Our campaign for the Summer of 2000 will be as a struggle for our Gamma World adventurers to grow into a world known as Gamma Terra.  The campaign will be based on the Alternity Gamma World  Rulebook setting The Land of Settle.

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  • Time Frame:    Post Shadow Years Gamma Terra
  • Genre:    Gamma World 
  • Progress Level: G = Gamma World
  • Life:    We Are Not Alone! Mutants, Cybernetics, Androids, Robots and more.
  • Setting:    Gamma Terra
  • Plot:    
  • Goal:    
  • Characters:    4 Combat Specs, and 1 Tech Op, and 1 Free Agent
    Punisher - Sasquatch mutant 

    (Played by Johnny)

    TD4 - (teddy) - Android

    (Played by Miguel)

    Proboscis - Human Mutant

    (Played by Michael)

    Smurly Smythe - Android

    (Played by Jon)

    Narcissus - PSH

    (Played by Bill)

    Grenier - Sleeth

    (Played by Bill)

    (not Bill; Grenier)

    ? - Android

    (Played by Mike)

    Not Active Yet



  • Humans
  • Dabbers

Campaign map is included in the Gamma World book.

Campaign Adventure timeline of sorts..

8/15/00 The group was given an old map of the Land of Settle..

The group set out on a journey to deliver a package to the town of Redman.  On the way, they encountered 6 Badders.
The Badders put up a good fight with swords and musket rifles.  The group was unprepared with a poor battle plan.   TD4 and Grenier were knocked unconscious quite quickly.  Punisher had to take out 4 of the Badders and Proboscis was almost knocked out also.  Punisher scared the remaining two Badders away; surely they will return with reinforcements.  The group decided to turn back to town since it was still early morning of the first day out.

8/22/00 Lookout, the group is trying to make it to Redman again

The group isn't out long when they have to sneak past a giant scavenging spider, Attercop.  The group slips by undetected and avoids a fight.

The group soon encountered a small band of 4 badders who give them a good fight.  The group barely overcomes the hunting party, but is rewarded with some more muskets.

The group soon encounters the cross roads and sees a flying Yexil.  The run for cover.  Too many are just recovering from wounds after battling the Badders.

The group runs into Tark a human in the brush, and he convinces them to go back to Fiver since there was a band of Badders there harrasing some Dabbers.

Seems easy enough, Grenier tries to light a Badder on fire with his pyro powers.  He fails and sets a pile of rubble on fire that the group was using for cover.

TD4 and Proboscis shoot many bullets at some badders on the north end of the road while Tark runs for cover.

Smurly helps TD4 and Proboscis to attack the BaddersPunisher runs for the middle of the road to get a good attack position.  Grenier runs from the fire and is gunned down like a dead lizard.  Punisher attacks one Badder and successfully knocks him unconscious.  Punisher then decides to pick up a junk car and throw it at a Badder.  He has some trouble but manages to smash one Badder even though Punisher receives many bullet wounds.  In a rage Punisher finishes off two unconscious Badders.

TD4 and Proboscis kill three Badders and help rescue the Dabbers.

One Badder runs away and escaped.

The Dabbers are greatful but leave in a hurry.

The group meets a PSH Narcissus who quickly loots the cold body of Grenier the Sleeth.

The group heads for a tall building hoping to find a hospital with medical equipment.  Punisher is growing weak from his wounds.


With information about some buildings up the road, the group proceeds to them

They find an old hospital which is barricaded up. TD4 climbs into the 2nd story to find some medical equipment.

The group clears the rubble and enters the abandoned hospital facility where they encounter another Attercop.

The group flees from the giant spider to hide in another building across the street.  The Attercop pursues and is gunned down as it tries to crawl through a hole in the side of the building where the group awaits in ambush.

The group finds another Attercop in the old store and simply run away, back to the hospital.  The group finds another Attercop and kill it quickly.  

After a nights rest, the group moves on towards RedMan.  An uneventful days journey leads them to RedMan.  Punisher gets needed medical attention and the rest of the group goes to meet the town elder to get rewarded for bringing the package.

