Bunnies and Burrows
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Bunnies and Burrows d20


In a nutshell, we allowed the bunnies to be almost any class, but preferred

those that didn't use weapons, since bunnies don't use many weapons.  We

allowed for druids, sorcerers, but not really wizards and clerics.  We

allowed for rogues, barbarians, rangers, and monks, but not really fighters

or paladins.  We then cut the equipment list to just about sticks and very

simple weapons, nothing metal at all.  Even daggers were stone.  The

monsters were taken from the large Animals category and played just like

sentient animals.  All animals had their own languages, bunnies spoke their

language, but intelligent bunnies might actually know additional animal

languages.  Humans are considered the vilest of monsters.  Bunnies are

encouraged to flee before fighting.  We allowed a strong herb influence in

our game, since that made up for the lack of magic items and potions.  We

cut the skills down to the subset seen for familiars with just a few added

like language and craft herb skills.  Most of the herbs were taken from D20

sources.  I don't have permission to write up a D20 conversion, so I haven't

written anything official yet.  Maybe I will get incentive to do so some