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D20 Insane Campaign Logs

Adventure 0:  Before the Riathenor Visits


Dan Hibiki, Ninja, attempting to steal an artifact
Colonel Subar Hafizulla, Terrorist, fighting a battle against Americans

Marumokro Zeshangar, Weren Heir, is just leaving a pit fight, having slaughtered another opponent and proving himself more worthy for the throne.
Roondar the battle mage, is sitting around telling tales of his own greatness. "He killed an ancient dragon single handedly you know."

Kurt Windtalker, Jedi Guardian, walking between villages on a desolate planet.
Mord Gobar, Mutant Bodyguard, being chased by a KoGP vehicle in a snow storm just west of Oamus

Kylar, the Bard, being ripped through time and space ... again
Dúngal ó Scandláin, the Gundancer, fighting ISPD agents who want him dead

Girg, Pixie sorcerer, stealing food by tricking a nearby town
Ignus Mayerik, chaos paladin, shooting at lawful paladin trainees

Robo-Gelb 3000, Soulmech of Gelb Flinderhop, performing in a tavern
Adolph Nougat, Myconid fighter, wandering on a fungus filled planet

Domino, cleric, grading his high school student's tests in his apartment
Talena, fighter, climbing a mountain hunting squirrels

Gregmon, Sasquatch soldier, wandering in a forest in Oregan
Negrodamus, Euradite wizard, hanging out in club Gemini

Charlotte Thorn, Katane Half-Vampire Oathsworn, spending time in a crypt
Tea Leaf, Pixie rogue, sleeping near an Orc camp

Ghaleon, master of the shroud, worshipping in a temple of Nerull
Timlaine Daeladarr, Enchanter, in a tavern

Ashrem, blinking across the fine line between the Astral and Ethereal plane
Zyel, the Riathenor, eating his latest kill

P?, a cleric
Zack, a doombringer gunslinger

Cord, an Allerein gunslinger

Supporting Cast and Antagonists

Zoltan is found below a frozen Flesh Jelly moments before it absorbed him.

Xerxan, half-dragon sorcerer, looking for an artifact

Dai, looking for a way home to her moon

Gerlom, Lich fighter, hidden on Violet

Gort, dark-elf shadow knight, fleeing Befallen

G'Banrak is being carried off by an undead beholder.

Darr struggles to dig his family free from a cave in.

Alahandra, trapped in a bag of holding

Thornseld, Barbarian, found sulking in a tavern after fleeing a battle with a Pit Fiend and Fallen Angel

Gjojden, vermin lord

NeTempaMo, Kolyarut Inevitable, dispatching justice to promise breakers

Braxus, Dracolich, looking for the artifact Dragondoom

Krulanor, astral construct barbarian

Iaram Paa, diviner, researching some Champions of Chaos

Wang Liu Dong, drunken master of the prismatic sphere, dispatching his form of justice

Zam-Nahar, Silver Dragon, searching for Evil to eliminate

Gorath, bounty hunter, hunting his next target

Klyaxar, Brass Dragon, sitting in a bar spouting about her great adventures

Malseru, Gold Dragon, searching for the artifact Dragondoom

Delirium, Tiefling female, babbling about her worlds

Team H Adventure 1:  the Riathenor Visits

Marumohro Zeshangar just finished battling in the arena of his Weren ancestors when a page ran up to him and told him there was a strange dark gladiator prepared to fight him.  Marumohro headed to this new warrior and after a brief display of power, Marumohro followed the warrior through a tear in the fabric of space-time itself.

Dan Hibiki was infiltrating a wizards stronghold to find a wondrous artifact.  After skulking around invisibly and tumbling past multiple golems and robotic defenders, he came to a spot where he saw the artifact.  Moments later a dark armored humanoid appeared who could see Dan in his invisible form.  The man told Dan to leave the artifact and follow him through a magical portal of some sort.  Dan hesitated, tried to grab the artifact, but it wouldn't budge.  The portal started to close so Dan tumbled into it.

Colonel Hafizullah and his remaining soldiers were pinned down as American troops closed in on his position in his foxhole.  Moments before the foxhole was overrun, a dark armored figure appeared in the foxhole.  One of the colonel's men fired at the figure but missed.  The dark figure spoke softly to Subar Hafizullah and suggested he follow him.  The dark figure ripped a line through the air and a field of stars appeared where the foxhole back should be.  The dark figure stepped through and Hafizullah followed without question.

Kurt Windtalker had a premonition about a dark figure visiting him in the desert on his journey to Mos Teiria, so he waited at the site of his vision.  After many hours of meditating an armed woman appeared, she spoke softly to Kurt and asked him to follow her.  He hesitated and didn't budge after she stepped through the portal.  She returned moments later and suggested that Kurt follow.  Kurt asked about the armored man in his vision.  She told him to ignore his premonition and she left through another portal.  Kurt didn't follow, instead he waited patiently for the armored dark figure.  Moments later, the dark man appeared and suggested he follow... Kurt followed the man through a tear in time and space.

Mord Gobar was fleeing for his life, the Knights were near, he could sense that.  He struggled as he pushed his wheelbarrow of worldly possessions through the snow.  Moments later, he saw a dark mutant standing near a snow bank.  The man told him to follow him, turned, ripped a hole in the snow and stepped through.  Mord wasn't too concerned and fled for his life.

Roondar was standing on a table in a tavern recanting tales of his greatness and how he has defeated dragons.  Many patrons gathered around to hear the boastful gnome tell of his conquests.  A woman walked into the tavern, her cutlass gleamed in the light of the tavern torches.  She walked directly to Roondar and said follow me.  Roondar was intrigued and so grabbed his mug of ale and followed the woman who went outside.  She then sliced a circle in the air and a portal appeared, she stepped through and Roondar followed.

The entire group appeared in a room with a large purple circle on the floor.  Four dark armored men stood prepared for hostilities, one at each corner of the square room.  Upon arrival most of the group was fine, but Subar wretched all over the place.  The travelers were introduced and a woman who said her name was Zyel informed them of a few things including the Riathenor's need for purveyors of Chaos..  The travelers were told to meet and disarm in a resting area.  Most agreed and were then told to meet at a gazebo in a garden through a far door.  Kurt attempted to proceed while still armed with his light saber.  Zyel suggested he leave it and that he could retrieve it later.  After a bit of talking, Kurt left his light saber with his gear.  Maru was a different matter, he adamantly refused to part with his axe.  After Zyel suggested he leave it or have it destroyed, he reluctantly placed it on the statue with his stuff.

The group convened at the Gazebo and were told to wait a while.  Zyel in female form told the group that if they needed her, they would only have to say her name.  Roondar was being tricky and waited for her to disappear into the garden, then whispered, "Zyel."  Immediately behind him, Zyel appeared and asked if he needed something.  Roondar was a bit surprised, and Zyel told him not to summon her unless necessary.  After about an hour, the group was escorted through a vast ship and lead to a room and told about the traveler's tavern.  Many in the group ventured to tavern while Kurt and Dan returned to the garden.

In the tavern Roondar and Gobar met and sat with Kylar the Bard.  Roondar told Kylar of his exploits in slaying dragons.  Kylar told Roondar to look over at a far table, where a huge Brass Dragon sat eating with some humanoids.  Gobar asked for some smokes and was offered a variety.  Roondar asked for alcohol and was treated with varieties as well.  While at the table Dagotte Zyel approached and introduced himself.  Roondar had met a female Zyel and Gobar had met a mutant Zyel, so neither could believe that the Riathenor was actually Zyel.  After a few quick demonstrations, Roondar and Gobar still weren't convinced.

Marumohro sat with an armored warrior who happened to be wearing fuzzy bunny boots.  After hearing Zoltan speak for a few moments, Marumohro say with him utterly stunned.  Maru left as soon as he regained his wits... from failing to comprehend "Zoltan Logic."

Subar went to speak with Klyaxar the Brass Dragon.  Subar, Roondar, and Maru sat near a tiefling girl who spouted utterly non-sense to the group.  The Tiefling girl introduced herself as Delirium.

Maru sat with a Riathenor named Pogar, but they didn't exchange too many words.

Gobar and Roondar soon had Kylar singing so that they could dance with nearby women.  Mord Gobar danced with a dwarven woman and Roondar danced with a red headed swordswoman.

After a while, Zyel visited each new recruit and told them to get some rest.  Subar and Dan went to their bedroom and Maru found Kurt in the garden.  Kurt and Maru meditated.  Dan Hibiki stole all the covers off the other beds and bundled himself up.  After dancing Gobar went back to the dwarven female's room, but she refused relations with him.

After Gobar returned to the tavern he passed out from drinking too much and was carried back to his room by a Riathenor.

Roondar insisted on dancing to the music in his own head as he danced around the tavern and passed the time.  Most patrons left the tavern and Roondar crashed fast asleep across a table. 

The next morning, the group was brought to a meeting room and met Dagotte Ky, a Riathenor who instructed them on upcoming missions.  The first order of business was to break into two groups.  The group was introduced to Ashrem who spoke about an Iron Fortress on the plane of Acheron. 

After a bit of discussion, the first mission was going to be a visit to a Dark World where a rogue Chaos Lord dwelled, but he was plotting with the Scions of Order.  The group that decided to visit this rogue agent consisted of Colonel Hafizullah, Marumohro, Mord Gobar, and Dagotte Zyel.  The group might be joined by Klyaxar the brass dragon.   

Team U Adventure 1:  the Riathenor Visits

Domino was grading papers when he realized he wasn't alone in his study.  A slender woman with a sword stood before him.  She whispered for him to gather his gear and to follow her.  She slashed a line in the air and a portal opened.  Domino did so without delay, a bit curious.

Ignus was pinned down by Paladin cross fire, but was sure he could take these new recruits.  Suddenly behind him appeared a dark armored man.  The man spoke softly for Ignus to follow him.  Ignus cast detect law on the dark man and found none.  The man sliced a portal though space-time and they stepped through.

Girg had just stolen some food from some townsfolk and was being chased out of the town.  While flying away, he noticed a dark armored man.  The man told Girg to follow him, Girg was curious so he flew through the portal the dark figure cut open.

RoboGelb 3000 was performing in a tavern, he somehow didn't have the performance skills he had once enjoyed.  RoboGelb was approached by a female stranger.  She asked him to follow her outside.  RoboGelb cast dimension door to get outside the tavern. He was surprised to have to follow her further through a portal she sliced in the air.  RoboGelb followed curiously.

Adolph was wandering through a mushroom field on a fungus planet and behind him he heard a voice call out to him.  A female asked him to follow her as she slashed a portal open with her sword.  Adolph followed with fear.

Talena had just made camp as she was climbing a mountain when she heard her name called from behind her.  A woman, obviously not ISPD, asked Talena to follow her.  Talena was a bit leary, but followed the mysterious woman through a portal quickly sliced open.

Gregmon was running from some hunters when he stumbled across a dark armored man.  The man spoke to him in Gregmon's tongue and so Gregmon followed the dark man through a portal.

Negrodamus was eating in club Gemini, when a woman approached.  She asked him to follow her, he told her he needed to eat.  She said follow and left the tavern.  Negrodamus followed her out and she sliced the air and a portal opened.  Negrodamus followed the woman through.

Dungal was fighting a battle but was summoned by a dark man in armor.  After firing shots at the dark man, the dark man appeared to be friendly to Dungal.  The dark man asked Dungal to follow him, so Dungal did.

Charlotte was in her dark crypt and she heard a faint slicing sound, as if someone sliced through the air with a sword.  A woman was stepping out of a portal in Charlotte's crypt.  Charlotte was defensive, but the woman assured her she would be unharmed, but asked her to follow her.  Charlotte was curious, asked a few questions but followed through the portal.

Tea Leaf was sleeping and was rudely awakened by a strange human woman.  The woman insisted that Tea Leaf follow as she stepped through a portal.  Tea Leaf was curious, stuck her head in the portal, and slipped in.

Ghaleon was praying at his altar to Nerull when a dark figure appeared before him.  At first he though it may be Nerull, but quickly dismissed the notion.  The dark figure told Ghaleon to follow him.  Ghaleon stepped through the portal.

Timlaine was sitting and drinking at a bar, when a woman approached him.  He figured this was the easiest date ever when she insisted he follow her outside.  He was so happy about the event, that he went outside eagerly.  Outside he watched her cut a slice of reality away and stepped through a portal; he followed.  Timlaine puked shortly after arriving.

All arrived one by one into a purple floored room. Then were asked to wait in a disarming room.  After most disarmed, only a few were leery, but the rest waited at a gazebo in the garden.  The woman, Zyel, told the group a bit about Chaos and the mega-verse.  The group was then brought to their room.  Charlotte and Talena insisted on private rooms, the rest were comfortable in the common room.

In the Great tavern they were let loose to enjoy themselves and the company of others.

