Insane Campaign Characters

  • Characters:    All Heroes are ~12th Level 
    Bill plays Magma a human mutant that plays with Magic Fx Magma is a sorcerer played by Bill
    David is playing Tagin a human swordfighter.
    Miguel is playing Draken a Monster Were-Dragon  Have you heard of were-wolves... now see a were-dragon.
    Manny is playing Dagotte Zyel a Riathenor.
    Michael is playing Harold the Hard-Light Hologram with psionics Arnold "ACE" Rimmer has nothing on Harold the "Hardware Store" Hardlight Hologram.
    Mandy is playing Selene a human mutant.
    Johnny plays Marshmallow Man a engineered human mutant that specializes in weapons Imagine the stay-puff marshmallow man on steroids!
    Greg is playing another Riathenor, Dagotte Pogar. (character deceased) Another flesh eater.
    Mini-Miguel is playing Scorpion another  Mechalus (character deceased)
    Mike is playing Mandred a Magic Fx using cybernetic Mechalus (character deceased)  Meaner than your average Borg.