Pogar attacks and kills another knight.  Scorpion attacks a nearby archer, but is hit at point blank range.  Zyel steps away from King Richard and viciously attacks a knight facing away from him.  The knight's head goes flying away. Magma shoots at an archer and hits a knight Ivanhoe.  King Richard moves to a position which seems unoccupied by invisible demons and his three remaining personal guards move with him.  Draken claws his way through another knight.  Marshmallow Man wounds yet another knight.   

With two knights, 10 archers, three special knights, and King Richard remaining, the group closes in.  Suddenly Merlin appears to try to cast a spell to reveal the invisible attackers.

Adventure #4 part 3

The illusionists dream continues....

The group continues to battle King Richard and his men.  Merlin tries to cast a spell to remove the invisibility of the group.  The archers are told to spread out by King Richard so they all move to enlarge their circle of arrows.  

Merlin then casts a fantastic spell where he polymorphs 2 knights, NO 1 archer and 1 knight, NO 2 archers into 2 horses, NO 1  horse and 1 zebra, NO 1 zebra and 1 giraffe, NO 1 rhino and 1 zebra, NO 1 unicorn and 1 pegasus.

Zyel attacks Little John and in doing so manages with his hooked blade to remove Little John's quarterstaff from his grip.  Marshmallow Man attacks the rear of the fleeing archer turned unicorn with little success.  Pogar slashes an archer to death.

King Richard climbs onto the pegasus and tries to get it to fly, but the pegasus doesn't take off.  Marshmallow Man strikes the Unicorn again with no luck because he hits it in its invulnerable rump.  Draken breathes fire towards the knight Sir Nigel and burns him to a crisp.  The flames lick the unicorn and cause it to flee.  Harold tries to use pyro-kinetics to excite Excalibur so that King Richard may drop it, but he fails to do so.  King Richard finally gets the pegasus to fly and Merlin transforms himself into  a Roc and flies with King Richard.  Merlin is also carrying the "Orb of Unity".   Zyel slashes again at Little John and carves him up. Harold tries again to heat Excalibur but fails.

Draken pursues King Richard and Merlin.  Magma, Harold, and Mandred try to shoot at the fleeing King Richard.  Scorpion actually manages to hit the Pegasus with a shot from his rifle.  Marshmallow Man throws a grappling hook to try to catch King Richard before he gets too high in the air.  Zyel flies after King Richard to try to get close enough to force him to drop the sword as well. Scorpion takes another shot and the pegasus falls slowly to the ground and King Richard falls off.  Merlin swoops down and trades the Orb for King Richard.  Pogar attempts to fly but fails.

Magma runs towards the fallen Orb.  Zyel flies to the Orb.  On his way down Zyel tries to use pyro-kinetics to heat Excalibur and successfully causes King Richard to drop the fabled sword.  As it falls to the glacier Magma moves to retrieve it.  Draken flies near the falling sword but cannot manage to catch it.  King Richard slumps over unconscious in the Roc's claws after Scorpion makes another successful shot.   

"The Lady of the Glacier" reaches up from the melting glacier and grabs Excalibur just before Magma can reach it. Magma attacks the "Lady of the Glacier" with fiery bolts but misses.  Magma tries desperately to get Excalibur but fails as it retreats further beneath the glacier.  Zyel reaches the orb and picks it up for safe keeping from Merlin.

Draken approaches Merlin and swings his powerful tail at the Roc.  The blow is solid and Merlin is forced to drop King Richard.   Merlin teleports to safety after having received such an immense blow. King Richard barely survives the fall but is quickly made into lunch by the two Riathenor.  Pogar  saves King Richards heart for Draken.

The group notice a mega verse rift opening and choose to jump through after having accomplished their mission.

Adventure #5 

The group will find themselves between two planets at war.  One planet will attempt to open a portal to the plane of hell on the other.  The group must attempt to stop the opening of the portal on one planet and cause it to be opened on the other.   What problems might they encounter????  

The group finds themselves trapped in plastic and metalic crates.  Each adventurer seems to be in a large crate alone.  After much analysis Magma decides to burn his way out with his hand flamer.

Magma then proceeds to unlatch the remaining crates to find Dagotte Zyel, Draken, and Harold.  Mysteriously enough, no other members of the group are to be found.  The group investigates the cargo bay that they have just arrived in.  Draken notices some engines at the rear of the cargo bay.  Magma notices a man standing in the darkness along a far wall.  The man introduces himself as Tagin Eve, reknowned star-swordsmen of his world.

Magma believes Tagin to be a threat and tests him by throwing an amazing fireball right above him.  Tagin shows no fear, but also displays no awareness for magic.  Harold greets Tagin and invites him to join the group.

Abbreviated adventure until further notice....

  • Meet the 2 Fraal Pilots
    • The group breaks down a door leading to the bridge of a small cargo ship.  Two pilots sit looking forward totally oblivious to the group.  Draken immediately walks up to one and claws him.  The pilot falls over bleeding badly but offers no resistance.  The other pilot asks the group what they are doing here as stow-aways.  Then begins to tell the group where they are headed and that the planets are about to eclipse in a few days.
  • Land the cargo vessel on the planet Hoop
    • The group decides to go explore some nearby caverns.  The group asks the crew to wait, but they say that they will only wait long enough to load their cargo and refuel.  
  • Enter the Caverns via the crater  
    • The group enter the caverns and make their way down past many stalagmites.
  • Find some riddles and traps
    • A ways into the cavern, the group encounters a metal wall barrier.  After a few moments, just after the group retreats back a few meters, another wall falls trapping Draken in between the two panels.  Draken starts pounding on the walls and finally shoots his way through.
    • The group then reads some inscription on the far metal wall after a pit between the walls opens.
    • The wall contains a riddle and the group call out the answer.  The wall opens up after the answer is spoken.
    • Tagin and Magma encounter sneaky stalagmite which traps them in a small room.   
    • After a while, the group does free the two unlucky adventurers.
  • Unbury a Demon Weren
    • Further along the path in the cavern, the group finds a large pile of sand.  They poke through the sand and hit something solid. The group decides to unbury what is hidden beneath the pile of sand.
    • After some digging, the group uncovers a sarcophagus.  Another riddle is on the sarcophagus and the group reads it.
    • Magma decides to open it, and finds a mummy of sorts with a medallion. Zyel reads the medallion which speaks of unleashing an evil demon.  The group then burns the mummified body.
  • Lose Dagotte Zyel
    • The group ventures further and find some sort of column trap.  Zyel gets past the columns before Harold telepathically triggers the trap by pressing a button on a wall.
    • After the columns close the passage, a eerie noise is heard behind them down the passage.  It sounds like something is screaming in pain.  Possibly the mummified body has come to life.
    • The group tries for a while to cut past the column, but finds that it does little good.  Draken finally decides to breath fire at the columns and burns a hole through them.
    • The group tries to squeeze through and Magma gets burned by the still hot rock.
    • Zyel is not to be found.  Either he wandered off or something happened to him.
  • Meet an underground vamp nomad 
    • The group wander further into the cavern and meet a ghastly figure all pale and dark black bulbs for eyes.
    • He seems nice enough and informs the group of some legends surrounding the planets and the rising of demons during the eclipse.
  • Learn about the planetary eclipse
    • Legend has it that during a certain eclipse, a portal to a hideous reality will open and one of the two planets will be sucked into it and ultimately experience hell.
    • Legend is vague about which planet and what can be done to stop it.
  • Try to return to the surface
    • After hearing this news, the group tries frantically to return to the surface.
    • The group retrace their steps avoiding as many traps as they can.
    • The group finds the the metal doorway has been triggered to fall once again.
    • As the group attempts to open the door, they hear screaming sounds again.
  • Encounter the Demon Weren
    • The group hides and takes translux.
    • A burned Weren approaches them speaking in an unknown tongue.
    • Harold understands it to be a riddle, but offers no clue as to its answer.
    • A moment later, the Weren strikes at  Draken
    • Draken performs an amazing feat to dodge the beast and swing around him and slap the medallion back around its neck.
    • The beast swings again but misses.  Tagin attacks in a blaze of sword swipes and kills the Weren.
    • The group drag the Weren back to the sarcophagus and rebury it.
  • Escape to the surface with no cargo vessel to be found
    • The group apparently lost track of time and find a flare gun which the pilots promised to fire just before lift off.
    • The cargo ship has gone, leaving the group stranded.
    • The group make camp for the night.
  • Draken is hungry 
    • Draken flies to fetch a rabbit for dinner, so he swoops down and grabs a helpless smaller rabbit and returns to the camp.