Ignus spoke with Zoltan and was stunned for 10 minutes as he listened to his babble.  Apparently Maru was stunned as well.  Domino sat and spoke with Klyaxar the brass dragon and Pogar the Riathenor.  RoboGelb visited Kylar the bard who was singing a great dance tune while Roondar the gnome danced with a beautiful red headed woman.  Others danced around the bard as well.  RoboGelb tried to keep up and Girg soon joined in playing his instrument.  Timlaine approached a few women, but was shot down repeatedly until he approached the tiefling Delirium and spent a lucky night with her.  Negrodamus met an amazon woman and she was apparently only interested in his intellectual conversation.  Talena spoke with a few warriors and retired for the night when Zyel told her where her about the single room.  Charlotte stayed away from everyone until Zyel told her where her single room was located.  Adolph sat along a wall, and was interrupted by a bite from Tea Leaf.  Taking no action, Adolph explained telepathically that he would recover.  Tea Leaf flew away to be by Girg who was playing a stringed instrument.  Gregmon didn't know what to expect so sat with the Brass Dragon, the Riathenor at the table translated his conversation and apparently Domino could understand him as well.  Ghaleon was anti-social and went to bed immediately.  After a long night, many of the members retired to their shared suite.  On the way to his suite, Gelb noticed a man who reminded him of Ashrem.  After a few minutes of explaining his new metallic body, Gelb convinced Ashrem of his identity.  Ashrem told Gelb about his flight from the Fiend and his travels among the Astral and Ethereal plane.  Ashrem mentioned assaulting the Iron Fortress once again.  Timlaine was lucky enough to spend the night in a lavish room with Delirium. 

The next morning after breakfast, the group met Dagotte Ky who told them about their upcoming adventures to fight the forces of Law and Scions of Order. 

The group decided to send a team consisting of Timlaine, RoboGelb, Ashrem, Gregmon, Charlotte, Ignus, and Domino to the Reality Maelstrom.

Team H Adventure 2:  Visit to Tevaeral

The mission changed, Zyel, Maru, Mord, and Subar were sent to Tevaeral instead of a plane in hell. 

So, the Riathenor brought Zyel, Maru, Mord, and Subar to a different part of the ship, they entered what appeared to be a small tavern.  After answering a few questions about Tevaeralthe 2 Riathenor left the four adventurers alone.  According to the Riathenor, Tevaeral was losing magic, the mundanes formed a Unity to kill off all mages and magical beasts in the world.  The mages were held up in a stronghold surrounded by a magical field.  The mages have an artifact book of infinite spells and the mundanes have the artifact Dragondoom.  Klyaxar is interested in the Dragondoom to put its power into good hands.

After a little wait, Mord and Subar open the tavern door and step out into a lush green world with roads and people all about.  Zyel and Maru follow shortly after.  Mord and Subar ask a archaically armed man for some information, but the man became hesitant and started to wonder who these strangers were.  As others approached, Mord took the opportunity to knock the guy out.  One guy started running and tried to get away.  Maru chased him down, attempted to grab him, but the guy shook free and screamed that the group were magical beings.  Many fighters came running up and archers started shooting arrows at the group.  Zyel acted quickly and started firing wildly.  One shot hit Colonel Hafizullah in the back, Subar slumped to the ground dying.  One Tevaerallan warrior fell by his side.  Maru started firing and gunned down the screaming guy.  Mord freaked out and ran back into the tavern. 

After less than a minute, Zyel gunned down 15 and Maru chopped down 10 Unity soldiers.  Three fled to a nearby tower.  Mord had tossed smoke grenades and det cord out of the tavern to help with the confusion.  Zyel prepared to shoot a fleeing mounted soldier and shot Mord.  Mord wasn't too happy about Zyel shooting him.  Zyel just told him he got in the way.  The mounted soldier and his mount were eliminated.  Zyel went over to the cavalryman to grab a bite to eat.  Luckily, Subar stabilized, but no one had any way to heal him. 

Maru entered the tower and convinced the 3 hold outs to follow him back to the tavern.  After a futile attack against Maru, they decided to follow peaceably.  Maru let the 2 women archers go, but kept Ruben to lead the group to the Naev stronghold.  Mord tossed Subar on his wheel barrow and wheeled him towards the stronghold.

On the way, the group passed a bunch of wild animals, but they did nothing to bother them, save Mord tossing a few fireworks at some. 

The group neared a magical field which Ruben claimed couldn't be penetrated.  Mord thought it was a radiation field and thus ran directly into it pushing Subar along for the ride.  Mord felt a bit shaken.  Zyel went in and slumped to the ground.  Maru went in and also slumped to the ground.  Mord ran over to Zyel and a fireball went off around them.  Luckily, Subar was out of the range of the blast.  Mord played around while Zyel and Maru remained unconscious for minutes.  Mord stole Maru's helmet while Maru was unconscious.

Zyel and Maru got up and left the field.  The fireballs could kill Subar, so they left him and the wheelbarrow outside the field while they decided to run through.  Maru took off fastest and left Zyel and Mord who didn't actually run at all.  Mord watched Zyel slump over and hit the ground once again.  Maru was making good time, shaking off the magical effects, but he soon fell victim to an insanity effect.  He stayed still babbling like an idiot.  Zyel woke to find Mord pushing him with the wheelbarrow.  Moments later, Mord stopped short, stunned.  Zyel pushed Mord through, he decided it would be best if they worked together.  Zyel made it to Maru, but Maru didn't listen to his words for Maru to follow.  Zyel kept running avoided the mind influencing effects of the field but continuously tripped fireball spells.  Mord took a good burning.  After about a mile, Zyel and Mord exited the field a bit burned but ok none the less. 

Zyel told Mord to wait and not approach the stronghold alone, that he would be right back.  Zyel teleported back to where he had left Subar.  Zyel grabbed Subar, but had difficulty teleporting back to Mord.  After wasting several spell slots, Zyel made it back to Mord.  Mord had planted some explosives near where he expected Zyel to return, but was surprised to see Zyel carrying Subar, so he didn't blow Zyel up.  Zyel dropped Subar at Mord's feet and teleported back to Maru, grabbed Maru and teleported back to Mord.  After Zyel wandered towards the explosives to check them out, Mord set them off.  Zyel wasn't too happy, but after all, he did shoot Mord earlier.

Zyel grabbed some medical tech from Maru since he was babbling incoherently and didn't pose a threat and use the technology on Subar.  Subar became conscious after many applications of liquid skin.  The Maru didn't appear to be to happy about his stuff being taken, but at the moment he was quite taken with madness.    The group approached the stronghold with Zyel pushing Maru along. 

A mage stood at the steps to the stronghold and warned the group not to approach.  After he attempted to cast hold person on Subar, Mord knocked the mage out with a single punch.  Mord woke the mage then asked him to heal Maru's madness.  The mage said that he didn't possess the skill to help Maru, so Subar blew the mage's brains out.  Zyel knew now that the mages wouldn't be too happy to help the group restore Maru now.

Team U Adventure 2:  Exploring the Reality Maelstrom

The group, Timlaine, RoboGelb, Ashrem, Gregmon, Charlotte, Ignus, and Domino followed the Riathenor to a room that appeared to be an airlock.  They entered and were transported to a similar airlock on the abandoned space station Reality Maelstrom.  Only Ignus and Domino had familiarity with the technology.  Ashrem couldn't seem to open the door with his limited understanding.  Ignus opened the hatch and they entered a hall.  A ghostly figure ran down the hall and walked through a nearby doorway.  Everyone spread out to search the hall, but Ignus wanted to follow the ghost.  He opened the door and giant bugs were screaming in the room.  Tim stunned 3 bugs immediately.  Ashrem shot a bug with a poison bolt and it went down.  Another charged directly for Ashrem  but missed.  Tim started to suffocate a bug while the rest of the party organized to fight.  Gelb launched a fireball into the room of bugs and burned a few.  Domino touched a bug and it died.  Ashrem fired at the attacking bug and killed it.  Charlotte and Ignus were quite ineffective against the bugs.  Gelb slayed a bug that pounced from a nearby air duct.  Gelb's sword Belkus enjoyed its kill. 

After clearing out the room, the ghost sat in the corner and called the group invaders.  Tim mesmerized the ghost and he forgot about the incident, but Tim failed to bluff the ghost into believing he, Tim, was the ghost's commander.  Charlotte told the ghost that he was dead and freed his soul and he vanished.

Ashrem dug through the rubble in the room and found a pass card.  Ignus opened the next room with the pass card and used a computer to find out information about the base.  Domino gave Ignus divine assistance in his search and Ignus found out that the lab was experimenting with genetic manipulation of bugs.

Gregmon opened a large door further down the hall and two large robots activated and proceeded to attack us.  Domino spared no time, and cast a blade barrier into the room as Charlotte closed the door.  Metal scraping could be heard behind the door.  A klaxon sounded and another robot appeared down a hallway and fired stun grenades at the group.  Ignus and Gregmon were stunned.  Charlotte ran towards the robot and began to attack it.  Ashrem borrowed Gregmon's gun but fired ineffectively at the robot.  The projectiles bounced off.  The robot cut through Charlotte and she had to retreat.  The robot approached Ignus and slashed through Ignus, Gregmon and Robo-Gelb.  Robo-Gelb failed to disintegrate the robot.  Finally the robot fell to Domino and Gelb's magic.  Domino healed the severely damaged Charlotte.

As they were preparing to enter an elevator door, Charlotte wandered down another hall to find more bugs hunkered down.  Gregmon ran over to help Charlotte, but they were immediately surrounded by three bugs and a larger bug.  Gregmon was soon ripped apart by the bugs and slumped to the ground.  Tim charmed the larger bug just before it got to the group. 

Ashrem turned ethereal and fled through a nearby wall to a room full of these bugs.  The room also contained many human corpses with swollen abdomens.  Ashrem figured the bugs must have laid eggs or something inside the corpses.  Luckily for Ashrem, the bugs in the room fled.  Ashrem proceeded to shoot the swollen bellies as quickly as he could. 

Domino healed Gregmon, but Gregmon could barely crawl away from the attacking bugs.  Tim's enchanted bug turned on its fellow bugs and began fighting them.  Charlotte fought her way past the four bugs and Gelb ran up to cast some lightning bolts.  Gelb's lightning bolts killed the enchanted bug and a few others. A larger bug remained when Ashrem appeared nearby.  The bug charged Ashrem and he took some hits.  Ashrem returned to the ethereal plane shortly after.

Three more bugs dropped out of the vents and the mother bug ran towards the group.  Tim mesmerized the bugs and Domino too.  Gregmon went to defend Domino, but broke the enchantment of the nearby bug.  Ignus accidentally did the same to another bug.  Tim recast to mesmerize one bug.  The smaller bugs were quickly dealt with  by the group and the larger one fell shortly after.

The group decided to spend the night resting in the medical room which appeared to be untouched by the bugs.  Domino graciously healed those injured during the battle; Ashrem and Charlotte were grateful.

Team H Adventure 3:  Assaulting Naev

After a bit of diplomacy, Mord convinced the mages to heal Maru and Subar.  After the mages told the group to back away and return to the edge of the magic field, a druidic halfling woman came from behind the stronghold and healed Subar.  She told Subar to toss his weapon aside so he did.  She told Subar to bring Maru back to her and then he could get his gun back.  Subar did as she asked and she healed Maru.  Maru went back to his group and a bird visted them. 

The bird talked and told them to leave the area.  Maru fired upon the bird.  This excited the mage Iaram Paa and he started casting against the group.  He held Maru, Mord, and Subar in an instant.    Soon, many trees came to life and grappled the helpless group.  Zyel fired at the bird.  The Treant held the group while Iaram cast at Zyel.  Iaram tried mind affecting spells, but they failed, then he fired multiple disintegrate rays and force cages towards Zyel.  Zyel was lucky that the declining magic in the area was affecting Iaram.  Iaram went invisible when Zyel fired a few plasma bursts towards him.  Zyel then cast see invisibility so he could detect Iaram.  Iaram told the Treants to disarm those they could.  Iaram then put up a wall of force and Zyel's blasts could no longer penetrate them.  Zyel backed away out of Iaram's spell range and waited.  Two archers fired volleys of arrows at Zyel from the fortress top, but couldn't hit him.  After about 2 minutes, the group started moving once again.  Maru tossed his Treant grappler away but the others could not.  Iaram dominated Maru and told him to attack Zyel.  Subar struggled but could not escape the branches of the Treant.  Mord just detonated some explosives on his person.  Mord's grappling tree backed off as it caught on fire.  Zyel took this moment to level the Treants with plasma bursts.  In one round four Treants fell to the ground.  Iaram launched a fireball at Subar and Mord and they were burned.   Zyel shot the remaining Treant and the bird.  Mord darted back to the stronghold.  Maru assaulted Zyel and Zyel dropped his PGMP and his shoulder harness jammed.  Maru fired Zyel's PGMP at Zyel but missed badly.  Zyel attempted to get his PGMP back but failed multiple times.  Maru was then told to come to the stronghold. 

