Horken vs Mohrg with Fireball layout

Apparently Mike and I are arguing without concrete evidence so I decided to construct some scenarios to depict some possible scenarios.

I drew 8 diagrams depicting the battle with the 5 Mohrg.  Since I am now taking a look at this as an educational exercise instead of an argument.  The diagrams show what I believe to be the room we encountered 5 Mohrg in. 

I will refer to the diagrams as image, picture going from top left to top right, then bottom left to bottom right. in order 1,2,3,4.  I do not know which room best depicts our encounter, it was dark and Saranus never went into the room anyway, otherwise Saranus would be crispy as well, probably just dead and crispy.  David will have to confirm the actual correct image we should be using, or perhaps another all together.

Now, in each image, I have the attempt at walls, the brown smudges.  An orange door.  Horken in blue. Horken is depicted as the blue dot and the Mohrg are the green dots.  The Mohrg with the necklace is the green dot with a red square.  The purple dot is assuming where the point of the Mohrgs necklace of fireballs activated from.  I am not dealing with Gelb's fireball at all.  Now the red splotches are what I believe to be the areas affected within the fireballs blast radius.

The positioning of the Mohrg with the fireball necklace is key.  Mike is under the opinion that the Mohrg was further back in the room.  I am of the opinion that he was closer to the center of the room.  David must decide this unless someone else remembers the situation.  I recall Mandy placing the figures and David correcting the positioning since she had them conveniently clumped together.

In figure 1,1 Horken clearly survives the blast - In this image, the Mohrg is further from Horken based on Mike's memory and my interpretation of his memory. The fireball goes off on the line nearer Horken in the N/S axis but further from Horken in the E/W axis.

In figure 1,2 Horken is clearly hit, but ironically, a Mohrg in the lower right corner is untouched.  We do know however that all Mohrgs were burnt to a crisp.  So this scenario is unlikely.

In figure 1,3 Horken is hit because the Mohrg is closer to the center of the room, like I thought the figures were.  Horken and all Mohrg are hit, but the fireball was detonated much closer to Horken.

In figure 1,4 Horken is hit, but another Mohrg escapes unharmed in the upper right corner.  Again this scenario is unlikely.

In figure 2,1 Horken remains unharmed, but again so does one of the Mohrg.

In figure 2,2 Horken is unharmed but one Mohrg wasn't even close to being hit.

In figure 2,3 Horken is not hit and all Mohrg take damage.  This scenario is quite likely in my opinion, because the Mohrgs are all hit and the fireball necklace Mohrg is near the center of the room.


Lastly in figure 2,4 Horken is hit and the fireball is behind the Mohrg.  The problem is that the Mohrg in the lower right corner survives once again.

In conclusion, If we rule out the scenarios that all Mohrg were not hit, we end up with only figure 1,2, figure 1,3 and  figure 2,3.  In two of these cases Horken is untouched by the fireball blasts.  Of course the DM has the final word.

So, David, you decide. So we can get on with having fun about the game.  Also, if you spot any inaccuracies, like the room dimensions are off or the positioning of the Mohrg or Horken then just let me know.

The funny thing is that no character died.  We've had less discussions when characters have died.