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Please send setting submissions to me in this format...

Campaign World: D&D, Dragonstar, Gamma World, etc...

Setting: Far-Future, Past, Fantasy, Modern etc...

Location: Some Planet, Plane, World, Castle, Realm, Dungeon, Land,
Tavern etc...

Location Peculiarity: Low-Magic, High-Tech, No-Tech, No-Gravity,

Problem: Rescue Princess, Kill Overlord, Find Artifact, Stop Plague

Problem Background: Group must find a piece to complete an ancient
artifact that will .....

Reason: Loose reason why Chaos in the multiverse will increase if
the problem is dealt with. The artifact may help free a Chaotic
Deity from wrongful imprisonment.

Solution: Don't send this to me, but there should be some sort of
solution to the problem. The group may not solve it, so don't make
it a do or die situation. The group can always leave and return
another day... or later that same day... or the morning before.

Campaign World:  Planescape (Beyond Countless Doorways)
Setting:  alien world without gravity
Location: Violet Bubble Universe
Location Peculiarity: Violet hue, no gravity, suppressed magic, broken time
Problem:  Rescue or Prevent the Rescue of a Lich imprisoned on Violet
Reason:  The Lich is a representative of The Fraternity of Order

Campaign World:  Planescape (Beyond Countless Doorways)
Setting:  Dying Magic Fantasy world
Location:  Tevaeral, Magic's last Stand
Location Peculiarity: Mundanes are destroying mages, magical beasts, and dragons, Spell Failure % Increase
Problem:  Find a powerful artifact Dragondoom that slays dragons
Reason:  Destroy the artifact to allow magic to continue on the dying magic world 

Campaign World:  Planescape (Beyond Countless Doorways)
Setting:  Sleeping God's Soul
Location: Quietude and Deity's Soul
Location Peculiarity: Strange things inside a sleeping deity
Problem:  Prevent Tevra from waking
Reason:  She is a purveyor of law

Campaign World:  ?
Setting: ? 
Location: Swamp ?
Location Peculiarity:  ?
Problem: ? 
Reason: ? 

Campaign World: D&D/D20 Horror
Setting: Fantasy
Location: Devoid realm
Location: Peculiarity: Random Physics, Unable to dimension hop
Problem: Stranded in dimension with no contact to the outside.
Problem Background: A rogue Chaos Lord Devil is allying with the Order lords in order to gain power. The group has to find some way to stop or hinder him.

Campaign World:  Dragonstar
Setting:  Return a Fairy to a Bio-Wizard Device
Location: City of the Gods
Location Peculiarity: Wild Magic, Strange Undead population, robotic units
Problem:  Return the fairy to a Bio-Wizard Device
Reason:  She is a possession of a half-dragon/half-Drow sorcerer 

Campaign World:  D&D Fantasy
Setting:  Acheron
Location: Iron Fortress
Location Peculiarity: Cubic plane of Law and Order
Problem:  Defeat Imperagon
Reason:  Imperagon is building a mighty sword to conquer the other planes

Campaign World:  Gamma World
Setting:  Apocalyptic Future
Location:  Gamma Earth
Location Peculiarity:  Mutagens and Nanotechnology

Campaign World:  Planescape
Setting:  Strange Asteroid Filled Plane
Location:  Asteroid Base 
Location Peculiarity:  Teratomorph Activity
Problem:  Capture a Teratomorph 
Reason:  To Harness to power of the Teratomorph 

Campaign World:  Medieval D20 Fantasy
Setting: Medieval Town
Location: Town
Location Peculiarity:  Low Energy
Problem: Snatch and Grab 
Reason: A king is ruling harshly over his subjects  and his rule covers the continent

Campaign World:  D20 Future
Setting: Far Future
Location: Post Apocalyptic Terminator World
Location Peculiarity:  Low Magic
Problem: Terminators 
Reason: Machines are quite orderly 

Campaign World:  D20 Modern
Setting: ? 
Location: Strange World
Location Peculiarity:  Dragon Turtle
Problem: Save a chaotic Princess from strange turtles and mushroom men
Reason: They are torturing the princess to find information about the Champions of Chaos 

Campaign World:  Star Wars
Setting: Beyond the Empire 
Location: A Jedi world
Location Peculiarity:  Force Effects
Problem: Help a dwindling army defeat superior forces
Reason: The army is aligned with chaos 

Campaign World:  Planescape (Beyond Countless Doorways)
Setting:  Kin Li 'In
Location: Hell like plane
Location Peculiarity: Devils and Demon abound
Problem:  Prevent Devils and Demons from allying
Reason:  A tormentor demon is working closely with some Devils to overthrow other demons

Campaign World:  Planescape (Beyond Countless Doorways)
Setting:  Planescape
Location: Ouno, Astral Pirates
Location Peculiarity:
Reason:  Find out about some Astral Pirates

Campaign World:  ?
Setting: Modern?
Location: Mushroom Mushroom?
Location Peculiarity:  ?
Problem: ? 
Reason: ? 

Campaign World:  D20 Future
Setting: Future
Location: Reality Maelstrom, Asteroid Realm
Location Peculiarity:  Low-magic
Problem: Explore and Loot an abandoned ship 
Reason: Capture technology found in an abandoned ship   

Campaign World:  Greyhawk to Dragonstar
Setting: Fantasy 
Location: Greyhawk
Location Peculiarity:  The PMP is being threatened
Problem: Remove Flinderhop's soul from his body and place him in a Soul Mech 
Reason: Who knows? 

Campaign World:  D20 Fantasy
Setting: Fantasy 
Location: Broken Observatory
Location Peculiarity:  ?
Problem: Disrupt an Order Lords base of operation 
Reason: ? 

Campaign World:  EverQuest
Setting: Fantasy
Location: ?
Location Peculiarity:  ?
Problem: Restart civil war 
Reason: ? 

Campaign World:  D20 Future
Setting:   Future
Location: Event Horizon like setting
Location Peculiarity:  ?
Problem: ? 
Reason: ? 

Campaign World:  D20 Modern
Setting: Modern
Location: Modern Earth
Location Peculiarity:  Low-magic
Problem: ?
Reason: Start World War III 

Campaign World:  D20 Future
Setting: Future
Location: Robotic Realm
Location Peculiarity:  ?
Problem: Rescue a chaotic person from a robot guarded realm
Reason: ? 

Campaign World:  Arcana Unearthed 
Setting: Fantasy
Location: ?
Location Peculiarity:  ?
Problem: ?
Reason: ? 

The Ark of Order

The Riathenor have been approached by an Ancient half-star-dragon. The hsd will introduce himself to the group in the Splynn Dimensional Market.
The hsd informs the Riathenor that a ship containing thousands of magical entities and aberrations is being delivered to a remote pocket universe that should educate the Scions of Order in how to easily use or eliminate them.
This ship contains a crew of thousands of droids, mecha, constructs, soulmech, and warforged to guard and protect the humanoid crew and the cargo. The humanoid crew contains mostly high level officials and scientists. Many of the officials are believed to be well educated in technology, magic, and psionics.
The hsd has also information that the scientists are running experiments with Bio-wizard devices and Dweoware.  Some of the experiments have already begun, and since the trip will take several years to get to the exact singularity jump location.  The current location of the ship will be disclosed by the hsd upon contacting him.
Apparently an important piece of a bio-wizard device is needed by the hsd and he guarantees that a certain component once retrieved can cause an entire universe to be thrust into chaos.  The component must be retrieved and given to the hsd.


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