Adventure #5 part 2

While resting the night, the Magma sees a Riathenor walking in the distance.  Dagotte Pogar comes out of a nearby field.  Magma and Pogar keep watch and notice a group of giant rabbits approaching from the east.  As sun rises, the rest of the group awake. Draken is hungry and flies towards the group of rabbits.  Pogar takes Harold in his holographic projection form and flies after Draken.   Magma also casts a spell to fly towards the rabbits.  Tagin waits at the camp site an watches.

Draken attacks the group of rabbits and kills some quickly.  Magma starts firing his hand flamers at the rabbits.  Pogar slashes through a couple of rabbits.  Magma drops a hand flamer but easily recovers it moments later.  Harold is quite disgusted at the attack and refuses to fight and pleas with Pogar to try a peaceful communication method.  Pogar ignores him and continues slashing and eating rabbits.  Draken toasts a few more rabbits and power tail strikes a few others.  As the group enjoys a feast, more rabbits hop over the nearby hills and immediately attack the group.  This larger group of rabbits is easily finished off and only one is kept alive.  Magma lights a wall of fire around himself to prevent any rabbits from attacking him.  Tagin runs to join in the fray and slices a few rabbits up swiftly.  Draken knocks a rabbit unconscious, ties, and binds it.  After waking the captured rabbit Pogar asks it some questions.  The rabbit is obviously of low intelligence and doesn't understand most of what is being asked of it.  

The group decides to follow the rabbit to its leaders.  After following the rabbit over a hill, the group is amazed at the sight of thousands of rabbits in the fields below the hill.  Everyone except Tagin flies above the rabbits.  The captured rabbit quickly escapes into a crowd of other rabbits hopping around.  Magma starts burning the ground to excite the rabbits.  Dumbly they hop around and simply avoid the immediate fire danger. 

After some time, the group returns to the cavern entrance and decide to go looking for Dagotte Zyel.  The group wander the caverns looking for any evidence of Zyel, but they find nothing.  The group enters a large cavernous hall and from the ceiling attack some strange looking vampire like creatures.  

The Vamps swoop down, bite and fly back up.  The group quickly burns, shoots or slashes the Vamps.  The group kills 7 Vamps and 4 flee the area.

The group soon encounters the same old Vamp nomad they met before.  The group ask him to find out about Zyel.  He offers little help but promises to return with any information.  

While the group waits, they explore the caves some more and find another Vamp.  The group ignores his warnings to turn back and are attacked from above once more.  The group quickly takes out five more Vamps.  

The group finds a tunnel which is oddly constructed and at the end of the tunnel is a large iron ball.   Magma tries to fly over it and touches it.  This causes the ball to roll towards the others.  They retreat down the hall and slip inside a side passage.   The ball rolls down the hall as oil flows into the chamber.  The ball rubs against iron spikes and cause sparks to ignite the oil in a blaze of fire.  Luckily the group hid in the side passage.  Pogar is resistant to fire and walks through it to find MagmaMagma and Pogar walk around and find some secret passages leading to what appears to be a camp inside the cave.   After some more searching, they find another exit to the room.  The rest of the group circles around to meet back with Magma and Pogar.  

The group searches around and soon find the Vamp nomad again.  The nomad tells the group after some interrogation about a interstellar transmitter.  The group follows the Vamp and another into a chamber from which to make a call.  The group calls around and finds Gelder.  Gelder doesn't recognize Draken or Magma who claim to know him.  Apparently Gelder is much younger than he was when they previously encountered him on the spaceship "Plunge."

The group offers him 30,000 gold pieces and assorted diamonds.  Gelder tells them to meet him outside the sink hole in the clearing in about a day.  The group quickly exits the caverns to return to the surface.  

Draken, Magma and the others discuss the ramifications of releasing a demon again, and so return to the cavern and unbury a demon, steal the medallion, light its rags on fire, then get the heck out of there.

As the group waits, some forms appear on the horizon.

Adventure #5 part 3

Magma decides to get a better view of the flying critters that fly above the rabbit carcasses.  Magma notices a dozen or so winged wolves of sort.  He flys to a mountain peek to see what they are doing.   Draken also flies to investigate these new creatures.  After some observations,  Magma decides to cast an illusion of a giant rabbit right in the groups campsite.  Four Egistron fly towards the illusion to investigate.  The group takes translux and all but Pogar are out of sight.  Pogar fails to turn invisible and drugs don't affect Riathenor.  The Egistron fly through the illusion and start attacking the group. Draken flies and swifly defeats a flying Egistron.  Tagin slices through one and Harold shoots one. Pogar is surprised as six more Egistron attack from the behind the cavern entrance.  Pogar is quickly knocked to the ground after several bites and claws rip through his symbiotic armor.    Magma burns a Egistron and retreats to the cave entrance.  Tagin assists Pogar and Pogar retreats into the cavern quite wounded.  Harold also tries to get into the cave entrance as  Magma ignites a wall of flame around himself.   Tagin tries to make his way to the cave entrance but is attacked by multiple Egistron.    Tagin manages to slay a few on his way to the cave entrance.  Draken swoops down to the rescue and power tail strikes and breathes fire to fry a couple of Egistron.  After a while, the group defeat the Egistron pack and try to fix their camp.  

