Gamma World D20 Beta Spring 2004
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Gamma World

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  • Title: Gamma Beta
  • Time Frame:    Post Apocalyptic Future 
  • Genre:    Post Apocalyptic Future 

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  • Progress Level: Post Apocalyptic Stuff - Find Artifacts of the Ancients
  • Life:    Mutantions, Mutagens, BioTechnology, Cybernetics, Androids, Robots, Psionics, FX, Monsters, Cryptic Alliances
  • Setting:Gamma World
    • Years after the world ends in a radioactive wasteland of a planet called Earth..Erth..Urt...Hurt?
  • Plot:    To Be Determined
  • Goal:    To Be Determined
  • Tone:  Not often mentioned, but the original Gamma World had a wacky and wahoo feel, we will try to preserve this whenever possible. :)
  • Rules:   
    The Gamma World campaign setting uses the d20 Modern™ rules. It’s an excellent fit, given the flexibility of d20M character classes and rules. We established new occupations and classes so that characters can be the next generation of epic heroes: warriors, scholars, explorers, leaders and adventurers of all kinds. It was easy to add new special talents for the setting, along with all kinds of new technology. We also include new rules for dealing with communities, to make leadership more comprehensible and more interesting. And we expanded the Gamma World tradition of rules for investigating unknown technology into a system that covers social phenomena like the behavior and taboos of strangers.
    Requires the use of the d20 Modern Role Playing Game or the Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook v.3.5 published by Wizards of the Coast. The Gamma World campaign setting is an officially licensed Wizards of the Coast property.
  • Characters:
    • Stock Human
    • Pure-Strain Human
    • Mutant
      • Engineered Animals
      • Engineered Humans
      • New-Men
      • True Mutants
    • Synthetic
      • Androids
      • Robots
      • Toys
  • Game Master:
    • Manny
  • Players:
    • Ryan a Pure Strain Human engineer
    • Mike a true mutant laborer
    • David a true mutant hunter
    • Mandy a engineered bunny artist
    • Mark a cyborg healer
    • Randee a mutant engineer

Campaign Character Gallery

Tal a True Mutant, Hunter
played by David
Harvey a True Mutant, Laborer
played by Mike
? an cyborg , Healer
played by Mark
Zody an engineered animal bunny , Artist
played by Mandy
Seamus a Pure-Strain human, Engineer
played by Ryan
Selma an engineered human, Engineer
played by Randee

Background:  The 5 are conveniently tossed in a restaurant, together in the Gamma World wastelands and seek adventure.  Selma is found along the way to Ridal.

Adventure 1: Meeting at the Restaurant

The group find themselves about ready to leave the small village, Ridal Village, so they visit a restaurant a popular meeting place, to find out information about the world around them.

The group sees an anteater Moreau but ignores him.

Seamus and Harvey sit and buy a drink for Aimee, a mutant huntress.  Aimee tells them about her finds on her route south from her home far north.  She mentions that she is heading to Piviksburg for work.  She mentions many ruins that she passed by on her way to Ridal.

Tal heals Armand a wounded mutant who claims to have been beaten by some bandits just north of the lake.

The group listen intently as an Irish woman sings some folk songs at a nearby table.

Zody approaches two mutants with quite red necks, they introduce themselves as Benjamin and Robert.  Zody doesn't stay long.

Adventure 2: Searching for a Mission

A man told Zody about a man who swindled him and a friend out of some goods for simple plastic coins.  Domars the coins were called which he handed one to Zody.  The man said he and his twin brother were seeking revenge on this man called Erlind who was trading these plastic coins for just about everything.  When Seamus tried to tell the man that the Domars were worth money one of the brothers got quite upset.

The group met some more people in the bar, and finally someone peaked their fancy.  An older man and his son approached the group with news of car tracks tearing up his fields. 

The group decided to follow the man after visiting the stores in the market.

The group met the man, H? and Lot his son and they ventured into the mountain pass where his farm was on his electric powered wagon.

On the way, the group found a pile of bones lying on the side of the path.  The bones appeared to be those from a big animal, but they were picked clean.  Zody spotted some spider webs near the bones.  The group quickly departed the area.

At the farm, the farmer gave the group some food, he was quite cordial and invited the group to spend the night.  He would show them the tracks in the morning. 

