• Time Frame:    Unknown Time
  • Genre:    Fantasy (d20)
  • Progress Level: D&D = Dungeons and Dragons 
  • Life:    Orcs, Ogres and more
  • Setting:    unknown fantasy world 
  • Plot:    An adventure company on a mission for a lord Gelbin
  • Goals:    
    • Explore some Dwarven Stronghold
    • Find the legendary treasures
  • Characters:    1 Magic User, 1 Rogue, 1 Cleric, and 1 Fighter
    • Lysander of Blackmoor is a human Fighter played by Jean Claude
    • Lydia is a beautiful human Cleric played by Mandy
    • Meldor of Kuhl is a half-elf Sorcerer/Wizard  played by Mike
    • Ashrem is a human Rogue played by Manny 
  • NPC
    • None Yet


Forge of Fury - Glitterhaim? 

Adventure #1

The group is told that the map they found in the Sunless Citadel is actually something of map leading to an ancient dwarven stronghold.  Lord Gelbin gives the group supplies for a venture to discover exactly what is located on the map.  The group of three weary adventurers get rest and meet up with a new addition,  Ashrem the rogue.  Ashrem reminds them of Jozan, but of course Ashrem is human and not a halfling.

Meldor is suprised to find that he lives in Greyhawk as the group leaves they hear legends of Durgeddin the Black.  The group heads north of Blasing Dale then on to Stone Tooth.  

At Stone Tooth, the group finds a path that leads up to where 2 orc guards are casually waiting on a ridge.  Ashrem makes a heroic effort to sneak along the side of the cliff.  Meldor puts the two orcs to sleep and Ashrem slices their throats as they sleep.  Ashrem then proceeds to cut the face of an orc to make a neat disguise.  Ashrem makes a pretty good orc, except he is a bit short.  

Meldor comes up with an idea to make the group look like they were captured by Ashrem, in orc disguise.  Ashrem leads the group past some arrow slits without any problem.  Once inside a large hall with a 35' chasm, Meldor spies two orcs, and Ashrem calls out in his best "Orcish", come help me with the prisoners.  Meldor casts a sleep spell on the two orcs and Ashrem crosses a narrow rope bridge to slay them.  After doing so, he ties the rope around a column, then bars the far door shut with his crowbar.

Lysander and Lydia are surprised by two secret doors opening with some orcs rushing out.  One of the orcs runs out and cuts one rope of the rope bridge.  Lysander quickly kills two and Lydia kills one.  Meldor puts an orc to sleep, but Ashrem shoots a crossbow bolt and wakes him up.  Lydia finishes him off too.  Lydia heals Meldor since he was hurt in the attack by an orc with a battle axe.  

Lysander tries to cross the rope bridge, but as usual falls off.  Luckily, he was holding on to the rope that Ashrem secured.  Lysander swings and slams into the side of the chasm wall near Ashrem.  While Ashrem tries to help pull Lysander up, Ashrem hears the door bust off of the hinges.  

A giant Ogre appears followed by 9 orcs.  Ashrem tries to bluff the Ogre, and the Ogre almost buys it until Ashrem tries to back stab him.  The Ogre tries to attack Ashrem, but he runs for cover amongst the other orcs.  One orc is suspicious and throws an axe and hits Ashrem.  After a few more hits, Ashrem fakes death.  

The Ogre pulls Lysander up and Lysander immediately attacks with Shatterspike.  Lydia commands the Ogre to "JUMP" and so he does, right into the chasm.  Lysander swings at the nearest largest orc named Yarrack.  Meldor casts to put many orcs to sleep, but they are immediately stirred awake by other orcs.  Ashrem notices when the orcs no longer appear to be around him, and strikes from behind.  Lysander keeps swinging, but can't seem to hurt the big orc.  Lydia fixes the broken rope on the bridge so they may cross to help Ashrem and Lysander.  Ashrem takes out 4 orcs.  Meldor kills an orc with his sling.  Lydia hits an orc with her sling.  Ashrem and Lysander are beat unconscious.  Ashrem almost dies, but stabalizes.  

