Random Adventure Generator
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Random Adventure Generator

A simple utility to aid Gamma Masters in generating adventure hooks.

Key Benefits

  • Allows a Game Master to easily generate random adventure hooks - useful for sub-plots or just getting some adventure ideas
  • Current version is specific to Alternity, Gamma World Adventures 
    • future releases and web release will update to other adventure hooks
  • XML Web enabled and array driven.
    • Will look for an internet connection to download latest adventure hook details
    • Will use internal data for PCs not connected to the internet
  • New Active Skins for cooler Adventure Generator appearance
    • New form design with futuristic single adventure hook generation
      • Cool buttons
      • Cool scrolling window
      • Cool form
    • New metallic design for multiple adventure hook generations
  • Added the ability to quickly print an adventure
  • Added the ability to quickly export an adventure to a text file


Description Download Zip  Shareware Price Download Size
Game Master Helper -  Random Adventure Generator

v 2.1.8

Microsoft Installer File

GMHRAG Free 2063 KB
Alternate Self-Extracting executable:

v 1.x

GMHRAG Free 9364 KB
Game Master Helper -  Random Adventure Generator (source)    $200  
Minor updates will assume the 2.1.8 is installed.

Only download if you have the latest version.

Not available at this time. Free 0 KB

Installation Notice

This application uses a database and specifically requires Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects.  It also requires a current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.  It has been tested successfully with IE 5.0.

You should be able to download the Microsoft ADO components required by going to http://www.microsoft.com/data 

Screen Shots:


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