That night, Tal was keeping watch, and he heard some vehicles in the north part of the field.  He hurried up and gathered the group to go investigate.  The group ran through the field to the source of the noise, but it was gone by the time they reached the site of the tracks.

Tal decided to follow the tracks west, so the group followed.  After many hours of walking, the group encountered a badly beaten catlike Moreau.  He didn't say much at first, he looked like he had been beaten and left for dead.  After healing him, the group spoke with him about men who had sideways figure 8s on their foreheads.  He kept calling them crazies.  The group returned with the catman to the farm and rested for the night.

The next day the catman thanked them and told them he was heading south to an encampment of men like himself, he offered to repay the group for their kindness if they were ever in that area.

The group went back to the tracks and decided to follow them east.  After a while, the tracks lead to the lake and turned north. 

The group spotted a vehicle heading their way and Tal approached them after they spotted him hiding.  After a brief exchange the men drove off.

Further north along the path, the group spotted a some radiation and Tal mutated, but the effects were not evident.

After spotting a shiny coffin on the mountain side, Tal and Harv climbed to get to it.  After a long climb, Harv could go no further.  Tal had to retreat back to the base of the mountain shortly after.  Seamus conveniently had a grappling hook and he told Tal he could use it.  Tal climbed back up and through the rope up to the ledge where the coffin stood.  He climbed up and couldn't figure out how to open the coffin.  Harv figured he could use his acidic touch to open it, so he began climbing once again.  Tal motioned to the group to join Harv.  Everyone but Harv made it safely to the ledge.  Harv unfortunately fell when he was about 30 ft up the rope, he fell with a great thud and hurt himself.   Seamus figured out that a small biometric sensor was on the side of the coffin, so he pressed it.  After a second, the door swung open and smacked ? the cyborg right in the face.  Seamus and Tal peered into the coffin and saw only a small metallic bottle.  Immediately the group felt quite weary from the effects of a lethal dose of radiation.  Even Harv who was 50 ft below felt sick and had a feeling he was mutating. 

Seamus quickly tried closed the coffin door and the group descended the mountain as fast as they could.

They would need to rest the night soon.

The next day the group discovered a body of a Slothman who looked like he was badly beaten and his brain looked smashed.  A small note mentioned the same location the catman was heading to.

The group continued north until the tracks split to the northeast and to the northwest.  The group choose to take the northeast course.

Adventure 1 and 2: Tal's Perspective

It was St. Patrick’s Day, and the tavern was bustling with activity and song. We made an odd group, my four friends and me, although perhaps not too odd for our town of Ridal.

It was Zodey’s birthday, and her long rabbit ears stood on end in happiness. Next to her was Harvey, wearing his spandex bodysuit. His acid skin made being his friend awkward at times, but his loyalty and good nature kept anyone from ever holding a grudge for long. Seamus sat across from them, cooling sipping his drink. His lack of mutations made him stand out in Ridal, his pure heritage making him the outsider here. Still, he was well respected for his knowledge and skills, and possessed more tolerance than most of his kind, if not that must more. I sat next to Harvey, laughing softly and sipping from my jug of whiskey. Who am I? I’m Tal, one of Ridal’s greatest hunters and trackers. I hadn’t been born right they say, and no one really thought I would survive early childhood. But I did, and here I was drinking with friends. Shows you what doctors know. Speaking of doctors, the fifth at our table was the doctor. An enigmatic figure, he was relatively new in town. What attracted him to the others and me no one really knew. What kept us from chasing him off though was obvious. The man was a brilliant doctor, able to treat wounds as if he had been born with the knowledge. No doubt, it was a useful skill to have around in times of need, and it certainly looked like we would need it soon.

Harvey was tired of his job as a simple laborer and desired to see the world outside of Ridal. Zodey sought inspiration for her art, and I was simply sick and tired of eating fish day in and day out. I never really understood Seamus’s reason for leaving. Perhaps he had the least reason for leaving between all of us. He was loyal to his friends, though, and agreed to come along once the rest of us agreed that we were leaving. The doctor was silent on the matter, but then he was silent on most matters. We just assumed he wanted to come with us.

Looking about, it was pretty obvious work outside of Ridal wouldn’t be hard to find. The tavern literally bustled with potential job opportunities, men and women looking for help from any source they could find.

Slowly, we spread out throughout the tavern, talking to some patrons, ignoring others, trying to find what news we could on the events of the outside world.