The three remaining orcs start across the rope bridge.  Meldor and Lydia try many attacks with the sling, but fail.  Lydia finally unties the rope and an orc goes falling into the pit.    Yarrack drops his axe while trying to catch his balance.  Meldor finally shoots a ray of frost to hurt the two remaining orcs.  Meldor kills Yarrack and Lydia kills the remaining orc.

Lydia and Meldor go to Ashrem and Lysander and heal them.  They then immediately retreat back outside in the woods below the stronghold entrance.

Adventure #2

As the group recovers outside a distance from the entrance to the ancient ruins, 4 orcs wander past the Lysander who is standing guard.  Quietly Lysander wakes the rest of the party.  The group performs a synchronous sneak attack.  Ashrem kills an orc with his crossbow sneak attack.  Lysander kills another after jumping into his path.  Ashrem runs out into the battle to slay yet another.  Lydia bashes in the last.  The party moves the bodies off the past and head back to the Dwarven ruins.

The group crosses the rope bridge easily and make it through the doors that Ashrem had barred earlier.  Ashrem recovers his crowbar.  The group rescues Karana and Garada who were prisoners of the orcs and ogre.  The guys quickly exit the dungeon. 

The group ventures through many more caverns and snaking turns and finally come across a large statue of a dwarf.  Lydia trips another trap and the statue releases green noxious gas.  The entire group except Lysander feel very weak.

Ashrem picks a lock to a doorway off the path.  Meldor finds a secret panel in a nearby room.   After more wandering the group has to fight off 4 stirges.  Ashrem, Lydia, and Lysander each kills their attacking stirge, but Meldor takes time to play around with his.  Lysander finally swats the strige bugging Meldor.

The group is convinced by Meldor to check a door.  Ashrem finds no traps, but when Lysander opens the door, the group is severely burned by alchemist's fire.  Lysander comes away the least burnt and shakes it off.  Ashrem and Lydia react quickly and pour their skin of water all over themselves.  Meldor gets burnt to a crisp, and if it wasn't for Lydia's casting create water, he would have most assuredly burned to death.  The group sluggishly moves to a room they feel they can secure and try to rest for a few days with the careful healing of Lydia.

A group of 7 orcs barge through the doorway and Lysander is magically put to sleep.  Meldor shoots a magic missle and Ashrem fires a crossbow bolt at the orc sorceress.  Lydia wakes Lysander up just in time for him to kill an attacking orc.  Lydia smashes an orc.  Meldor runs in fear.  Lysander, Lydia, and Ashrem kill off the remaining orcs.  Lysander gets put on fire again.  Meldor and Ashrem kill the orc sorceress.

Ashrem is against going up some stairs, but the group goes anyway.  The group finds two wolves guarding 2 chests.  Lydia casts a calming spell on them, and they appear calm until Ashrem opens a chest full of treasure.  Meldor puts the wolves to sleep, and Ashrem cuts their throats with disdain for the others opinion of him.  The group rests for the evening.

Adventure #3

The group ventures back to the stairwells leading deep into another lair.  The group hears some more stirges and runs for cover.  Ashrem throws alchemist fire at the wall to create a wall of smoke so the group can escape from the stirges.  This seems to work, but as soon as they enter a large cavern, they are surprised by four stirges that each sting a member of the party.

Meldor puts three stirges to sleep and Lysander and Ashrem kill the ones stuck in them.  Ashrem kills the stirge stuck in Lydia.  Meldor kills his sleeping stirge, but Lydia and Meldor are stung again by two more coming from a small cave.

The group ventures in a tomb of sorts and start opening coffers of old dwarves.  Lysander finds a few weapons with the markings they were supposed to be looking for.  

The group descends into a foul cavern filled with mushrooms.  Ashrem climbs up a near cliffwall hoping to get up a ledge.  Once at the top, Ashrem notices two Gricks.  He immediately jumps down from the 30ft ledge as the Gricks climb down after him.  Ashrem fires his crossbow.  Lysander hits one with shatter spike.  Meldor kills one after using his burning hands and a magic missile.  Lysander kils the remaining grick.  During the fray, Lydia clubs Ashrem over the head.

