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Mission Delta-Epsilon-Theta

                Many missions of sabotage have occurred over the past fifty years. These attacks were aimed at the enemies of all political rulers. Mission delta-epsilon-theta, or DETH for short, was the ultimate mission of the DEMS, the organization for freedom of the people.  The DEMS planned an attack on the REPUBS, the organization for business politics;  and this attack was to be the last of all attacks.  The mission would have been very successful if the DEM spies had given the attack force proper information.  The attack force that was supposed to execute DETH was also to blame because it was composed of amateurs. If the attack force as a whole had not been responsible for the failure, then the failure was due to a traitor within the group. Whichever the case may be, the mission resulted in the deaths of twenty brave soldiers.

                The information that the DEMS relied on was a combined blueprint and statistical study on the strength of the REPUBS.  The blueprints were ancient, but the DEMS thought that the REPUBS would never modify the building.  The blueprints were burned and torn, and some parts were just indistinct.  The status of the REPUB'S guards within the building was derived by a week of surveillance.  The DEM spies were unaware that the building had its own underground troop facility.  The troop underground was something that a group of twenty men could not have handled.  The misinformation about the troops stationed inside the building was a minor flaw in the plan.

                The attack force was a group of twenty amateurs of various abilities and skills. The leader was a colonel from the third war, and he was too over confident for the mission.  Colonel boast was not particular about who was part of the DETH mission, and this was certainly going to prove fatal.  The group was mainly composed of low ranking DEM privates and inexperienced officers.  The equipment that was used in the operation was old and faulty.  The explosives that were to be used were over two centuries old.  The explosives were packaged in plastic containers and the containers did little for the stability of the explosives.  The mission's destruction resulted from carelessly protected explosives.

                The weapons technician private staunch played a major part in the destruction of DETH.  Private staunch was confirmed a traitor by the intelligence committee that investigated the deaths of the group. His body was not found in the ruins, and the perfidious private's uniform was found in the building adjacent to the REPUB'S headquarters.  A message was found in the pocket of the uniform. The message read "DETH to the DEMS."  The message confirmed intelligence's beliefs about private staunch.  The deceitful private must have led the group into a trap, which inevitably caused their destruction.

                The mission could have overcome the lack of correct and accurate information, but the treacherous private staunch assured the group to certain death and the mission to obvious failure.  The failure of DETH was caused by many little things, but the main reason was clearly the traitor staunch.  Of course, the DEMS who formed DETH should take some of the blame because they had not properly reviewed each individual who would become a part of DETH.  If the DEM officials had reviewed the group, they would have caught staunch for who he really was, a traitor for the REPUBS.  In the future maybe the DEMS will make a check on its members, but until then they will remember DETH.