After some time talking (as well as some time drinking) we assembled at our table again, discussing what we had found. I had met a man who had been beaten by bandits and had a gift for his mother stolen from him. I had healed his wounds using a little trick I’d picked up at some point, and promised him to look into the matter at some point. I didn’t care much for the idea of bandits this close to Ridal. I may want to leave this little village, but that doesn’t mean I want something bad to befall it either. Harvey and Seamus had met a mutant huntress on her way south to some kind of competition in Piviksburg. I was interested in this competition, but proving I was better than all the other competitors ranked lower than protecting the town in my book. Zodey had met and talked with a pair of brothers who were hunting down a man who was distributing worthless coins, and who had killed a friend of theirs. Unfortunately for her (and maybe the brothers) Zodey isn’t always the best person with handling grief. It wasn’t long before the brothers had drawn their weapons on her, and I was sure a fight was going to break out. Luckily, Seamus stepped in and mediated on her behalf. Seamus recognized the worthless coins they had been given, and even claimed they were indeed valuable. The brothers didn’t buy it though. We did gain a large bag of these potentially valuable coins, however, as well as the name of the man who had been passing them out. Erlind … if nothing else maybe we could trade the coins with him for something useful. As usual, the doctor had talked to no one, and simply maintained his own peace.

While weighing the pros and cons of following the leads we had all gathered, we were approached by a father and son, named Harold and Lot, respectively. They had overheard me suggesting we hunt down some bandits to the north and thought they had some information that might help us out. It seems that they hailed from a farm to the north and had been having trouble with some bandits tearing up their fields in motorized vehicles. I wasn’t sure if these were the same guys who had beset the man I had talked to earlier, but a bandit is a bandit is a bandit I guess. If I was going to hunt one, I might as well get the others while I’m at it. 

Presented with an obvious lead, it was easy to convince the others to agree to go north with the father and son, and after gathering up our gear, we set out for the pair’s farm in their electric powered wagon.

Along the way to the farm, we stopped to investigate a large outcropping of bone. Whatever had died had been big. Really big. Really, really big. I couldn’t find any tracks around, but I was pretty sure whatever it had been, it had died a long time ago. After Zodey noticed a large amount spider webbing hanging from some of the bones though, our investigation was abandoned pretty quickly as Zodey attempted to get the sticky substance off of her fingers. No one wanted to deal with any spiders, especially not any of the giant potentially man eating variety.

The rest of the journey passed pretty uneventfully, and arriving at the farm we were greeted by the farmer’s enthusiastic wife. Dinner was cooked and served, and though it was a bit plain at least it wasn’t fish. During a brief chat after dinner, it was agreed to hunt down the bandits the next day.

That night though, as I was on watch, I heard a loud noise from the field. Realizing this was probably the bandits we were hunting, I rushed inside waking everyone inside, Tal woke his friends and they all quickly ran out to the fields.

The source of the noise was gone, but the tracks that it left were obvious. Quickly, we all decided that following the tracks while they were fresh would be for the best and we set out, following the bandit’s vehicles.

Several hours of walking later, several of us had begun to grow tired. No one had really gotten a full night of sleep and the bandits had gone much farther than any of us expected. Turning back was just beginning to be considered when the sound of crying was heard from off the tracks.

Moving towards the source of the sound, we found a young wounded catman. I was wary of him at first but a good look at his wounds convinced me this wasn’t some sort of trap. The doctor and I tended to his wounds, while he introduced himself as Jeremiah. He had been thrown from the bandit’s vehicle after being brutally beaten, he explained. The bandits, he explained, were a group of crazies who were well armed. They all bore a sideways eight tattooed on their foreheads, and if we were hunting them we were just as crazy as they were.

We had already been preparing to give up the hunt for the night, and with Jeremiah there was no point in continuing on. After much deliberation we decided that it would be in Jeremiah’s best interest to bring him along, he was still weak from his wounds and would not make it far on his own. Trekking back to the farm, we made introductions and talked over our plans for the day after a short nap.

Jeremiah apparently was on his way to a community of people like him, Moreau, to the south. He had been abducted by the bandits there and had been beaten since he was taken. The bandits were preying on his town apparently, and he was anxious to get to his destination. Convinced we could do more good here, we wished him good luck on his journey back south.

Since last night’s hunt had proved unfruitful, we decided to follow the tracks in the opposite direction today, moving north instead of south. The tracks more or less followed the lake, and slowly throughout the day began to turn to the east as the shore of the lake curved around.

