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The Vagrant

This semi-literate story is a conglomeration of received empathy from  a psycho killer.  The psycho killer  was designed by  beings to destroy human civilizations on high tech planets.  The psycho killer is made to  destroy a civilization from the inside.   This is what happened when one was sent to Earth World.

The hatch closed after two shadowy figures entered the room.  The sign behind them read "lab."  The two figures approached a table and examined the pale body upon it.  The first one lit up the bodies face with a portable light.  The face, on the body was a blank, void of expression.  The eyes were blue with a strange pulsing orange retina pattern.

"It is complete," whispered the second one.

"Yes, prepare him for Earth World," replied the first.  The body  was then covered by a large glass dome.  The release of air could be heard, and a sinister grin crossed the first man's face.  Their inaudible laughs were wicked, and beyond any known world.

The air started to get cloudy, and the men disappeared in the fog.   It was getting cold, and the light was fading fast. Eons past, without the slightest movement.

The clouds started to disperse, and the glass shielding started to ascend into the sky.  The room was dark and he rose.  The body lifted itself from the table.  Its large legs pounded onto the floor.  He stood still trying to gain a sense of balance.  He searched the room with unfocused eyes.  He vaguely spotted some earthen clothing.  He suited up, somehow knowing the clothes were for him.  He knew the inhabitants must not know of his presence.  He flexed his muscles in  his fist.  Something was strange.  He pounded his fist into the nearby table.  It resounded in a metallic cord.  The table was left with a large indentation.  He realized his fist must now contain cybernetics.

What else had they done?  He looked around, and blinked. He was startled at first, but he realized he  could now see into the infra-red spectrum.  He scanned his own body.  There were many irregular hot and cold spots.

They only talked of the coming storm.  Little did they know of the extreme terror that already existed amongst them.  The vagrant was here and no storm could ever give rise to the terror that was about to befall them.

The blade felt wicked in his back. Through the biologically and mechanically reinforced shell he felt  it.  He stumbled forward into a pile of trash cans.  Why had he been attracted to the alley?  Why had he been attacked so soon?  He spun around to view his attacker, but there was none.  Even using infra-vision he saw no one.  He became angry, yelling with fear.  His paranoia was growing.  He shot into the dark of the alley.  The shots echoed across the alley as they entered the nothingness.  His infrared sensors detected something; it moved slowly toward two large doors.  He could not tell if it was human or not.  His sensors were growing weak, possibly malfunctioning.

His eyes strained, could this be his attacker.  Suddenly,  a volley of electron-shells was shot at him.  With inhuman reflexes, even in his weakened state he jumped forward toward the origin of the shots.  Two shots hit directly in his chest.  The first shot wounded him very little, but the second shot cut through the under-skin armor to rupture his aorta.

The vagrant hit the ground, and at the same instant blood poured to the alley floor.  The vagrant stood up with a strain.  He noticed some double doors closing slowly.  He fired through them quickly, and was surprised by the bright lights seeping through the doorway.  He stumbled through the doors and onto a theatrical stage.  The actors looked astonished at the blood pouring from his chest.  He stumbled forward, falling from the stage.  The two meter fall stunned him.  He took a few seconds to regain orientation.

He stood up, realizing that he was unconscious for a few minutes or more.  The bullet wounds in his chest had healed, but the knife blade was broken inside him.  The vagrant desperately crawled for a doorway with the letters "E X I T" above it.  He could not move his legs; somehow he had lost the power to move his legs.  His eyes blazed with fury as he desperately reached to press the door opening bar.  His futile attempts finally gave him an idea.  He waited in the doorway.  A member of the audience walked by, and he grabbed her, then pointed a large slug thrower at her abdomen.  He ordered her to open the door and she did.  As she did, she wrenched herself away from him then ran into the crowd.  He slid outside into another dark alley. He waited behind some garbage till morning.

He slowly guided himself through the alley into a busy  section of street.  He sat on the curb, looking frantically around.  The people just walked by him, ignoring even the weapon in his hand.  The vagrant was angered by this, "These people must be sick to ignore a weapon in the hands of a stranger."

A tiny boy approached the vagrant and handed him a small plastic coin.  The vagrant realized that he resembled a poor man or beggar.  The vagrant thanked the child by shooting him through the forehead.  The crowds halted, in a split second of orientation, then jumped or ran for cover.  Panic was everywhere at once, except surrounding the vagrant.  He strained as the internal chemicals started to boil in his veins.  He stood wearily and walked into the street.  Hover cars zoomed by  his head, avoiding the stranger in the street.  A terrestrial officer ran toward him shouting.  Normally the shouting would be drowned out by the traffic, but the vagrant heard him.  The vagrant spun around and fired.  The officer's plastic uniform absorbed the first few bolts, but a volley exploded through to hurl him a few meters backwards.  The crowd screamed, and the vagrant started running.

He reached the other side of the street and slipped into a small store.  The store attendant was instantly alarmed by the smoking weapon that the vagrant carried.  The attendant quickly fumbled through a drawer to find a weapon, but his timing was slow and his actions alerted the vagrant.  The vagrant fired twice. The first ceased the man's fumbling.  The second ceased the man's life.  The man cringed in pain, and fell to the floor.

