Quick Combat Generator
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  • This product simply helps Game Masters determine the outcome of some critters as needed.  It generates a selected number of random creatures.  These creatures are then told about the characters which they will compete against.  The creatures use Alternity rules based on ability scores to determine their outcome for the four phases of a round.

Key Benefits

  •  Allows users to pre-determine the attack actions of some random critters.

  • The generator generates random critters with random ability scores and determines durability and action check information.

  • The user can select a quantity of foes and enter some characters that will be attacked.

  • Attack success is determined and attack method, damage is determined when a successful hit is rolled.  Currently damage is still in the form 1d4s and the exact amount is left up to the GM to roll.

  • The QCG will accept damage to a foe and will automatically remove the foe from combat when he is killed (0 mortal points remaining).  Currently overflow and secondary damage is calculated by the formula 2w = 1s secondary and possibly 1m overflow damage.

  • QCG will generate an entire round with all four phases.  Phase 4 is Amazing, 3 is Good, 2 is Ordinary and 1 is Marginal.

  • 20's rolled during action check are automatically determined as failure to act in a round.

  • Foe stats displayed are currently only those necessary to resolve a quick scene.  

  • Phase by Phase generation rather than Round generation and Multiple Round generation

FUTURE version enhancements:

  • Future versions may support the damage calculations using the GMH Dice Formulas component.

  • More advanced stun, wound calculating foe unconsciousness and regaining consciousness.

  • Better foe enemy determination

  • Character manipulation

  • Critical failure results on foe attacks

  • Intelligence checks against overwhelming odds for foes to retreat when possible or appropriate.

  • Enhanced help file

  • XML imported foes

  • XML exported results

  • Multiple creature type encounters

  • Integration with other Gamma Master Helper products

    • Connection to GMH - NPC Generator

    • Connection to GMH - Character Manager

    • Connection to GMH - Encounter Generator

    • Connection to GMH - Alien Profile Creator


Description Download Zip   Price
GAMe MAster Helper - Quick Combat Generator (microsoft installer) GMHQCG Free
Quick Combat Generator Zip File GMHQCG.zip Free
GAMe MAster Helper - Quick Combat Generator ActiveX Source GMHQCGSource $500


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