Amio's Adventure

After hiding in the garden another night with the frogs, Amio awoke and waited for someone from his group to notify him of the plan.

The group passed Amio by but never bothered to look or call for him.  This made Amio even more angry.  Amio watched as the group negotiated their way past the gate guards and into the Temple of the Frog.  He wasn't about to join them now, he would wait a few minutes.

Moments later, after hearing what could only be blaster fire from inside the temple, Amio noticed the gate guards turn and head towards the temple.  "So it has begun," Amio thought.  He cautiously darted across the garden grounds to the first gate house.  It was vacated by the guards who ran towards the temple doors.  The guards were banging on the doors trying to get in.  

Amio didn't hesitate, he started firing at the guards while their backs were turned.  He emptied his assault blaster at Konstatine and burned Konstatine to a crisp.  The remaining guards turned.  Two of them aimed their rifles while the other two ran towards Amio.  The running guards would have to cross the bridge before they got to Amio.  Amio was shot at by Seebo and Sodorn.  Seebo was firing a blaster rifle, and Sodorn was firing an auto pistol.  Seebo hit Amio with a slight graze.  Sodorn's gun jammed.  Amio opened fire on the Seebo and Sodron, he figured he could get the other two a few seconds later.

Amio shot a burst at Seebo one hit scored with critical accuracy.  The second few shots killed Seebo.  Sodorn was scrambling to unjam his weapon when Amio hit him multiple times.  Amio's gun broke and he quickly switched to his backup.  A few more shots, and Sodorn lay dying.  Gytrah and Lancior closed fast and took multiple swipes at Amio with their keen blades.  Each hit seemed to penetrate, but Amio received little damage.  Gytrah and Lancior could see slashes on skin, but noticed sub-dermal armor.  

Amio took control and released a volley of blasts at Lancior.  Lancior almost went down when Amio's rifle was slashed with a keen blade.  Amio cursed the moment he gave Orendil his reserve Assault Blaster.  Amio ran towards the dead body of Konstatine, Amio knew he had been carrying an Assault Blaster as well.  Amio knew he was most effective with his weapon of choice.

Lancior and Gytrah slashed at Amio as he ran by them and chased him back to Konstatine's body slashing Amio further.  It was more than 10 slashes later when Amio levelled Lancior and Gytrah.  

Amio quickly stashed the guns and gear of the dead guards into a sack and backpack.

After a few moments, Amio tried the door.  It was sealed from the inside.  Amio lowered his blaster at the apparent lock and blasted a burst into the lock.  A round later Amio was creeping into the Temple of the Frog.  There were dead bodies everywhere.  He swiftly and quietly started collecting gear from the fallen guards.  He did not see but one of his drow comrades, the Lieutenant.  She looked badly burned.  He grabbed her ISPD card.  After hearing gunshots on the next level, he ran to the alter to get a better look.  He noticed the dead bodies of Syd and Nick were left under some pews.  He checked the bodies for loot, but found nothing.  Both bodies had post mortem blaster fire damage, he assumed it was the work of Zoltan.  

As Amio was searching dead bodies, 4 guards came rushing out a room near the altar.  They weren't too happy to see Amio.  Sharif was the only one that was hit by Zoltan and he immediately shouted die to Amio.  Amio's armor makes him look similar to Orendil or Zoltan save the furry hat and slippers.  

Amio quickly spun around just after recharging his weapon.  He would again discharge it.  He noticed one guard, Arin about to toss some grenades, so he plugged him with multiple bursts.  Arin dropped just inside the door frame of the room he had just exited.  Gilin fired his masterwork blaster pistol at Amio and hit him twice.  Amio sort of shrugged off the first hit, but the second hurt a bit more.  The second shot was a critical hit.  Sharif fired with his autopistol, but 4 shots later he had missed Amio completely.  Laucimil raised his screamer rifle, but luckily for Amio it jammed and not a peep was heard from it.  

Amio feared the screamer rifle, so he targeted Laucimil.  Four bursts later and Laucimil layed dying on the temple floor.  Sharif fired 4 more shots and hit Amio with two bullets.  Gilin fired a few more times and hit Amio once.  

Amio returned multiple bursts hitting Laucimil 6 times and Sharif once.  Both guys returned fire but only hit Amio once each.  Amio was standing his ground.

Amio fired a shot to kill Gilin and a few more bursts to kill Sharif.  Amio quickly gathered their stuff.  Amio went into a luxurious room obviously for upper level guards.  He took a breather and searched through the loot.  He found what appeared to be a magical assault blaster.  This would make a good backup weapon.  Now he had two assault blasters once again, he still wanted a third.  He also put on a pair of magical gloves of Dexterity.

He then proceeded to use the Lieutenant's comm gear to call the group to find out where they were, so Milo and Wang should be getting a transmission by now.

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