The vagrant walked around the counter and searched the drawer, that the man had fumbled through.  He found a stun pistol, and strapped it to his belt. Looking around the store, he found a stairway.  He cautiously went up the stairs, being careful not to make any noise.  The vagrant wanted no one to know of his presence.

The vagrant staggered into an above ground parking facility, and wandered aimlessly through hundreds of parked vehicles.  He decided to try to steal a hover car and leave the area.  Stealthily he searched for an unsealed hatch to climb into.  None could be found.  He decided to break his way into a blue compact car.  As he was about to smash the rear window, two men entered the level through the same entrance he had used.

Cautiously he moved toward them to get a better look at them. One man was an officer carrying a large infrared rifle.  He approached and prepared his pistol.  The cartridge snapped and the second man tumbled to the nearest vehicle.  There was something strange about this man.  The officer aimed in the dark parking area and tried to find the vagrant.  The police officer put on a pair of infrared goggles to see the criminal.

The officer saw a bright blast of energy, and fell back against  the nearest wall.  Blood flowed out of the officer's left lens.  The vagrant snickered at the near perfect shot.  The infrared rifle lay on the floor where the officer had been standing.  The vagrant moved silently toward the rifle.

An engine started up somewhere in the parking level, directly behind him.  In panic he flipped around and fired his weapon into a few innocent vehicles.  A vehicle exploded into flames.  Through the flames, a black hover car flew.  It headed directly for the vagrant, so he sent out a volley of slugs from his pistol.  The slugs cracked the windshield and the car swerved, but the driver regained control in  time to avoid a column and connect with the vagrant.

The vagrant went sprawling right under a nearby hover truck.  The black car stopped and voices could be heard over the roar of the blazing vehicles in the parking lot.  The people were possibly vehicle owners.  The vagrant quickly got his mangled self up and started firing into the crowd of people in the parking facility.

People fell to the ground out of fear and death.  Blood was splattered across the elevator doors.  So much blood that the word "lift" was obscured.

The vagrant tried to stand but his thighs were severely dented and torn apart.  He searched around and saw the black hover car moving closer towards him.  The maniac was coming back to finish the job.  The vagrant fumbled for a grenade.  He found one and tossed it with great accuracy onto the hood.  The car seemed to move very slowly then it exploded into a brilliant cloud of vapor and metal.  The driver could be seen in little pieces all around the parking area.  The tissue just withered up like burnt meat.

All about, bright red and blue lights flashed.  The authorities must have finally arrived.  The vagrant crawled to the dead humans.  He searched through the corpses and found a cane.  He used the cane to hobble to the lift.  He entered the lift and ascended to the upper most floor.  He needed some time to heal and repair himself.

He sat on the roof for quite some time. The vagrant estimated he rested for thirty-eight hours.  He had burned out his power source and its auxiliary.  All he had left was his reserves.  He gradually repaired himself using parts of his equipment that he knew he would not need. After quite a while longer and some much needed rest he noticed a light in the darkness.

On top of the building across from him;  On top of the theater was a tiny twinkle of light.  He had dismantled most of his eye parts so he used his infrared to see.  Across the street someone was looking at him through tri-noculars.  Whoever it was saw him in infra-ultra and the visible spectrum.  Curiosity overtook vagrant.  He leaned toward the other and examined him through the gun sight on his pistol.

He saw a helmeted figure.  The other got nervous once the gun was raised.  The helmeted figure sat up and started to head for the lift when the vagrant fired.  The metal-mesh jacket worn by the observer peeled away as the blast entered.  The blood splattered against the rooftop boiling.  The officer fell forward from the powerful blast.  The vagrant smiled and continued to work on repairing himself.  The vagrant knew that others must be aware of his presence on the rooftop, so he prepared to leave.  He cautiously went back to  the lift to descend back into the city.

The lift took him down slowly, but it stopped between floors.  The vagrant panicked and started firing mindlessly in all directions.  He could hear screams.  He knew it was a trap.  He grabbed the alloy plated floor and began to rip it away.  Blood flowed from the flesh on his hands, but he continued like a trapped animal.  He fired some remaining shots into the decking to make a hole.  He climbed down into the elevator shaft and tossed a grenade into the lift.  He descended some cables and gradually got from under the elevator.  The explosion shook him and the building.  The lift plummeted to the bottom of the shaft along with three or four security officers that were on the top of the lift.

The vagrant looked up to where the lift had been and saw someone starring down at him.  Instantly that person became known; this was the pain giver.  He started climbing towards the hole in the wall.  The vagrant saw a rifle aimed towards him, but he continued upwards.  Anger motivated him to try to exterminate the pain giver. The sound echoed throughout the elevator shaft.  The vagrant tumbled down towards the bottom and the wrecked lift.  Murderous thoughts flooded the vagrant's head just before impact.