The group climbs up to find an old room where the gricks live.  The group camps out on the ledge just before the large iron doors.

The next morning, the group enters the iron doors.  They see three large dwarven statues at the doors leading out of the room.  Lysander gets hit by two stone axes from the statues as he attempts to open a door that seems to be stoned over.  To avert the axes, Lysander and Ashrem break the axes from the next statues.  The 2nd door is stoned in also.  Ashrem searches around and finds a secret passage.  

The group wanders into a large hall.  Ashrem sees a throne at the far end, and heads towards it.  Ashrem takes a crossbow bolt to the chest.  Lydia and Medor try to persuade the attackers to cease as Ashrem is attacked by a Durgar.  Lysander also chases after an invisible deep dwarf.  Lydia kills one and Meldor kills another.  Lysander finally kills the durgar who shot Ashrem with the crossbow bolt.  The group searches the room and decide to go through the door behind the throne.

Adventure #4

The group finds a conference room.  Lysander sees a durgar warrior across the room and charges towards him.  Lysander slices the durgar down.  Meldor and Ashrem kill another hiding invisibly on the side.  A female durgar steps through a far door invisibly and slices Lysander.  Ashrem back stabs her.  Meldor hits her with some magic missiles.   Lysander finally kills the large female durgar.  Lydia heals Lysander and Ashrem.  The group bars the doors with Meldor's pitons and try to get some rest.  

During the morning, 2 durgar break into the room.  One durgar runs towards Meldor and drops his axe.  Ashrem miss both durgar with his crossbow shots.  One durgar hits Meldor.  One durgar slashes Ashrem.  Lydander kills the durgar who hit Meldor.  Ashrem and Lydia finish off the 2nd.  As the dwarves go down, the other door busts open and 6 more durgar stand there.

Meldor figures out that the 6 are an illusion.  Lysander and Ashrem are blinded by color spray.  Lydia believes there are poisonous centipedes crawling on her.  Meldor fires missiles at a wizard durgar.  Ashrem and Lysander are stunned.  Meldor and Lydia finish off the wizard.  Meldor finds some scrolls on the wizard.

The group opens a few doors that lead around the hall and the conference room.  Finally the group enters a doorway to a room with an ominous pool inside.  Lydia senses an evil presence and soon notices an Allip.  She turns it, but it come back a few minutes later.  Lysander and Ashrem cower at the sight.  The Allip touches Lydia  and drains her wisdom.  Lydia and Meldor try multiple attacks against this undead.

Meldor coins the phrase, "Lydia the unwise."

Lydia says, "I'm definitely going to be a kicker of the butt of the undead now."

The group regroups and heads into some rooms of sort.  In one room multiple skeletons attack.  Lydia turns them all to dust.

The group then finds a secret passage and Ashrem opens it.  It leads to a temple room of sorts.  On an altar lays an old dwarf.  An orc, and some bones litter the floor.  The group goes in, and two skeletons animate.  The orc comes to life (or unlife) and has glowing green eyes.  Lydia immediately turns the two skeletons and Lysander attacks the orc.  Lydia finally turns the orc and Meldor and Lysander finish him off as he cowers in the corner.  Ashrem discovers 2 scrolls in a sack and gives them to Meldor.

The group decides to bar the doors and rest in the ancient dwarven temple for the night.

Adventure #5

The party awakens in the Ancient Dwarven Temple. Going back down the hall, the party enters a room with a large rug. Ashrem begins to roll the rug up when it animates and attacks him! Luckily the rug was caught by surprise when Ashrem began to roll it and was cut down ( and burned down and clubbed down and … ) before it could do any damage.

Further down the hall there is a room with a badly rusted lock. Lydia Mends the lock so that Ashrem can pick it open. Inside the party finds another animated object, this time an arming dummy. It attacks but is quickly cut down by Lysander.

