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  • This product simply helps Game Masters Roll Dice as needed.  
    It generates rolls based on one of three criteria:

Key Benefits

  • Same product, newer interface

  • allows users to enter a set of dice to roll by entering the quantity and dice size. 

  • A user can enter the range he desires and the Computer will generate a random number.

  • The user can enter a dice formula.  Right now formulas are in the form:


    • Q# d D# + M# 

      • where Q# is the quantity

      • where D# is the Die Sides

      • where M# is the modifier

    • Example formulas

      • 2d4+1

      • 3d6-2

      • 1d4

      • d20-4

    • Alternity formulas

      • 1d6s

      • 2d4w

      • 1d4-2m

      • These formulas apply, the stun, wound, or mortal annotation is just ignored

    • Future versions may support dice formulas like:

      • d20+d4

      • d20-d6


Description Download Zip   Price Size
GAMe MAster Helper Roll Generator Microsoft Installer File

v 2.1.5

GMHRG Free 3129 KB
Alternate Self-Extracting executable:  v 1.x GMHRG Free 3032 KB
GAMe MAster Helper Roll Generator ActiveX Source GMHRGSource $150  
Roll Generator update  not available at this time    
Roll Generator.NET
* Requires Microsoft .NET Framework to install and run
GMHRG Free 177 KB
Smart Client Roll Generator.NET

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework to run (will auto deploy)

Autodeployment  Requirements

GMHRG Free  

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