Obi Thanks Us
Home Up


Just wanted to drop you a line in thanks for the great game (or Pre-game) we had on Tuesday night. Our session satisfied an RPG need I have had for the past 4 or 5 years. You really made me feel welcome in your home and your campaign.

The environment you provided was like an RPG convention (the table, the room, the charts, the resources, and even my own file waiting for me- as if I was being briefed before going into enemy lands). My fellow players reminded me of the sense of comradary my former brothers in arms and I had a long long time ago, and far far away.

Your clues and hints about your version of Gamma World made my 'healer' think that he would not last 5 minutes out of his village. Guess that was the reason 'he' picked up so much healing and defense. "Let someone else run into the line of fire, I'll heal them IF they get back." he recently told me. Still trying to find a better name than Bones, but then again my healer may be as sarcastic, pessimistic and generally miserable as Deforest Kelly's immortal creation.

Again my sincerest gratitude, and baring a hurricane, a court order, a domestic meltdown, or the whims of an arsonist, I will see you again on Tuesday night.

See you in 4 amigo!