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Name: Globulon
Homeworld: Globulus

Form: Protocellular Carbon Based
Physical Exterior: Shell
Cardiovascular System: Closed De-centralized Circulatory System
	-Fluid type: Chlorophyll
Respiratory System: Absorption
Bio Stats
	-Life Span: 30 years, Brief Existence
	-Sleep time: 10% of the time
	-Vulnerabilities: Not Specified
	-Immunities: Fire


Poisons, All Locomotion: None Feeding Method: Thermal Energy Senses: 360-Degree Sense

Electromagnetic Sense

Hearing, Sonic

Sight, Optical Spectrum

Sonar Communication Methods: Not Specified Neurological System: Combat Sense

Common Sense

Direction Sense Special Features: Insubstantiality, Strange


Shapeshifting, Polymorphic Cellular Ability Modifiers: Strength: -5, Dexterity: -5, Constitution: +1, Intelligence: +1, Wisdom: +1, Charisma: +2 Scale: Mini Total EP: 149 EP

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Created by Mike

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