Zyel and Subar chassed after Maru.  Mord ran smack into the Wall of Force, then worked his way around it.  Mord headed to the door of the fortress and proceeded to set his explosives.  Iaram tried to put Mord in a maze but failed.  Mord set his explosives just as Iaram put him in a maze.  The explosives went off in a bang and hurt Mord and Iaram and the door blew aprat, but Iaram had placed another Wall of Force behind it earlier.  Maru ran for his axe which a Treant had placed in plain site by Iaram's wishes.    Zyel saw Maru hit a wall so suspected it was nearby.  He worked his way around and fired at the invisible Iaram.  Iaram died as a wave of plasma poured over his body.  Mord climbed up the side of the castle while Maru and Subar searched for their gear.  Subar spotted a wheelbarrow of stuff in a nearby hole. 

Mord climbed up and fought an archer on top of the stronghold and Zyel shot the other from ground level.  Maru busted his way through a back door and Subar collected the gear.   Mord interrogated the archer and he told Mord about a secret library below the stronghold.

Mord and Maru searched an empty courtyard and soon found a passage down.  Soon, Zyel and Subar followed them down a well of sorts.  Maru busted a few pieces of rock at the bottom of the well and soon discovered a hidden door.  Mord simply opened it.  Inside there were many books and Subar found a bookstand with a magical book on it.  A face appeared above the book and spoke to them.

Maru had no interest so headed up the well to find something to kill.

Mord and Subar attempted to speak with the book and multiple times tried to take it but failed.  A compulsion kept them from taking the book.  The book told them that they couldn't carry it.

Team U Adventure 3:  Further Exploration

The group searched the 2nd floor and finally took an elevator up to the 6th floor, but couldn't get there, so they stopped on the 5th floor.
There were weird rooms...
Gregmon entered a forest room and was attacked by a plant creature. He left as soon as he could and Domino had to heal him.

The group dropped to the 4th floor and found a grey dragon like creature. It spit acid at the party and wounded Gelb severely.

Ashrem fired poison bolts, and the group slowly defeated this grey beast. Gelb did disintegrate it in the end.

The group had to fight off a few more bug ECGs while Ashrem ran around ethereally searching the other rooms. Domino and Gelb and Tim did most of the casting while Gregmon and Ignas fought hand to hand. Charlotte found herself in another room fighting 2 ECGs alone. Ashrem wanted to help, but wanted to stay away from these poison bearing bugs.

The group found a medical bay and a holoperson named Henry healed a few of the group and removed parasites from Timlaine. The group decided to rest the day away in this medical room. Apparently the base was overrun by an experiment with alien bugs.

Team H Adventure 4:  The Book of Infinite Spells

After many hours of discussing with the magic book, Mord was finally able to overcome the magic that prevented the group from grabbing or damaging the book.

Mord knocked the druid out who had healed the group, even after she just healed them again.

After the group decided to find Tycho and the dragondoom and give up on getting the Spell book, everyone left but Mord.  Maru, Subar, and Zyel headed back through the magic field with the aid of the coin as a key to deactivate it.  The three found a boat at the outpost where they massacred a unity camp and headed south down a river.  They came to a town heavily populated, found a Unity temple of sorts and eventually confronted Tycho.  Instead of killing Tycho, they made a bargain with him to help him destroy the stronghold at Naev. 

Mord interrogated the archer and he asked him where the Brass dragon escaped too.  He told him the mountains.  The archer ran away and entered the field to die moments later.  So Mord left and headed North.  He found that he couldn't exit the magic field, since he had no key. 

Meanwhile, Mord waited to for Maon, the druid to wake and when she did he asked her more questions, but she was now much more uncooperative.

The group of three waited until the next morning and joined Tycho and about 30 doombringers on a boat to go up river to the edge of the magic field.  Mord had also resumed his path and headed East through the field until he became utterly insane.  Mord met the group as they appeared on the docks.  He charged them in a rage and was fired upon by dozens of doombringers.  Zyel and Subar waited to see what would happen.  After a bit of wrestling between Maru and Mord, Zyel was able to grab the spellbook from Mord's wheelbarrow.  Maru tried several attempts at knocking Mord unconscious and repeatedly failed.  Mord is one tough cookie.  Finally Mord started tossing grenades and det cord all around to cause confusion.  Zyel and Subar backed off and the doombringers surrounded to watch.

Mord finally fell unconscious and Maru and the others spread out to head towards the field.  Mord wouldn't stay unconscious long, and the group realized this.

Team U Adventure 4:  The Secure Floor

Well, the group left the comfort of Henry's medical bay and proceeded to the 3rd floor to try to figure out how to disarm the security protocols keeping the elevator from the 6th floor, command center.  The group was healed of brain parasites and offered a bit of info about the complex.

On the 3rd floor, Gregmon was immediately caught off guard while he puked from seeing a room filled with dead bodies and ECGs.  The group was soon surrounded by many bugs coming from the vents.  Tim managed to Mesmerized a few coming from the door Gregmon opened.  Ashrem fired a hail of poisonous bolts at one.  Domino cast searing light on some bugs.  Charlotte soon fought one in hand to hand, trading bites with the ECG.   Gregmon gets hit by some bugs coming from the air ducts, and a big bug charges at Charlotte while a smaller one charges at Ashrem.  Ashrem and Domino manage to take out the large bug after Robo-Gelb held it with a spell.  Tim continually casts Chaos flux and Mesmerize on a few bugs.  He takes one bug out with a powerful Chaos flux.  After a few more rounds, the bugs swarm the group, Ashrem finds himself surrounded so he activates his Heartstone to move to a safer location.  Robo-Gelb is then smacked down and Gregmon falls shortly after.  Tim barely manages to cast Mesmerize on another group of  bugs while Domino goes to work healing Gregmon and trying to repair Robo-Gelb.  Charlotte grapples another bug after defeating one but is caught in the Mesmerize area of Timlaine.  She falls to the floor and wakes from her trance moments later.  Ignas thinks to go into the security room, and perhaps the robot security will clear the ECGs away, but the robots activate and are not too friendly towards the group.  Ashrem finds himself pulling Tim into the ethereal plane and they both run for the elevator.  Ignas runs as well.  Charlotte and Domino are left to rescue Gelb and Gregmon who remain mesmerized.  Gregmon wakes and flees with Charlotte and Ignas to the elevator.  The robots fire grenades down the hall at the fleeing Gregmon and Charlotte.  Gelb is convinced by Ashrem to flee into the mess hall where Ashrem pulls them both to the ethereal plane.  Domino can't wake Gelb so he runs to the end of the hall and casts a flaming column into the hall to roast some bugs and droids.  Domino then flies to the elevator just in time as some bugs get right behind him to strike at Gregmon.  Gregmon looks torn and tattered once again.    Ashrem, Gelb, and Tim just rise to the 4th floor while the others take the elevator. 

The group believes they are safe but many bugs are on the prowl and three security robots are active.

Team H Adventure 5:  Taking Sides

The group entered the field with Maru leading Zyel and Hafizulla.  Mord laid unconscious on the ground.  The Unity followed Tycho and Maru through the magic field with the assistance from the magical key coin. 

Mord wasn't down long and ran to the tavern where he found Maon who cured his insanity.  She asked him to help the mages by getting the coin  from Maru and thus trapping the Unity Doombringers inside the field with no assistance.  Mord took a 2nd coin an ran towards the field pushing his wheelbarrow as fast as he could.  He soon caught up with the squad and called out to Maru.  Maru wasn't interested in Mord and continued forward.  Mord showed his new coin to Maru and Zyel and some doombringer, Zack spotted it.  They asked him for it, but he refused.

At the edge of the magic field, the Unity exited and followed Maru towards the magical stronghold.  Mord ran ahead to try to warn the mages.  Maru also scouted ahead as the Unity hung back.  Maru was ambushed by a few Treant and some wild animals.  Other animals came out of the forest to attack the Unity.    Maru tripped a charging Zebra and sliced away at a few Treant.  Zyel shot a few trees.  The Unity blasted the remaining wild animals just after the Destrachans blasted the group. The Unity opened up on Maru's attackers as well.  Maru soon finished off the lions around him.

Maru went ahead and reached the stonghold wall just after Mord.  Hafizullar an ahead as well.  Zyel was moving ahead when Zack, a Unity Doombringer fired a grenade at the group.  Zyel and the group turned to start firing at the Unity as Mord requested.  Maon had wanted Mord to stop the Unity from exiting the magic field, so he felt he should at least defend the Stronghold.  Hafizulla and Mord took a volley of hits from the firearms of the Unity members.  Hafizulla fired back and Mord tossed some explosives towards the group.  Zyel fired multiple bursts into the crowd of Unity soldiers.  Maru fired his chaingun, then pulled his axe and headed for melee combat with the members around Tycho. 

Maru soon knocked Tycho to the ground and some of his guards.  Mord was having difficulty staying focused and was attacked by Zack and Leo.   Hafizulla was feeling ineffective and Zyel lent him a better weapon.  Hafizulla didn't get to use it much because he was taking serious damage.  Zyel shot multiple Unity members and was making some progress.  Hafizulla had to retreat into the stronghold, Maon healed him once again.  Maru soon hacked Tycho to death, but his followers became more dedicated.  

Mord took multiple shots which finally knocked him unconscious, but his healing factor kept bringing him back.  Zack was relentless in his attack against Mord.  Leo fired two critical shots at Zyel and got Zyel's attention.  Zyel blasted the hell out of Leo with 6 plasma bursts.

Soon Hafizulla was healed and ran up to the arrow slits where he could fire from above, he started shooting Unity members around Maru.  Zyel found himself almost surrounded, and he fumbled one gun, and another jammed.  Zyel decided to retreat into the stronghold as well.  Mord was soon obliterated by Zack and his crew.  Maru killed a few more Unity members then fled to a nearby ruined tower.  While Hafizulla was firing at members of the Unity, he dropped his rifle to the ground outside.  Zack found himself snatching up the Dragondoom and the coin from the dead Mord's pocket.    Maru made his way to the side entrance of the stronghold to escape certain death, he was badly wounded.

Team U Adventure 5:  Intelligent Bugs

The group gathers in Henry the holograms room as a security robot approaches from the larger elevator.  As most of the group is getting worked on by Henry.  Domino and Ignas take on three security robots alone.  Domino creates 3 blade barriers which impede the robots progress and his wise pattern obliterates the robots just as they start to reach him.  He takes some nasty hits, but Domino survives. 

Ashrem decides to return to the security room on the lower floor by traveling ethereally.  He tries his best to disable the alarms.  He succeeds just before 4 security robots return to the room.  Ashrem finds the security elevator and tries his best to disable this new contraption as well.

Gregmon and the party are healed by the holo-doc and they rest there for the night.  The next day, the group tries the lift and it succeeds in bringing the group to the 6th floor, the control room.   The group is met by two intelligent bugs wearing armor.  The bugs introduce themselves as Alpha and Beta. 

The bugs attack after Ignas activates the portal beacon and a portal begins to open up, presumably to the Riathenor.  Some turrets come from the ceiling and start shooting.  Gelb shoots his prismatic ray at Alpha and poof he disappears, probably to another plane.  Beta is mesmerized just as the party realizes that two other invisible bugs must be in the room.  Tim takes some needles to the face as Domino purges the invisibility in the room.  Charlotte grapples a bug and Ashrem makes a fantastic tumble across some computer consoles to sneak attack the grappled bug.  Tim charms the 2nd bug to go attack the grappled one.  The grappled bug fires his gun after he breaks out, but Ashrem, Charlotte, and Ignas soon take him down.  The charmed bug goes to attack the mesmerized bug and this allows Beta to activate a self destruct sequence.  The group wastes no time and jumps through the portal as Beta escapes in a nearby escape pod. 

The Riathenor inform the group that the base was destroyed, but better it be destroyed than back in the hands of Order Lords.

Team H Adventure 6a:  Zack the Trader

Zack saw his opportunity to get off this world where magic was dwindling.  For years he was a member of the doombringers, hunting dragons and other magical beasts simply to destroy them.  Tycho had died and now he saw these 4 newcomers as a way out.  Zack darted into the stronghold entrance and yelled, "I have what you are looking for."  Zyel thought about this for a second and decided not to liquefy this heroic turncoat.  He continued to blast other doombringers and allowed Zack to pass by unharmed.  Maru went up to the parapet and used his x-ray vision to see through the wall while firing down at the doombringers below.  Subar shot with his pistol, but he was often fired upon.  Then Subar heard the druid behind him ask how he could help.  Subar said go get my gun.  The druid started chanting something. 

Pete saw the vine sprout from the earth and grab the rifle as it ascended up the stronghold wall.  He fired wildly at the vine but it did little to stop its progress.  Quill retreated behind some dead bodies to get some cover as he returned fire at Subar over 50 ft up on the parapet. 

Zyel told Zack to toss him the Doombringer, but Zack thought that this was his only leverage so refused.  Zyel told Zack to fire on his former friends.  Zack tried but his gun jammed.  Zyel ran outside when the tides started turning, and killed a few more Doombringers.  Pete was unlucky enough to stand in Zyels way when Zyel's retractable blades sprung from his arms and sliced Pete to bits.