A bit later, Pogar sees Zyel exiting from the caverns. Zyel explains to the group that a group of Vamps attacked him when he was separated from them.  He explained how they captured him and placed him in some sort of coffin.  Zyel told the group about some alien which opened the coffin and how he had to slay it.  He also relays the message that the Vamps were opening the demonic portal between the two planets.  Zyel is made aware of the rescue ship coming, and Zyel suggests that the group reenter the caverns to defeat the Vamps before they complete their spell.

The group ventures into the cave to find the Vamps.  In no time, the group finds 5 Vamps performing some sort of ritual.  Magma casts a fire spell on one Vamp.  As the Vamp burns, Magma disguises himself as that Vamp and tries to go replace the Vamp by standing in the circle.  Draken enters the area and is attacked by two Vamps from the ceiling.  Draken quickly defeats one as the group defeats the other.
Zyel sneaks invisible to help translate for Magma since he cannot understand what the other Vamps are saying.  After a few more Vamp guards are defeated the group take translux, and surround the Vamp priests.  Just as the ceremony is complete, the group attacks the Vamps.  In a few seconds all Vamps are killed.

The group knows that the portal is open, and Magma knows that he has somehow distorted the results.  The group quickly return to the surface to find a small space craft just leaving the surface of the planet.  Harold quickly shoots some flares to get the pilots attention.

Gelder lands the craft and beckons the group aboard.  The group comes aboard and Gelder straps in and takes off.  Some members place their gold in Gelders care.  

The group watch as the two planets pass closely to the dimensional gate in space.  Both planets slightly hit the edges and are torn apart as planet slices slip into the demonic dimension and parts pass through normal space.  Molten masses spin away from each other during the brief eclipse. 

Magma gets greedy and refuses to put his gold in.  Gelder warns him; but Magma attacks Gelder with a hand flamer.  Gelder releases the airlock doors and the group starts to get pulled into the vacuum of space.  Harold throws his grappling hook and catches inside the ship.  Draken, Magma, and Pogar succeed in catching the rope, but Tagin fails.  Zyel fails so bad that when he reached for the rope his crescent blade accidentally cuts it.  The group is flung into space.  The Riathenor immediately open Mystic portals to return to the Riathenor mega dimensional vessel.   Harold and Draken manage to get close enough to the Riathenor to slip through the portals created.  

Magma and Tagin fall toward the dimensional gate within seconds. Tagin is quite agitated and fires a laser at Magma.  As they land in this burning, sulfuric realm, ten demons approach the two.  

Back on the Riathenor vessel, Harold locates a powerful Riathenor and informs him about Magma and Tagin falling through space.  After many days of research, the Riathenor leave to rescue Magma and Tagin.  

Between Magma, Tagin and the demons, a mystic portal opens and out step 13 Riathenor.  The Riathenor cover Magma and Tagin's retreat into the portal.

The group is back togther on the Riathenor vessel.  Marshmallow Man, Scorpion, and Mandred are still among the missing.

Adventure #6

The group will leave the comfort of the Riathenor vessel and head to some sort of experimental zoo.  There they must free some vial monsters that are being researched.

After a bit of rest and recuperation the group jumps through the portal and ends up on the jungle planet Galdar.  The group find themselves in the basement of a tower.  Their objective is to free the creatures being experimented on, destroy the tower, and kill the forces of order.  

The group find themselves in a small basement room and they leave it to enter a long hall with many doors.  Pogar and Zyel lead the way to open some doors.  They find a room with some large rock like creatures.   After some snooping around, Draken is attacked, but he is missed and so the group decide to leave the door open and look around some more.  

Zyel opens another door and is hit in the head by a spit rock from an aardvark looking critter.  Zyel leaves the door open and proceeds further down the hall.

The next room, Zyel opens a door and immediately communicates with 4 Krimpts, "Zic","Zac","Zoc",and "Zuc".  The Krimpts are happy to be free and try to leave the room quickly.  

Tagin opens another door down the hall.  Zyel and Harold start up some stairs at the end of the hall. Tagin and the rest of the group are quickly immobilized by some Furballum, floating pink furry critters.  Tagin, Draken, and Pogar are stunned while Magma tries to burn the floating Furballum approaching.  Magma burns one as Harold and Zyel return to the hall to help.  Zyel shoots one dead with his plasma ejector.    Magma burns two more and Tagin suddenly becomes mobile again and he swings his mace to knock two more Furballum dead.  Tagin discovered that his star sword didn't work properly and the Grav-mace only works as a standard mace.  Magma is soon stunned by the last Furballum.  Draken, and Pogar regain consciousness after Tagin kill another.  Zyel casts a magic net on it and  Draken then covers it with the raft to keep for later.  

Pogar notices that Magma is still not moving, so he slings him over his shoulder and carries him.  The group then proceeds up the stairs.  

Zyel enters the next levels hall and immediately proceeds to open the door across from the stairs.  Zyel finds two large Larthanks and they speak common.  So Zyel tells them that they are free and moves on down the hall.   The rest of the group come up the stairs and are followed by the aardvark critters.

Zyel opens another door and is unhappily greeted by three Wolblethe.   One Wolblethe immediately charges Zyel but misses.  Zyel just continues down the hall ignoring the charge.  Pogar tries to communicate with the Wolblethe but the charging one ignores his attempts and follows Zyel down the hall.   Zyel is rammed in the back by the Wolblethe.  Zyel turns and slashes the Wolblethe with his crescent blade and dual-blade.  The Wolblethe rams again and Zyel cuts its throat and kills him dead. 

One of the remaining Wolblethes sees Zyel kill the first and charges towards him.  Zyel sees the Wolblethe charging and takes a bite out of the dead Wolblethe to try to scare him away.  Pogar and Draken try to ward off the Wolblethe but it still rams at Zyel.  Zyel prepares for the attack and slashes the Wolblethe.  The Wolblethe dies shortly after.  The last Wolblethe cowers after seeing the Riathenor kill two of its kind quite quickly.

Zyel then opens the next door to find 4 Chomps....

Adventure #6 part 2

The group enters the next stairwells and split up.  Harold carries Magma and encounters a Chomp.  The Chomp takes a bite at Harold, so Harold immediately retreats to a far room and allows the Chomp to pass in the corridor.  Draken and Tagin take the left stairwell, while Zyel and Pogar go right following a Larthank.  A chomp proceeds to follow Zyel and Pogar up the stairs.  

Draken and Tagin are followed by 4 Ongarts and 1 Chomp is not far behind.  Draken and Tagin wander up the stairs and down a long hallway to find that it ends in a dead end.  The Chomp so large that it blocks any way for the guys to turn around and get past.  Draken realizes that they will be crushed, so plants some explosives on a corner wall to ambush the Chomp.  The Chomp takes the brunt of the explosion, but is not stopped.  Draken then releases the Furballum and it paralyzes the Chomp.  Draken then tries to recapture the Furballum with the raft.  The Ongarts try to kill the Furballum after it stuns one of them.  Tagin is hit by an Ongart charge, and Draken fights to get the Furballum back in the raft.  After some fun with the Ongarts and the Furballum, Draken recaptures it.  