Several times the tracks reached an intersection of sorts, but my superior tracking skills enabled me to find the proper set each time. At one particular intersection, we arrived just as a car was approaching from the opposite direction.

My friends hid as the car approached, but unafraid I stood in the open, boldly awaiting whomever it might be. The jeep stopped short and two armed men poked their heads (and their guns) out at me, questioning me about my purpose in the area. After explaining about the bandits, they relaxed slightly, but refused to give any information they had. Eventually they left and we all continued on our way.

It was shortly afterwards that we encountered the slothman. Like Jeremiah he looked as if he had been badly beaten and then thrown from a moving vehicle. Unlike Jeremiah, the slothman had suffered a brutal head wound and brain showed in several areas. Zodey averted her eyes as I picked over the corpse, searching for valuables. He had a strange piece of parchment on him, which Seamus claimed mentioned the same town Jeremiah had told us about earlier. He also had a bag containing more of the useless coins the brothers had given us back in Ridal. I don’t really get what’s going on, but I think Seamus might suspect something. The longer we stayed by the slothman though, the sicker we felt, and we soon moved on simply to feel better.  Zodey built a cairn for the slothman.

We followed the tracks for several more hours, with the tracks more or less following the lake the entire way. After some time, Harvey spotted a large shiny metal thing up in one of the cliffs.

Curious, we all approached. Eventually, Harvey and me decided to climb up and see what the metal thing was. We both had trouble making it the entire way, however, and had to climb back down to get Seamus’s rope and grappling hook.

Up top, the metal thing was obviously a coffin of some type, although it was standing upright instead of lying in the ground, as it should be. The upright coffin gave me a vague feeling of unease, but my curiosity pushed it down. Knowing what Harvey could do to metal, I called him and the rest up, and they all began scaling the rope.

Unfortunately, a rock slipped from under Harvey’s foot as he was nearly to the top, giving him a bad spill. He was tired upset and hurt and refused to try and climb and further.

Meanwhile, Seamus had noticed a small biometric sensor on the coffin, and pressing his hand to it, was rewarded with a sharp click as the coffin door swung open (right into the doctor’s face!)

Suddenly, everyone felt extremely ill as a small can came into view inside the coffin. Even Harv one-hundred feet below us felt violently ill. Seamus reacted quickly and used the biometric sensor to close the coffin but not before all of us had felt the effects of whatever was in there. Burns began appearing on several of us, and the doctor’s skin flaked off in some areas, revealing machinery underneath. That would explain his personality at least.

Adventure 3: Tracking the Crazies

Instantly my toes began to curl and all my hair stood up on end. I recognized the feeling immediately … it was how I felt right before I changed. Clenching my teeth in expectation, I noticed Harvey down below doing the same thing.

Suddenly, my legs twisted awkwardly, the bones bending at odd directions. That’ll make walking fun I thought to myself. I glanced over at Harvey to see how he was doing, but nothing seemed noticeable. I guess he lucked out this time.

 Still feeling ill, we all rushed down the mountainside and moved away from the cursed place. At the bottom we stopped, out of breath. My legs hurt like hell and all of were still suffering from that damn coffin. I guess that teaches us to be curious.

 I don’t know if it was the hit to the head or the way his skin was peeling off, but two small speakers suddenly emerged from the doctor and began emitting some horrible noise.

 “Yo, yo, yo, Dr. Drebot is in the hizouse!” he shouted. Whatever machinery powered him, it had obviously broken down somewhere along the way to this mountain.

I was happy to see his doctor skills seemed undamaged, however, as he quickly set about curing us of the illness.

Feeling better (although still having trouble walking) we soon left the mountain, eager to get away from the source of the sickness.

We followed the tracks for a way, slowed down because of my new leg deformities. They continued to follow the shoreline, until we encountered a river that turned into a waterfall merging into the lake. We began to turn to follow the tracks as they paced the river when Seamus spotted something in the rocks at the top of the fall.

I didn’t want to investigate, particularly after the metal coffin. But the doctor (or Dr. Drebot as he insisted on being called) proclaimed that if the “Messiah of Hip hop” wished to investigate whatever it was, we would investigate it. Everyone shared a look at that point, basically agreeing that the doctor had indeed broken. However, he was our doctor and we were all obligated to him after his aid by the mountainside, so we approached the river.