Subar finished off Quill as he again fled behind a tree.  Maru finished off the rest of  the doombringers except one girl who fled.

 Zyel quickly snatched up a few snacks from the bodies of the recently killed, while Subar looted the bodies for treasure and weapons.  Maru intimidated Zack and was about to crush his skull when Zyel asked Zack for the doombringer artifact.  Zack complied but pleaded for Zyel to take him with him to the other worlds they mentioned.  Zyel agreed since Zack did kill Mord, maybe he could prove useful.

Zyel opened a portal back to the Riathenor and off the four went.  Zyel brought the Doombringer and the Spellbook to Dagotte Ky.

Team H Adventure 6b:  The Forest of Demons

Zack had to prove his worth to the Riathenor so he was told to go on a mission immediately after a nights rest.

Kylar, Roondar, Cord, Zack, and Dan Hibiki were chosen for the next mission.  Someplace there was a contact named Avis who would inform the party more.  They were led to a doorway which opened into a lush field, after the doorway closed behind the group, the group turned to see that the doorway was gone and the field continued off to some woods behind them.  A young armored woman approached and identified herself as Avis, daughter of a high priest.  She told the group about a town, "Agropine" to the North East and another to the North west.  Kurt had already visited and made arrangements with her.  Kylar was happy to learn what he could while Roondar simply asked silly questions about burning things and people. 

The group learned about some demons in the forest on the path to "Tarra" the North West town.  Apparently the town possessed a glowing yellow orb of some power which Avis believed was summoning evil towards it.

The group set out through the forest in the late evening, skipped going through a cave and soon found themselves surrounded by shadowy figures that darted about in the torchlight from Zack's torch.  Roondar scouted ahead quite boldly and was attacked but nothing seemed to happen.  Dan Hibiki noticed some shadows moving towards Kylar and thought that one had entered him.  Kylar wasn't too happy about this, but started singing some songs to protect the group from harm and to inspire them in this moment of need.

Soon, Zack was stunned and stopped moving forward, most of the group stopped to take notice, but moments later he seemed alright.  Dan noticed something leaving Kylar and immediately struck at it, hit it and killed it.  Kylar was impressed and started singing praises about this quiet fast ninja.   

After many hours, the group found the town and headed towards it, bells started ringing and archers manned the wall.  The group continued forward and asked if they could enter for the night.  Pleased to find guests, the doorman opened the door and invited them to the tavern.  The tavern hadn't been used in years, but Kylar and Roondar soon livened up the place and former patrons started stopping by to meet the new travelers.   Kylar found out what he could about the yellow orb, apparently it was at some sort of fountain in town.  Kylar was frisky so he started wooing some of the women folk.  He ended up heading to bed with a beautiful woman who barely remembered she was married.  Kylar mentioned to the group to remember to keep husbands at a distance and retired for the evening.  Roondar continued to drink until he was quite drunk.  Dan Hibiki found a room to sit quitely and meditate.  Cord simply tried to look happy, but couldn't quite feel it.  Zack didn't know what to do so continued to drink now that he was in another world far stranger than Tevaeral.

Team U Adventure 5b:  Ill-Drazza-Kuul

The 2nd group Nougat, Dungal, Talena, Tea Leaf, Girg, Negrodamus, and Ghaleon were tasked with visiting a Illithiad city named Ill-drazza-kuul.  Here they are to find Torek an order lord lieutenant who has captured the celestial princess Lycanthia.

Team U Adventure 6:  Madness in Ill-Drazza-Kuul

The group met Harold the Hardlight Hologram Hardware store and bought a few needed items before the trip. 

The party was escorted to a room by the Riathenor Ky and he led them to a portal to Ill-Drazza-Kuul.  The place appeared to be abandoned just like the Riathenor said.  The group entered the first building they could see and were almost immediately attacked by zombie like beings.  Talena and Dungal blasted two down quickly while the rest of the group mopped up the third.  After a few minutes of exploring and finding a table with humanoids with their brains sucked out the group encountered some specter like creatures.  The specters attacked but the magic of the party and Ghaleon soon had them under control. 

Tea Leaf found a box, opened it and her and Dungal were stricken Insane.  Dungal immediately fled the building and Tea Leaf attacked Talena after she went invisible.  Talena and Tea Leaf were blinded by Girg and Talena fired wildly into the area she though Tea Leaf was in.  Ghaleon and Negrodamus sat back and watched the fight when Dungal returned to the entrance of the building and unloaded at Talena.  Unfortunately, Girg passed between the combatants and cast on Dungal.  Dungal opened up with a volley of blaster shots that downed Girg immediately.  Negrodamus stepped up and cast some magic storm on Dungal, but he dodged most of it.  Dungal fired wildly at Negrodamus but Ghaleon put up a wall of stone between the two.  Dungal continued to fire at the wall of stone to blast a hole through it. 

Tea Leaf was restored by Ghaleon and Talena crawled away blind trying to avoid getting shot.

Dungal fired a grenade into the hole in the wall and hurt Ghaleon.  Ghaleon retaiated by summoning specters to his aid.  Six specters appeared around Dungal just as a metal golem approached him as well.

Nougat headed out another doorway to flank Dungal, but was suprised to see the Golem.  Dungal turned his attention to the Golem as the specters gradually drained the life from Dungal.  Dungal slowed the Iron golem and Nougat killed the golem.  Dungal slumped to the ground as the specters completed their job of draining the life from him before they disappeared.

Tea Leaf checked Girg to find he was blasted to death.   Ghaleon restored Dungal, but left him unconscious and Nougat dragged his body inside the building.

Team H Adventure 7:  Glowing Yellow Orb plus Chaos

The group woke the next morning in the tavern.  Most didn't get much sleep from Kylar's singing through the night.  Zack found himself in the woods just outside the town.  Kylar asked the girl, Wendy, to fetch the group some breakfast.  Soon after, Wendy showed up with breakfast and a quite irritated husband, Jimbo.  Jimbo attempted to batter Kylar but missed so Kylar sang him to sleep.   Dan went to get the magistrate, Merty.  Merty told the group about the golden orb and the evil in the forest. 

Kylar asked the group to eat then go get the orb.  The yellow orb was on a mace held by a statue in the center of a pool which they called a fountain.  Roondar broke the orb from the mace and chased Zack with it.  Zack fled back to the comfort of the tavern and locked himself in.  Kylar tried to persuade Roondar to leave Zack alone.  Dan talked to Merty and found out that the infected Zack could be cured if he bathed in the pool.  So Dan watched Roondar and Kylar escorted Zack back to the pool. 

Dan and Kylar readied their weapons as Zack jumped into the water.  The spirit came out of him quickly and Roondar was able to burn the corporeal spirit with a fire orb.  Dan struck at him and Kylar too.  The form died quickly.  Zack was free of this illness.

The group lied to Merty and told him that they would go into the forest and destroy the evil creatures with the aid of the orb.  The group headed for the clearing where they met Avis.  On the way, the orb became too heavy for Roondar, and noone else could move it after Roondar dropped it.  Soon a light golem appeared around the globe, it started heading back to the town when the bells started ringing.  Kylar and Dan continued to the clearing to tell Avis, while the others followed the light golem. 

Kylar and Dan found Avis with Horace who offered a few suggestions and gave Dan a claw to hold the orb.  Dan and Kylar ran back to through the woods to catch the group.  Dan turned invisible and attached the claw to the orb from on the end of the mace that the light golem was carrying.    The golem immediately disappeared and Dan had the glowing yellow orb.  The group again turned to the clearing in the forest to find Horace and Avis.  They explained that the Orb had to be set upon the throne of the kingdom.

The group thought this would be easy enough and so headed for the city of Agropina. 

A few hours later, the group arrived in the city of Agropina, met up with Kurt and headed for the castle. 

Dan and Roondar turned invisible and headed for the castle to climb in the window and complete the mission.  The rest of the party headed to the castle entrance.

Dan climbed elegantly while Roondar cast spider climb on himself to climb even better.  Dan fell just as he reached the ledge of the third floor window.  Dan decided to stick with the party.

The group asked for an audience with the king, but were refused but allowed to wait in the parlor.  Meanwhile Roondar began his assault on the king, casting Phantasmal Killer, Dark Tentacles, among a few other wicked spells.  The castle became alive with defense and Dan knew it was time to act.  He turned invisible again and headed up a nearby stairwell.  Kylar put some guards to sleep and then Kurt convinced a aristocrat that the party could protect the king.  The aristocrat led Kylar, Kurt, Cord, and Zack up some stairs.  Roondar proceeded to blast the paladin guards and clerics while trying to get to the king.  Roondar couldn't get in the window but did manage to melt some away.  Archers fired but Roondar remained invisible and hidden as much as he could.

Dan found the door, but when he tried to go gaseous to get underneath it something blocked his path, some wall of force.  The party reached the door, Dan tried to unlock it, but it still wouldn't budge.  Kurt tried to use his light saber but it just didn't work right.  Kylar, Zack, and Cord began firing at the door so Kylar could see into the room.  Kylar began singing to make some guards fall in a fit of laughter.  Cord ran to the other stairwell to try the other door.  Cord found the other door open and fired a shot to let Kylar see that the other doorway was not inhibited by a force wall.

Dan, Zack Kurt, and Kylar ran to the other door as Cord pelted the guards with blaster fire.  Roondar meanwhile was burning guards and the king with fireballs.  Kurt ran past Cord and tried to protect the king.  Kylar made more paladin guards laugh with his song of laughter.  Dan ran to the throne and placed the orb on the throne as directed by Horace.

A figure of Horace appeared on the throne and the guards surrendered.  Kylar opened the portal using the dimensional wand and said "lets go" and hopped through.  The rest of the group jumped, but Roondar got off one last fireball before he jumped.

Team U Adventure 7:  Finding Lycanthia

The group dragged the bodies in the building for the night and rested.  The next morning Ghaleon resurrected Girg.  Ghaleon then healed Dungal from his Insanity and multiple life drains from the spectres. 

The group decided to climb the stairs, but the stairs were missing, all that remained was a sheer slope where the spiral staircase had been.  Talena flew up with her boots of flying and tied a rope for the others to climb.  Talena realized that somehow the rope became untied after she had fastened it to a doorknob, so Ghaleon cast invisibility purge on the area.  The group upstairs noticed a red critter flash by as it headed out the 2nd doorway to the room.

Girg, Tea Leaf, and Ghaleon flew up on their own while Nougat, Dungal, and Damus climbed up the slope using the rope.    As soon as Nougat touched the 2nd level floor, an alarm bell sounded.  The group was indeed noticed.  The group decided to simultaneously open the two doors.  The group opened the doors to see three creepy zombie guys and a large minotaur, Torak.  There was also a well armored woman with the group.  Dungal fired, then Tea Leaf.  The rest of the group moved in and fired as well.  Ghaleon turned the armored female into a fish.  Damus launched an energy storm into the room.  Talena took out one zombie that was softened up by Nougat and Dungal.  The minotaur charged Talena but missed completely.  Dungal had a clear shot through the doorway at Torak and fired an amazing burst of 6 blaster shots and only 1 missed.  Torak was wounded pretty badly.  The second zombie fell shortly after Torak was killed by Nougat.  The third zombie didn't have a chance... multiple fireballs and energy storms swarmed around it and soon it died.  A woman kept casting from behind the energy storm and a fireball went off around Nougat and Talena catching Tea Leaf and Dungal as well.

The group maneuvered around the energy storm to get a shot at the sorceress.  After a few seconds and a few cones of cold, she and her seven mirror images dropped. 

Dungal and Damus explored what appeared to be a refrigerator with many dead bodies hanging from meat hooks, but found nothing of interest.  Ghaleon was intrigued and soon looked around the bodies himself... alone.

Talena found a chest but let Tea Leaf open it while the rest of the group waited.  Tea Leaf opened the chest, found some gems, but as she turned to leave, she noticed a Beholder blocking her path.  She screamed and the others started firing at the Beholder.  The Beholder managed to charm Tea Leaf and Dungal.   The Beholder even got a death ray shot on Damus who died quickly.  Ghaleon did enter the room and asked what was going on just as Dungal shot him.  The Beholder dropped a few seconds later from multiple gunshot wounds from Talena and Nougat.

The group then investigated the gems Tea Leaf found and Girg decided to break them.  After a bit of work and multiple spell traps, one gem contained the essence of Lycanthia.  So immediately after freeing Lycanthia, the group activated the wand and a portal appeared for them to return to the Riathenor ship.  The Riathenor weren't too pleased with seeing the dead Damus brought on board, but Ghaleon spoke of raising him from the dead.

Team H Adventure 8:  The Twin Towers

The group was told that they would be visiting a modern like world where they were to interrupt a controlling businessman's operations or just outright defeat him.  The group decided to send Subar, Dungal, Kurt, Dain, and Godomar.  Godomar was a chaotic cleric and Dain was a half-dragon fighter.  Godomar and Subar were given iPod like devices that could port them back to the Riathenor ship if necessary.