Draken tries to set explosives in the Chomps mouth, but it is a dud.  Draken then sets more explosives inside the Chomps mouth to try to blow him out of the way.  The Chomp remains unconscious, but doesn't free any space in the hall.   The Chomps mouth closes around the explosives.   The Ongarts want to kill the Furballum, and keep shooting rocks at Draken. Draken and Tagin finally manage to push the Chomp aside and slide by.  They run back to the stairwell split to follow the others.

Meanwhile... Zyel and Pogar trick the following Chomp into entering a large combat arena and leave it there.  Harold carrying Magma join up with them.

Zyel and Pogar get to the 4th level and find a room with a Grorge inside.  Zyel quickly speaks and tells the Grorge that they are not harmful to him.  "Ugul", the Grorge, accepts this after Zyel allows him to trash the lab.  After Ugul trashes the lab, Draken joins up with them and sets explosives to detonate it.  As soon as Draken isn't looking, Zyel slashes through the raft and kills the Furballum inside thus releasing Magma from his trance.  Draken isn't too pleased with the death of his pet.  

The group move on to the 5th level and enter a large hall where they find the 4 krimpts that were released hours before.  The krimpts are afraid to venture forth because they fear guards lurk around.

As the group is deciding what to do next, 8 Linchets enter the rear of the hall.  Pogar immediately kills one and Zyel hits one.  Zyel also gets hit.  Ugul joins the attack.  Draken breathes fire at a few Linchets.  

Magma casts fiery bolts at the Linchets.  Harold tries his blade.  Zyel casts a wall of flame in front of 3 Linchets.  Pogar slashes with his dual-blade.  Draken returns to human form and attacks with his sword.  The krimpts remain pinned against the wall trying to stay concealed.

Magma casts more fiery bolts and one flies around the room but still hits his target. Pogar trips while trying to attack.  One Linchet flees from Zyel's wall of flame.

Magma casts another set of fiery bolts and one flies around and burns Tagin's hair.  Tagin tries the door out of the room only to find 4 more Linchets.  Tagin tries to close the door as the group will be fighting from two sides, but has trouble.  Draken throws some dynamite into the room with the 4 Linchets and wounds them.  Tagin checks his star sword, and it works.  He jumps to attack, but as soon as he swings, the star sword briefly fails.  Draken tries to pull Tagin back in from the 4 Linchets.

Pogar's blade jams closed.  Tagin drops his star sword.  One Linchet tries to knock the sword away but he misses.  Ugul hurts a few more Linchets.

While Magma burns a Linchet, Zyel and Pogar finish off a few.  Draken and Tagin finish off the four remaining.  Another Linchet joins in, the one who fled before and is killed quickly by Tagin and Draken.

Zyel and Pogar take bites out of the wounded and dying  Linchets and find them quite tastey.

Adventure #6 part 3

The Krimpts quickly move towards the exit door and leave the building.  This level was the ground floor.  Draken places some explosives on the door so any wandering free monsters will be able to find their way out.  Draken blows the door off the hinges.  Draken wants to fly to the roof, but can't fly in this atmosphere.  

The group decides to go up the next stairs and find a chomp waiting at the top of the stairs.  The Chomp turns and follows the group as the group runs down the stairs.  Zyel places a wall of flame up to coax the Chomp towards the exit.  Just as the Chomp passes by, the Wall fails.   

The group find a room full of empty chambers and they find a thousands of gold pieces.  Pogar also finds a female human mutant, SeleneSelene is set free and she decides to follow the group.  

The group opens a door and sees two Furballum in some sort of globe like containers, but Magma convinces them to immediately close the door and move on.  The group then finds a pool with some sort of creature in it, they leave it alone, but leave the door open just in case the creature wants to get free later.

The group then splits in two and open two separate doors.  Draken finds a large dragon-like critter and quickly makes friends.  The Alnde is a female named "Molly."   Draken convinces her to follow the group and join them in the quest to kill the Order Lords  who captured her.  

The rest of the group meet up at a doorway leading to a T-Rex looking monster.  After much debate on how to navigate past the beast, the group finally decides to rush in, attack it and try to get past it.  Every man for himself it seemed.  Selene tries to mental blast it, but has no effect.  Zyel throws the T-Rex some Linchet meat, but it doesn't seem interested.   Draken throws some explosives in the room, but it doesn't seem affected.  Zyel is the first to get close enough to strike and as soon as his blade passes through it, the T-Rex illusion disappears.  

The group quickly run up the stairs and Zyel and Pogar find themselves face to face with an Order Lord.   After a brief conversation about house cleaning, the Order Lord tries to flee.   Pogar chases him out the door to a ledge roof.  The Order Lord hops on a hot air balloon and  quickly ascends.    Tagin calls attention to this and Draken, Zyel, and Harold run outside.   The Order Lord casts a ray of cold at Pogar as Pogar flies towards the balloon. Draken decides to fly after the balloon also, but can't manage it.  Pogar slashes at the balloon and finds himself tearing through it.   Harold remembers the information given to him by Gelder and quickly screams "Niek" and stands on one leg.    The Order Lord is quite confused.  While Pogar slashes through the balloon he makes a critical error and knocks his head on the furnace housing.  Pogar briefly looses consciousness and starts to fall to the ground.    Draken performs a death defying glide and snatches Pogar just before impact.   Zyel, tries to fire his plasma ejector just to see if he can hit the balloon.  The plasma ejector works and hits the balloon amazingly and the balloon explodes.  The Order Lord falls into the woods, as he burns.

Tagin calls to the group after he sees a portal open in the center of the room.  The group on the roof jump in as Draken and Pogar race to get back.  Draken breathes fire at some of the books in the room just before the portal closes.

Adventure #7

The group jump through the portal and end up in a field just east of small city.   Many members of the group reappear from past adventures, including Marshmallow Man, Scorpion, and Mandred.  Not to mention, the three new beings that followed them through the portal, Selene, Molly, and Ugul.

The group notices that between them and the city is a 6 meter tall mechanical warrior and an armored humanoid next to it.  The group send Draken and Molly to meet with the Urban Assault Robot, but it and the armored man fire their weapons.  The group immediately reacts by taking translux, turning invisible, and spreading out to form a semi-circle around the UAR.  

Zyel is immediately hit with a missile and knocked to the ground.  

Magma is the next to take be hit by a massive explosion from a missile.  Magma is wounded unconscious.

Harold takes aim and shoots a sensor located on the UAR chest.

Mandred gets hit by a large laser rifle beam.    Mandred is down for good.  His body parts go flying everywhere.