Moving closer to the rocks at the top of the fall, it became obvious that Seamus had spotted several boxes that must have washed down the river and gotten stuck against the rocks. No one particularly liked the look of the river, and fewer appreciated the waterfall right next to it, so eventually Seamus decided to jump in. Damned foolish of him, if you ask me.

He made it out a little ways before he suddenly turned around. The last bit of river, I started to worry he wasn’t going to make it. He came out, explained about a very tough current, tied a rope about his waist, and jumped back in.

Damned foolish if you ask me.

He was lucky he had the rope this time. When he went under halfway to the boxes, we pulled him out before he could drown. He came out shaking his head, sure he wouldn’t be able to make it. Whoever got the boxes would have to be stronger.

That’s when everyone looked at me. I didn’t like the look they were giving me. It was a look that screamed … “Gee, Tal. You sure look strong.”

Somehow I found myself swimming out to the boxes, a rope tied around my waist. I’m not sure how they convinced me to do it … I hated swimming. Something about me drove fish crazy. If I stood next to a river, they’d jump out of the water to get to me. This wasn’t too much of a problem … unless I was actually IN the water. As I was now. I could almost feel the fish swimming towards me at break neck speed.

I swam as fast I could, although honestly I didn’t know much about swimming. I avoid going in water often. Luckily, I reached the rocks before and fish reached me. One of the boxes was big … much bigger than I had thought at first. Moving closer to it, I dislodged it and hopped aboard. Signaling for them to pull me out, I snagged another, much smaller box as I floated along.

Suddenly, a fish jumped out of the water and bit me on my foot. I hate fish so much!

When I got out of the river Seamus opened up the boxes. I stood back a good bit, fearing another incident similar to the mountain. But instead, the larger box contained tubes of goo. Seamus explained that they were food. They didn’t really look like food, but after everyone else took some, I split the remaining few with Harvey. He looked as doubtful about them as me.

The other box held a book. We all looked at Seamus, since none of us had ever been taught to read. Bashfully, he explained that he hadn’t either. Whatever I had just rescued from the waterfall, I guess it wasn’t going to be doing us much good.

There was some other stuff left out on the rocks, but in no way was I going to risk my neck swimming out to get anything else.

Turning back to the tracks, we started following again, leaving the lake’s shore and following the river now instead. It had been a long time since we had seen any others and I was beginning to feel antsy when I suddenly spotted a lone figure in the distance.

Quickly the figure resolved itself into a lone woman. We approached cautiously, remembering the men in the jeep just a few days ago. This time the stranger proved friendly though. Her name was Selma and she was a wanderer. She had just passed by an expansive set of ruins but had not entered because she was alone. With a few brave companions though, entering the ruins wouldn’t be as dangerous.

Since we were heading in the direction of the ruins anyway, we all agreed to check the ruins out with Selma if the bandits we were tracking ended up lairing anywhere nearby.

The tracks eventually veered from the river and ended at an abandoned truck a short ways from the river. Selma and Dr. Drebot both tried to fix the truck, with Drebot temporarily shorting himself out in the process. I’m glad he doctors better than he mechanics.

With the truck running, we all jumped in, surprised to find out that not only could Selma repair trucks, she could drive them!

Tracks surrounding the truck suggested that whoever had been riding in it had continued on foot when it had originally broken down. We followed that trail to a large bridge crossing the river into the ruins Selma had told us about earlier.

It looked like we would be exploring these ruins with her after all. Cautiously we started driving over the bridge when a small robot slid out from a little building on the bridge.

He wanted some kind of toll to cross. We offered him money but he wasn’t taking it. I thought we could just smash him … he was just a little robot anyway. My hammer would make short work of him. But Semamus had a better plan, and gave him some of those weird coins we had been finding. The robot must have not known they were worthless because he took a handful of them and told us it was ok to cross.

On the other side of the bridge, I realized just how big these ruins were. They stretched as far as I could see in all directions. What was worse was that the ground was too hard to leave tracks. It was going to take a long time to track down those bandits.

Choosing a street at random, we began driving down, keeping our eyes open for bandits. Suddenly a shot rang out from somewhere above. Selma stopped the truck with a lurch and I jumped out and ran into the closest building. Whoever was shooting at us had to be in a building and this one looked as good as any. I raced up the stairs, barely spending time to check each floor before going up to the next. My legs hurt like hell the entire time. Stupid cursed mountain.

