Alien Profile Creator
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Alien Profile Creator  is based on Atomik Alienz (for Fuzion) rules to create an Alien species.
Mark Chase has developed a unique and interesting method of describing alien species for role playing games. 
Visit for more information on Atomik Alienz and other inspiring Fuzion based documents.

The product takes his work to the logical next level by automating the calculations and allowing the future sharing of this information with other game masters.

Key Benefits

  • Create Alien Species using standard characteristics
  • Save Alien Species
  • Export Alien Species
  • Uses MDB, XML and webXML for recordsets


  • This Installation and may required downloading ADO 2.5 from Microsoft 
  • Current version requires internet connection to work with full webXML files
  • AlienProfile XML Data files are available for download see APCGData


  • Please note:  this version searches for its database, and if it can't find it, it looks in the Application Folder for the Supporting Cast Data XML files if it doesn't find the XML Data files, it will attempt to look for the webXML files on our Gamma World website.  
  • Download the Demo XML Data files and unzip them into the Application Folder.  The application folder is the same folder that you installed Alien Profile Creator into.  If you use the default then, unzip the XML data files into a folder like c:\program files\alien profile creator


Description Download Zip Shareware Price Size
Game Master Helper - 
Alien Profile Creator
Microsoft Installer
MSI Install Free 2736 KB
alternate download zip format   v 1.x GMHAPC  Free 2843 KB
Alien Profile Creator Source Not Available  $500  
Version Update      
Demo Data Files APCDATA    22 KB
Full Data Files Not Available  $49  
Updated Executable Only in zip format   71 KB

Latest completed and uploaded features:

  • XML Data File Usage    
  • XML Export of Alien Profile

Future Versions planned to include:

  • Add Psionics, Mutations, Magic, and CyberGear
  • Add ability to connect to Entity table and Alien table
  • Ability to Generate Alien Profiles
  • XSLT alien profile sheet layout
  • XSLT multiple alien profile layouts
  • Standardized hierarchical XML alien layout
  • Ability to save and retrieve other XML alien profiles for easy transportation without re-keying data.
  • Ability to construct Alternity playable Alien Species which will construct Alien Characteristics such as
    • Ability Score Ranges, Natural Defense Ratings, Natural Attack Types
    • Durability, Action Check Information, and Movement
    • Description of stereo-typical species


Screen Shots:

Sample HTML generation from Alien Profile Creator Globulon

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