Jetawn is quite in tuned with his culture to identify deities and he usually takes great effort to keep an eye out for new deities as they reveal themselves.

During his adventures in the Banana Throne Jetawn discovered the following dieties.

  • Anabhayin - protector of long caverns
    • appeared as a stone skinned sprite hanging from a stalactite looking at the weary travelers with a grin.
  • Orla "Drippy Drop" - bringer of slight pouring rain
    • appeared as a translucent sprite dancing around between rain drops laughing and giggling
  • Konsu-Kons'tel Kor - creator of river outlets
    • appeared as a large wave as it took a horse as sacrifice
  • Mergran - guardian of hexagonal clearings
    • appeared as a six winged green sprite flitting through the air above our campfire

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