Afterwards I found out that Seamus and Dr. Drebot had stayed in the truck with everyone else following me. Several more shots filled Seamus and Dr. Drebot with holes. Everyone was pretty sure Seamus had taken a bullet in the head, but he said it had missed him by a hair.

Anyway, somewhere in the building the gunner must have gotten around me, because I suddenly heard him running back down the stairs. Dr. Drebot was just entering the building, holding onto the shooter's rifle, which the gunner had accidentally dropped out of the upstairs window he had been hiding in.

The gunner pulled a knife and blurred somehow, stabbing Drebot over and over again. Drebot lost even more flesh, but the knife did little to hurt his metal insides. I hit the man with my hammer while the others put a few bullets into him. Despite the punishment, he was about to get away when I turned his brain off. It was a trick I had picked up over the years.

While he was busy sitting on the floor drooling, we tied him up. He came around a minute later and instantly demanded release. Apparently a group called the Wraiths controlled this area of the city. We told him we had tracked some bandits into the city … he agreed to find out what he could about the bandits if we let him go and gave back his belongings. Giving back his gun and armor didn’t sit well with Drebot or Zodey, who had both already taken his gun and armor as theirs. But we agreed and he ran off, promising to meet us at the bridge tomorrow.

We took the truck back to the bridge, and camped out for the night. This is why I became a hunter. Camping out under the open sky. Why would anyone want to live in a town?

The next day sure enough one of the Wraiths showed up. He admitted that a group of people he called Crazies had attempted to get into the ruins, but that the Wraiths had kept them out. Apparently some Crazies lived within the ruins, and were at war with the Wraiths. He was very vague about where exactly they lived.

The sideways eight was a sign of another group called the Brotherhood, a peaceful group of healers. This was obviously different from what we’ve already heard. Seamus and Selma suspect that the Crazies might be pretending to be the Brotherhood. Doesn’t matter to me. I’m just here to smash some bandit heads.

The Wraith gave us a small card in exchange for the other Wraith’s gun and armor. As long as we had the card visible, no Wraith would attack us. He was quick to leave after that, and again we were left without direction.

Adventure 4: Exploring Petale Ruins

We knew roughly what stretch of the ruins were owned by the Wraiths, so the real question now was which side of that territory did we explore first? We discussed it for a bit before choosing the set of buildings closest to us on the riverfront.

The first building was big and spacious. It was also completely empty. Everyone searched around for a bit, but it was pretty obvious nothing was in there. So we moved to the next.

This building was in shambles. It wasn’t long before a loud clicking noise could be heard. We moved closer to the sound, curious as to its source. Then we saw them … roaches. Not just normal roaches, but giant ones, easily six feet long. Zodey instantly began hopping out of the building screaming, and the rest of the group followed. It wasn’t that I was scared of the giant roaches. I just didn’t want to leave everyone else unprotected.

We fled to the building across the street, keeping our eyes on the building infested with roaches the entire time. The next building was filthy … filthy enough for me to easily pick up tracks within it. The last building had roaches … it looked like this one had snakes. Big snakes.

When I entered the next room I immediately smelled the stench that only snakes and lizards can get. Junk was piled about the room, but when I flipped on my flashlight I realized the piles of junk were really nests, full of snake eggs. I focused on the eggs, setting them on fire. No need to let them continue breeding, after all.

The flames spread quickly, and so we fled the building. I had smoked out creatures before though. Any moment now, whatever snakes were in the building would come out to escape the flame. They wouldn’t be expecting us. Or at least so went the theory.

When the thirty foot long, six-armed snake slid out of the building, I think we were the ones caught by surprise. Zodey’s arrows simply bounced off its scales, and the bullets from the others only left shallow marks in its flesh. It was faster than anything that big has a right to be, and getting a bead on it was difficult.

I took a swing at it with my hammer and heard the crunch of something inside of it. Then it took a swing at me, pummeling me with its arms.

The next thing I remember was Dr. Drebot standing over me, spraying something onto my wounds. Idly, I noticed what a pretty color the sky was today.

I rolled over just in time to see the snake smash Harvey into a pulp. Or at least I could have sworn that’s what I saw. Somehow Harv was still standing there, not smashed at all. I think the snake was as shocked as the rest of us … it swung at Harv again and broke its arm against the ground.

