Map Creator
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Mike's Map Maker Sample Maps
Sample Maps
Map Links

Mike's Map Maker Sample Maps
Sample Maps
Map Links

Map Creator 

Key Benefits

  • Generate Random Terrain Maps
  • Generate Random Caverns
  • Generate Icon based Maps
  • Create Terrain Maps
  • Create Icon based Maps
  • Prints Maps or Saves to Bitmaps
  • Can overlay existing Bitmaps
  • Generate Graph Grids or 2 types of Hex Grids
  • Easier than Windows Paint
  • Sample Maps and Terrains


Description Download Zip Shareware Price Size
Game Master Helper - Map Creator

Microsoft Installer

v 2

GMHMC Free 1951 KB
alternate download self-extracting exe

v 1.x

GMHMC Free 2079 KB
Game Master Helper - Map Creator Source GMHMCSource $1000  
Version Update      
Mike's Map Maker v3.0 self-extracting zip file setup MMMSetup Free 1.45 MB 


Latest completed and uploaded features:

  • Mike's Map Maker is now installable and contained in a MDI application 
  • Star System Generator    
  • Star System Creator    
  • GURPS colored and black and white terrain maps

Future Versions planned to include:

  • Generate Random City Plans
  • City Creator
  • Town Creator
  • Generate Random Space Crafts
  • Space Craft Layout Creator

Mike's Map Maker v3

  • This one is really cool!     
  • requires Windows
  • Is only the executable - requires Visual Basic 6 runtime files
  • Version 3 has a setup which may require some PCs to reboot and manually run the setup again 
  • Designs terrains, multiple dungeon levels, and city maps
  • The levels designer include such things as:
    • Dungeons
    • Sewers
    • Temples
    • Palaces
    • and many more

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