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This information may not make logical sense because its chronological order has been tampered with.  Please take it as a collection of stories somewhat askew.

Thank You,
MELCON (Time Lord and Dimensional Traveller)

This is the history of the long forgotten race of the Amantians.  The Amantians were a dominating race on their home planet Mantis.  The Amantians learned how to transport their race in large vehicles into the outer parts of their solar system.  When the Mantis came upon other space-faring races, they  conquered them with ease.  The race was building up a powerful galactic empire, when a new unknown race was discovered drifting in symmetrical pyramids.  The race was called the 'Beings' because the race no longer referred to themselves by any name.  The race was brought down to Talkets the planet of a Mongoloid race.  The Beings started to fight and soon destroyed all the master mongoloids.   The Amantians had started a dynasty of 23 planets in  four solar systems so they changed their race name to, the now present but outdated, Mantis Lords.  The Mantis Lords were astonished by the improvement of the destructive potential of the Beings.  The Beings started to find their places in the Mantis government, and soon the Beings populated another planet.  They engineered a planet jump drive that allowed pyramids of Beings to move to other planets.  The planet hopping device was finally burned out as the Beings reached a tremendous planet called DEVILION.  Devilion had a gravity more than thirty times that of Jupiter.  Devilion had a burning atmosphere on one side since it was so close to their sun.  On the other side of the planet a frozen and gasless side existed.  All the elements were frozen solid.  The planet's lack of rotation suited the planet to extremes.  The Beings stayed there; no other known sentient beings could exist on the planet, a perfect defense. 

After two centuries the Beings established new space vehicles.  The Mantis Lords knew that the Beings were hostile so they aimed to stop them.  The Mantis Lords gathered as many vessels as they  could to try to prevent the Beings from colonizing or destroying other planets.  This promoted the first Mantian-Being space war.  The Beings were exterminated from Talkets, and the second planet was wiped barren.  All that remained was Devilion.  The Mantis Lords were based on a small planet near Devilion named Loterium.  The Beings fought violently and knocked Loterium out of its orbit to plummet into the sun Breleran.  The Mantis Lords lost a major base.  The Mantis Lords promised peace to all other space-faring races if they aided them in defeating the Beings.  The Serpentines, Sharkmen, Crabmen, Yuzzems, and the remaining Mongoloids joined in this war.  The war lasted for decades, but all melee combat was won by the Beings because they had developed a new organ that spewed radioactive gas from it.  The Beings lost one major population center on the cold side of the planet.  The Mantis Lords became a minor power after the war.  The Beings took control over all the acquired planets of the Mantis Lords.

The Mantis Lords took to developing small technology, and plenty became historians.  The Mantis Lords later found out that when the Beings were planet hopping they came across some frog-like creatures.  The Froggies were extremely docile and easily persuaded by the Beings to aid them.  The Froggies proved to be the builders of all the major Being technology.  The Froggies had some secret intelligence that was and is superior to any in the Galaxy.  The Beings used this intelligence for destruction.  The Froggies or Frogclopses, as they later became known as, were persecuted for many years by the Beings.  Since the Frogclopses were not hostile, they put up with the cruel punishment that was given to them.  The Beings made the Frogclopses work without temperature controls, without proper nourishment, and without much rest.  The Frogclopses had a large number of deaths within the first few years, but they had to survive so the Beings started treating them better.  Some became powerful leaders among the Beings.  The Frogclopses had a superior intelligence, and they could learn things much more rapidly than any known race.  The Frogclopses would use the experience of all the others in order to create and overcome anything that the Beings wanted them to.  The Froggies had a third eye which allowed them to see about ten minutes into the future.  This allowed the Frogclopses to see the outcome of an experiment before it was actually done to see whether it would prove success or not.  The Frogclopses could pool this future sight to see even further into the future.  This allowed groups to work on intricate matters easily.  The Beings had only to ask the Froggies for a device with certain specifications, and the Froggies would create it.  Their phenomenal intelligence was due to a mass mind.  Any knowledge learned by one Frogclopse was instantly known by all others of its kind.  Space was no boundary, and some say that time had no hold over the power.  The mind link was useful in communication; it allowed Beings to equip a ship with something new even if it was in another universe.  The Beings had a few Froggies on every major ship.  The Frogclopses became the nervous system of the Being empire.  The Beings used the Froggies to plan most strategic battles.  Any trouble that a Being ship might encounter could almost always be gotten out of with the aid of a Frogclopse. 

The Main Galaxy containing Devilion was named "The Being System."  The Beings started a galactic treaty with all races in the near systems.  The Beings were the empire and any race who opposed them were punished, and those who aided them were rewarded.  The Beings started colonizing, mining and establishing governments throughout the systems.  When the Beings explored nearby systems, they found many life-forms.  The Beings are credited for finding silicon life-forms and other strange creatures.  The Beings later found a solar system populated with dozens of different colored-skinned humanoids.  The major colors found were red, green, and blue.  The green were trained to help Frogclopses in scientific and medical areas.  The red were trained to do hard labor and things not involving technology.  The blue were trained to be guards and military personnel.  The Blue Humanoids became the bulk of the Being infantry.

