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Gaming to
"Your Eyes Bleed"

Quite an ambitious schedule, but here goes.

Day Time Location Event

July 30th - July 31st

schedule always subject to modification by attendees. 

Day Start Time Location Event
Fri 6:00p 1705 Woods Begin
  6:00-6:30p Snacks Arena Maximus
  6:30-8p Workshop Arena Maximus
1st 5 people to show
  8-11p Workshop D&D Minis - Battle Royal
  11-12:30 Shoney's Dinner
Sat 12:30am-4am Workshop
D20 One-Shot Adventure
Sat 4-6a Workshop
D&D Minis - Dread Enemy
  6-8a Den Chill and watch Red Dwarf
  9a-noon Den Merchants of Venus

(S1 = Season 1, E1 = Episode 1)

Meal and a show


Out to Eat


Bring your sleeping bag for naps.

Bring your own drinks and snacks.

Bring some breakfast food.

Bring your enthusiasm to play

Game Masters

Bring your campaign materials with pre-generated characters and npcs

Bring your minis and some pre-generated war bands



Game Masters and RPG style games
GM Game Module
Joe D20 One-Shot TBA


Other less RPG style games

Owner Game
Manny  Star Munchkin
Ryan  Munchkin
Combo Munckin With both decks combined
Manny Merchants of Venus
Manny Arena Maximus
Mike Circus Maximus
Jon D&D Miniatures

Video News

The following is a list of movies and who has them.

Owner Video Status
Manny   DVD
Mark   DVD
Manny Red Dwarf VHS

Bring stuff you yourself would eat, I'm sure others will enjoy it as well.

Please bring some drink that you like. We usually have a few, but we keep 90% diet drinks.  So, if you don't like diet drinks, bring your favorite.