Harold takes aim and shoots the left UAR eye.   The UAR seems unaffected.

Draken, Pogar, Ugul, Molly and Tagin run forward and attack the UAR and guard close up.   Tagin slashes the armored guard quite quickly.  Tagin kills the armored guard.

Harold takes aim and shoots out the other UAR eye.  The UAR continues firing missiles, rockets, and shooting his laser weapons.

Zyel fires a few times and is hit with a second massive attack and wounded out by a missile attack.

Scorpion gets hit the laser rifle beam and is burnt to a crisp.

Molly and Ugul attack the UAR and are wounded badly.

Pogar and Tagin are kicked and shot at and Pogar finally succumbs to the laser beam weapon.

Draken is knocked out of the sky by a laser beam weapon.

Tagin is knocked unconscious by a missile attack.

Harold and  Selene run to hide behind Marshmallow Man  just before he is knocked unconscious by a missile.

Harold and  Selene continue firing at the UAR when a 2nd UAR appears and starts attacking the first.

The group has badly damaged the original UAR and so it falls dead quickly.

The group gets up, collects the wounded and starts healing them. 

Pogar, Scorpion, and Mandred didn't make it.

The remainder jump through the nearby open portal.

Adventure #8

The group jump through the portal and end up in a field just up a hill from a of a city.  Looking down the hill over a city the group notices a medieval city with many roads entering the walls of the city.  Many guards are located at each gate.

Draken uses his hindsight perk to recall that the mission is to destroy this city.  Draken and Molly approach the city with the rest of the group just behind them.  One man approaches with 13 guards following closely behind him.  The man introduces himself as Sline.  The group convinces Sline that they mean no harm, and the guards are sent away.  Sline offers a bit of information about the City of Repose.  

The group is invited in and given a quick tour and walk to some accommodations.  On the way, Zyel senses a portal opening up just behind the group.  Zyel warns the group and the group turns to fact 5 adventurers as they step through the portal.  One is wearing powered armor, 2 look like beasts, 1 looks like  a wizard, and the last looks like a futuristic soldier.  After a quick discussion with Magma, the group decides to attack these soldiers of Ordrer.   Zyel quickly fires his plasma ejector at the futuristic soldier with the powered weapon.  Selene mind blasts the girl in powered armor.  Magma tries to burn the girl in powered armor by reaching into her open face mask but fails and gets his hand injured in the process.  Marshmallow Man  is attacked by on of the monsters and is hurt quite bad.   Zyel fires again and melts the soldier.  Molly and Ugul attack the girl in powered armor.  Zyel fires at the wizard man and burns him to a molten mass.   Marshmallow Man  is damaged more and is severely wounded, but still conscious.  Marshmallow Man  tries to flee to Draken for some healing.  Draken fires his cannon at the armored girl.   Selene mind blasts the girl until she is unconscious.   Molly, Ugul and Harold take out the 2nd creature.  Zyel fires at the far weren like creature and toasts him.  

Sline tells the group a brief history of the town and about the Magi Council.

The group heads for the Inn and gets a room.  Draken chooses to spend the night in the stable with Molly.
Magma interrogates Shar, the female combat specialist in the powered armor.  Shar informs the group that her team, was sent to kill the group.  She tells them that Order Lords have sent them here.  She is an Order Lord hireling or mercenary.

During the night,   Zyel decides to do some reconnaissance to find where this Magi Council meets and to perhaps find a Magi.  Zyel , Harold, Marshmallow Man, Tagin, and Magma wander the city going through many taverns and pubs inquiring about the Magi.  After finding a sympathizing bartender, the group finds the Magi Council building at the center of town.

Magma decides to cause a diversion and fly into the building to scout around.   Tagin is tired and heads back to the Inn.  After Magma breaks in through a high window, the Stone Golem guards are activated and start moving around the perimeter of the buiding.   Zyel turns invisible and fires a shot at a Golem.   After a few shots, the Golem turns to melted rock.  Harold and Marshmallow Man are spotted and a Golem gives chase.   After the Harold and Marshmallow Man  take a few ineffective shots.  Harold retreats, then stands in a sack, ceases projecting his holographic image and his stuff falls into the sack.   Marshmallow Man then takes the sack and runs back to the Inn.  Zyel also returns to the Inn.

Magma wanders around the room he has broken into, and is discovered by a Golem.  Magma is knocked unconscious and captured by the Golem.  The rest of the group is unaware.

That night a message is found at the Inn room door. Harold and Zyel go to investigate near the Krill Mansion.  At the Krill Mansion, Harold and Zyel meet some Magi who are disgusted with the way things are run and are plotting to destroy the city.   The chaotic Magi ask Harold and Zyel  to meet with a scout wearing red armor.  Harold and Zyel return to the Inn to wait for the meeting with the scout. 

The next morning, Sline returns and the group asks him to find Magma.  The group then prepare for the meeting with the red armored scout.

Adventure #8 part 2

The next morning, Sline returns and the group asks him to find Magma.  The group then prepare for the meeting with the red armored scout.

Magma is questioned by his representation in a cell after he wakes from a long hangover.  Magma spins some lie, but the defender isn't amused and warns him that he may soon die.

The rest of the group met up with Meridian an armored female scout who tells the group about the upcoming attack.  Her people would like the group to disable the Golems, and she tells them of a temple where the Golems get power.

The group heads towards the temple, but along the way, they decide to check out the jail after hearing rumors that Magma may be in jail.  The group confirms this, and as they are debating what to do, Magma takes a translux and sneaks by the Golem guards.

The group hurries to the temple to find a crystal that powers the Golems.  At the temple, the group fakes prayer and Magma, Selene, and Zyel investigate the temple.  The rest of the group wait in a large room with pews, pretending to pray.  

Zyel invisibly investigates one side of the temple while Magma takes a translux to search the other.  A golem notices Zyel's actions in a room and heads to investigate.  Zyel remains calm and simply hides without provoking an incident.   Magma finds some rooms and a Golem finds him.  The Golem chases Magma but Magma finds a way to lose the Golem temporarily.

Selene finds a library or study chamber and investigates until she finds a secret passage behind some old magic books.

Zyel sneaks upstairs and investigates a room with 3 giant Golems inside.  Luckily they don't notice Zyel.  

Magma finds a room with a locked door and attempts to burn through it.  A Golem finds Magma again, but Magma swiftly eludes it to get into the study with Selene. Zyel accidentally alerts the priests of the temple and they attempt to clear the great hall of all worshippers.  The priests and the giant Golems look for Zyel, but can't find him.  Zyel uses Marshmallow Man to jump from the 2nd floor to elude the priests, but quickly returns back up to the room with the 3 giant golems, when the priests aren't aware.

The rest of the group is escorted out, but Harold distracts them while the group slips away into the room with Selene.