The Elder offers them 3000 gold and they accept.  Just after the transaction is completed, the group is shocked when the building comes crashing down around them.  The group tackles a guy who they suspect as having blown up the building as he flees the scene.  Guards see this an suspect the group of working with this guy Shen.  They are suspected of terrorism, and quickly escorted to jail to await trial.  Their weapons and gear are confiscated.  Late that night, Tark helps break them out of jail.   Tark has somehow managed to get the groups gear and weapons which had been confiscated before imprisonment.  The group heads south west as the bomber and Tark run north east.   Punisher decides to go back to the Town Hall and steal the gold that was rightfully theirs.  Punisher took a bit more while he was at it.

The majority of the group slip by a tower guard and wait for Punisher to return.  Punisher is detected, but the group quickly dispatches the guard.

As guards start to patrol the surrounding area the group tries to evade.  The group heads back to the main road to find a mounted patrol of RedMan guards.

The group decides to stick to the shore of the lake to make it back south.

After a long run, the group makes it to another road and camp for the night.


The group headed back to Ent to show the town elders that they had now come of age.

On the way, the group encountered a bunch of 5 Badders who had just killed a party on the road.  The group set up an ambush as Punisher went transparent to attack from the side.  The Badders quickly fell with only one narrowly escaping into the woods.  It always appears that one gets away.  Proboscis shot two dead while Punisher ripped two to pieces with his bare (bear) claws. 

Returning to the town, the group was greeted with open arms and were asked for the 3000 gold that the notebook computer brought.  Punisher was reluctant, but gave over his share of the gold.

The group found Shen in their town now.  So expecting him to be bad news, Punisher followed him and knocked him out quite quickly.  The group discovered some dynamite and some poison.  TD4 was glad to take Shen's SMG.

The group interrogated Shen but he wouldn't talk, fault the groups poor personality.  Narcisus finally gave in to his anger and slashed Shen with a Great Axe.  Shen started talking then.  Who needs interrogation skills.

Well, the group became aware of an army of Thought Masters that were heading north towards Ent.  The council appointed our heroes to venture to the sleeth village to the north west and get hi-tech weapons and defenses.  The group each took 4000 gold to go on their adventure.  The group asked for the assistance of some medics and combat specs since it seems they were always getting into fights.


The group proceeded north west to the fabled Sleeth village.

On the way, the group encountered some knights of genetic purity.  The only two mutants in the bunch hid in the wagon and the encounter was quite uneventful.

Further down the road, the group found a tunnel and decided to venture into it.

An encounter with some androids lasted a few minutes as the group fought in the dark with the androids.  Only proboscis could see with his night vision, and it made it quite difficult for the rest of the group to fight.  TD4 lit some oil flasks and through one at an android and successfully caught him on fire.  

TD4 also managed to burn Punisher and the other Sasquatch with a failed throw.  Later in that same encounter TD4 managed to drop a burning oil flask right near himself.

After rolling around burning, Punisher managed to put out the fire.  Punisher quickly decommissioned three of the androids, while Proboscis took out the fourth.

Proboscis and Narcissus went up some stairs inside the tunnel to find a room full of androids.  They quickly and quietly retreated.

The group quickly moved through Settle to continue on the journey.

The group works there way past Settle into the marshlands before reaching Dub.  In the marsh the group spies a swarm of Skeeters and the group decides to try to avoid the giant mosquitoes.  While going out of their way the group meets to Dabbers who are hunting for Skeeter eggs, a Dabber delicacy.  The group tells the Dabbers where the Skeeters can be found and the Dabbers recognize the group as the guys who helped save some weary Dabbers on the Fiver.  The Dabbers invite the group to visit Evergreen Point after they conclude their business in Dub.

Once at Dub, the group negotiate a deal using the 20,000 gold and 10,000 in future crops to get most of the arsenal of weapons the Sleeth have collected over time. The group negotiates for a 50% price cut to assist Ent with the war effort.  Dub seems interesting, but the group chooses to move on to return to Ent promptly.  The Sleeth provide a barge for the group to cross Ash Lake to go to Evergreen point. 