After a few seconds he stood and walked away.  The wind struck him in the face.  It was a horrid wind, full of the disease and pestilence of the planet.  The murky water that swirled around his feet covered with mounds of human waste.  The lighting was dim, but he could see.  He could always see, and often it was a problem.  To see when one did not want to was not a gift, but practically a curse.  He was able to see everything.  He could see color, heat and light. He could also see pain;  something that was acquired through experience not technology.  The walk was disgusting and the smell of the enclosed maze was distasteful.  He was troubled with the walk.  The muck on the floor stuck to his boots and the sound of the suctions was heard ringing through the maze.  Rats were not uncommon and often he fired into the muck to exterminate the disease ridden rodents.  The surrounding blood stunk, even amongst the stench of  feces.

After walking for many hours, he noticed that the muck and water were rising.  Only gradually but after it reached his knees he started to worry.  The pain in his eyes was hidden by the dark glasses.  For days he wandered looking for the person who caused him pain.  When he found the person he would unleash his wrath, but until then he must hide the pain and anger that he felt.  Behind the glasses he could see others without them knowing they were being observed.  He noted unhidden pain and joy amongst the people he encountered.  His destiny was to destroy these people.  His destination was as random as a roulette wheel.  The one he looked for evaded him constantly.  Little did he know that he also confronted him in another form.  Strange as it was the vagrant kept searching.

The vagrant wore dark glasses on a joyous day, and this darkness kept him in a solemn mood.  Would he kill today, or maybe keep his pain within.  The pain grew stronger and stronger, always eating away at him piece by piece, from inside.  Somehow he must escape the pain, but for now he will wander.

    Peace would never befall the community in which he wandered.  He searched for the pain giver, but the pain giver was never present.

Across a crowded room the vagrant spied the pain-giver.  The eyes were the key.  He could not approach.  Even though the urges are there he must not.  He knows the pain giver sees him, but neither can acknowledge the other's presence.  Confusion befalls him.  The eyes are what hurts.  The eyes can be gentle, kind, caring, or deadly.  These eyes were killers.  To destroy men is their goal.  The vagrant avoids the glances made by the pain giver.  He must in order to survive.

The pain giver is the one who injured him.  He moved closer after totally recognizing the one who hunted him.  The only person who knew of the vagrant's existence on earth world.

    The pain giver turned.  Their eyes met for the first time.  For an instant all time stood still.  The vagrant saw a sparkle of light in each of his opponent's eyes.  The beauty was there, the eyes belonged to an enemy, but they were glorious.  The vagrant regained consciousness and was confused in his quest.  Should he kill the one? Should he allow the pain giver to live and to hurt him again.  Confusion once more befell him.  He again drifted into timelessness.  He could not overcome the hatred, the love?  How can someone destroy what is loved?  Dilemma, something was wrong the enemy was not in a timeless state.  The pain giver was moving away?  Why?  How could a retreat be possible?  No!  The vagrant fired.  He fired for life, death, hate, and love.  The shots volleyed off a wall nearby.  The crowd dropped quickly to avoid death.  The pain giver was gone;  not dead, but no longer in site.  The vagrant left the room in a bewildered state.  Where could the pain giver have gone?  Loneliness came over him even as he walked through the crowded corridor.  He did not want to kill again tonight.  He moved forward with a desire for nothing; Gehenna would be a better place to be.

He ran through the hallway and finally exited the building.  The street was quiet and the vagrant wandered into a park.  The trees blew in the weather controlled winds, just enough wind to allow the trees to whisper the secrets of the day.  The vagrant listened with his increased hearing to detect the other.  Slowly and quietly someone approached from behind.  The night was cool so the vagrant switched to infrared.  With a casual glance to his rear he saw the pain giver approaching slowly with open arms.  The pain giver began to speak.

"I only want to talk for now," the words sounded through the night.  The trees were silenced.  The pain-giver removed the decorative mask and helmet.  Golden hair of considerable length flashed down on the lavish costume.  The pain giver was female.  As the hair straightened out above her shoulders, he noticed some blood stains on her costume.  She moved silently to a park bench and sat with the grace of a swan upon the cold alloy.  The vagrant wearily approached.

She put the helmet on the bench as he bent over to touch her face.  How could he have attacked such beauty?  How could beauty be so evil?  She flinched as his cold metallic-like touch brushed her cheek.  He looked into her eyes.  They were the same indeed she was the pain giver.  He eyes and those of the attacker in the dark were alike.  She quivered as he ran his hand through her golden hair, beauty indeed, unparalleled.  His hand moved behind her neck, and with the same caressing stroke clutched her neck.  He kissed her delicately on the lips.  After an eternal moment the kiss ceased.  He then applied pressure to her neck and commanded her to talk.

"What do you want?" He growled.

"I want to tell you that I do not think I can do it," she pleaded.  Her eyes began to water; diamonds in pools of water sparkled.

"What can't you do?" Asked the vagrant demandingly.

"Destroy you," she replied.  She simultaneously broke into tears.

The vagrant released his grip on her neck and said, "Ha, but I can destroy you, and that I must."  She cried and her pulsing suns shed rain.  He reached for his pistol.  He raised it to her precious head.

"It's not over yet," she said.

The gunshot echoed through the park silencing the whispers of the trees.

The blood dripped to the ground.  Two separate tears fell to the ground.  The tear drops raced to hit the puddle of blood.