Selma managed to finally get a good shot at it, and the snake crumpled to the ground dead.

We all backed up a bit farther from the door, in case other snakes emerged, and watched the building burn down. The ruins will be safe from snakes now, thanks to us.

A group of Wraiths showed up not too long afterwards. They had seen the smoke from the building and had come to investigate. We explained about the snakes, but they had apparently never encountered them before.

This group of Wraiths was a good deal more talkative than the other two we had encountered so far. Or maybe they were just better informed. Either way, they said we were heading in the wrong direction if we were hunting Crazies.

We got directions to the Crazies part of the ruins and headed on over. We stopped at the bridge leading across to their portion, recognizing a Wraith sniper positioned to keep the Crazies out of the Wraiths area. Selma suggested that maybe we try to better equip ourselves, and when no one objected, started driving about the Wraiths area.

It wasn’t long before we spotted a large building. Seamus recognized it as something that he called a “maul” or some such. Multiple merchants came here to sell … and perhaps some were still there.

We entered into the building and soon located a weapons shop, run by a rather overweight man. I wasn’t sure if he was a Wraith or not … all of the Wraiths we had met so far had been exceptionally thin. Still, he was very obviously allied with the Wraiths and had much to offer.

That is, he had much to offer to the others. I never really learned to use guns. I prefer to hunt using just my natural abilities, just as my prey uses theirs. And occasionally I use my hammer too … best not to let a sense of fairness get in the way of my sense of survival.

The shopkeeper was curious as to why we needed some heavy grade weapons and armor, as Seamus looked over things he called rocket and grenade launchers. When we explained that we were raiding the Crazies though, he began laughing as if we had told some joke.

Apparently raiding the Crazy made us crazy ourselves. Looking us in the eye, the shopkeeper told us that the Crazies possessed advanced weaponry that he would love to get his hands on. If we brought some back for him, he’d let us have all the weapons and armor we wanted … for free. We weren’t too rich, and the offer of free weapons and armor intrigued all of us. After all, we were going to attack the Crazies anyway … might as well agree to bring back some of their stuff.

We all got a suit of armor like the Wraiths wore. I didn’t really know how to wear it correctly but I managed well enough I think. The rest of my friends picked out some weapons too, but you can’t convince me there’s a better weapon than my hammer. It’s unbeatable!

After getting suited up, we drove back to the bridge. By now night had set so we camped out again and discussed tomorrow.

Adventure 5: Investigating the Crazies

I was in favor of storming in, taking what we wanted, teaching them a lesson about banditry in this area, and then leaving. No one else thought that was a particularly good idea though.

Instead Selma suggested someone should sneak in and figure out where the Crazies had guards. Then we could avoid them. Dr. Drebot agreed with her and somehow, I was picked to go scout the Crazies out. How’d I get this job?

That night Dr. Drebot woke us up as a lone figure approached the bridge on a bike. I couldn’t quite make him out in the middle of the night so I shined my light on him. He responded by firing a weapon at us! Seamus pulled out one of his new guns and fired, resulting in the entire area around the man to be engulfed in flames.

Zodey rushed across the bridge to make sure he was dead but a shot rang out from in the building so she retreated back. I guess the Wraiths sniper couldn’t see that we were friends in the darkness.

The next day Selma and Dr. Drebot went into the building to talk to the Wraith sniper while everyone else stayed below. Selma and Dr. Drebot reported that apparently the Crazies have a big party every so often. Another one of these Crazies parties was coming up, meaning that the number of Crazies in the area was soon going to swell to new highs. If we were going to strike, we’d have to strike now.

I was given some communication gear that we had purchased from the weapons dealer and sent off, while Dr. Drebot began trying to fix the motorcycle from last night.

I stealthily crept out to the first building Selma had wanted me to check out. I circled around it three times to make sure, but I didn’t see anyone inside. Moving to the second, I circled about three times again. Some lights were on in this building, and I could make out some guards inside. I was going to sneak into the building and eliminate the Crazies inside but the rest of the group thought that was a bad idea. They never let me have fun.

The third building had even more guards inside. One of them got lucky and saw me. Luckily, I was able to turn his mind off and escape before he could cause a lot of trouble.

I moved to the last building Selma needed me to check out, only to realize that Crazies surrounded it! They spotted me and began running after me. Selma told me I wasn’t to stay and fight them so against my better judgment I ran away around the corner. I ran away around the corner right into another large group of Crazies. There was no running away this time, especially with my legs the way they are. So instead I stood my ground and fought. I managed to drop one of the Crazies before they had covered me in some kind of goo that stuck me to the ground.