At Evergreen point the group is greeted well, and the Dabbers are inspired to assist the group in the ensuing battle.  20 Dabbers volunteer to accompany the group back to Ent.  The group sells some mirrors and utensils to the Dabbers.  The Dabbers appreciate the shines and the group makes a small profit.

An uneventful trip down the Fiver has the group in Ent with about 5 days to prepare for the coming menace.  The group tries to help out with Leadership, Tactical, Demolitions and such, but the group is very young and inexperienced themselves.  

The battle begins...

The group is tasked to advance the fight to the  mutant hoard.  The group moves south on the main road.

The group quickly encounters 4 mutant scouts.  The group hides off the road and ambushes the scouts.  During the encounter Narcissus shoots Smurley Smyth

The group then moves further down the road and sees a band of mutants on motorcycles.  The group uses their rope to "string the street."   3 of the 5 motorcyclists go flying.  The other two avoid the rope, but can't turn around in time to save the others.  The group quickly kills the three fallen bikers and take shots from the side of the road at the two remaining.  The 2nd biker drives straight towards Punisher, and is shot off his bike.  Punisher gets a motorcycle in the gut.  He angrily picks up the bike and throws it at the last cyclist.

The group finishes the mutant bikers and moves down the road further. 

The group takes two of the motorcycles that are in good condition and head south.  Moving much further south at high speed, the group encounters another band of motorcycle mutants.  This time, they have some Thought Masters with them.  The group again pulls off the side of the road, strings the street and attempts another ambush.  Only two motorcyclists make it past the rope this time.  One is gunned down almost immediately.  Punisher moves in to mop up the startled bikers.  The group lets one Thought Master biker escape towards Ent.  The group quickly wipes out the other bikers.  On escapes to the south.  TD4 debates chasing him down but decides against it.

The group decides that the motorcycles are too loud and continue south on foot.  They come across a small camp off the side of the road.  The group sneaks up and notices that the camp has quite a few mutants around some tents.  

TD4 decides to toss two sticks of dynamite into the tent area.  The group is quickly attacked by 4 mutant soldiers with others on the way.  These mutants mean business.  They attack the group with conventional weapons such as crossbows and axes.  At the same time the mutant soldiers and Thought Masters use mutations like Death Field Generation, Life Leech, and Telekinetic Blast.   The group is gradually stunned or wounded badly by mental attacks.  the mutants are joined by 4 additional mutant soldiers and one of the mutant bikers that escaped the previous encounter.

Narcissus falls in battle wounded where he can't fight anymore.  Proboscis soon joins Narcissus.  Smurley Smyth falls in battle too.  Punisher and TD4 knock the 9 mutants  unconscious or worse and hear more reinforcements coming from the tents.  A tactical retreat was in order and TD4 and Punisher take their wounded friends and run for cover.  

After fleeing they decide to make it back to the motorcycles they hid on the side of the road and head back to Ent for some much needed medical treatment.

As the group returned back to Ent to find that they must once again head out to the enemy encampment to face the Mutant Warlord and his officers.

The group takes a rest and soon returns to the camp.  The group waits in the woods and take careful aim as punisher takes his translux pill and flanks the tents.   Simultaneously the group fires at the guards surrounding the main tent.  The mutant soldiers and thought masters run towards the woods to find thier attackers.  Meanwhile, punisher makes quick work of some of the guards around the outside of the tent.  After a long battle our heroes are victorious over the guards and soldiers. 

One mutant soldier escapes back to the main tent.

TD4 decides to set dynamite to the middle tent and runs.  The tent explodes and 3 thought masters come running out.  The mutant soldier is blown apart.  After a brief battle our heroes defeat the thought master leader Izaros.

The group scavenges the tents and takes many items of value back to Ent.  In Ent the group is once again heroes.

After much healing, the group moves on to the third and final phase of the campaign   Fall 2000