Ashter Grimley 23 yr old Human Jedi-Soldier hailing from the planet Corsucant his parents Thaydon and Kyla Grimley and two older brothers, Maton and Shane and a younger sister Tyra. The family is of Medium to High in wealth & status.

            Ashter joined the military at the age of 16 & from the first battle proved to be very motivated with a very aggressive attitude. With these traits he raised to the rank of Master Sergeant very quickly which led him to be in charge of a small contingent on that life-changing day.

Master Sergeant Grimley was to lead his 50 men to destroy a strategic radar site.

Ever since he can recall he has had sensitivity to his surroundings and having these “abilities” was treated as a leper by his school peers and even shunned by his family but in the military they proved to be very useful. With this usefulness came a price he attracted the attention of a certain Jedi.

            MS Grimley had 3 options to complete his mission: 1st was to do a head-on assault and that option was fool-hardy and most likely wouldn’t work: his 2nd was to call in for reinforcements from Capt Rowler, whom he despised, so was out of the question; his 3rd best option was to send a main portion of his men and women to the frontlines to distract the enemy while he and five of his best gain entrance from the side and plant the charges. The only draw back to this plan was that his main unit would probably perish by the time his group is clear. But in war there are casualties. So Ashter chose the 3rd plan, which is the one the Jedi was hoping for. He and his team planted the charges, without any major engagements or complications, and were on the way out when they were set upon by a Jedi in a dark robe and 4 others 2 wielding Vibro-swords and 2 battle droids. Grimley used one of his “abilities” and sucked the energy right out of one of the droids and his team dealt with the other droid and one the sword wielders before the Jedi and last sword wielder overcame them. Grimley drew his vibro-blade and dispatched the remaining sword wielder and attacked the Jedi. The Jedi released force lightning on him that sent him sprawling to the floor. Knowing he was out-matched did the only thing he could he grabbed the detonator and said, “I will not fail my mission and you wont leave here” and pressed the switch. As the building came tumbling down the Jedi whispered to him “Not Today” and the world went black. 3 years after that day Ashter Grimley aboard the Ryathonor, as a new member, was wondering what ever happened to that Jedi, his teacher, tutor, and lover. The last he saw Shyla was 6 months ago after he betrayed her to the enemy cause she showed signs of weakness, a heart for the enemies and in war there is no room for compassion. All these questions unanswered; did she escape? Was she killed or imprisoned? Was she searching for him? Does he have regrets? And the most important Does he have feelings for her? And if he does what kind of feelings?

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