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Titan - Home of the Dragens

“Titan control tower here.”

“Yes, sir, we have a XI classed vehicle approaching.”

“Impossible ensign, there aren’t any made that large, that’s a hypothetical class.”

“But? Ah ...”

“You must be reading the instruments incorrectly.”

“Sir, with all due respect I have visual from over seventy-five clicks.”

“Hold on ensign, while I verify.”  The time passes slowly for Shepard as he watches the tiny dot on his visual monitor approach.  “well ensign you’re correct, I’m sorry I doubted your ability.”

“Thank you sir, now what is our immediate course of action?”

The red alert lights flashed all over the vast six kilometer vessel.  The titan was the largest liquid-space vehicle in the fleet and possibly the largest ever created.  The crews ran to their posts.

Three main races dwelled upon the vessel.  In the control and most technical positions the humans were better suited.  The Dragens were technically and genetically advanced dragons.  Most worked in the engineering and machinery sections.  Some Dragens were military; they could fight fiercely, even more deadly than their ancestors.  The titan was the only ship built to hold the Dragens, so an ancient dragon became its historic symbol.  The other race didn’t really care to be a part of the titan but served it well.  The serpent-men were more comfortable with a humanoid society, but they were confident to work with the larger reptiles.  The serpent-men take care of medical work and any odd positions not taken care of by the humans or Dragens.  All three races brought something to the titan.  The humans brought care and sensitivity, the serpent-men brought order, and the Dragens brought honor and respect.  The combination allowed the titan to be a very successful liquid-space vehicle.