Ages upon ages ago there was a powerful wizard named Savar. Savar was the father of all goodness and tried and tried to purge his world of evil. He failed. Not one to give in to fate or destiny, Savar used all of his powers to find and format a portion of the ethereal plane. He created a world from the mists. He created mountains, forests, oceans and rivers. He named the world Hassen and brought to it the noblest of the good races: Dwarves and Elves. The elves were given all of the lands to flourish; the Dwarves were given all of the stone. Creatures great and small were gated in and all was good. Of course, the lands were so tilted to the alignment of good, that it could not last. The evil demon prince Mexthar invaded the plane bringing hoards of humanoids, demons, and undead. Some of the elves and dwarves were swayed by the influx and moved far underground away from the watchful eye of Savar. The evil hoards gained power and grew. Finally the greatest sin of all occurred. Humans appeared in a great galley from unknown lands. The humans settled and flourished much to Savars dismay.

Savar was once human, but decreed the race to barbaric to serve the greater cause of goodness in any relevant manner. He wished to create a world free of human pettiness and evil. He now was overseeing a world filled with the element he left to avoid. Most humans sided with the other good races of Hassen which now included the halflings and the gnomes. The original inhabitants of the plane, the dragons, took sides and a great conflict began. Mountain ranges were leveled and upraised. Seas boiled, evaporated and reformed. Forests were incinerated. The entire plane shook from its foundations.

A great Druid named Revar the Brown saw the world and loved it for its property of being the fulcrum of alignments. He prayed to nature for balance, and nature rewarded him. Revar became a deity in his own right and was charged with bringing balance to the world of Hassen.

Knowing his peers, Savar the creator, and Mexthar the destroyer would never settle on any terms, Revar gathered every power in his domain and crafted an artifact to bring balance to the world. Upon activation of the artifact, both Savar and Mexthar were imprisoned on the 2 moons of the realm. Savar was imprisoned on the moon of summer, which rises in spring and sets in fall. The moon turned blue as a sapphire and was hence named.

Mexthar was imprisoned on the moon of winter, which rises in the fall and sets in spring. The moon turned the color of blood and was named the opal of Fire. The imprisonment of the gods turned the world to chaos, which Revar had to check. Before he did so, the artifact was broken and dispersed to unknown portions of the plane. It is rumored that any who rebuild the artifact will have complete control of Hassen. It is also rumored that any who rebuild it will release the gods and start the second and last Great War.

The great demon prince Mexthar delved too deep in the politics of a plane of the abyss, and was assaulted and defeated by a great lich prince named Morrigan. Morrigan now reigns as the overlord of the fire opal and all that is evil.

The lands of Hassen are greatly affected by the tides of the moons. While Sapphria is in the sky, goodness and peace prevail to some extent. Good aligned lycanthropes become more and more common as the orb of blue reaches the apex of the sky. Crops flourish and lands of good prosper.

Upon the rising of the fire opal, the wind turns cold and crops die. Undead and lycanthropes of evil abound. Humanoid hoards raid the innocent. Those who praise evil rejoice.

The two moons are diametrically opposed and rise in the north every 6 months and set in the south. The glowing orb of warmth called solar rises each day in the east and sets in the west. It is common knowledge that if one sails far enough in any direction, they will fall off the face of the world.

The timeline to date goes something as follows:

CY: 0001 Savar finds a large slab of mineral floating in the ether. He decides it is a good place to forge his world. He begins creation with the help of a powerful god of nature, Corellon Larethian god of the elves, Moradin forger of the Dwarves, and several Great wyrm Gold and Silver Dragons who were the original inhabitants of the plane.

CY: 1000 The Dwarven and Elven races are introduced to Hassen as a promised land. Creatures great and small are introduced as well. Hassen becomes a haven of goodness.

CY 2500 Nature must balance, and a Demon prince named Mexthar invades the fair lands slaying and maiming as he goes. He brings humanoids and giants to aid him in his conquest.

CY 3600 The war rages as gnomes and halflings begin to appear. Locked into a chaotic standoff, it was decided by all parties to allow the human race to enter Hassen. A ship lands on the main continent. Within a few years, hundreds of human merchants arrive on the coast. They come from a rift in the ether, which allows them to travel back and forth.

CY 4000 The rift closes, but humans have made their niche in the lands. Evil forms of dragonkind begin to appear much to the dismay of Savar. It seems he is loosing control.

CY 4500 A single human grows to so much power he is reveled by the Gods of neutrality. His name is Revar, and he wishes to put and end to the everlasting conflict. Revar begins his plot to balance the world.

CY 4600 As the blood of the wars runs like rivers, Revar finally discovers how he can bring peace to the world. Summoning all of his powers from the elemental planes, he forges a device to imprison both Savar and Mexthar on the opposed moons. It is many centuries before he has the will to activate it however.

CY 6000 Revar, seeing that there is no hope in bringing the balance about by natural means, activated the artifact and imprisons both deities. The world at once settles down and the major conflict ends. Balance is held, but only loosely, and the tides of the moons serve their alignment. The balance caused holds for thousands of years. Minions of Gruller, lord of Chaos manage to disassemble and scatter the artifact. Revar builds a powerful cult charged to maintain the balance while the followers of Savar and Mexthar vie to release their respective deities from their prisons.

CY 8500 Gruller, god of Chaos in battle looses one of his favorite human warriors to treachery. While laying siege to the fabled castle of Brivnoff, Ice is slain by the evil wizard Morrigan. Morrigan goes on to take Brivnoff and achieve lichdom. The son of Ice is born to Hassen, but fails to take Brivnoff or slay Morrigan. Morrigans power grows to immense levels.

CY 9000 Morrigan attacks and defeats Mexthar, thus taking over the moon of the fire opal and also inheriting the curse of imprisonment.

CY 9985 The rebirth of Ice to a barbarian family of the north. Worshipers of Gruller now can see the end of the world could possibly happen, as they perceive it. The gods shall be released and in the resulting war, chaos shall prevail and the world will be destroyed.

CY 10000 The party begins







Festival - (30th is holy day of all good religions)








Bleeding (30th is black Sabbath of all evil religions)

Dyers Eye

Month of the Dragon