Harold fakes a broken foot, claiming that the Golem stepped on it.  When the priests go to examine him, he screams in pain then stops projecting his hologram.  All that is left is his equipment and holo-projector.  The priests are stunned and amazed, they don't understand fully what has happen.

The group ventures through the secret passage to find a room with 5 golems.  The group immediately attacks the Golems.  Zyel hears the attacks and shoots a hole through the far door which is guarded by the 2 Giant Golems and then Zyel flies through the door.  The 2 Golems follow him quickly.

Draken quickly changes into his dragon form, but takes up most of the remaining room in the room.

Marshmallow Man, Tagin, and Magma start attacking golems.  Zyel flies around the room shooting his plasma ejector at golems.   Draken is hit by a golem.  Tagin slices and kills a golem.  Draken is hit by another golem, but the golem does no damage, reminiscent of the "Unicorn Rear."  Marshmallow Man shoots a golem dead after a few shots.   Draken is attacked by many golems and is knocked unconscious.  Magma enchants his sword to be a burning sword, but does little damage to his Golem. Selene shoots a few shots as Ugul attacks a golem bare fisted.  Zyel melts a giant golem and Magma burns a  golem.  

Just before  Marshmallow Man,  and Tagin each kill another golem a Magi enters the room just behind Selene and casts a summoning spell.  Selene mind blasts the Magi with good success and Ugul runs to attack the Magi as well.

The Magi calls out a name, "Belsameth,"  and a hideous demon appears in the room, just before the MagmaTagin makes his way around Draken to kill the final golem beating on Draken. 

Selene mind blasts the Magi again and knocks him unconscious.  Zyel flies towards the Magi human to take a bite. The demon appears to recognize Magma and Tagin from the time they visited the demonic portal world.  Selene attempts to Mind Blast the demon, and hurts herself.

Adventure #8 part 3

The group stands surrounding the demon Belsameth.  Zyel flies towards Belsameth asking him why he has attacked the group at the same time, Zyel fires his plasma ejector.   The combined effort of Zyel, Selene, Marshmallow Man and Tagin finally defeat the demon.  Magma heals himself, while Zyel, and Selene heal Draken.  

Harold uses telekinesis to float himself around the temple.  He doesn't find anything too amazing, so returns to the group upstairs just after they defeat the demon.

The group noticed an illusion of a wall disappeared after the Magi was slain, and behind the illusion was another set of stairs leading up.  The group take the stairs and find two doors.  Marshmallow Man  goes through one and is hit by an acid trap.  

Zyel goes through the other and the rest of the group follows him.  Both doors lead to a room with a swordsman and 3 golems.   Zyel notices a large blue crystal at the corner of the room, and immediately fires at it.  The crystal appears to be protected by a shield of sorts.  The swordsman, Shannor, immediately attacks Tagin and puts a real slicing to him.   Tagin goes down and barely survives his injuries.   Zyel takes a blast at the swordsman and melts him to a molten pulp.   

Harold uses telekinesis to grab the crystal, but is hurt badly by it.

Zyel soon melts two of the remaining golems and  Magma melts the third who was attacking Marshmallow Man.  

Draken and Ugul take turns hitting at the crystal as the rest of the group leave the room.  Draken takes some severe punishment from the crystal, and Ugul finally breaks it from stomping on it.

The group notices a familiar portal open and drags Draken and Tagin through the portal.  Marshmallow Man runs downstairs quickly to collect Harold's things.  The group is satisfied that the city will be destroyed. 

Adventure #9

"Twice in Time would be One third Adventure 9"

The group finds themselves aboard a neat space shuttle type vehicle standing before them is a normal man.  The man politely introduces himself as "Kronos," a time master.  Kronos informs the group of his desire to keep the time stream of a particular world quite close to what it is supposed to be like.  He tells the group about two mobster leaders who are warring on a planet.  The wars lead to quite a bit of devastation and chaos over the next thousand years.  Kronos explains that somehow the time stream has been disturbed and that somehow one of the mobsters, "Rick", is prematurely killed and therefore "Tony" his brother rules the planet peacefully.

Kronos asks the group if they will assist him in preventing Rick from being assassinated.  He also explains his ability as a time master.  A special device allows him to place a marker in time which allows the group to jump back in time if they should fail to save Rick.  The time marker can be placed at any time, but must be used carefully.

The shuttle enters the planets orbit, flies straight into a deep cavern and the group waits quite a while until they finally arrive in an underground shuttle parking garage of sorts.  Kronos then sets his device to keep a marker.  The group exit the shuttle to walk to the surface to the entrance of a grand casino style building.  The building is teaming with life from across the galaxy and it is luxurious.

Its at this point the group approach the casino security guard.  The guard informs the group that they must remove all weapons before entering the casino.  The group complies except for Marshmallow Man who decides to wander around the back of the casino which overlooks a wondrous ocean. Zyel removes most of his weapons, but keeps his symbiotic dual-blade battle claw concealed.  Zyel also goes on record as not liking this at all.

The group enter the casino and head for the bar area in search of Rick.  Magma goes to the bar and orders a drink.  Draken, Tagin, and Ugul play a game of Zonk.   Selene and Harold go sit by the piano player.  Zyel searches around looking for any important figures who may be Rick.  

After a while a self-important person enters the casino bar area closely surrounded by a few guards.   Zyel approaches to warn Rick of his impending doom.  A guard is swift to stop him from getting near Rick, but does communicate to Rick what Zyel has told him.  Zyel goes away, but keeps his eyes on Rick.

Marshmallow Man finally complies after many drinks from the bar at the beach and enters the casino to gamble with his buddies.  After a few more drinks he decides to go talk to Rick himself.  A beautiful woman enters the casino bar area and heads straight for Rick's table.  Marshmallow Man tries to intercept her, but runs her over abruptly.  Marshmallow Man is quickly thrown out of the casino.  Determined to make something happen instead of just waiting around, Marshmallow Man throws a grenade against the wall of the casino approximately where Rick is. 

After the grenade goes off, Rick's personal body guard grabs Rick and he uses a wristband teleporting device to teleport them both to Rick's suite.  The group goes up the elevator to follow Rick.  After a few moments, an explosion is heard and the group hears that Rick has been killed.  Zyel and Harold find Rick and two of his guards killed.  Harold suspects Rick's personal body guard, since he could not be found after the shooting.  Apparently, the window had blown up and maser fire entered the room from a suite across the way.  Marshmallow Man barely observed the gun fire, but could not pin point its origin.

The group reassembles and awaits Kronos to activate his device....

The group sets up pretty much as before, with Marshmallow Man  outside, and the rest of the group inside the casino observing. This time, they do not cause a disturbance in the casino.  After some time, Rick and the woman leave and get into the elevator.  Zyel gets on the elevator and attempts to warn Rick once again.  Rick's bodyguards try to force Zyel off the elevator at the 3rd floor.  Zyel instinctively generates a wall of flame. Before they are even burned, Rick and his personal bodyguard transport to Rick's suite.  