The group jumped and ended up in an alley.  The group noticed that many of the residents of the world were either human or shimmered with an appearance of being human but were obviously goblinoid, reptilian, or other diverse critters posing as humans.  The group saw some symbols that said the enemy was across the street.  The group saw two skyscrapers across the street so headed towards the first. 

The receptionist asked the group if they had appointments and was a bit suspicious; but after a few Jedi mind tricks, the group learned of John the head of security.  So they visited John on the 63rd floor.  John was eager to hear that the group were with a special government agency taskforce investigating terrorist activity that might be targeting these towers.   John couldn't tell the group much about a boss named Bill who worked in the upper tower across the street.  John directed them to the other tower where they should talk to Bill's receptionist Lupe.

On the way to the second tower, the Dungal spotted someone observing the tower from a building across the street.  Dungal told the group so they headed towards the other building and tried to figure out where the observer was.  After a wrong room, they found a man named Keith.  Keith turned out to be someone of this world who could see the strange monsters walking among his people... the human population.   In another room, the group met Marian a seer of sorts who believed Bill to be a fiend of sorts that was going to destroy the world.   The group concocted a plan to attack Bill when he left the tower and got into his limo.

The plan basically consisted of the following steps.  Observe Bill on the upper floor to see when he was going to leave.  Have Kurt race down to the far side of the street where Bill would get into his limousine.   Kurt would wait for Bill to enter the limo.  Kurt would toss the limo 180' into the air where the group would open fire from the 18th floor apartment building.  Dain would breath electricity to break the windows of the limo.  Godomar would cast firestorm into the car window.  Dungal and Subar would burst fire into his vehicle.  Then Kurt would drop the vehicle to the ground.  Keith's team would place explosives under the street to explode when the car hit the road.

The plan went off almost too easily, the limo was toasted and the target was vaporized by heavy fire and blaster bolts.  The limo dropped to the street and a pile of C4 disintegrated the road and most of the limo as well.  Kurt couldn't see Bill's corpse, so he fled to the upstairs apartment after tossing the vehicle remains another 180'.  The group saw people everywhere running, but police noticed the gunfire from the upper apartment windows. 

Dungal stood in the window and noticed Lupe was part cybernetic or something and began firing at him from across he street.  Dungal missed.  Dungal then shot an adhesive grenade out the window at Lupe, but failed to catch him in the burst area.

The group told Keith and his gang to leave the apartment.  Subar and Dain went down the elevator while Dungal, Godomar, and Kurt took the back stairwell.  Subar and Dain encountered a police officer who tried to stop Dain.  Dain was too quick and sliced the officer with his great sword.    As the group made it across the street they shot out some windows to jump through since the entrance was blocked by the adhesive mess.

Kurt asked the receptionist to call Lupe... she refused.. Dungal then took the computer and looked up Lupe and Bill's office.  He rang Lupe and told him to come down.  Lupe showed up downstairs minutes later but was quite cordial.  Keith showed up moments later asking what was going on.  The group asked him where Bill was and they went up the elevator with Lupe to Bill's floor.  The floor was empty and Lupe left them alone and descended in the elevator.  Kurt tried to detect life signs but found none upstairs.

The group then returned downstairs to find Lupe and the receptionist.  The group decided to leave the area and use Keith to buy them a hotel night stay so they could verify Bill's demise the next day.  Nothing eventful happened that night and the next day they returned to the Twin Towers.

The buildings were repaired, the street damage was repaired and there was no sign of anything that had happened the previous day.  The group decided that they were no match for this kind of magic thus they used the iPods to jump back to the Riathenor vessel. 

The Riathenor were disappointed that there was no evidence of Bill's death and they were happy to get confirmation that the society was under some sort of mind control.  The Riathenor would send another team later, but the group that just left weren't too thrilled about returning to such an ill defined mission.  Kurt suggested that they return just moments after they left and try again.  Subar, Godomar, and Dungal weren't too pleased about returning to that city.  They figured the enemy was far too powerful if he could repair everything overnight.

Team H Adventure 9:  Jumping to Violet

The group is briefed on the plane called Violet.  The plane has a anti-magic aura that permeates it.  The plane is populated by banished mages and other magical beings like Couatl and Cloakers.  The group learns that a mighty Lich, Gerlom, is imprisoned on the surface and that some Scions of Order are believed to be preparing to rescue him.  The group learns of another Lich who may be imprisoned nearby is named Giroth.

The group finds out that an Osyluth (Bone Devil) has also been spotted not far from the location where Gerlom inhabits. 

The group is told that a party of four champions of chaos were sent to guard Gerlom but haven't been heard from since.  Pogar the Riathenor, Zivier the half-fiend, Ulkisair the Glabrezu, and a half-orc named Thornseld.  The group apparently can not exit the plane nor communicate from it and all attempts to scry for them or detect them have failed.

Dagotte Ky the Riathenor describes the first party to the group.  Dagotte Ky also explains to Zack and Hafizullah what a Lich is.

The group spends some time debating who should go on the trip and the conclusion is Kurt, Hafizullah, Dain, Zack, and Dungal.  Roondar suggests that no mere magic dampening realm could affect his powers so he heroically volunteers.  The group asks for provisions and receives six horses packed with food for two weeks.

Zack asks about a communication device that may be able to transmit to the first party, so a long range communicator is given to Dungal.  Zack receives the dimensional wand and Roondar carries the amulet of the planes.  Dain packs a few dozen doses of Regen for emergency healing.  Kurt asks about advanced transportation, but Dagotte Ky explains that no tech transportation is visible from the scrying.

The group is told that everything on the plane exhibits violet coloration so the group asks for violet colored clothing so that they may blend it.  The group also finds out that tall seaweed like plants populate the planet forming a massive forest of sorts.  The Riathenor tell the group that they will be plane shifting them as close as they can possibly get to Gerlom.

Dagotte Ky stresses that it is probably futile to attempt to destroy Gerlom since his phylactery's whereabouts are unknown and he would only come back later.

The group meets the next day at the jump room and jump through the portal.  Roondar first, followed by Dain, Kurt, Zack, Hafizullah and Dungal.

Team U Adventure 8:   LDR Corporation PDP-11 Research Outpost

The group was informed by Dagotte Ky that they would need a team to explore an abandoned Research Outpost and download some research data from a computer room.  The group picked Nougat, Talena, Kylar, Ghaleon, Tea Leaf, Ignas and  Negrodamus to go on this expedition.  The group was informed that magical and technological means to gate to the surface of the world would be disrupted by a singularity in the area.  So, the group jumped to a nearby space vessel and took a drop ship to the surface of PDP-11.

On the station, the group encountered no life but potted plants.  Eventually, the group encountered three defense robots and made quick work of them.  Ghaleon put a blade barrier up right through Nougat and Tea Leaf, luckily they were able to avoid it.

The group explored the offices and found some documents about a sonic weapons project.   The group explored the next floor and found a few more bits of info on a computer near the elevator.    The group went a bit further and encountered 4 small robots.  The four robots were easily defeated as well.  Negrodamus found some lenses that allowed the user to see sonic waves.  Kylar put a pair on to test and use as well.

The group then found a hallway that was apparently monitored by two sound devices.  The group could not open the next door.  Apparently some other portable sound transmitting device would be necessary.  They recalled reading about one given to the mine workers.  So they ventured to the mine area.

In the mine they encountered four more robots, one was huge and smacked Nougat and Negrodamus around.  Ignas and Ghaleon attacked the smaller two while Talena and Nougat concentrated fire on the larger one.  Kylar simply stepped out of the way and sang his song of heroism.

Team H Adventure 10:  Strange things about Violet

As he rode his horse through the portal Roondar appeared on a giant violet leaf.  Soon after him came Dain who nearly knocked Roondar off the leaf.  As more and more of the group rode through the portal, Roondar was knocked from the leaf.  Roondar and Hafizullah's horse went flying across to another violet stalk.  Dain's horse also slipped off the leaf, but didn't fall to the ground, rather flew silently through the sky towards another violet stalk.  The group realized that this world lacked gravity.

Roondar cast Mage Hand to give him a push up.  Subar decided to force his way down, the rest of the party jumped down as well.  As they smacked into branches and leaves on their way down, they realized this wasn't going to be easy.  Roondar continued to propel himself upward and eventually landed right smack into a cloaker.  Roondar battled the cloaker and eventually tried diplomacy and the cloaker let him go just after slashing him.  The cloaker motioned to Roondar to descend, so reluctantly Roondar did.

The rest of the party reached the ground 200 feet below the portal entrance, just shy a few horses and Roondar of course.  They waited patiently for a word from Roondar.  One of the horses had jumped to the ground and died.  After Roondar arrived, the group headed west.  After 11 hours of traveling, the group encountered the dead horse.  The group then decided to try to mark the trees.  They walked for another 11 hours and returned to a spot they had marked.    The group spent the next few days wandering around the surface of violet.  Finally, Zack realized that they had the long range communicator and they hadn't tried it.

Zack called Pogar the Riathenor and it worked.  After some explaining, Pogar told Zack that they should stay in the stalks but at a higher altitude so they can easily see the temples from the stalks.  The group jumped up to about 200 feet and they left Roondar behind because he decided to climb instead of jump.  The group then headed west again but now they were traveling from stalk to stalk and leaf to leaf.  Roondar decided to follow, but he took a different vector.

Eventually the group saw a clearing and headed for it.  They then returned to the surface to walk from their.  On the surface they encountered Ulkisair, a Glabrezu who was guarding the temple at the perimeter of the stalks.  The group tried to negotiate with the Glabrezu, but he attacked them.  Kurt tried to make the Glabrezu friendly but it didn't seem to work as he had hoped.

Finally, Zack called Pogar again and Pogar spoke over the com device to tell Ulkisair to stand down.  Pogar then suggested that the group's leader head to the temple alone and unarmed.  Dain volunteered and when he got to the temple Portcullis, he saw the fiendish woman Zivier.  After some quick talking, she told him to get his people.  Dain returned to get his weapons and friends and they headed into the temple to find the Lich.

Roondar finally made it to the perimeter and was accosted by the Glabrezu.  Roondar barely escaped a collision in mid air with Ulkisair and Roondar ran towards the Portcullis.  At the Portcullis, Roondar met Zivier who let him in, just before Ulkisair would get to him to squash him.  Dain forces Roondar to give him the amulet of the planes otherwise he wouldn't have let him in the portcullis.

The group searched the temple, but did not find anything but a pile of bones and a skull.  The group did find some food crates.  Zivier told Dain that his group should stay clear from her group. 

Team U Adventure 9:  Exiting PDP-11

The group explored the location where the robots came from and found nothing of interest.  Talena then explored the two guard stations on the edge of the pit.  She found that they had been locked shut.  The group finally busted in the door to find two modified Z80 rifles with some sort of transmitter attached to them.  The group investigated the other guard shack and found the same.  Kylar, Nougat and Talena took a new Z80 rifle.  Kylar determined that the pulse from the transmitter was what might be needed for entrance into the sphincter to the computer room.  The group headed to the room without incident.  The door to the computer room opened after a few tries of activating the Z80 rifles. 

In the computer room the group managed to get the computer into maintenance mode, hook up the black box, and activate the data transfer.  The group waited around for hours and explored a storage room with a pulse coming from it.  The group investigated to find a hidden wall with some sheets of weird paper in a chest.  The group took that just in case the papers would prove valuable. 

The group rested in the foyer and decided to go out an hour before the launch window.  When they exited, 3 large antlike critters approached and telepathically told the group they were hostile.  Nougat and Talena opened up with blaster fire.  Ghaleon turned one bug into a small moth and it flew away.  The other bugs headed towards the group quite swiftly and cast a cone of cold.  The cold caught many of the crew, Negrodamus was hurt the most.  After a few more castings, the group finally took out the two remaining bugs.  The group headed for the dropship, got in, waited, and when the computer told them the launch window was open, they launched.  The group returned to some mother ship and then jumped away via a portal to the Riathenor ship.

While back on the Riathenor ship, Team U learns of their next mission to find out why an ally of the Riathenor has cut off communications.

Team H Adventure 11:  Finding Gerlom

The group searches the temple for the whereabouts of Gerlom.   Roondar casts detect magic and dozens of things light up before his eyes.  He snags two spell books from the bookshelves.  He also takes the big red gem from the middle of the table.  Dungal sees him take the gem, but thinks little of it.  Dain also rummages through some chests to find an amulet, a vile, some gauntlets, a bead, a circlet, and a lens.  Dain also finds a mummified elf hand.  Dain finds a skull on a bed.