Suddenly I felt extremely sleepy, and I passed out.

The next thing I knew I was in a cramped little space. All of my stuff seemed to be with me … except my hammer! I turned on my flashlight and glanced about. Wherever I was, I was moving somewhere. Focusing my eyes, I burned a hole in the direction I was moving. I heard a shout of pain, so I kept focusing. Soon we started jerking from side to side and then we suddenly stopped. I was thrown forward and burst out of the back of the car I had been in.

Apparently, I had killed the Crazy who had been driving the car they had thrown me in.

I learned later that as soon as everyone lost communication with me, they jumped in the truck and came to my rescue. The Crazies in the buildings had shot at them, but they had avoided any damage. They noticed the crashed car and assumed I was the cause. They showed up just as I was looting the two dead Crazies that were in the front seat of the car.

Dr. Drebot quickly fixed the car, and threw out the two dead Crazies in the car. He jumped in the driver’s seat and Seamus took the passenger side. The rest of us threw the motorcycle into the back of the truck and jumped in after it.

Adventure 6: Attacking the Crazies Again?

At first Selma wanted to go back to the Wraith’s area but I wasn’t leaving without my hammer. Selma eventually caved, and we headed back to where I had last seen my hammer. Several Crazies were still there and as we rode up a launched grenade from one of them shattered the front windshield of the car. The grenade landed in Dr. Drebot’s lap and went off, taking most of Drebot with it. Shamus survived only thanks to Drebot’s suppression of the blast.

Seamus responded with several grenades of his own, killing a number of the Crazies. Harvey and me engaged two of them in combat, me with a saber I had picked up from a dead Crazy, Harvey with trusty ‘ole Spike, Harvey’s spiked club.

Selma and Zodey kept the other Crazies occupied while me and Harvey sliced down the ones facing us. Harvey and me were battered and bloodied, but there was only one Crazy left, pinned down in his car by Zodey, Selma, and Seamus’s gunfire. Harvey and me jumped into the car, and the Crazy didn’t have much of a chance afterwards.

All of us were heavily injured, Drebot perhaps most of all. Grabbing Drebot’s medical supplies, Harvey began injecting drugs into us, causing our wounds to instantly start healing on their own. I guess I should call him Dr. Harvey now?

I started tossing dead Crazies into the truck while the others watched out in case any more showed up. I managed to pick up my hammer at the last moment before we all sped off, escaping from the Crazies that were pouring out of the building. A few stray shots emerged from them, but none came even close to us. Until the strange ball-thing attacked us.

It ripped through the cab of the truck, flying directly through Harvey, Seamus, and Selma, giving small burns to all of them. It wouldn’t have been too much trouble … except that it turned around after passing through Selma and began to circle about for another pass. We began to shoot at it, but most of our weapons seemed to have little effect.

We probably made for a funny picture to anyone watching. I truck full of people shooting guns at a little green ball of light. Except the light was burning us whenever it touched us. Harvey pulled out a strange axe one of the Crazies had had and began swinging at the light. It was hard to hit but when he did, small trails of light followed his axe on the way through. Maybe that was how these things bled?

We finally made it out of Crazy territory but the light didn’t seem to mind. Selma stopped the truck and ran to a nearby building, calling out for Wraiths to help. I picked up a random gun from the back of the truck and fired. I don’t like using guns, I admit. But sometimes, I guess they are pretty useful.

No gun I pulled out seemed to do much unfortunately, but Seamus must have thought I had a good idea because he started doing the same.

Selma managed to convince the Wraiths to help us and they too opened fire on the light, although their guns seemed as effective as our weapons. Luckily the light soon turned about and left. I wonder if we scared it off or if it simply got bored?

No one was seriously injured thanks to the drugs Harvey had given us. The minor damage the truck had taken was easily fixed by Selma and soon we were on our way to the weapons dealer.

We dragged the bodies into the mall, along with all of the loose weapons and items we had found. The weapons dealer was amazed, not only that we came back, but that we had succeeded. He happily paid us even more in thanks for all of the gear.

I’m thinking maybe we should go hunt some more Crazies. It could be a profitable sport.

Adventure 7: Dead Crazy Equals Money


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