Marshmallow Man hears an explosion from the forth floor and notices maser fire coming from a corner room across from  Rick's room.  When Zyel gets to the suite, Rick is dead, and the personal body guard is standing there over the corpse.  Other guards rush into the room.  Zyel takes a bite out of Rick, and makes his way back down to tell the others about Rick's demise.   The group formulates a plan with the new intel that Zyel and Marshmallow Man collected.

The group reassembles and awaits Kronos to activate his device....

Harold changes to his holo-projector and Zyel  carries him and a Harold's maser pistol.  Zyel teleports to Rick's suite, notices that some explosives are located on the window outside and closes curtains.  Some security guards enter and  Zyel attempts to win their trust.  

Meanwhile, the rest of the group surprise the shooter in the corner room.  After a few maser shots and some mental blasts Marshmallow Man and Selene manage to stun the would be assassin.  

Rick never returns to the room.  Shortly after, the group hears an explosion that they later find out came from a boat which exploded on the water.  The group waits around to find out who is recovered from the wreckage.  Rick's dead body, as well as that of two of his normal bodyguards are recovered, but there is no sign of Rick's personal bodyguard or the woman.

The group once again gathers together and awaits Kronos to activate his device....

Zyel teleports into Rick's suite with Harold to wait for Rick.   This time, the plan is to scare Rick into transporting back to his suite. Draken is sent to turn into his dragon form to scare Rick, but unfortunately, his personality becomes abhorrent to violence and this causes little fear in Rick.  

Zyel hears this on his comm gear so teleports into the gambling room as Rick is leaving.   Zyel shoots Rick's personal bodyguard with his plasma ejector.  The bodyguard transports himself and Rick back into Rick's suite.  

Marshmallow Man and Selene manage to break into the assassin's room, but no assassin is there this time.  Marshmallow Man and Selene immediately start running to Rick's suite. 

Harold immediately fires at the personal bodyguard as he attempts to kill Rick. Zyel teleports back to the suite to shoot and kill the body guard.  Harold and Zyel are successful in killing the body guard and start to heal the wounded Rick.  The woman walks in, sees the bodyguard dead and Rick alive and walks out.  

As soon as the woman leaves the room, the scene is reset back to the beginning, even though Kronos did not reset it.  Kronos explains that this can only mean that there is another Time Master here who is probably part of the conspiracy.  Harold and Zyel conclude that is must be the woman.

The group once again gathers together while formulating a better yet similar plan and awaits Kronos to activate his device....

Finally, Harold and Zyel take some more weapons, and once again teleport to Rick's room.  Magma waits around, flying outside the window of the room. 

Draken and Tagin go into the casino to scare Rick. Draken turns into a dragon and attempts to breathe fire at the bodyguard.  He misses the bodyguard and accidentally burns Rick quite bad.  Zyel fears the plan has gone bad once again and teleports into the casino room.  Zyel throws Tagin his star sword and tries to shoot the personal bodyguard once again.  Zyel's plasma ejector blows up and forces Zyel to retreat back to the suite.  Tagin takes his star sword and slices the woman, suspected Time Lord, into pieces.

The bodyguard immediately transports himself and Rick back to the room, where Harold is waiting.   

Once again, Marshmallow Man and Selene manage to break into the assassin's room, but no assassin is there.  Marshmallow Man and Selene immediately start running to Rick's suite. 

The personal bodyguard attempts to kill Rick, but misses, and gets hit by a dual-blade from ZyelHarold takes a few shots at the body guard.  Marshmallow Man runs right past two bodyguards, breaks down the door.  Marshmallow Man starts to pummel the personal bodyguard while the other bodyguards shoot Marshmallow Man in the back.  Zyel eventually kills the personal bodyguard and takes a bite.  Once Rick's personal bodyguard is dead, the group gives Rick first aid.  When the other bodyguards realize that the group is helping Rick, they stop shooting Marshmallow Man.  Rick is thankful and vows to go back home and wage war with his brother Tony. 

The group rejoins with Kronos and confirms their success.  The group even turns over a time manipulation device that Tagin found on the woman.

The group then gambles for some hours and then step into the next portal....

Adventure #10

The group finds themselves on the side of a cross road.  Magma notices three roads converging near a spot where a river runs into the ground.  Magma decides to investigate and sees no easy way down the sink hole.  A conveniently placed map is ripped down by Tagin to use as a reference.

The group decide to follow the river upstream.  After many hours of travel, some members of the group start to get ill.  Coughing and vomiting are just a few of the symptoms.  Tagin and Selene manage to break out in hives and other puss filled boils.  Selene tries to mentally heal herself and Tagin, but fails.  As the group moves further east, they start to see many dead carcasses and experience a sever stench.   They finally start walking through a disgusting marsh of diseased vegetation and wild life.

The group realizes that they may be in a dangerous area, and soon start heading north. Marshmallow Man runs ahead and finds a river.  After some more searching along the river bank, they find a bridge.   Zyel, Magma, Selene and Draken simply fly across.  Ugul just runs across the bridge.  When Tagin tries the bridge collapses and he falls in the river. Draken swoops down to rescue Tagin from the rivers current.   Harold is then taken across by DrakenDraken gets tired and can't fly with Marshmallow Man and Marshmallow Man ends up in the river. Zyel flies out over Marshmallow Man and throws him some rope that Harold had.  The group pull to Marshmallow Man shore.

Draken starts to get weak and comes down with symptoms similar to that of Tagin and Selene.  The group starts to worry about the areas they have ventured through.  They decide to head north and meet a band of men on horses.  The men are nice enough, but warn the group not to roam too much further north.  They tell about the Magma plague, but are specifically quite vague about its origin and mention no known cure.

The group hears of the kingdom of Orimor, south of their location and decide to head for it.  On the way, the group meets a weary ape-like being who simply doesn't want the group to infect his clan.  

The group meets two men on the road south and the men run off after realizing that some of the party is infected with disease.

The group heads further south to find another bridge and a radiation zone surrounding it. Magma and Marshmallow Man are taken ill and Harold is affected by the radiation too.  After crossing the bridge Marshmallow Man runs ahead once again and encounters a strip of land covered with motion activated spikes. Marshmallow Man accidentally stepped on one.

Marshmallow Man soon encounters a few men who were in the surrounding area.  Marshmallow Man isn't much on diplomacy, and immediately starts killing them left and right.  The rest of the group try desperately to keep up with Marshmallow Man.  After a few men die, Magma decides to cast an illusion in front of Marshmallow Man to slow him down.  The illusion only causes Marshmallow Man to get hit by some incoming rockets that were being launched from a distant hill top.  As Marshmallow Man nears the desert area, he notices that there are hundreds of armored men hiding in the dunes. Marshmallow Man decides to run east instead of due south.  