Dain decides to go poke at the pile of bones chained to a wooden bed.  As Dain stabs the bones, they magically animate and start speaking.  Eventually the lich is formed and he starts asking to be released from the manacles.  Dain and Subar discuss releasing the Lich at some length, but fail to come to a conclusion.  Zack and Dungal just sit around waiting, while Kurt surveys the area.  Subar gets close to the lich and it casts a spell on him, to charm him to opening the manacles.  Dain realizes this and rushes in to intervene, but not before the lich can charm Zack as well.  Subar places some explosives on the manacles and runs out the room.  Zack follows and so does Dain.  Everyone else heads for cover.  Subar detonates the explosives and the Lich comes out of a smoking room with a robe and small staff.  Debris falls from the old temple to hit most of the party.  The Lich thanks the group and charms Dain as well.  Kurt gets the com device from Zack and tries to call Pogar.  Pogar says he will send someone to handle the situation.   In the meantime, the Lich walks about and talks to the group and introduces himself as Giroth.

Thornseld, a half-orc barbarian jumps into the room from the second floor and asks who has released the lich.  Subar admits it and Thornseld tells him to prepare to die.  Dain charges in to fight Thornseld, but Thornseld slams him down with his great axe.  Subar opens fire on Thornseld, but can not hit him.  Roondar decides to attack the lich with magic missiles and the Lich returns in kind from his staff.  Thornseld closes in on Subar.  Dungal starts blasting the lich, but it appears to have little effect.    Dain and Zack stand back with Kurt and watch the madness ensue.  Roondar and the Lich finally talk out an agreement not to continue to fight.  Subar can't hit Thornseld and Thornseld barely hits Subar each turn.  Finally as Subar falls unconscious from a mightly blow by Thornseld, the Lich charms Thornseld.

Dain rushes in to save Subar by administering a healing dose.   Kurt calls Pogar again and informs him of the situation.  Pogar and Vivier appear at the upper level and explain to Roondar and Kurt to exit the main chamber to get away from the Lich.  Kurt and Roondar listen.  Soon Kurt is curious, looks into the chamber and the Lich charms him as well.  The Lich explains that he knows of a way out and asks the group to help him get to an underground passage which leads to another temple.

The group helps, even Roondar decides to follow them just to be on the safe side.  Pogar and Vivier follow at a safe distance from the group.  The group finds the passage buried under some rubble.  Giroth tells them to clear the rubble and they do.  The group descends into a ten foot passage that runs quite westward.  The group encounters a huge snake but kills it quickly.  They then encounter two walls with snakes hanging all out of holes in the walls.  Dain breathes a lightning blast and clears a whole side of snakes.  The group squeezes by and gets further down the passage.  After about an hours walk, the group finds a large locked door.

Roondar tries to open it but fails, then Dain opens it with a mighty pull.  The group is met with a giant blast of flame.  The flame toasts the already wounded Roondar and the Lich.  Subar and Thronseld also fall victim to the flame and start dying.  Dungal and Zack duck away quickly.  Dain takes a bit of fire damage himself.  Dain uses his healing doses to heal Subar and Thornseld.  With no hope for Roondar, the group continues forward.  Dain decides to give Thornseld the red gem and send him back to the other temple. 

The group heads up a stairwell and enters a room with a Osyluth suspended in a holy circle of sorts.  The Osyluth curses at them and Subar spits in its face.  The Bone Devil tries to hit him but fails.  Finally, the Osyluth charms Zack into releasing him.  The rest of the group quickly cuts at the Bone Devil, but he narrowly escapes and runs down into the passage where Thornseld went.

The group finds this second temple quite similar to the first except that there is no iron statues or golem like entities, and no sign of life.  They do find signs of a great struggle throughout the temple where blood has long ago splattered and dried.  Dain decides to search for another secret passage and so Subar and Dungal find one for him.  This passage is quite similar but heads in a southeasterly direction.  The group continues down this passage, encounters a swarm of millipedes, but just walks through them.  The group comes to another large door, but this time they stand back a great distance as Subar opens it.   Another flame burns the air around Subar, but he is fine and so are the rest of the group who heads towards the door. 

Another room leads to another Osyluth and again this one charms Zack to set him free. Most of the group is scared and runs away from the Bone Devil back into the underground tunnel.  So Zack tries to say the magic word, but Dain grabs Zack by the mouth and wrestles him further into the temple.  Zack struggles but can't break free.  

Team U Adventure 10:  Where is Landon?

Kylar joins the team from one of the earlier missions.  Domino, Ignas, Gregmon, Robo-Gelb, Tim, and Charlotte.  The group is sent to find out why the Mickets stopped communicating with the Riathenor.  The Mickets leader, Landon was supposed to deliver a crystal, but has sent no word about delay.  So, the group is sent to investigate, they arrive in a small clearing in a forest and travel down a path towards the lights of a town.

The group encounters some strange venus fly trap plants and kills them off.  They then find a town of Mickets who tell them about Dorian, a town further down the road where they may find Landon. Tim sees a weird lizardfolk run out of a tavern. 

The group heads to Dorian with Tim and Ignas disguised as Lizardfolk.  When they get to the entrance of Dorian, they are confronted and a fight ensues.    The group quickly dispatches most of the Lizardfolk.  Kylar and Gelb confront a Lizardfolk wizard and Gelb fires a prismatic ray which makes the wizard insane.  He then casts disintegrate on Kylar.  Kylar's luck holds and he survives the blast, but runs off to heal.  Kylar is unlucky enough to see Charlotte bite a Lizardfolk she was grappling. 

The group questions one of the lizardfolk and determine that Landon is in the mines.  So to the mines the group goes.

Team H Adventure 12:  Prison Break

Kurt, Subar, and Dungal run for their lives as they were scared by this 2nd Bone Devil.  They reach a place where some millipedes dwelled.

Zack breaks free from Dain and tries to free his new friend, the Osyluth by saying the magic word.  The Osyluth is freed and runs into the tunnel towards the shaken members.  Dain asks Zack what he was planning on doing so they continue further into the temple. 

Dungal hears the Bone Devil approaching them from the dark hall.  Kurt and Subar get ready to attack.  Dungal opens fire with a volley of blaster bolts.  Kurt activates his heightened dexterity.  The Osyluth summons multiple Lemure which surround the group.  Subar fires and hits a few Lemure.  Dungal clears a few Lemure from Kurt's path.  Kurt strikes at the Bone Devil and it dies.  The remaining Lemure vanish.  They head back towards the location where they ran from Dain and Zack.

The group gets together to search this third temple, but find nothing but a book and a wand.  After a few hours of searching, Hafizullah finds a locked door which they had not seen before.  The group lets Dain open it and another flamestirke lashes out but barely burns him.  He immediately takes another regen dose.  The group complains about his abuse of this miracle drug, some question his addiction. 

The room contains a circle with a wall full of unlit candles on the back.  Subar and Zack notice that the ceiling contains writing all over it.  No one in the group can read it, so they call Pogar.  Pogar sends Zivier and she recommends that the group returns to help defend the Lich and they can return to this room later.  She does mention that the room appears to be some sort of portal, but she is not a mage.

The group follows Zivier back to the first temple and waits their.  Zack and Subar realize that Giroth is back in the temple room and he starts calling out to them all evening as they try to rest.  After a fitful rest, Subar, Zack, and Dungal are fatigued from Giroth's continuous nagging. 

Subar finds an abandoned passage that is sealed, but looks weak.  Kurt decides that they should guard it as well.  Dain and Dungal guard the front entrance, while Kurt, Subar, and Zack guard the back.   

Pogar radios to Zack that Ulkisair is under attack.  Thornseld runs through the doorway near Dain and prepares to help defend the hall way.  Kurt and Subar hear a skirmish outside and they can barely make out the voice of Ulkisair's abyssal screams.  Dain is surprised by a prismatic monk who walks straight through the door as it vanishes.  The monk, Wang,  is surrounded by a colorful orb around him.  Thornseld strikes with his great axe and it hits the monk, but also hits the colorful field and acid spews across the axe and dissolves it.  Thornseld is wounded and quite mad.  The monk strikes out at Thornseld and with his strike drives Thornseld insane as a violet field hits him.  Dain steps back and prepares to swing.  Dungal unloads multiple bursts of blaster bolts on the monk.  Another gunner walks in the doorway, Dain swings at him.  Behind this gunner, a dual light saber wielding woman steps in. 

Kurt, Zack, and Subar wait patiently for something to come through the concealed door, but they only hear more fighting in progress. 

Dain is struck by the monk and vanishes in a violet burst from Dungal's vision.  Dungal screams to the group that Dain was obliterated by the monk.  Dungal opens up and kills the gunner, Lee.  Thornseld attacks the monk and takes more damage from the prismatic field surrounding the monk.  A moment later, Thornseld is hit and vanishes as well.

Finally, Kurt gets the idea to go out and help Ulkisair, so he uses his force powers to push the door down.  Outside they see on the temple side, the Glabrezu fighting two well armored swordsmen.  Kurt runs down to help Ulkisair, while Zack and Subar lay down suppressive fire.  Kurt manages to hit one of the fighters.  The paladin, Siby takes one last swing at Ulkisair and critically slashes him.  Ulkisiar falls to the ground.  The paladin then turns his attention on Kurt and slashes him harshly.  Kurt is quite wounded and backs off from his assailant.  The 2nd fighter, Malseru, heads towards Zack and Subar and slashes Subar. 

Dain finds himself on his home world and immediately starts looking for a mage.  Dain remembers that he has the amulet of the planes which he took from Roondar.   

Giroth endures the pain and stretches the perimeter of his imprisonment to catch a glimpse of Dungal down the hall.  He politely asks Dungal to attack everyone down the rear hall.  Dungal swiftly moves to the rear hall to get ready to fire volleys of blaster bolts. 

Meanwhile, Kurt takes a beating and runs out of sight of Siby, the Paladin.  Malseru is fighting Hafizullah and Zack who stand fast and continue to try to shoot him.  Zivier and Pogar arrive to fight Siby.  Siby runs towards Zivier and slashes her with his sword of justice. Just then Kurt gets the idea to toss Siby into the air with the force.  He does and Siby just leaves the ground flying and screaming.  Zivier follows as best she can to try to kill Siby. 

Dungal opens up on Subar, Zack, and Malseru, he doesn't realize who he is shooting at, his thoughts are clouded by the his friendliness with Giroth.

Pogar makes his way behind Malseru and slashes him.  Kurt sits back and heals.  Subar and Zack continue to fire on Malseru.

Dain frantically runs through his town looking for a mage, calling out to townsfolk to find the nearest mage.  Dain doesn't quite notice that the town appears to be a bit smaller than he remembers.

Soo Leet, the Jedi girl finds the lich Giroth and he charms her and tells her to take the red gem.  She does so and he insists that they leave immediately.

Wang approaches Subar from the other hallway.

Malseru steps back out of the temple and changes form back to a Huge Gold Dragon.  Pogar, Kurt, Subar, and Zack all fear this and are immediately shaken.  Zack runs towards Dungal and slaps him out of his stupor.  Dungal then opens fire on the prismatic monk Wang and kills him, just before he hits Subar.

Malseru the Gold Dragon tears into Pogar and before long, Pogar is lying dead on the ground.  Dungal takes a shot at the dragon.  Zack, Dungal, and Subar run for cover down the hallways.  The dragon yells in that they only need to surrender the lich.  Kurt watches the Dragon, and decides to confront it with a flying lightsaber, but it barely hits the dragon.  Kurt then runs off.

 Dain finds a mage, the mage determines the activation method for the amulet.  Dain returns to Violet only to be standing next to Giroth and Soo Leet.  Giroth tries to charm Dain but fails.  Soo Leet swings and hits Dain.  Dain swings back and moves away.  Giroth successfully charms him the 2nd try.  Giroth asks Dain to help him get out of the temple and to help him get free.  Dain agrees and Giroth and Soo Leet run off.

Team U Adventure 11:  Micket Mines?

The group finished questioning the remaining Lizardfolk who surrendered and found out that Landon was in the mine with a few other Lizardfolk.  Their leader was called Melikiene or something like that so the group was to also look for him. 

The captured lizardfolk lead the group to the mine and they entered without him.  The group soon came to a spot where they found a lizardfolk.  Charlotte charged in and attacked him.  Just then, a fireball exploded around Gregmon and engulfed him and caught Kylar, Tim, and Gelb.  Charlotte engaged a lizardfolk taskmaster in a grapple while Ignas ran up to see what he could shoot at.  Domino flew into the center of the cavern and checked out the area.  Gregmon charged in and engaged a Stone Giant, but Tim soon had the Stone Giant under his control.    The rest of the group fought the remaining lizardfolk while looking in the darkness for some wizard.  Domino was the first to discover the wizard and the wizard tried to cast finger of death but failed.  Gregmon and the charmed Hill giant took out a lizardfolk while Charlotte bit into her foe, and  Ignas wasted a third one.  Kylar shot at a lone lizard folk just before the charmed Hill Giant ran over and crushed him.

Charlotte ran to assist Domino and grappled the mage.  The helpless mage was then pulverized by the Hill Giant moments later.  Gregmon and Gelb killed the Hill Giant moments later.

Domino found a door and Kylar followed him into a chamber where they rescued Landon and retrieved the crystal.  Ignas opened the portal and away the group went.... returning to the Riathenor vessel.