The Beings were searching many planets when they came across a large vessel containing humans.  The ship was the command ship, Force IV.  The ship had left Earth before the holocausts.  The vessel was sent to explore possible habitable planets for the remnants of the holocaust.  The Beings treated these humans as a threat to their dominion, so they attacked the human ship.  The humans were not prepared for hostilities, but they soon fought the Beings with a powerful strategic military.  The humans gathered plenty of old abandoned Being ships to use as an armada.  The humans quickly learned how to defeat the weak Blue Humanoids.  The humanoids were the expendable force controlled by the Beings.  The Beings did little fighting, but the strategy planning was coordinated by them.  The Beings soon realized that the humans were better fighters than the Blue Humanoids, so this made the Beings want to conquer the humans even more.  The Beings created a giant space station which was larger than a small planet.  The station could also move by its own power.  The station was employed to seek out and destroy all of the hidden fleets of human fighters.  The humans spent over twenty years battling the death station.  Finally, the station was destroyed when it was sent to eliminate Earth, the source of the infested humans.  The station was destroyed by its own hand, but it was still a victory for the humans. 

The humans manufactured a similar station and called it the Life Station.  The Life station was about the size of a small moon, and it could repair damaged Force IV vehicles, without engaging the enemy.  The Beings finally realized the useless extermination of the humans so they allowed the humans the freedom to explore without harm.  The Beings made the treaty, but they started a massive space vehicle build up.  The humans realized that they could not let the Beings continue.  The humans started to befriend all of the races that the Beings had cruelly treated.  The humans persuaded about 50% of the other races to join in manufacturing vessels that could combat the ones developed by the Frogclopses for the Beings.  The humans came up with large ships that could slip into the realm of liquid-space.  The concept of liquid-space was developed by Deb Nekoxor, a Mantis Lord, who had gotten information from a dying Frogclopse whom he had helped but couldn't save.  The Mantis Lord created a generator engine that would split a hole in space to travel into an ancient place sometimes referred to as the Astral Plane.  The split allowed large ships to travel into this liquid-like space.  The ships could travel at greater speeds with very little energy.  The ships could now travel through stars and planets without any trouble.  The ships could ram other ships then dive into liquid-space avoiding the explosion.  The ships could also shoot weapons from liquid-space into a ship in actual space or, later termed, air-space.  The weapons were actually generators that would cause small tears in liquid-space.  The mixing of the two spaces caused damage to ships not developed for liquid-space travel.

The Life Station preserved peace throughout the Being Galaxy.  The Goce race was the only race to fight at the Life Station.  The race had no respect for anything, since they were mutilated by the Beings.  The Beings had frozen a vast part of the Goce race and then melted them with extreme heat.  The Beings did respect the rights of the other races to have a place to go to avoid all hostile confrontations.  The Life Station had the respect of all races because any one who attacked it would have to face the friends of all of the races who were destroyed in it.  The Goce were con-rangers.  This mistrust made the Goce strong.  The Beings were always angered at the Life Station authorities because they allowed even the Goce refuge.  The Beings were always attacked when they would leave the Life Station.  The Goce would stay until a Being ship started to leave then they would launch and attack the Being ships.  The Beings sometimes tried to attack the Goce while launching, but the Life station was forced to fire at the Beings.  The Goce hated those in the Life station, but the Goce needed them.  The races that built the large liquid-space divers would always come to the station when trouble arose.

The strongest submersive ship is the ARMENEUS V.  The other fleet ships were the Capricorn, the Enclave, and the Serapang.  Other ships are large, but these four were the multi-purpose 2 km ships.  These four were run by humans alone.  The 1 km ships were owned by a wide variety of different races.  There are only about seven-hundred vessels that are capable of liquid-space travel.  Some common ones are the Wor-ran, the Titan, Trebor, Mark ti Kram, Ioto Bean, Surtog, Grocer, the Benevolent, Malignam, Mavium, Hurte, Uy, the Benzex 66, Yr, the Priority, Wey Farer, and Wizardlock.  The others are unimportant relics that the Life Station really protects.  All of these ships were in more than one confrontation with the Beings, so they are mentioned as superior vessels. 

Many races have stood up to the Beings.  The Thrid was a new race of skinny elephants without the big ears.  The race stole technology from an old Being ship that crashed on their planet.  The Beings violently attacked the Thrid for stealing a crashed vessel.  The Thrid could do nothing to the newer Being ships, and soon the Thrid came to the Life Station.  The Thrid shortly became permanent residents.  The Thrid became workers and supporters of the Life Station.

A Being base was established on Earth at the north pole.  It was mainly a refueling depot for its ships.  The Voltares were a slug-like race that drove atomic-powered cone-like star ships.  The Voltares attacked the Being base for some unknown reason.  The Voltares made the arctic north pole boil, so the Beings called for their star destroyer Granhag. The Being Star Destroyer eliminated the giant nine-hundred-ship Voltare fleet in hours and went on a mission to destroy the Voltare world.  The Beings found out from a leader named Travelr that the Voltares came through a colpstar into this universe.  A colpstar is a special place in the middle of all universes which has gateways to many different universes.  The Being star destroyer went into the Voltar system and found out that the Voltares had colonized every planet in their universe.  The Beings were attacked, but the surviving Frogclopses aboard the ship initiated the generation of millions of Qix.  A Qix turns everything it hits into a star or hydrogen-helium compounds.  The universe was literally obliterated in a week.  After 20 years the ship returned to the colpstar, but it couldn't return.  The only entities that returned to the Being system were the Froggies who had survived a severe mental attack by the supreme Voltarian slug.  All of the Beings and members aboard the Granhag are presumed dead except the 199 Frogclopses.  Mental thoughts from the last Frogclopse are sometimes picked up by other Frogclopses.