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Hello, I would like you to join me on my adventures during work at "House Works".  Here's a preview of what might become interesting if not clever stories.  Some of the character's names are altered to protect the integrity of the innocent.  Okay here we go.

The Wood Elf

A nice little elf who dwells in the primal forest.  His friends are Jeffe (pronounced Jef-fee) the boy who wanders in the woods and happens upon the wood elf talking to his comrades the plants and the trees of the forest.  All the wood elf seeks is peace and most beautiful dryad to call his wife.  The little fellow is helped by Jeffe against the forces of evil which compromise of the lumber jacks, and the trash compactor.  Jeffe and the wood elf defend the forest from these evil foes.  Only Jeffe and the wood elf know of the secret portal that leads them to the fairy land on the sylvan plains.

The star ship gunner

With the help of captain don, and the scout Joey, the gunner can save the galaxy from all invading enemies.  Their ragged green star ship is but their only weapon against the alien forces that enter their star system.

The Death star guard

His mission is to defend the weaponry of the Death star from rebel forces.  Commander mark is his only support in his unceasing battle against the rebels.  He is lucky though, he gets to use any weapon he can find in the power section 26.  He uses weapons from simple lasers, light sabers, to hidden mines and blaster cannons.

Wild Max

Wild Max is the wildest Texan this side of the Rio Grande.  Him and his partner john brown fight off all the Injuns in the territory and ride off into the sun set.

Gangsters and spies

The terrorists of the 20s must use every means to escape from the coppers.  The coppers are after him at every turn, and no ordinary gangster could last as long as Bugsey Malagsy has.  His superiors pay him plenty of doe to make the hits, and Bugsey seldom fails.

Also watch out for spy double oh no, cause he's back and nuttier than ever.

Patsley and the mad chemist

The mad chemist mixes all of his concoctions at the paint table.  He dabbles in things resulting in genetic alterations from poisonous chemicals.  His assistant Patsley may be dumb, but he knows he's on the mad chemists side.  Shouldn't you be?

The beach party

When the night grows cold and the chill is deadening then throw a beach party.  As i walk on the beach with my feet sloshing in the wet sand, I look at the babes tanning on their beach towels.  The suns in my face and the winds in my hair.  It just makes you want to take your shirt off in the heat.  I can hear the crashing of the waves as I surf and hang ten meters from the shore. 

Oh Christmas Tree.. Oh Christmas Trees?

When its Christmas we must remember the three forests.  The green forest, the flocked forest, and the plastic forest.  Each different, but very much the same.

Gorp the toxic waste disposer

Gorp works in the freight area of the Mega cruiser 'sorrow'.  He must dispose of the waste that the fusion engines create.  He is always battling the bad creatures that inhibit the lower levels of the cruiser.  He doesn't need any nuclear waste on him.

Puke compactor and chewy bacca

Every day the disposal crew gets carried away, and chewy falls in the waste bins.  Puke has to help him get out, but sometimes he isn't so successful, and has to give chewy some air to fill his smashed body.

If I think of any other characters I'll be glad to share them in further adventures.