Team U Adventure 11b:  Stop the Beast from Awakening Briefing

Back on the Riathenor vessel, the group was briefed on the upcoming mission.  The Riathenor explained that the Order Lords were attempting to awaken an unstoppable beast.  A team must attempt to stop the Order Lords and those associated with them from accomplishing their task.  The world was filled with Technomagic.  The group had to visit a castle where they believe the beast would be held.  The castle was protected by some strange dimensional interference, so the group had 2 options of visiting the world.  They could gate near the city where the castle exists, or be dropped via a interplanetary vessel to a point near the castle.

The group construction in progress.

Team H Adventure 13:  Malseru the Golden Dragon

The group had fled from the Gold Dragon.  Subar came across Dain as Dain was leaving with Giroth.  Subar asked Dain for some regen, and Dain gave him three doses.  Subar then ran around to find Zack and gave Zack some of the drug.  Dain followed Giroth and the Dark Jedi So Leet out of the temple and into the violet woods.  Dain would follow them south to the third temple.  So Leet carried the gem which enabled Giroth to leave the temple.

Subar and Zack saw something cutting through the side of the temple.  It was Kurt using his green lightsaber. Kurt saw Dain follow Giroth into the forest.

Pogar spent most of his time trading blows with the Gold dragon, Malseru.  He continued to fight and fell down multiple times, but his fast healing kept him alive for many minutes.  Dungal fired a few more shots at the Gold Dragon from a safe distance but barely hit Malseru.   Subar got too close and when Pogar fell he caught the brunt of an attack.  Subar perished to the Dragon's multiple attacks.

Zack and Dungal were not happy to see Pogar and Subar dead so they fled to another hall and bumped into Kurt.  Kurt tried to attack the Dragon, but he saw Pogar rise then fall again so left after his first attack.

The dragon flew away after he couldn't get to anyone when Pogar and Subar had died.  The remaining group, Zack, Dungal, and Kurt bunkered down in the main temple room and waited for someone to breach either entrance.  Nothing ever came.  An hour passed and nothing showed.

Meanwhile Dain, Giroth, and So Leet made it to the 3rd Temple.  Giroth found the gate room and told Dain to protect the room until Giroth could safely open a portal.  Giroth and So Leet disappeared in a woosh.  Giroth's charm over Dain wore off. 

Dain returned to the 1st temple to find Zack, Dungal, and Kurt waiting for something.  The group figured that the skull was the lich they were sent to protect, he was Gerlom.  They decided to leave and Dain decided to collapse the walls around Gerlom's skull.  He did his best to cause some of the room to collapse.  Kurt flew up to get the Gold Dragon's attention and it power dived towards him. Kurt's plan to get the Dragon the ground succeeded all too well.  The Dragon landed in such a spot right next to Dain.  Kurt used his flying light saber to hack at Malseru.  Dain slashed him too.  Malseru breathed fire on the group after Kurt landed.  Kurt and Dain took some serious damage and Zack and Dungal evaded all damage.   Right after breathing the hurt Dragon flew away.  After a few shots the dragon was out of range of Zack and Dungal.

Kurt decided that they should wait for the dragon and possibly Zivier to return.  Neither did so they rested for a period back in the temple.  During Dungal's watch he heard something on the roof of the temple.  Dain went to investigate and found Zivier.  With nothing left to keep them, they headed to the 3rd temple. 

Zack tried his iPod dimensional wand, but it failed to work.  Dain used the amulet of the planes and the group found themselves back on the Riathenor vessel only moments after they had left.

The Riathenor congratulated the group on their survival and the information about Violet that they returned with.  They mentioned the lack of gravity.  The cloakers that Roondar spoke about and the fact that some weak magic worked on Violet.  The group recommended sending those with flight on future expeditions.

Dagotte Ky was not too pleased to hear about the deaths of Roondar, Ulkisair, Hafizullah Subar, Pogar and the disappearance of Thornseld.  The Riathenor weren't too happy about Giroth escaping Violet with So Leet.  Dagotte Ky also pointed out that Malseru should have been dealt with. 

Dain brought back a few magic items which needed identification.  The Riathenor identified the items as an amulet of the planes, a flask of sovereign glue, gauntlets of ogre power, bead of force, a minor circlet of blasting, and a wand of magic missiles with 37 charges.  Zack also found a wand of cure serious wounds with 23 charges remaining.

Team H Adventure 13b:  Blasphemy the Maralith.

The group is informed of their next mission.  They must visit an arena in a diplomatic region for devils.  They must kill a rogue Marilyth who is somehow in league with the Scions of Order.

The group consisting of  composed of Kurt, Kylar, Dan Hibiki, Zack, and Dain are teleported to a small clearing in a semi-dense forest called The Blood Forest. The only information given to them was “Blasphemy a Maralith, maralith is a being from the Abyss that has a snake’s lower body and a woman’s upper body with 6 arms, has become a traitor to her kind and the Ryathanor. She has set up a base of operations within a cave or abandoned ruins of some sort. She uses the cover of a gaming arena to host Abyssal and Demonic negotiations for treatise and the like. We don’t see this as an outright threat but if this is let to go on others might follow and no matter how unlikely a treaty for “The War” will ever happen, we still cant take the chance that such a magnificent war come to an end and bring forth a an uneasy order(shudder). The only info available right now is that in most probability you will face only brethren of ours who will perceive you as attackers or something of that nature. We are sending you all knowing that even though you all are not as veteran as other groups we cant risk letting any of are organization or that of the Order of Law know we are hunting one of our kind even if she is a traitor. So with that said you will be teleported in a clearing where an operative will meet you. There will be no communication between you and us until your mission is complete. We will be scrying the area in which you are teleported to and will await your return there. Do as you see fit. But under no circumstances let her escape. A capture would be the most beneficial to us and you. We recommend speaking to the locals in the town you will pass through for more info and if any other avenues of ending this small problem exist. The contacts name is Slygore he is an orc so don’t be alarmed at that and have a pleasant journey. (For some reason the teleportation is quite painful and you all take 2 points of damage :0P )

Team U Adventure 12:  Stop the Beast from Awakening

The Village of Sarwin

After being briefed on the Riathenor ship, the team consisting of Tim, Domino, Gregmon, Zyel, Tealeaf, Ignas, and Robo-Gelb agreed to take a Inter-dimensional Transport Wand and warp into the abandoned village. Upon arrival the characters assessed the scene. Many of the buildings appeared to be shaken to pieces and burned, but the party determined that the scorch marks appeared magical in nature. The party then decided to head straight for the castle that appeared beyond the mountain in front of them, but the ever clever Robo-Gelb was able to persuade the party to investigate the village before moving on. Tealeaf walked through the village and noted that there were many tracks of different creatures on the ground that someone or something attempted to cover up. The most common track type appeared as a large humanoid footprint (large but not coming from a large creature). However, none of the party members were skilled enough in monster lore to determine what creatures may have made the tracks. Zyel was able to trace the tracks up the mountain trail. The team then began investigating the village by entering the General Mercantile. Zyel looked inside the store and did not see anything strange other than it was ransacked and utterly devoid of all items of value and left the store. The curious Tealeaf decided she had better investigate the store, and in her deep examination of the store she discovered a trap door that hid 3 bags full of gold and a small gold ring. Timlaine then ran into the store and grabbed the bags of loot and was then scowled at by Tealeaf. Tim then handed one of the bags to Tealeaf, who also acquired the small gold ring. Zyel and Gregmon then headed north to investigate the Church of Pelor, which was undamaged. Everything inside of the church was undisturbed except for the priests quarters. Zyel upon inspection discovered some blood spots that were under a bed. A cabinet in the rear of the room was open and lay bare as something had looted it clean and left the open lock dangling. Tealeaf headed to the south portion of the village and discovered the mill. All the grain and even the wood of the mill itself was corroded by what appeared to be powerful acid. Tealeaf nor any of the other adventurers were able to determine what could inflict such a massive load of acid upon the mill. Tim then headed to the Inn and snooped for some clues. He discovered quite clearly that a battle did take place here due to the blood stains on the wooden floors and a dagger that must have been dropped to the ground by a slain combatant. Timlaine also noticed a foul odor of rotten flesh inside of the Inn, and his sense of smell led him upstairs to the source of this pungent aroma. He opened a closet in the room and saw a bloated purple dead halfling woman. Tim immediately called out for others to alert them of his gruesome discovery. Zyel and Gregmon rushed to the Inn to assist Tim. Tim's extreme intelligence and knowledge of anatomy and spellcraft allowed him to deduce that this halfling died of an airborne toxin, which was most probably a Cloudkill spell. While the halfing was being examined, Gelb and the rest of the adventurers proceeded to examine a strange patch of destroyed trees. The trees were knocked in down to stumps, and all of the trunks were knocked towards a westerly direction. Gelb then noticed that the tree trunks knocked to the ground at the very end of the patch of downed trees were cut completely clean at the ends that reached the living forest (ie the sections that contained the branches were missing where they fell into the living forest area). Upon this discovery, Gelb called out for the others in the Inn to come and search out what was causing this strange phenomenon.

The Guards of the Reliant

Gelb, Tealeaf, and Ignas walked ahead while Domino, Zyel, and Gregmon stayed about 15 feet behind. The party continued to advance towards the clean cut trees when suddenly three black armored gunmen arose from the bushes and opened fire on the leading three team members. Singularity grenades were fired right next to each party member and dealt large amounts of damage to all except Tealeaf, who gracefully avoided each of the gravity sink holes. The party was totally caught off guard to these gunmen and were unable to respond that moment, but a moment later Zyel inflicted a barrage of plasma shots at one of the black armored gunmen and incinerated his flesh. Unfortunately, one of the plasma shots was off target and impacted Tealeaf's right arm. She was severely burned and had trouble aiming her weapons due to the severe burn on her arm. With two gunmen left, Tealeaf turned invisible and flew above one of the gunmen and opened fire. Her sneak attack damaged the opponent greatly, but he was able to survive the blasts. Gelb quickly retreated and cast a repair spell on himself to cover up the exposed circuits. The unwounded gunman fired another Singularity grenade at Gregmon and Domino. Domino was slightly wounded by the grenade, but Gregmon was not as fortunate and suffered large amounts of fur loss due to the sucking vortex. After such trauma, Gregmon was unable to fight and collapsed to the ground. Realizing how wounded he was, Ignas cast a Heal on himself to restore his flesh. Seeing Gregmon collapse due to life threatening wounds, Domino quickly rushed to aid his hairy companion and cast a Heal on Gregmon. Just after Domino healed the mighty Gregmon, a freezing cold lightning bolt struck out from the patch of trees in front of them and created a strange distortion affect in the air around the clean cut trees. The lightning bolt struck Domino and Gelb with a deathly cold while Zyel dodged out of the way of the freezing thunderbolt. Two Cryonic grenades also flew from the distortion and landed next to Ignas. Ignas was chilled by the grenades but otherwise not severely wounded. Gregmon then rose from the ground ready to fight again! Zyel opened fire on the two black armored gunmen again with his plasma launcher. He was able to burn one to crisp and severely injure the other. Tealeaf quickly dispatched the wounded gunner with a sneak attack, and the battle seemed a certain victory at this point. Ignas quickly realized that cold was the preferred weapon of his enemy and cast resist elements cold. A man in a blue combat exoskeleton wielding what appeared to be a blue lightsaber walked out of the distortion field and attacked Ignas. The blow was foul and hit Ignas on his leg for a large amount of damage. The strike pushed Ignas into shock and Ignas fell to the ground unconscious. Another man in blue armor walked from the distortion field. An elf that had ice for hair and light blue skin walked out from the distortion field and cast a Cone of Cold Spell. The spell was extremely potent and seemed to inflict the maximum destruction possible. Gregmon was caught directly in the blast and was once again near death but still standing. Domino was able to avoid some of the extreme cold, while Zyel evaded damage completely. Some cold blasts also erupted from the distortion aimed at Domino, but the marksmen were not skilled enough to penetrate Domino's armor. Gregmon, seeing the situation as dire, decided discretion is the better part of valor and retreated back to the mill. Domino cast disintegrate at the blue knight, but was unable to pierce through the knights spell resistance. Gelb cast a lightning bolt at the opponent, but a light blue aura around the man absorbed the lightning. Zyel opened fire on the icy elf and severely wounded him, but he also noticed that the blue swordsman also seemed wounded by the attack. Zyel continued his barrage of plasma and decimated the icy elf. The swordsman also appeared very wounded but was suddenly covered in a strange healing light. To the party's dismay, the swordsman was completely healed of all wounds! Tealeaf was unsure how to effect the man with her blaster pistol and decided that doing nothing was the best option. Domino cast another disintegrate at the knight but was unable to successfully strike due to the strange magical effects that the man had on him. The swordsman then cast a spell on himself that no one was able to identify due to the lack of knowledgeable wizards and clerics in the party. Gelb cast a prismatic spray at the blue blade wielder and penetrated his spell resistance. However, the effect was less than expected and a red burning ray struck Gelb's target but an aura absorbed the damage. Unfortunately for Gelb, he had gotten the attention of something behind the distortion field and suddenly two blasts of pure cold struck Gelb. One of these shots was well placed and hit Gelb in a vital servo and shut him down permanently. Domino cast yet another disintegrate that could not pierce spell resistance of the swordsman. Tim finally arrived after being absent for reasons not to be mentioned and struck the swordsman with a Chaos Flux. The spell did significant damage to the blue swordsman, but did not put him down. Zyel realized that he could not hurt the swordsman with his plasma gun, so he opened fire into the distortion field. His sixth sense must have led him to a targets location for his bolts struck home on a blue armored gunman and slayed the soldier of order. Tealeaf then decided to investigate what was behind the strange distortion appearing in the air. She passed into the area where the blue opponents had come from and spotted a large space ship that was severely damaged. She also noticed that there was a blue armored gun man and one that was just slain by Zyel. She then fought dirty and aimed at critical areas on her opponent. She severely wounded her opponent, but he was still alive and wondered where the hell that shot came from. The swordsman then cast a heal spell on himself and advanced on Domino ready to strike. Ignas suddenly rose from the ground as his amazing regeneration skills had allowed him to heal up to a level where he was stable enough to fight again and advanced on the man who had nearly killed him. Domino took a 5 foot step back and once again cast a disintegrate at his attacker but to no avail. Zyel fired another barrage of plasma into the distortion field but completely missed the area his target was and struck Ignas with a plasma bolt. Ignas was quickly cremated with white hot plasma. Tealeaf then put another blaster shot into a vital area of her prey and finished him off without his knowing of her presence. Zyel then stepped up to attack the knight with his dual blades but stabbed himself in the leg so badly that he could barely walk. Domino decided that something must be done about this situation, and he cast Harm on the opponent. Surprisingly, Domino was struck by his foes icy blade even though he was casting defensively. In the end it did not matter because Domino was able to regain his concentration on the words and gestures of pain and struck down the final Order Lord. After this battle the party recouped its losses, mourned robo-gelb, and healed Gregmon. Domino resurrected Ignas.  During this time Zyel and Gregmon walked amongst the bodies and took major weapons from the dead.  Zyel also took a moment over each body to remove vital organs and have a taste.  Zyel particularly enjoyed the elf heart of the wizard.

