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Gaming to
"Your Eyes Bleed"

Quite an ambitious schedule, but here goes.

Day Time Location Event

Day Start Time Location Event
Fri 6:30p 1705 Woods Begin
  7p   Order Pizza
  6:30-8p Den
and a show
Red Dwarf S1E1-S1E3
  8-10p Workshop D20 w/ JC
  10-11:30p Den Red Dwarf S1E4-E6
Sat 11:30p-2a Workshop
Circus Maximus
Sat 2-4a Workshop
Reverse Dungeon D20 part 1
  4-7a Den Galaxy Quest
  4-7a Den Star Munchkins
  6-7a Workshop

Meal and a show

Bring your own cereal, pop-tarts, eggs and bacon etc...
  7-9a Workshop D20 w/ Ryan
  11a-12:30 Out to Eat Lunch
Let's go out somewhere really groggy
  12:30-2:30 Workshop D20 Chariots
  2:30-4p Den Red Dwarf S2E1-E3
  4-6p Workshop
Mage Knight Dungeon
  6-7:30p Meal and a show Red Dwarf S2E4-S2E6
  9-11p Workshop Reverse Dungeon D20 part 2
Sun 11p-2p Workshop  Paranoia
  2-4a Den Munchkins
  2-4a Den Evil Dead
  5a Breakfast End of Gaming to your Eyes Bleed

(S1 = Season 1, E1 = Episode 1)

Meal and a show


Out to Eat


Bring your sleeping bag for naps.

Bring your own drinks and snacks.

Bring some breakfast food.

Game Masters

Bring your campaign materials

Bring your players some pre-generated characters



Game Masters and RPG style games
GM Game Module
David Paranoia  "Just Because You're Paranoid ..."
Manny  D&D3 D20 System "Reverse Dungeon"
JC  D&D3 "An Icy Grave"
Ryan  D&D3 DM created module 
Mark  ConspiracyX ?
Mike  Circus Maximus  
Manny  D&D3 Chariot Races D20 style (we can compare and contrast with Circus Maximus)


Other less RPG style games

Owner Game
Manny  Star Munchkin
Ryan  Munchkin
Combo Munckin With both decks combined
Manny  Silent Death
Manny  RISK
Mike  Other War Games

Video News

The following is a list of movies and who has them.

Owner Video Status
Manny Galaxy Quest DVD
Mark Evil Dead DVD
Manny Red Dwarf series VHS
? Flash Gordon unknown
? Ice Pirates unknown
July 2003 Reverse Dungeon Info

D20 D&D with JC

D20 D&D with Ryan

Circus Maximus with Mike

Paranoia with David

D20 Chariots