At the end of the hall the party runs into a woman. She begs for help, saying that she is cursed to stay here forever. Meldor begins to talk to her but cannot figure her out. The woman says her name is Idalla. When Meldor enters the room Idalla uses some kind of magical compulsion to force Meldor to release her. Meldor does so and Idalla teleports away.

In the room Idalla was in Meldor finds a book of scrolls as well as a secret case in the wall with a map.

Moving down another hallway next to Idalla’s room the party finds a secret door leading to a large waterfall with a chain ladder leading down. The party slowly climbs down the ladder. At the bottom they find a large natural cavern. They bed down for the night but are unexpectedly attacked by a black dragon in the middle of the night! Lysander gets hit full on with its breath weapon and is badly burned by the acid. The party quickly wakes up and begins fighting the dragon. Ashrem wades out into the small underground lake the dragon is hiding in to lure it out. The party manages to finally kill the dragon, although several party members are near death.

The party spends hours trying to cross the lake and get to the small island the dragon’s hoard is on. An especially vicious undercurrent continually keeps forcing the players underwater as they attempt to swim across. Finally Lysander strips off all his armor and crosses over and begins tossing back the treasure before swimming back.

The party rests upon the beach by the large underground lake. Ashrem removes the head of the black dragon for a trophy case he plans on making.

Adventure #6

Moving back to the underground river they had camped on the night of the dragon attack, the party attempts to jump over the rushing water to see what is on the other side. Lysander attempts to jump over twice, both times tripping and scraping up his knees. Ashrem attempts to jump over and easily clears the rushing water. The other side has nothing of interest however and Ashrem quickly jump back over.

The party again slowly climbs back up the ladder and return to the foundry they had found earlier. Searching around they find a large stash of gold hidden within a hollow forge. Leaving, the party moves to another room, which appears to be a kitchen. Suddenly, a large table animates and begins to attack the party. Lydia throws a vial of alchemist’s fire at the table and it burns to the ground. With nothing of interest left on this floor the party backtracks to the mushroom cavern.

The party heads south and finds a stairwell going down. The stairs are extremely slippery due to a nearby stream though, and the party must proceed slowly to avoid slipping. At the bottom of the stairs the party finds another level. They encounter a grey ooze but overcome it. The party is very paranoid about finding another one and covers the floor in vinegar.

Lysander runs into a room filled with disease-ridden stagnant water to retrieve a small amount of treasure and luckily comes out still healthy.

The party encounters a Dwarven Vampire who tells them that burning down the Gulthias tree in the Sunless Citadel set his master free and that his master wants all four of them to be turned into Vampires. The party attacks and the Vampire throws a strangely frigid dagger at Ashrem. Ashrem and Lysander both do large amounts of damage but the Vampire finally assumes gaseous form and drifts away. Lydia uses Faerie Fire to make the gas cloud glow but the Vampire still escapes.

Going back up the stairs to the mushroom cavern the party meets two Troglodytes. Ashrem sneak attacks one, killing it. The other Troglodyte runs over to a cage and releases a large bear. Ashrem then sneak attacks the bear. Meldor tries to Blind the bear but fails. Meldor then tries to Blind the Troglodyte but fails again. Lysander and Lydia both attack and miss. The bear grapples with Lydia but she manages to get escape. The troglodyte begins to run away as the entire party engages the bear. Lysander and Lydia both hit it with their weapons, while Ashrem shoots it with his crossbow. Meldor lets fly Magic Missiles and severely wounded, Lysander finishes the bear with a sword blow. Ashrem tries to shoot the running Troglodyte but drops his crossbow.

Moving back down the passage they had come from the party finds a room filled with a strange yellow mold. A skeleton also is in the room holding a large sword. Ashrem runs into the room and grabs the sword, but as he does the yellow mold releases a cloud of spores. Ashrem inhales the spores and collapses outside the room coughing and hacking. Suffering from serious Constitution damage the party retreats to Blasingdale and then back to Greyhawk where they sell the four weapons they managed to recover to Lord Gelban for a very large sum of money.