Does a 38 hit?

After the battle, the party attempted to access the doors on the ship. Tealeaf nearly had the lock but put a 1 where she should have put a 0 and failed to crack the key. Zyel blasted a hole in the side of the ship after repeated blasts from his plasma launcher. A scream was heard inside of the ship as the party entered. Hiding behind some of the stasis pods on the ship was a technician wearing a blue flight suit. The party inquisited the man and discovered that the people they just killed were Lt. Gregory Fury(sword guy) and Alquick Seastrider(Icy Elf). They were some of the crew sent to assist in awakening something in the castle. He also said that there were other Order lords and soldiers that were on the ship that went to the castle. Captain Fury was the leader of the expedition and Gregory was his brother. There is another Order lord by the name of Lt. Leona who accompanied the trip along with 4 more singularity guards and 6 more water guards. He also said that he and the others are members of the Order United, which is a militant order of the Order Lords that actively seek to oppress all dimensions under one code of laws and rules. He made note of a droid that was unlike anything that he had ever seen before since it could actually appear nearly where ever it wanted. Two mecha were also brought to this planet with strange tattoed people as jockeys. At this point the party got tired of the mechanic and blew him away leaving just chunks and a name tag. Zyel then destroyed the ship with repeated blasts from his plasma gun for an hour and left nothing but a smoldering pile of metal.

Team H Adventure 14:  Finding Blasphemy

Well the group jumped in what seemed to be a bit of a hurry and some took a little damage.  Kurt healed those he could.  The group found themselves in  a small clearing.  Maru, Kurt, Dan, Kyla, and Godomar waited to meet Slygore.  After a brief encounter and introduction to the area, Slygore led the group to an orc and goblin village a good ways into the woods. 

In the village, the group investigated the local tavern to find out about any local arenas.  They found information on a cave far to the east that held such abyssal events.  The group headed there immediately.  Along the way they picked up two orc followers but one left as soon as the other died after touching some weird burning liquid.  The group entered a small temple room and had to fight two invisible gargoyles.  Dan eventually detected one and killed it.  Kylar and the group ganged up on the 2nd and killed it too.

The group ventured further into the heart of the dungeon, met a captured celestial and slew it. 

Finally the group entered a room with a Glabrezu and 3 sorceress.  The group managed to kill the sorceress but the Glabrezu escaped by teleporting away.  The group's presence would surely be notified to higher beings.

Team U Adventure 13:  The Mountain Road

The party continued its ascent up the mountain road towards the castle. Halfway up the mountain road, the party suddenly heard a loud roar above them. The roar came from a large humanoid creature that they could not really make out in the darkness. The creature breathed a cone of acid gas on to the party and flew from its mountain cliff to engage them. Instead of engaging the creature in direct combat, the party decided to take another approach. Tim decided to mesmerize the creature, and the rest of the party assisted in pushing it off the mountain. The monster then fell 200 feet to its death. The party then realized that the monster appeared to be half dragon but was unable to determine what the other half was.

The party was about to start advancing again when Tealeaf suddenly saw another half dragon about 100 feet ahead of them suddenly take flight and head towards the castle. She informed the party, and the group continued to advance. After a couple more minutes of travel, the party made it past the bend formed by the largest section of the mountain. To the west they saw Sarwin castle and a small camp surrounded in a wooden palisade in front of the castle. The area around Sarwin castle and the rest of the camp appeared at one point to have been a small patch of forest, but now no trees remained standing in the area. Bright camp fires were lit in the camp and even from the extended distance from the camp the party could see what looked like large bird nests perched into the bottom left hand corner of the camp. As the party got within 40 feet of the camp, Tealeaf suddenly saw shapes moving behind the gaps in between the planks in the wooden wall. It was too late for her to alert her team mates when suddenly a barrage of arrows flew from the walls towards the party. Luckily, the orcs who fired them were not good shots and missed completely. Tealeaf moved near the wall and flew up to its height and began to attack the orcs that fired the arrows.

More half dragons took flight from behind the camp walls and hovered a few feet in front of the party waiting for something to occur. After the half dragons took flight, the winds seemed to suddenly pick up without reason. However, the reason soon became very obvious when a very old green dragon suddenly rose from behind the palisade wall. It flew over the cliff and gave a horrifying roar that frightened many members of the party. It then breathed a terrible cone of acid that severely wounded many of the party members. If the dragon was not enough to make this situation deadly, two chimeric dire bears suddenly flew over the wall and advanced on the party. The party quickly recovered from the sudden attack and began to fight back with tenacity!

Zyel began to fire plasma shots at dragon but was unable to penetrate the dragon's thick scales. Tim mesmerized the half dragons, some orcs, and one chimera. However, he also got Tealeaf and effectively put her out of the fight for the spells duration. Ignas went and charged at one of the chimeras with his scimitar Domino began to heal the party after the many wounds faced. Gregmon charged the unmesmerized chimera with his longsword and began to slice the large beast. The half dragons were all mesmerized and unable to act. The green dragon then shot a lightning bolt down at the party at Gregmon and Domino striking both of them in the line of lightning. The chimera then attacked Gremon doing heavy damage to his wooly body with its claws and multiple heads.

The next round began with Zyel firing his plasma gun at the chimera. He did significant damage, but the beast lumbered on. Tim then cast a Chaos Flux on the dragon that confused and stunned him. The dragon fell 200 feet as well, and the party rejoiced as its most dangerous attacker was now out of the fight (at least it seemed). Ignas continued to Engage the chimera with his scimitar, and Gregmon retreated after being hit by a lightning bolt and the chimera. Domino then healed Gregmon of his grievous wounds. The chimera then attacked Ignas and began to rend Ignas' flesh!

On the third round, Zyel released another barrage of plasma shots at the chimera and once again incinerated large portions of the huge monsters flesh, but the chimera was a stubborn foe who refused to die. Tim cast a Chaos Flux on the chimera and confused the beast. The chimera then stood motionless in confusion, and Ignas engaged one of the mesmerized half dragons. Ignas' scimitar strikes awoke the foe, who was enraged at being attacked. Orcs suddenly erupted from the camp and surrounded the party. The orcs attacked with great axes but were unable to penetrate Zyel's and Domono's defenses. Gregmon began to hack at the orcs while Domoino began to cast more group healing spells:: Ignas was then attacked by the half dragon's large longsword and received some cuts and flesh wounds.

On the fifth round of combat, the mesmerization wore off and the half dragons and the other chimera were free from its effects. Zyel began the combat by whittling down on the 10 orcs present. He slayed 4 orcs in one barrage of plasma shots. Tim cast a Chaos Flux at the chimera, but it was able to save its mind from the chaotic energies. Ignas still battled one on one with his half dragon assailant. Ignas cut deep into his enemies left leg and abdomen, and these terrible wounds were reciprocated on Ignas as a healing force that was channeled through his scimitar! While the party was busy battling the orcs, chimeras, and half dragons, no one bothered to think of the huge green dragon below on the rocks. In almost a gust of wind, the dragon ascended to the road from the cliff in a matter of seconds. Gregmon continued to slash at the orcs surrounding him while the half dragons also moved into position on he and Zyel. The half dragons slashed at Zyel, but all attacks missed except for one. Gregmon did take some damage from the blades of the dragon kin. The remaining 3 orcs tried to slash at the party but did little damage. The chimera then charged at Ignas and inflicted mortal wounds on him. Domino healed Gregmon of some the deep wounds that were inflicted upon him while a dragon stared them down.

On the sixth round of combat, Zyel fired some plasma shots at the Chimera and inflicted a large amount of damage. Tim tried to Chaos Flux the dragon, but the ancient creature was able to avoid the chaotic energies. The dragon sensing who was casting these powerful spells at him, targeted his cone at Tim and hit most of the party except for Tealeaf and Ignas. The acid sank deep into Gregmon's open wounds and caused a sudden septic reaction that was too much for the already wounded Gregmon. Gregmon fell in battle while Zyel and Domino suffered terrible wounds. Tim suffered greatly from the acid and fell unconscious and dying. The orcs were caught in the acid and completely dissolved leaving only some acid burned armor and weapons. The half dragons were unaffected by the acid. Ignas then took to the skies to avoid the Chimera and half dragon. He then threw a bead of force at the dragon, who slayed his friend Gregmon. The bead of force exploded and wounded the dragon. Domino healed Tim completely of his wounds, who regained consciousness. The half dragons continued to swipe at Zyel and Domino but could barely damage their flesh. The chimera suddenly charged Tim and bit him to almost die again.  It then slashed at Domino with his claws. The claws left a large gash across Domino, but the stalwart priest continued to fight on. Tealeaf fired some rounds at the chimera and hit vital organs for large amounts of damage.

On the seventh round of combat, Zyel opened fire at two of the half dragons and almost incinerated them. The dragon then landed between in front of the party and cast a lightning bolt at Zyel, who dodged out of the way. Domino healed Tim again.  Tim cast a chaos flux at the Chimera, but it was not confused. The chimera then attacked Tim since it was right under his maw and knocked Tim unconscious with one claw swipe. The next claw was aimed at Domino, and the chimera was able to pull Domino in close with the claw effectively grappling Domino. The next two bites from the dragon and bear head did severe damage to Domino. The dragon bite nearly severed Domino's leg and the bear bite nearly pierced through to vital organs in Domino's chest. Domino quickly succumbed to the chimera's attacks and fell unconscious. The chimera then tossed him aside and set its eye on Zyel. Ignas went down again and engaged the half dragon in melee combat. Ignas slashed at the dragon blooded foe and was likewise attacked in return. The other chimera came back from seclusion now that its confusion was over and advanced upon Ignas.

On the 8th round of combat, Zyel fired plasma shots at both half dragons and killed both. This enraged the dragon, who breathed a cone of acid straight at Zyel. Zyel was scorched by the acid, and the dragon threatened him and flew away now that all of his children were dead. Ignas then broke from the combat and healed Domino. Domino then cast a mass cure serious wounds and healed the party. The party then had a long protracted fight with the chimera's but in the end were triumphant! 

The Camp: Inside the camp, the party discovered the nests were for the chimeric dire bears. They also found a large bed of moss for the green dragon, and numerous other tents. They also noticed a make shift house built of timbers and heard moaning voices on the inside. They picked the lock but did not disarm the trap, and a loud alarm rang out into the night. Upon entering they noticed a large group of humans. There were 10 living and one dead. All were chained to a heavy wooden plank and appeared to be starving. The party asked what had happened and one of the villagers spoke up and said that their village was attacked by orcs, a dragon, dragon like people, large bears with two extra heads, and a bird woman. The party then released the prisoners and looted the chests in the room.

Team U Adventure 14: 

The group encountered a bit of resistance as they approached the castle door.

Team U Adventure 15: 

Once inside the castle, the group met 3 Marilyth, a mass of Order United soldiers accompanied by various other minions and an Orc ghost.


Team H Adventure 15: 






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