The rest of the group aren't so lucky and are greeted by a group of 16 men who come from the dunes.  After a bit of discussion, the group also heads east to avoid a conflict.  Magma and many others take translux and Zyel goes invisible.

The group takes an alternate route and heads south to find another bridge.  Once at the bridge, they notice a grove of trees with men hiding within.  One well armored man approaches the invisible group and asks queries them as to their destination.  Magma talks to the military officer, Ria, who allows them to pass.  After some discussion between Magma and Selene, Magma convinces the sick to remain near the bridge.  Selene mind blasts Magma out of spite from being slapped.

Once at the city of Rask, Marshmallow Man, and Magma are taken to the clinic and Harold goes taken to an electronics specialist for repairs.  The technician has never before seen a hard-light hologram, but tries to repair him anyway.

Draken, Tagin and Selene are met by the Ria after becoming visible and he offers them wood, blankets, and food.  Ria is quite compasionate for a military officer.  Ria asks them if they have the disease but Selene tries to tell him they have Fairypox, Dragonpox, and Swordsmenpox.

Tagin and Selene are healed by Selene when she tries her mental healing again. Selene could not heal Draken, so he decides to fly east to kingdom of Anish to find the sick camps.  Ria checks Tagin and Selene, and determines that they are indeed cured of the disease, and therefore lets them go south to the city of Rask.

After a few days Tagin and Selene join the group in the city.

While shopping in the bizarre, a messenger finds Tagin and Selene and mentions a group of well armored men await the group at the city gate.  Ugul pays for some cool weapons for Harold and Marshmallow Man with his dehydrated-gold winnings from playing Zonk at Rick's Casino.

The group heads to the gate and they immediately recognize the symbols on Shar's armor.  Shar was the woman left tied to a bunk in the city of Repose.  Her group of mercenaries were brutally slain by our heroes.

Adventure #10 part 2

Meanwhile, the group decide to meet Shar and her mercs.  The four  mercs inform the group that they must accompany them to the world of the Order Lords.  

Magma tries to talk to the mercs but soon fails to negotiate.  Harold annoys Magma and is soon told to "Switch Off!"  Surprisingly, the group decides to fight instead the mercs instead.

The group succeeds in seriously wounding many of the mercs, but they mysteriously disappear after falling unconscious.  The group searches around but find no cause.

After many shots are exchanged, a massive 6 meter demon appears at the gates of the City.   The wounded Shar attempts to use her jet pack and flee the scene, but is wounded and falls right on the city wall.  Shortly after, she too vanishes.

Tagin was chasing one of the mercs who fled out of the city walls and the demon appeared between the merc and TaginTagin takes many swings at the demon, but the cuts cause exteremly hot blood and ooze to fall onto Tagin.  Tagin is wounded quite severely and falls unconscious.

Magma is hit with the demons wrath of a fire ball and falls to the ground burning in agony.   Zyel tries to rescue Magma from the flames but fails and proceeds to fight the demon.  Harold successfully drags Magma out of the fire.  

Marshmallow Man amazingly slips by the demon and attempts to find the escaping merc who left the city.  He finds him shortly and makes quick work of him with his mini-rocket launcher and his maser pistol.  This merc doesn't get a chance to be teleport-rescued.

Ugul tosses a dehydrated million gold piece into the demons mouth with little effect.

By the time Marshmallow Man returns, the demon has teleported deeper into the city and has started burning a large portion near the front gates. 

Selene tries to uncover the location of the wizard who must be around casting ligature spells at members of the group.  Harold is temporarily disabled, Ugul, and even Tagin are entangled by webbings. Zyel tries to cut his group free when he can.  In the process one of his dual blades break.

Harold tries to telekinetically move a fire extinguisher toward the demon as Selene distracts it.    Harold works the extinguisher close, but it fails and jams.

Zyel tries to heal Tagin but Tagin soon takes even more damage from a grenade which falls from above.  Tagin dies shortly after from fatal wounds.

Adventure #10 part 3

Marshmallow Man returns and with the aid of the rest of the group finally defeats the demon.  The dying demon explodes causing even more fires in the town.  Magma is rescued from a burning building by Harold

The group asks for help for Tagin, but the towns people can only recommend that the group bring him quickly to another city across the kingdom.

The group quickly make a way to carry Tagin, and proceed with a guide to the other city.

On the way, the group encounter four mercs again.  Amazingly enough, the group refuses to fight and the mercs just accompany them to the borders of the next city.

While approaching the city perimeter, five guards challenge the group.  Harold calls out to them and informs them that some of the group is contaminated with the disease.  Before he can explain who exactly is ill, the guards open fire.

This moment allows the group to attack the mercs.  Magma immediately attacks Shar while the others take out Gul.  Ugul clubs one merc twice from behind with the Grav-mace.  The only merc not wearing armor teleports away.  After Marshmallow Man finishes off Gul, he turns to the merc Ugul clubbed.  Marshmallow Man starts firing at the merc, and some grenades explode.

After a few more hits to Shar, she tries to escape, but is gunned down by the group.  The group isn't quick enough and she is teleport-rescued. 

Harold convinces the guards that the group has just killed the infected party.  The guards run a scan over everyone and find that Harold was indeed telling the truth.

The group approach a temple and ask for the powers their to resurrect Tagin.  The group sadly pays to have the ritual performed with Ugul's Zonk winnings.  The high priests ask for 15 million gold pieces.  Ugul parts with 15 dehydrated gold pieces on the condition that a temple be erected in his name.  The priest immediately start the ceremony and revive Tagin.  

The group hangs around for a few days to see the beginning construction of a giant gold temple named Ugul.  The group also gives the priests a wand of cure so that they may help heal the sick of this world.

  • Incase you are wondering...Draken lives a sickly, horrible, disgusting life in Anish as he is exposed to more and more diseases.  Before he dies he realizes that the diseases are a combination of some of the worst plagues in the mega-verse and dimensional travelers visiting the world have brought diseases here for centuries and the diseases have mutated to form what is known as the "12 Kingdoms Disease."  The diseases eat away his wings and his ability to change back to human form.   The diseases finally waste away his mind and cause him to go irreversibly insane.

The Final Chapter

A Riathenor appears near the temple and calls for the group.  The group safely hops through the portal created by the Riathenor who originally assembled the group.  The Riathenor gives Tagin, Selene, and Ugul the option to remain on the world of the 12 kingdoms.   All three decide to follow.  

Once on the Riathenor Tangent Traveling Craft, the group is told that they have done a terrific job of causing Chaos throughout the mega-verse.  They have even caused future chaos to break out in the 12 kingdoms by helping the priests construct a golden temple and giving them the wand of cure.  Many thousands of diseased denizens will make a pilgrimage to the temple and over power the priests looking for cures.  This will of course cause even more people to become infected. 

They are given free reign of the ship and encouraged to return to their homes.  Most of the group hang around and have a few drinks and celebrate.

Until a future calling....